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Action items

  • AI: Mack to write her notes from discussions with the pilot teachers to the olpc-boston list.
  • AI: Mack to confirm Oct. 24 3:30-5pm first workshop, and set date for the 2nd one.
  • AI: Katelyn to send fundraising/media notes to olpc-boston list
  • AI: Katelyn to post Janterm 2010 idea to olpc-boston list
  • AI: Mel to follow up with MIT Museum about community workshop space. done!
  • AI: Mel to connect Mack and Katelyn to IMSA folks to sync up on janterm trips idea - Harvard can be host this year as a starting point to understand how to go out to a pilot themselves next year. done!
  • AI: Seth and Mel to lend Mack and Kate their XOs. I'm bringing mine to the MIT Museum for someone to grab. I need it back before Friday morning, though. Mchua
  • AI: Seth, Katelyn to coordinate going out and doing G1G1 marketing in Boston.
  • AI: Seth, Katelyn, Mack coordinating school workshops to get footage of local children using XOs.
  • AI: Seth to send follow-XO-shipping project news to olpc-boston list.
  • AI: Seth to clarify use of logos, how to represent selves for local pilots.


  • We need $6k by mid-November for the pilot.
  • Places to approach:
    • Boston Museum of Science
    • Boston Children's Museum
    • What can we give back to them? Fall '09, organize workshops at their location?
  • Seth suggests shooting for multiple sponsors of a specific amount of $.
  • Mack suggests a Boston Pilot Team Blog (or blog aggregator) - and we can put our sponsors on there, too!
  • How do we represent ourselves? Not as "a volunteer from OLPC," since this is outside of OLPC's mandate - but as people from this community group working on a pilot that uses technology from OLPC.
  • Use of logos?


  • Mack and Katelyn are making awesome media kits for G1G1 and beyond - flyers, folders, graphics, posters, etc.
  • Seth: As long as we have all these requests for OLPC media coming from different groups (group at Harvard, group from the museum, etc.) instead everybody saying "I am from OLPC," it is great to contact the same people multiple times for things.
  • Katelyn: Media in toy stores? Mel: Sure, make sure you keep the messaging of "these are designed for kids in the third world" so they expect that this is designed for that user group and not necessarily for them.
  • Katelyn: Can we do some media on where the "give one" XOs go? Seth: Yes! Actually we're talking with a group that wants to do a documentary of how a group of XOs get shipped from as close to the factory as possible, out to their final overseas deployment location.


  • Janterm 2010 trip? Needs more planning.
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