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In a nutshell

Release-candidate-708 testing parties at the ILXO office! Room #3167 200 S. Wacker Drive Chicago, IL Wednesday, July 23 6-8pm Wednesday, July 30 6-8pm


Release candidate 708 is charging around the bullpen, anxiously awaiting the day it'll be unleashed upon hundreds of thousands of XOs as the next stable build, shipping out to deployments and the next G1G1. [[[Release_Notes/8.2.0|This]] is the shininess that 708 (aka 8.2.0) claims to bring to us in a month. We've got to test it and make sure it does.

Plenty of testing is being done by individual volunteers with XOs in their living rooms, but there's one missing piece that we've been asked by the folks at 1cc (OLPC headquarters in Boston) to fill in. That's to put 708 it through its paces in a school setting, where it's ultimately going to be deployed. How does this build interact with school servers? With other XOs on a mesh? When there are huge swarms of them all being used together in a classroom?

We're setting up some classroom configurations (in terms of networking, number of XOs, and so on) here in the office, and we need folks to come out and check out new/improved features and try their darnednest to break the build. All ages and testing/tech experience levels are welcome, though younger testers should come with someone who can help them follow instructions and report results.

So come and join us for testing parties at...

  • Wednesday, July 23 6-8pm
  • Wednesday, July 30 6-8pm

Both of them are at our office - room #3167 at 200 S. Wacker Dr. in downtown Chicago (one block away from Union Station).

If you're interested but can't make either of these nights, let us know what nights would work for you in this poll and we'll try to plan a third date. Alternatively: If you can gather a group of testers (at least 8) in a nifty location somewhere in the state of Illinois, we can also come bring a test rig (with school server and laptops and all) out to you and help you run with testing for a few hours.

How to sign up

If you're interested, let us know (email office at ilxo dot org)...

  • Who's coming
  • When you're coming
  • Whether you're bringing an XO(s) with you, and what type (G1G1/MP? B4?) - note that XOs used for testing will have to be completely wiped and reinstalled at/before the event!
  • Do you have any prior test/QA experience? (Not necessary to participate, but helpful - we're looking for folks to help us write test plans too!)
  • Can you test remotely for an hour or two to prep beforehand?
  • If you're interested in hosting a test jam (anywhere between 8-60 people depending on your space) sometime between July 18 and 30.

If you don't have your own XO

If you don't have an XO of your own but want to participate remotely, you can borrow an XO from us for up to a week at a time (pickup/dropoff at our downtown office near Union Station) to do testing in your home.

July 23 Attendees

  • Ben Rothman + 3 XOs

July 30 Attendees

How to prep your XOs

If you are bringing your own XO, you will have to upgrade it to the correct software version before the test jam. Note that this will wipe out all information on your machine! Instructions will be posted here shortly, but they will almost certainly be very similar to the instructions here.

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