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Build 637

Fixed Bugs

  • The double click bug has been fixed!!
  • Sim City has been added successfully.

1 Hour Smoke Test Results (w/o security or ohm)

  • wikibrowse doesn't load (is a new activity)
    • most likely due to incorrect naming of the py files
  • Inviting with write work
    • It is quite slow though (this is over gabble)
  • Audio and Video files still don't get file extensions when moved to USB
  • couldn't get a library bundle to install correctly
    • it failed to completely download

Build Joyride 305

1 Hour Smoke Test Results

  • Record video/audio files don't show up on the clipboard correctly
  • Invite of write doesn't work
    • No invite shows up on the second XO
    • This is most likely a security bug
    • Probably due to trac bug 4947
  • Since the GCompris activities aren't working right now, I tried downloading and installing Implode
    • The activity bundle downloaded and installed, but it failed to launch due to security
  • I also tried watch and listen 10
    • It also installed but failed to launch due to security issues trac ticket 5013
  • The library index comes up in browse!
  • The ogg file played in browse, though the progress bar still doesn't move
  • Installing library bundles still doesn't work, though I need to talk to sj about the new way the library works
  • The audio/video files from record still don't transfer correctly
  • Chat collaboration worked fine

Build 297

Libertas - no build yet - Kim

kernel 297 - fatal error 104, 'x' respawning

  • Can't boot

- Kim

xtest 297 - loads, boots into sugar (I didn't do a clean boot, so it didn't ask for name/color);

  • Journal doesn't load
  • Browse doesn't load
  • Chat doesn't load
  • Write loads but you can't type anything and there is a greyed out square area in the upper left (reminds me of the old 404 missing page image).
  • Still has the mouse double click problem; but I was able to connect to my WEP AP
  • Record loads and takes pictures, video, and audio!!
  • Paint loads, draws, can't open journal when you try to load an image
  • Close the lid on my C build machine and a couple minutes later it rebooted (with the lid closed)

- Kim

sugar 297 (plus wireless 5.110.20.p2) - loads, boots into sugar

  • Journal loads
  • Chat loads - but it can't share with neighborhood ('My Neighborhood' never dims once selected, which is usually the indication that it shared properly... and you can't type anything)
  • Write loads but looks just like xtest version - you can't type and there is a strange grey square area.
  • Browse loads; can't find the library redirect (there is a msg about this); you CAN type a url in the browser window... but nothing happens when you hit return.
  • Paint loads and you can draw; but it can't get to the journal for downloading an image. It did resume from the journal properly.
  • Double click mouse problem still exists.
  • Will leave this running overnight to see if 4470 shows up (at home)

- Kim

Build Joyride 273

1 Hour Smoke Test (w/ security turned off)

  • activities are a bit slow to load (though, that's often been the case.)
  • copying audio and video files from record to the clipboard is still broken (4781)
    • this isn't in the test, but it was something I wanted to check, and which was recently broken.
  • write sharing of images is broken.
    • If the XO that shared the file with an image in it moves the image, everything works fine. If the second XO moves the image, it just creates a copy of the image on the second XO, and nothing occurs on the first XO. (ha, actually, I tried it with the mouse on the XO, and it works fine. It's only when I use the attached mouse that it has this weird behavior)
  • sudoku.activity.xo wouldn't start. it installed, but it failed to launch
  • same with electric.xo:
    • I'm guessing there's a problem with the GCompris activities. They were never sugarized, and though they worked before, enough has changed in sugar that it's understandable that they would be broken. I'll turn on logging and write up the bug(s) when I'm done.
    • I tried w&l, and that was able to run fine.
  • installing library bundles is still having problems, but that's broken in 623 as well.
    • the .xol bundles haven't been created correctly for the way in which the library works right now
  • the audio and video files made by record still aren't being given file extensions when transfered to usb (4782, which is a dup of 4783 {can't play in browse})
  • sharing chat: worked both ways. The little XO around the activity doesn't always happen.
    • not sure of the pattern yet, but when I am, I'll write up the bug.

Build Joyride 266

  • (PS) Browse doesn't open with the Library (no trac issue found?) trac bug 4720
  • (PS) Sleep after 40 seconds also powers down USB-HID devices (trac issue tbd)
  • (PS) Browse does not report an error when trying to open a file/directory which it doesn't have access permissions for. Tried with file:///home/olpc #4873

Build Joyride 262

Build Joyride 258

  • Was able to start record and other activities (only tried a few so far)
  • Still no sound in tamtam or when playing back recorded audio.
    • Un-muting the sound in alsamixer will fix this. (still needs to be fixed in the build though)
  • Tried to resume a photo (taken from record) using browser (since record was not an option)... it started the browser but didn't find the picture.
  • Can't connect to standard, open Access Points. trac ticket 4826
    • This is actually the result of single clicks being seen as double clicks trac ticket 4763
  • suspend/resume code has been added. this can result in many problems.
    • your laptop may freeze trying to come out of suspend, and you will have to reboot the machine
    • your laptop may reboot itself when coming out of a suspend. trac 4635

Build Joyride 257

1 Hour Smoke Test (security disabled)

  1. Try out a few activities
    • Activities are a bit slow loading
    • Record now launches! Sound and everything.
  2. Image Transfering and Invite
    • Write wouldn't load
  3. Installing Activity Bundles
    • Journal still wants to resume .xo files with etoys
  4. Playing .ogg file
    • progress bar on the totem player doesn't move as the audio is played
  5. Transfer Files to USB stick
    • Video won't play on second xo

Build Joyride 234

1 Hour Smoke Test Results

  1. Sound is broken
    • doesn't play in TamTam or Pippy
  2. Record is broken
    • just loads a blank screen
    • 4422
  3. Inviting another XO did not work.
    • The icon did not come up in the tray.
    • The icon did come up in the mesh, but clicking on that with the second XO just created it's own instance of the activity.
  4. I tried to share connect (not through invite), and that didn't work either.

... need to continue test

Other notes

  1. The search bar was added in the mesh view
    • Cuts off some of the XO's and AP's 4667
  2. The donut representing memory usage has been reimplemented, but is still broken.
  3. Paint 11 was put in instead of Paint 12

Build 624

1 Hour Smoke Test Results

  • Installing Library bundle still doesn't work (actually get an error from trac when trying to download now)
  • Transferring Clipboard Object Image still doesn't work properly (again, fixed in joyride)

Build 623

1 Hour Smoke Test results

  1. Browser was a bit slow in downloading activity bundle
  2. Getting new library items didn’t work
    • the .xol file downloaded and unzipped correctly
    • not all the .xol files have been set up in the new correct way
    • this lead to the not being able to make the index correctly
  3. Transferring the Clipboard Object Image didn't work
    • this bug was reported, and has been fixed in joyride

Build Joyride-81

Smoke test results:

  1. Sugar boots up
  2. No sound in Tamtam; Record doesn't open (blank white screen)
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