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The idea is to make a game named 'Bulls and cows' for the XO laptop.It is a simple code-breaking game.


This game focusses on improving mental ability of students.The most obvious advantage of playing 'Bulls and cows' is acquiring deductive faculties. It also sharpens the mind and develops analytical skills.

Usage Scenarios

Team would be of 2 players The game would be designed with these usage scenarios in mind:

-Player/team vs cpu

-Player/team vs player/team

-team play :One player writes a secret number (or computer generates that number in case one player is a cpu).The digit must all be different.Then,in turn,the other player tries to guess that secret number .First player(who generated the number) gives the number of matches.If the matching digits are on their right positions,they are 'bulls',if on different positions ,they are 'cows'.Refer to: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bulls_and_cows


speech integration

-The game will speak out number entered.

Hinting system

- Children would be given hints which would carry a small penalty; the idea is to make children learn.


-Multiplayer support and spectator modes will be included.

Keeping tabs

-The game would enter a record in the journal if chances are more than 10 .

-The game would be recorded move by move to a file.

Coolness factor

-The game would use simple animations like moving,zooming out with sounds made by bulls and cows etc to keep children entertained.

technical aspects

- The game would use pygames and olpcgames libraries to construct the game.

realizing the project

Initially, a skeleton game would be created which would include a minimalistic UI, definition of classes for board,number of bulls and cows for evry chance. The multiplayer component would be implemented after AI starts to work.The UI would now be tweaked and made more friendly in nature.The game would be injected with a dozen of cool stuff like animations, sounds and so on.

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