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Rosemary Carroll is currently a youth rowing coach and the website project manager at a small business. In the fall she is entering an MA program at University of Washington's Henry Jackson School of International Affairs, where she will continue her undergraduate focus on Central Asia. Past experience includes SPSS analysis, work with film, radio, and print media, survey development, policy analysis, teaching English in the Kyrgyz Republic, and grassroots organizing. She is flexible, motivated, and analytical. Rosemary's resume
Bridget Millman is pursuing her Master’s degree in International Development and Social Change at Clark University. She has prior experience working in small and medium enterprise development in the Western Balkans and for a knowledge-based business in Switzerland. Bridget has worked in technology support for five years and is familiar with troubleshooting software and network issues, as well as with helping computer users to understand their machines.

Alexandra Pinschmidt is also studying International Development and Social Change at Clark University, with a focus on gender, education, and empowerment. She has a keen interest in media for social change, and has produced two independent documentary films, about development work in southern Africa and homelessness in Boston. Alexandra has had extensive international experience, as a teacher in Mozambique, a medical volunteer in Uzbekistan, and as a student in China and Ecuador. She is highly self-motivated, creative, critical, and reflexive. Trailers for her films can be seen at www.radical-lens.com.
Like two of her teammates, Kristin Sherwood is studying at Clark University in International Development and Social Change. Before coming to Clark, she worked for six years as an elementary school teacher, spending her summers volunteering in developing countries. Projects have included teaching English in Hungary and Costa Rica, teaching internet skills in Mauritius and Mexico, and training student volunteers in India. She is excited about the potential of XO laptops to empower both children and teachers and revolutionize the way that learning takes place. Kristin's resume

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