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Certi is a private Research institute with more than 20 years of success. Growing and getting more solid as the years went by, today CERTI is a reference center for many technology and market innovations in Brazil. Was bourn on the heard of the Federal University of Santa Catarina, this connection is still very alive today, allowing a strong connection with the academy and an easy path to government related activities.

Today CERTI is a National wide institution with three offices strategically placed on: Manaus(North), Brasilia(middle-east and National District Capital) and Florianopolis(South) making it a perfect partner for national wide programs and researches.

There are many projects that make CERTI a well recognize institution inside and outside Brazil as some examples: the development process of the Electronic Voting Machine for Brazil as the main R&D partner of Procomp(actually acquired by Diebold ); Development model for high tech Incubators in Brazil – Certi is the responsible for the creation and management of “CELTA” considered the case of most success in Latin America; Digital Inclusion and e-Gov projects – Certi has presented a very comprehensive study to optimize all network connections for the Government of Santa Catarina - 2004; It has developed a Study for the Ministry of Science and Technology to evaluate the adoption of low cost devices by the population-2004; Certi is developing a wide project to ecaluate the sustainability of Digital Inclusion centers with Siemens covering the cities of Manaus, Brasilia and the state of Ceara.

From the many competence centers within CERTI, that ranges from manufacturing, supply chain, product development, technological reginal development to the modern issues of Digital Convergence. This way certi can work from development to market analysis providing an end-to-end view of the process and value chain.

CERTI is working on the world’s top edge technology, assuring the best results to it’s clients, as some examples: Philips, BenQ, Siemens, Nokia and Diebold. As a high tech institution, partnership is a key point for long term growth this way CERTI has formed an extensive network of partners including many universities, R&D Centers, Government Agencies, Brazilian Ministry of Science and technology, Brazilian Ministry of Business and Industrial Development, MIT(United States), IMD(Switzerland), PTB(Germany), IPT-Fraunhofer, Torino Wireless(Italy), University of Brunel(UK) and also European Community agencies and projects(Instinct and ETSI)among other leading institutions worldwide.

web-site: http://www.certi.org.br

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