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Description & Goals


The calculate activity provides a generic calculator. The interface provides the simplest functions directly and should therefore be easy to use for the youngest children. However, it does support more complicated math and variables.


Teach children some math


Basic collaboration is functioning. The history box shows equations entered by buddies in their own color.


  • Variables: type 'apples:5' (and tab-completion of variable names)
  • Function plotting: type 'plot(sin(x),x=0..360)'
  • To add Variables
   1)Type the name of the Variable in the Label box. 
   2)Then move to the next line down and Put in the amount of the Variable.  
   3)Push the enter button (On computer Screen)
  • Plot Example
  • The plot function takes two arguments
  • The form is plot(function,variables)
Sin Function Tested
   Ex. plot(x^2,x=-2..2)
   This will plot the line y=x^2 from x = -2 to 2
   The graph does not show increment
Sin Function Graph
  • The Sin Fuction Example
   1) Type: plot(sin(x),x=0..360) in the input box.

   2)Click enter and on your right side there should be a graph of the sine function.

Beginning Documentation

  • Start-Up:
Desktop Showing Where to Click Calculate
   1)  After pressing the Power button, the main boot screen will begin to load                                   
   2)  After XO is completely booted, bring the mouse pointer down to the task bar at the bottom
       of the screen.
   3)  Arrow over until Calculate is highlighted
   4)  Select Calculate
   5)  Allow to Activity page to load

  • Calculate Basic Functions:
   When Calculate is fully loaded this is the first screen you see is the Activity Page.
  The options consist of…
   1)  Edit
   2)  Algebra
   3)  Trigonometry
   4)  Boolean
   5)  Constants
   6)  Format

Basic calculation: Each of the buttons on the calculator are interactive and the calculator works the same as a normal calculator.

Calculator Function Tabs

  • Edit:
Edit with Copy/Paste/Cut options, Screen from VM Ware Player
   Click Edit
   Simple editing options located on top of page.
   1) Copy: Highlight item then click Copy to Copy the information.
   2) Paste:  After the information has been copied, select this to paste it to where you would like
   3) Cut:  Cut removes the selected information from the screen and allows you to place it elsewhere.
   These Copy, Paste, and Cut functions can be used to take a previously used function and paste it
   back into the calculator.

  • Algebra:
Algebra with 5 Choices, Screen from VM Ware Player
   Algebraic functions are displayed across the top bar
   1) Square:Multiplies the result by itself
      Ex:    Solution = 2  (Hit ‘square’ button) = 4
   2) Sqrt:  Short for Square Root, takes square root of a value.
   3) Exp:   Allows you to raise a value to an exponent that is different then 2.
   4) ln:    Takes the Natural Log of a variable.
   5) Fac:   Factorial function allows the user to take the factorial of the answer displayed.
  • Trigonometry:
Trigonometry with Trig options, Screen from VM Ware Player
   -Common Trigonometric functions listed with Hyperbolic and Inverse Trig functions
   1) Sin:  Enter a value and select sin to show the sin of the value.
   2) Cos:  Enter a value and select cos to show the cos of the value.
   3) Tan:  Enter a value and select tan to show the tan of the value.
   4) asin: Arcsin- Click asin to take the Arc Sin of the value displayed
   5) acos: Arccos- Click acos to take the Arc Cosine of the value displayed
   6) atan: Arctan- Click atan to take the Arc Tangent of the value displayed
   Hyperbolic Functions
       1) sinh
       2) cosh
       3) tanh
  • Boolean:
Boolean Variables, Screen from VM Ware Player
   -Setup Boolean variables in this tab, choices consist of-
   1) And: sets up Boolean value ‘and’.
   2) Or:  sets up Boolean value ‘or’.
   3) Xor: sets up Boolean value ‘xor’.
   4) Eq:  Use to create equality between variables.
   5) Neg: Use to negate a certain variable
  • Constants:
Pi and e constants. Screen from VM Ware Player
   -Constant values are displayed across the top of the page. Select Pi or e.
   1) Pi: Select for the decimal of Pi.
   2) e:  constant commonly used in calculus

  • Format:
TBD. Screen from VM Ware Player
   Degrees and Radian Format

Visual Design

Design by Eben


Screenshot of plot(y^2,y=-2..2)


Feature Requests
Implementation Discussion
Version History




  • none available


Activity Summary

Icon: Image:Calculate.svg
Genre: Math and Science
Activity group: Activities/G1G1
Short description: TODO! A simple calculator, that also supports more complicated math and variables
Maintainers: User:Rwh
Repository URL:
Available languages:
Available languages (codes):
Pootle URL:
Related projects:
Contributors: Miguel Alvarez
URL from which to download the latest .xo bundle
Last tested version number: 25
The releases with which this version of the activity has been tested. 8.2.0 (767)
Development status:
Ready for testing (development has progressed to the point where testers should try it out):
smoke tested :
test plan available :
test plan executed :
developer response to testing :
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