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This Activity is available in both XO1 and XO 1.5. The Calculator Activity can simply use to solve simple functions and also for Plot graphs. This is a very useful activity for a child. This has many scientific functionalities such as Algebra, Trigonometry, Boolean and Miscellaneous where a grownup child could use in studies.

How did you do the testing?

  • First I went through the Calculator Activity to get an idea about that activity.
  • Then I went through the OLPC WIKI links to get an idea on how it works.
  • I performed Smoke Testing to confirm my understanding on the activity.
  • Then started to design the tests using the Decision Tree Diagrams.
  • According to Decision Tree Diagrams, I wrote the test cases using the Test Case template.
  • After completing the Peer and Lead Reviews, started the Testing and recorded the Test Results.
  • If a defect found, I went through the history of OLPC and Sugar lab to check whether the defects has already risen or not.
  • If not, I raised the defect (ticket).

What kind of problems that you had to face?

  • Downloading issues.
  • Previously raised defects were not fixed in newly released builds.
  • No proper understanding about some functionalities functionality, due to lack of information available.
  • As a solution, went through the WIKI, Google mailing list to clarify those functionalities as possible.

Defects you have found:

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