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Test Case ID Category Feature Description Prerequisite Test Description Input Data Expected Result No Of TC combination Status (Pass/Fail) Defect Id
1. Verify the navigation to the Calculator Activity
CAL_P1UI Verify that user able to navigate to the calculator activity. Calculator activity icon is available. Click on the “calculator” Icon. Navigate to the Calculator Activity.1
1.1 Verify the Activity tab in Calculator Activity
CAL_P1.1UI Verify the features of the activity tab in calculator activity. User is in calculator activity window.
  1. Click on the Activity Tab
  2. Check the features of activity tab
System should navigated to activity tab and following features should be displayed
  • Name of the Activity
  • Share Option
  • Keep
  • Stop
CAL_P1.1.1FUN Verify weather Activity Name is Displayed in the search box option. User is in activity tab Window. Check the activity name in the search box option "Calculator Activity" should be displayed in the search box option.1
CAL_P1.1.2FUN Verify the Share with of the activity tab User is in activity tab Window. Click on the Drop down list. System should display "Private" & "My Neighborhood" and default should be private.1
CAL_P1.1.2.1FUN Verify the functionality of PrivateUser is in activity tab Window. Click on the private option User should be able to continue the actions on calculator activity without any failure. 1
CAL_P1.1.2.2FUN Verify the functionality of My Neighborhoods
  1. User is in activity tab Window
  2. OLPC Mesh connection is available.
  1. Click on My Neighborhood option
  2. Invite to the person.
  3. In the Journal top of the Calculator activity keep the mouse point send to select the person.
  4. Check whether shared person can view your actions
Verify whether connected people can share their actions1
CAL_P1.1.3FUN Verify the functionality of Keep. User is in activity tab Window. Click on Keep option. Verify whether the Calculator Activity is not closed.1
CAL_P1.1.4FUN Verify the functionality of stop User is in activity tab Window. Click on Stop option. Verify whether the Calculator Activity window is closed.1
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