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Your classrooms next week

  • What's happening?
  • How can we support you?
  • What days/times should people come?


  • Laptop contracts workshop (need anything?)
  • Deployment day! (need anything?)
  • Curriculum team visits (really nebulous right now and will play by ear, but we'll at least get the first week planned through.)
  • Student tech team training (Xy, repairs): "I probably need an hour for an initial training session. I'm free this Thursday after 10 AM and Friday after 3 PM (it will take me some time to get to CFS though). Weekends are generally good too (although I doubt that works for the CFS students). I'll bring tools and a XO to do a disassembly. I anticipate focusing on software primarily (reflashing, self tests) and giving a overview of hardware." Can we get him some students and a timeslot? Also, repairs and support requirements... we should set them.
  • Server setup (Elsa, Olin chapter head and Development team): "Tech team can come in on Thursday afternoon to install the server and train an on site team." Do you want to talk with them Thursday when they come?

Learning stuff!

  • Moodle 101 (if time permits?)
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