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This page was created by a member of the free volunteer community supporting OLPC.

A "[Category]" - written between 2 pairs of double squares, or the word "Category" is actually a programming code/instruction that the software -that generates this wiki- understands: when you put the name of your category between double square brackets anywhere in your page in the following way, e.g.


, it remains invisible in the "page view" but the software that generates this wiki, will then automatically take up a link to your page in a page, listing all the pages that hold that code. This way, authors working on this topic can easily find and link-up with each other. Go ahead and at the bottem of this page, just click any of these links in the blue which will take you to such an automatically generated page with a list of links to all pages where that code has been inserted.

More examples of such categories and remember there all between double brackets normally, so another pair of these in front of the letter C:

Category:Countries/lang-fr]] Category:Countries|fr]] Category:Countries|Guinea]] Category:Corruption]] Category:Budget]] Category:Guinea]] Category:Chatbot]] Category:Chatbots]] Category:Virtual Assistant]] Category:Virtual Assistants]]

Below the result of putting such a category code on this page, i.e. how categories manifest themselves on a page. Just click the edit button on a well developed page and you'll see that "Category:something".

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