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Hopefuly this category should be empty as it represents the 'uncategorized files' collection (and we know that all files should fit at least one category, right? ;)

Uploaded files don't require a categorization, and usually they aren't edited for it later. And given that no functionality similar to Special:Uncategorizedpages exists for files, the alternative is to manually categorize them as uncategorized... oxymoron? You bet! Bot's work? Darn right!

Files have been (manualy) reviewed to have only one of the following sub categories (when no other obvious categorization exists):

[[Category:Uncategorized OLPC Pictures]] - camera snapshots, usually of people
[[Category:Uncategorized Screenshot]] - screenshots of applications unrelated to Sugar
[[Category:Uncategorized OLPC Media]] - if none of the above, or as default.

Last file uploaded categorized:

(desc) B2SuspendECRPhoto1.jpg . . 249,913 bytes . . . . 2007-03-14 16:01:38 (Added reminder arrows.)
(desc) B2SuspendECRPhoto3.jpg . . 394,535 bytes . . Wad . . 2007-03-14 15:39:25 (Part of a modification to an XO B2 in order to better support suspend/resume)
(desc) B2SuspendECRPhoto2.jpg . . 359,585 bytes . . Wad . . 2007-03-14 13:35:17 (Part of a ECR to an XO B2 to make it better capable of supporting suspend/resume.)
(desc) LaptopPowerB2.pdf . . 86,128 bytes . . Wad . . 2007-03-13 16:06:07

Possible (more correct) categories that should be explored before defaulting to this general catch-all category include: [[Category:Activity Graphics]] (root for [[Category:Etoys Graphics]], [[Category:FACIL Graphics]], [[Category:OLPCities Graphics]], [[Category:Other graphics]] and [[Category:TamTam Graphics]]), [[Category:Firmware ROM]], [[Category:Hardware pictures]], [[Category:Laptop pictures]], [[Category:Non-OLPC hardware pictures]], [[Category:OEPC Graphics]], [[Category:OLPC snapshots]], [[Category:Pictures]], [[Category:Snapshots]], [[Category:Sugar Graphics]], [[Category:Sugar evolution pictures]] and [[Category:Wiki Images]]

Your bot truly,

Xavi 12:19, 26 January 2007 (EST)


This category has the following 2 subcategories, out of 2 total.


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