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Note: If you want to leave feedback about the OLPC project, you might want to try the Ask OLPC a Question page. This page -- Category:Feedback -- is an organizational wiki category; it groups pages related to feedback/ideas. Comments on this page should relate to wiki organization; general feedback may be addressed more promptly if it is posted on a more relevant page. —Joe 01:28, 27 July 2007 (EDT)

Is Feedback the best title? The Category could be renamed Ideas.

The OLPC project management asked for ideas.

Feedback seems to imply seeking comments on what is put out by the OLPC management.

This is, I feel, not being pedantic: there is a significant difference between seeking ideas and seeking feedback.

Both my wife and I have taught computer programming to grade school children. We are now both retired and are interested in continuing this activity. Please let us know when and where we may help with this phase of your project.

Given the recent article on Nigerian school children using the OLPC laptops to view inappropriate content (including porn), I suggest you add a category for "safety" and address the issue

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