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Somalia event fundraiser?

Hi from sundave22, I may have an interesting idea, I work at many events in Northern California. I know many artists and producers. I heard about the program at "Solfest". I have relatives who are going to Somalia to teach, They want me to help produce an event fundraiser to send desks to the schools there. They can find desks for about $60. shipping will cost three times more. My Idea is something like have fundraisers to fill the desks with 1000 to 3000 laptops and send them to Somalia. It's a way out idea. I think many artists would donate for this and it seems like I just need to connect the dots. I am unsure how to proceed. Who would mentor me through such an adventure? The possible benefit seems worthy and some of the pieces have presented themselves. Any Suggestions or assistance ?

--, 2007-11-05

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