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At last we have some aware and awake people who believe in an egalitarian society rather than the elitist society we are fast becoming, and are moving us truly forward rather than pursuit of the almighty dollar alone as a path to happiness and enlightenment. Yes, we are a consumer society, and we are fast depleting our planet's resources. This tool could help in so many ways to slow down our wasting of precious resources.

Thank you for trying to bring Xerox Palo Alto Research Center's (PARC's and Alan Kay's) dream of the Dynabook alive now. We already have most (if not all) of the technology breakthroughs we need in place to make this happen.

I believe that WE NEED OLPC YESTERDAY to enable all students in our public schools to become plugged-in, turned-on, self-motivated lifelong learners. As the economic gap in society has grown in recent years to become a huge gulf, access to technology has become a black hole for "have nots." All of those students who are differently abled also need this tool to level the playing field and allow them full-access to information and empowerment.

Best wishes for your success in achieving this dream ASAP. Go OLPC!!


Cheryl Rhodes

old computer nerd, journalist and industry analyst, now working on getting my teaching credential for public high school (Resource specialist teacher--Special Ed, level 1-mild to moderate disabilities)

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