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Java support really aught to be integrated, so that software can be ported on to the OLPC with NO adaptations. JAVA is also a fairly kid-friendly language, and SUN will be open-sourcing parts of it soon, making it ideal.


GIS / Mapping Software

I would really hope that mapping software is included in the olpc. Although the popular proprietary GIS applications are very large / memory intensive, there are plenty of open source examples already in existance which show that this is feasible within a 100mb size limit. Geographical Information Systems are a cross cirricula learning tool, but most obviously, a GIS would compliment the data logging applications described on this wiki, providing a way for children to analyse results. The application should focus on use of vector data (point line and polygon) as these are least memory intensive - although raster images could be used if connected to a usb cd drive.

Consider the addition of Graphite to handle complex fonts likely to be encountered

Given the real possibility these laptops will someday make their way into languages where non-Roman scripts and fonts will render these machines unusable, please consider the addition of Graphite as a potential solution to this problem. This includes large languages such as Arabic, Thai, Burmese, Greek, Tamil as well as many smaller minority languages.

Graphite is open-source and has been ported to Linux. A Graphite enabled smart font can handle these real world issues:
- contextual shaping - ligatures - reordering - split glyphs - bidirectionality - stacking diacritics - complex positioning

See [1] for practical examples of each case.

A good place to start learning about Graphite is [2] where you'll find documentation, contacts and links to its SourceForge home.

Keyboard input, Keyboarding and Typing Skills, Typing Tutor

Few keyboard users can type, even those who claim who would describe themselves as professional. The project should surely admit this blind spot in our awareness and provide a typing tutor.

I agree. Typing tutor software should reside on local XO laptop if possible. Lack of adequate keyboarding/typing skills are a bigger block and frustration to learning than language skills.--Rafikiyako 00:43, 16 November 2007 (EST)

Diary Software

What's about a diary software?

xo simulation on laptop or desktop

Would it be possible to simulate the XO experience on an non XO device? If so that would bring into the mesh existing equipment that might be present. Volunteers in the field could participate in the mesh and interact with XO users using their own PC (or Apple) laptop. Even a dual boot solution might be acceptable. An existing internet cafe could allow collaboration among XOs and PCs.

Health Education Game

The Director of my Non-profit in Afghanistan, wants to develop a health education game, to teach basic hygiene (handwashing etc...) to children in rural Afghanistan. We have already been approached about the Spring Distribution of XO's in Afghanistan.

This project is very important to us. I need some guidance and help.

I have a basic understanding of Linux, but could use the assistance of an advanced python developer. I have support in areas of translation, design, and health education, but I welcome anyone who finds this project interesting and would like to help.

I am not sure where to start with initiating this project, or how to get it included (or potentially included) with a distribution of XO's.

I have more details if necessary.

Leave a message on my user:talk page. Cjl 23:27, 7 May 2008 (EDT)
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