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Children in Laos

The children of Tham Lot Kong Lo made it to the main OLPC website. Maybe you want to know more about this children.

To bring the laptop to these children will be a real challenge.


Where do the children live

The children live in one of the most remote places on earth. The village is called Tham Lot Kong Lo in Laos. It takes 2 days to get there from the capital city (Vientianne).

The only transportation link that Tham Lot Kong Lo has with the rest of the world is a river, that goes through a 7 km cave and takes about an hour to cross—there are no roads to the village.

Here are some pictures of a typical trip to the village... enjoy the ride!

Dirt road to the river cave

Click the images to enlarge.

The river cave

The only way to cross the cave (and reach the village) is by boat.

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The children

The children in their class room

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