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Choose Your Own Adventure is a series of books where the reader chooses different paths as they go through the story. For instance:

Your friend says, "We should follow that man; he looks like he is up to no good!" This sounds dangerous? Do you want to:
  • Follow the man (go to page 204)
  • Ignore the man and go to arcade (go to page 143)

On the laptop this would be an environment to build stories like this, probably in the browser. And of course collaborate on them and all that fun stuff. This has been done before (links to examples?) — sometimes fully collaboratively (anytime you can add a new choice or follow a choice that hasn't been filled out), sometimes more limited.

We're thinking about working on this in the Chicago Interest Group.


Should it be possible for creators to add images to their stories? It could be a nice way to make the program more visual.

Images? OF COURSE! -- Ian Bicking

Relationship to Hypertext Fiction

The "Choose Your Own Adventure" concept can be seen as a limited form of Hypertext Fiction, for which there may be tools already available. It could be a useful related field to look into, at least.

User Stories

As an Author:

  • I can create a new story with a title and add myself as the author.
  • I can add pages to my story.
  • I can add choices at the end of each page which will lead me to the creation of new pages.
  • I can see a tree of all my created pages and the connections between them, I can choose pages from the tree to work on the book non-linearly.
  • I can share my stories with readers.
  • I can see all the books I've written.

As a Reader:

  • I can receive a story from an Author and open it without much fuss.
  • I can bookmark my location in a story.
  • I can read pages, and make choices which lead to new pages.
  • I can add in my own content to enhance the story and share it with others
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