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I need all collaborators to write what you can contribute to the success of this application. I have started 6 areas of impact in Expected Results below. You can add more or simply add more words under each area that pertains to you and your skills. Each major heading will be a grant requirement that follows the outline of the PDF RFP.

Please include:

How much money would you need to provide these services. Perhaps it is easier to say how many hours per week you will devote to the project and your price per week. If you must host meetings, include cost per week for travel, meeting or training sessions, etc.

Executive Summary

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This section should be a succinct one-page summary and contain information that the Applicant believes best represents

its proposed approach, including:

 Name of the prime applicant and any partners;

 Names of key personnel;

 Expected results;

 Overview of technical approach and monitoring plan;

 Overview of management approach; and

 Cost share information, if any.

Names of key personnel

As one person must stand as the prime applicant/contact point for this grant, Dr. Joanne Clemente, Director of Academic Technology at Dominican College will fill this role. However, many partners from both the US and Uganda will assume integral roles in this grant. Academics such as Dr. Brenda Dressler from Touro College (NY), Dr. Elizabeth Ross (Harvard), Nick Doiron (Carnegie Melon); and administrators such as Daniel Bwanika, Director of Development at Kampala University, Dr. Connie Masembe, Dean of Education at Makerere University, , Vincent Ssekate, Dean of Education at Kisubi Brothers University, University of the Mountains of the Moon in FortPortal will provide training, support and skill. Several NGO participants- Amag, CARE, Brenda’s agency will provide resources, training and local support. And business and not-for-profit organizational leaders such as Kenneth Mwandara from Silver Shadows and Larry Maka from Teach and Tour Sojourners will help with logistics, guest housing, installations, documentation and repairs. Each has contributed to this proposal and plans to take responsibility for particular aspects of this collaborative initiative.

Expected Results:

Our expected results will be an empowered community with the following features:

1-An enlightened primary school teacher population capable of providing a serious learning environment, one in which health, nutrition, HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment curricula co-exists with the capacity for creative, problem-solving experiential learning  ; This will be achieved through training provided in the other objectives below and through distance learning support from university professionals in the US.

2-An empowered parental/caregiver community that is aware of the resources available to help with health issues and that can advocate for itself.

3-Four school districts who are plugged into 21st century learning through the One Laptop Per Child program that will be used to challenge students, deliver critically important information to the caregivers who care for them. Female empowerment and particularly vulnerable children will be the main foci for this learning environment. One low-cost, robust, “connected” laptop per child will be provided.

4-Expanded curricula in four local universities, in particular Schools of Education, enabled through collaborate with US universities to provide teacher training for in-service teachers.

5-An easy to access primary school health and sex education curricula that is loaded on to the XO computers. For example,Young Talk Publications will be loaded on the XO machines. Young Talk newspaper targets children in upper primary school and it is produced in English each month.

6-A consortia of NGOs and local businesses whose members will provide support, training and resources for the school children and their caregivers.

7-Volunteers will travel to Uganda to assist schools in implementation. Some airfare and lodging will be provided if necessary.

Overview of technical approach and monitoring plan

Overview of Management approach

Cost Share Information

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