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Getting into the Configuration


  1. Go to a location where it occurs naturally.
    1. No School server.
  2. Force the laptops into it manually.
    1. Go to the mesh view, and connect to an AP.
    2. Go to the root menu in one of the terminals
    3. Create/Edit file /etc/NetworkManager/mesh-start on all laptops (tests should be done with at least 2 XO's and preferably 3)
    4. w/ text:
      • infra
    5. Reboot the laptop.
    6. The laptops will try to connect to the latest AP they were connected to each time they boot.

Checking that laptops are in the AP Configuration

  1. The file /etc/resolve.conf should have the text:
    search AP_Name
    nameserver IP address
    nameserver IP address
  2. The laptop should have a good IP address: other checks
    1. Type ifconfig in a terminal.
    2. Second line of eth0 has the address.
    3. If it starts with 18.xx.yy.zz, or 172.xx.yy.zz it is good. (169.xx.yy.zz is bad)
    4. The second line of msh0 should have a bad IP address.
    5. Alternatively: the laptop should be able to browse the internet.
  3. The laptop should only see other XO's, which are nearby, in the mesh view.
    • in the future: should only see nearby laptops also connected to the same AP, and not those connected to another AP, local mesh, or School server.
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