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Documentation v1.0

Viewing Content

  • From the main page, select a category. From the list presented, select either a subcategory or a piece content. Repeat as necessary.
  • After selecting a content item, you can view details and download the content.
  • The content will either load in your browser or you will be presented with a dialog to download depending on browser configuration

Registering an Account

An account is not necessary to view or browse the content, only to submit.

  • To register an account, select Register from the menu.
  • Enter required data, and press the create button.

Submitting Content

An account is required to submit content. Select Submit from the menu.

    • Alternately, select Submit Translation or Submit New Version from a content page.
  • Enter a brief, descriptive title.
  • Press Browse and select the file to submit on your computer.
  • In the Tags field, enter relevant keywords, comma-separated.
  • Select a category and language.
  • Press Submit
  • Confirm entry.


To search, visit the Search link. Search supports and, or, and grouping via quotation marks.

Administering Content

Access /admin/ Login using an account with administrative privileges.

Create/Read/Update/Delete as necessary.


  • Ensure web server is running Python 2.5 and Django 0.96.
  • Copy files to a web-accessible directory.
  • Open
  • Set the absolute path variable at the top of the file. This path determines where static media is stored, and where all content is saved.
  • Change other settings as needed (optional)
  • Access /admin/, add categories, admins as necessary

Release Note

  • v1.0
  • Overview: The OnLine Processing of Content system allows submission of content. Users can view all submitted content.
  • Purpose: Initial release document.
  • Features
    • Submit
    • View
    • Search
    • Administrate
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