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This is an example of a matrix of content that maps readily onto traditional divisions of school textbooks, by subject and grade. Tested out briefly; not currently in use. A better matrix view, for various axes, might be an interesting way to find or review material.

Other ideas:

  • Top-level pages for Literacy, Writing, Math, Science, Arts, Games, Geography, &c. (see below), which would be the primary views... Invoked with {{Matrix | country=nigeria}}
  • By language: language=English rather than country= (perhaps with a page for Nigeria including the english matrix and added country-specific notes)


  • Template:Matrix (contains the list of subject areas)
    • Template:Matrixrow
      • Template:Statusformat (color of numbers)

NB: country should be changed to language

key: {{{available}}} {{{free}}} {{{format}}} {{{local}}}
  K-1 2-3 4-5 6-8
reading {{:{{{country}}}-reading-1}} {{:{{{country}}}-reading-2}} {{:{{{country}}}-reading-3}} {{:{{{country}}}-reading-4}}
literature {{:{{{country}}}-literature-1}} {{:{{{country}}}-literature-2}} {{:{{{country}}}-literature-3}} {{:{{{country}}}-literature-4}}
music {{:{{{country}}}-music-1}} {{:{{{country}}}-music-2}} {{:{{{country}}}-music-3}} {{:{{{country}}}-music-4}}
art {{:{{{country}}}-art-1}} {{:{{{country}}}-art-2}} {{:{{{country}}}-art-3}} {{:{{{country}}}-art-4}}

3 2 2 0+/-

Nigeria-math-2 Nigeria-math-3 Nigeria-math-4

4 1 0 1+/-

Nigeria-science-2 Nigeria-science-3 Nigeria-science-4
reference {{:{{{country}}}-reference-1}} {{:{{{country}}}-reference-2}} {{:{{{country}}}-reference-3}} {{:{{{country}}}-reference-4}}
geography {{:{{{country}}}-geography-1}} {{:{{{country}}}-geography-2}} {{:{{{country}}}-geography-3}} {{:{{{country}}}-geography-4}}
games {{:{{{country}}}-games-1}} {{:{{{country}}}-games-2}} {{:{{{country}}}-games-3}} {{:{{{country}}}-games-4}}
other {{:{{{country}}}-other-1}} {{:{{{country}}}-other-2}} {{:{{{country}}}-other-3}} {{:{{{country}}}-other-4}}
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