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* ASIDE/CLARIF: XO-1.75 prototype laptops will not be the core focus
  of today's meeting, as they are being distributed privately on a
  case-by-case and ongoing basis, with a few weeks delay typically,
  sometimes more.  Thanks to all serious software/hardware
  developers for applying here!

* XO-1.5 production machines available:

* New projects & libraries -- teaching them Community Outreach:

* Which projects might you enjoy Mentoring below?!

* Fast Review of the 8 latest (greatest!) HW/Project Proposals -- please
  join us advocating for, and/or reviewing shortcomings of these proposals:

 #1 Peter's UI/Intl Activities/Testing - China/Australia
 #2 OPS1WEB Network: Repair/Service Center - Victoria, Texas
 #3 XO Lending Library - Fargo, ND/North Dakota
 #4 Wikimania and OLPC - Vienna/Graz, Austria
 #5 Marysville OLPC Repair Lab - Tulalip, Washington
 #6 Roadshow In A Box - Pray, Montana
 #7 Voice Communication on XOs - San Francisco, California
 #8 S.P.A.M (Super Pixel Art Maker) - Lake Balboa, California


<GrannieB> Hi all... Is that Yama I see on the list?
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<Jorge> Heelo?
<andrew-butia> hi
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<JT4sugar> Hi
<GrannieB> I don't see James Chung's application RT#88667 on the list. He is asking for either 1.5s or 1.75s
<GrannieB> Also.... mine is for 1.75s and I have already had a private response on that
<andrew-butia> our application is #88379
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<GrannieB2> Sorry... I had to switch to Firefox.
<GrannieB2> What did I miss?  Do you need a rough translation of andrew-butia's app?  How about James Chung (left off the list)?
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<andrew-butia> aa`: sorry about the spanish,  Martin Langhoff said in the olpc-sur list that it can be done in spanish...
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<GrannieB2> Actually andrew-butia is also asking for 1.75s.
<CanoeBerry> I'm sad the mail I send almost 20min ago did not hit the mailing lists, should we start anyway?
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<GrannieB2> I can translate, but he is in the same category I am.  Martin will probably send him a message
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<cjl> Hey GrannieB2 Hopefully that Ghana guy will get in touch with SoCal lending lirbary.  I gave him a lot to read up on.
<GrannieB2> The mail arrived here about 10 min ago. That is how I know I am on the list (shouldn't be) and James Chung isn't (should be)
<JT4sugar> CanoeBerry, received your email at 2:05pm
<cjl> JT4sugar: Me too, but didn't look until jsut a little while ago.
<GrannieB2> Yes.... I need to contact him.  I think we will finally be having a FTF meeting on Oct 15
<cjl> GrannieB2: Had s very nice phon echat with him.
<GrannieB2> Send me his ticket # again
<cjl> GrannieB2: He is using refurbed PCs, but I am getting him interested in using Sugar on them.
<cjl> GrannieB2: Not a ticket, Christian Bryant pointed him straight at me for L10n into Akan
<GrannieB2> SoaS would be good if we can get it to work right
<cjl> I can create a ticket I guess, but I don't think that an XO purchase is within their means
<GrannieB2> OK... got to search my emails again I guess
<cjl> GrannieB2: I can resend
<Umber-Yellow-78> hello?
<GrannieB2> thanks
<Umber-Yellow-78> sorry for joining late
<Umber-Yellow-78> i got the time zone late
<Umber-Yellow-78> i mean time zone wrong
<CanoeBerry> Seems we should begin, even though the announcement I sent almost 30min ago still hasn't hit most mailing lists.  We will add 2 projects to the 7 listed on the AGENDA here:
<Umber-Yellow-78> does that include S.P.A.M?
<CanoeBerry> GrannieB2: Projects like James Chung's were removed from the agenda when they focused on XO-1.75, but if he will consider other options we will discuss now/shortly as soon as we begin, ok?
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<GrannieB2> He said it could be XO-1.5
<Jorge> Jorge in intermitent support of andrew_butia here. Network permiting.
<CanoeBerry> Indeed, let's begin.

[ PROJECT #1 - Peter's UI/Intl Activities/Testing - China/Australia ]

<CanoeBerry> Thanks all for helping critique, mentor and vote for OLPC/Sugar projects deserving hardware -- let's start with Project #1 here:
<CanoeBerry> Peter's UI/Intl Activities/Testing - China/Australia
<CanoeBerry>     Requests 1 or 2 XO-1.5s over undetermined months
<CanoeBerry>     Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>     To continue to create well-tested and well-designed activities.
<CanoeBerry>     Currently we create activities that contain no text so they are
<CanoeBerry>     truly international. We also aim for the simplest possible user
<CanoeBerry>     interface. You can see the current list here:
<CanoeBerry>     Further we are planning to add collaborative features to future
<CanoeBerry>     activities and maybe also to some existing ones.
<CanoeBerry> NOTE: we'll try to add James Chung and UNC Charlotte's applications after we complete the 7 on the original/above agenda.
<GrannieB2> If he plans to add collaboration +1 for 2
<CanoeBerry> +1 if above project needs a mentor / feedback loop
<CanoeBerry> And cleans up his shipping address.  I will not ship to 2 diff shipping addresses as requested -- the applicant must choose 1 or the other.
<cjl> This guy has added a lot of his activites to ASLO, he can be trusted t ocontribute.  I've corresponded wit hhim about L10n, but he doesn't use words.
<CanoeBerry> Cool, and Peter in Australia is the mentor, so this may be off to a good start..
* cjl doesn't want to push the point tha tsome people use different numerals
<CanoeBerry> Final Votes?
<sandrat> awesome people you australians
<sandrat> +1
<cjl> +1 for mulawa1
<CanoeBerry> Calling once..
<CanoeBerry> Calling twice..
<CanoeBerry> Calling thrice..
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<CanoeBerry> APPROVED pending address clarifications, and ideally cheaper shipping than China, if a US or similar shipping address is possible.

[ PROJECT #2 - PS1WEB Network: Repair/Service Center - Victoria, Texas ]

<CanoeBerry> Onto Project #2..
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<Umber-Yellow-78> i need 1.5 and 1.75 to test the program
<Umber-Yellow-78> especially since it's like supporting different platforms
<CanoeBerry> Umber-Yellow-78: plz identify yourself.
<Umber-Yellow-78> oh, sorry
<Umber-Yellow-78> James Chung
<GrannieB2> Hi James!
<Umber-Yellow-78> S.P.A.M is my project
<Umber-Yellow-78> hello
<Umber-Yellow-78> :)
<CanoeBerry> Ahh, thanks.  You should probably pick a nickname like JC and type: /nick JC
<cjl> We are discussing project two now firght?
<CanoeBerry> Umber-Yellow-78: can you help us race thry other projects first?  Thanks!
<CanoeBerry> Plz all help critique/mentor/vote Project #2 here:
<Umber-Yellow-78> yes please
<Umber-Yellow-78> go ahead
<CanoeBerry> OPS1WEB Network: Repair/Service Center - Victoria, Texas
<CanoeBerry>     Requests 2 XOs and 9 months
<CanoeBerry>     Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>     - Provide no-cost to low-cost repairs, customization and refurbishment
<CanoeBerry>       services to OLPC laptops worldwide.
<CanoeBerry>     - Provide temporary replacements to children with damaged laptops while
<CanoeBerry>       their XOs are being repaired.
<CanoeBerry>     - Based on our work, we would like to modify/complete existing
<CanoeBerry>       documentation and create new documentation for the XO Laptop.
<CanoeBerry>     - Maintain a collection of parts and units, publishing public info
<CanoeBerry>       on inventory for repairs centers/others worldwide.
<CanoeBerry>     - Empower the child by teaching them how to repair their
<CanoeBerry>       laptops and replace parts, through videos and hands on
<CanoeBerry>       workshops and conferences. We haven't fully developed
<CanoeBerry>       this idea, but what is there will be found on the website.
<sandrat> wonderful project.  much needed
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<GrannieB2> Are there other XOs to repair in Victoria TX?
<CanoeBerry> can anyone here represent Texas' project above?
<cjl> They want damaged machines right?
<CanoeBerry> Yes. Not sure what's going on in the area now, but there has been much XO activity/dreams in "Southern Texas" over the past few years..
<GrannieB2> right
<GrannieB2>  they are near Huston and the Gulf
<sandrat> can't quite figure out how the $$ even out in this.  Project provides a lot of services...  although it sounds as if you have the shipping costs down
<cjl> I can't represent them, but I'm +1 on damaged machines for them (if availalee)
<sandrat> What are you charging for the repairs? and parts?
<CanoeBerry> 2 broken XOs would seem to be fine, if they're still serious?
<cjl> sandrat: Part fo what they seem to be proposing is the development fo turorials
<cjl> The turtorial could ship
<GrannieB2> Maybe we need more info on this one?
<CanoeBerry> 2 broken XOs for starters, 1 brick and 1 parts machine?
<GrannieB2> When is the next meeting?
<CanoeBerry> If they commit blogging or similar documentation/outreach in the coming month?
<CanoeBerry> Meetings are not pre-scheduled.
<sandrat> All good stuff .. documentation always a need
<CanoeBerry> Final votes please!
<CanoeBerry> +1 if the applicant engages/commits to community involvement.
<GrannieB2> Who is the applicant?  Do we know hom/her?
<andrew-butia> I'm seeing the agenda and project butia isn't in it :( it was something wrong?
<sandrat> +1
<butiaFede> +1
<CanoeBerry> I don't know the applicant.  Their application is however thorough, seemingly.
<cjl> hmmm, website link doesn't work
<CanoeBerry> 1st site works, but is lightweight :)
<GrannieB2> -1... put on hold for more info
<cjl> ok
<elverma> hold for more info
<CanoeBerry> OK, on hold until we hear more?
<GrannieB2> correct
<cjl> -1 until they provide a working website for one.
<CanoeBerry> Sounds reasonable.
<CanoeBerry> Calling once..
<CanoeBerry> Calling twice..
<CanoeBerry> Calling thrice..
<butiaFede> if you want we can switch to Butia Project,
<CanoeBerry> ON HOLD until web site and a few more explanations of community involvement.
<butiaFede> there are a lot of member online now

[ PROJECT #3 - XO Lending Library - Fargo, ND/North Dakota ]

<CanoeBerry> Onto Project #3 -- plz all critique/mentor/vote for:
<cjl> butiaFede: We are following in order on the e-mail tha twas sent out.
<CanoeBerry> XO Lending Library - Fargo, ND/North Dakota
<CanoeBerry>     Requests 10 XOs over undetermined months
<CanoeBerry>     Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>     1. Establish an XO Lending Library (five 1.0s, five 1.5s) and Sugar Labs
<CanoeBerry>        @ NDSU in order to create interest in OLPC and build expertise 
<CanoeBerry> with the
<CanoeBerry>        XOs and Sugar at NDSU and in Fargo more generally.
<CanoeBerry>     2. Figure out if / how educational games developed by Slator can be
<CanoeBerry>        adapted to Sugar and the XO.
<CanoeBerry>     3. Use XOs and Sugar within technical writing classes to teach software
<CanoeBerry>        documentation and usability studies, and in turn contribute to the
<CanoeBerry>        documentation of the software, hardware, and its activities.
<CanoeBerry>     4. Long term goal: have a Fargo-based team trained and ready to support
<CanoeBerry>        a large-scale deployment.
<JT4sugar>   Hello John Tierney here advocating for this project. The project
<JT4sugar> leads from NDSU are caught up in faculty meetings at NDSU
<JT4sugar> so having collaborated with them on this project I will be
<JT4sugar>  lobbying for approval.
<CanoeBerry> AGEBDA:
<JT4sugar> The Fargo initiative was approved last October by the contributors
<JT4sugar> program but the decision was amended because of legal issues of
<JT4sugar> sending technology to Southern Sudan at the time. As you will
<JT4sugar> see it is still listed on the OLPC selected projects page
<cjl> I have a good feeling about this, NDSU has established a Sugar Labs chapter.
<JT4sugar> They have revamped their project brought on the Computer Science
<JT4sugar> Dept. at North Dakota State University and two weeks ago were
<JT4sugar> designated a Local Sugar Labs-SugarLabs@NDSU by Sugar Labs
<JT4sugar> Oversight Board.
<JT4sugar> They are active and committed. By getting the XO's into their hands
<JT4sugar> Dr. Brian Slator Chair of Computer Science at NDSU will begin to
<JT4sugar> try and Sugarize some of the immersive educational games and lessons
<JT4sugar> they have made and get them running on the XO's to benefit of the
<JT4sugar> entire community.
<JT4sugar> Myself and Dr. Gerald Ardito have been collaborating with
<JT4sugar> and mentoring the Fargo Project since Dr. Brooks attended a Sugar Workshop
<JT4sugar> at the Computers and Writing Conference at Purdue in May 2010 and helped
<JT4sugar> him with his original application to the contributors program.
<CanoeBerry> Why 10 XOs?
<CanoeBerry> That is larger than most libraries start with -- is an incremental community-building approach sensible?
<elverma> +1 on the proposal, but not sure on the number of XOs needed
<GrannieB2> How many students are involved?
<sandrat> Sounds like a project with a lot of good momentum
<JT4sugar> It is a lending Library and allows for mulitple disciplnes Comp Sci and English colleagues to work together and they want to do events in larger Fargo community
<elverma> ok
<GrannieB2> They seem to have some really strong people involved.  I'm +1 for all 10
<JT4sugar> They have 220 students at Madison Elementary that will get SoaS in fall. This lets University Professors to work on activities that can be sugarized for Sugar and become available for XO's
<sandrat> +1
<CanoeBerry> 5 XO-1.5s is not possible
<CanoeBerry> So the questions is how many XO-1s are reasonable?
<cjl> CanoeBerry: I'm usually cautious like you, but I saw them show at the SLOBS meeting you missed and I have a good feeling about them.
<JT4sugar> CanoeBerry, Whatever you can send to equal 10 would be great for this and allow for accelerated momentum
<CanoeBerry> ND site is here:
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<CanoeBerry> How many students are involved, and who are they roughly?  Whats ages / undergrads / grad students / disciplines?
<CanoeBerry> Actual / anticipated?
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<cjl> CanoeBerry: I'm +1 on getting them what you can, they raised $20K on their own to advance this.  I see real dedication that should be leveraged.
<CanoeBerry> What was $20K raised for?
<JT4sugar> At this point there is 220 Elementray plus after school program at Madison. At University level Dr. Brooks and Grad Student English Chris Lindgren will be using as part of class projects
<cjl> 2. Awarded the NDSU Community Project grant ($20,000) awarded to expand Madison program to full school integration, May 2011.
<JT4sugar> $20,000 grand came from NDSU president office to fund SoaS, XO work and creation of Sugar Lab@NDSU
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<GrannieB2> I'm still +1 for 10
<CanoeBerry> How far is Madison Elementary School from Fargo's Univ?
<GrannieB2> The Uruguayans are leaving
<JT4sugar> Its in city limits so under 15 minutes
<CanoeBerry> great
<CanoeBerry> Final votes?
<CanoeBerry> Calling once..
<CanoeBerry> Calling twice..
<CanoeBerry> Calling thrice..
<cjl> +1
<GrannieB2> +1 still
<Jorge> no we're not :)
<CanoeBerry> APPROVED, insofar as we have 10 XOs, and some may need to be debricked..

[ PROJECT #4 - Wikimania and OLPC - Vienna/Graz, Austria ]

<CanoeBerry> Onto Project #4.
<CanoeBerry> Plz all help critique/mentor/vote for:
<GrannieB2> Jorge.... since you need 1.75s, you may need to wait for a note from someone about them
<CanoeBerry> Wikimania and OLPC - Vienna/Graz, Austria
<CanoeBerry>     Requests XO or XO-1.5 over uncertain months
<CanoeBerry>     Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>     Support Wikimedia Austria and work with OLPC Austria (
<JT4sugar> Thank You all they will be very excited!
<CanoeBerry> PRE-APPROVED by Christoph!
<CanoeBerry> Who is meeting the applicant in Austria, and helping him out already it appears.

[ PROJECT #5 - Marysville OLPC Repair Lab - Tulalip, Washington ]

<CanoeBerry> Onto Project #5.
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<CanoeBerry> Plz all critique/mentor/vote for:
<CanoeBerry> Marysville OLPC Repair Lab - Tulalip, Washington
<CanoeBerry>     Requests 10? XOs over uncertain months
<CanoeBerry>     Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>     1) Students learn how to problem solve hardware and software issues.
<CanoeBerry>     2) Students become aware of volunteer opportunities and learn how to
<CanoeBerry>        donate their skills to worthy causes.
<CanoeBerry>     3) Students learn organizational and "soft" skills necessary to run a
<CanoeBerry>        successful repair lab.
<CanoeBerry>     4) Students repair and send out many OLPCs.
<CanoeBerry> +1 if the site blogs and develops stronger global outreach.
<CanoeBerry> They prior work/photos were great, but they need to connect more with Sugar/OLPC communities worldwide.
<Jorge> ok, i'll forward that bit to andrew_butia
<GrannieB2> Is Tulalip near Bellingham?
<ndoiron> needs to add itself to the Repair Centers wiki page, too
<CanoeBerry> Yes.
<CanoeBerry> Motion for a tentative +1 if the applicants create a genuine blog.
<CanoeBerry> Others opinions?
<GrannieB2> are they working with the folks in Bellingham?
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<Umber-Yellow-78> man... is there that much need for repair center?
<sandrat> +1
<elverma> BTW, tere is a new link next to the San Francisco one ( that i don't know if. Is this spam?
<GrannieB2> I would like more info before voting on this one
<cjl> So this is a means of channelling repaired laptops to ghanatogether?
<elverma> looks like spam, unless someone knows these guys...
<CanoeBerry> Perhaps yes?
<cjl> I see MaryAnne Ward on the ticket
<CanoeBerry> OK
<andrew-butia> GrannieB2.. we don't know wich is the note you are talking about :(
<CanoeBerry> We love this group, but we need an active blog before we can move forward.
<CanoeBerry> Calling once..
<CanoeBerry> Calling twice..
<CanoeBerry> Calling thrice..
<sandrat> these are engaged people +1
<CanoeBerry> ON HOLD until an active blog is posted, ideally explaining tie-in to Ghana Together project!

[ PROJECT #6 - Roadshow In A Box - Pray, Montana ]

<CanoeBerry> Onto Project #6.
<CanoeBerry> Please all critique/mentor/vote for:
<CanoeBerry> Roadshow In A Box - Pray, Montana
<CanoeBerry>     Requests 2 XO-1.75s XOs over 24+ months
<CanoeBerry>     Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>     This request is for 2 of the new XO-1.75 machines for two purposes:
<CanoeBerry>     1) To help test the new machines and their software. The reason 2 
<CanoeBerry> machines
<CanoeBerry>        are requested is to be able to test collaboration between 
<CanoeBerry> XO-1.75s and
<CanoeBerry>        between them and the older XO-1s and XO-1.5s
<CanoeBerry>     2) To add the latest hardware to the Roadshow
<CanoeBerry> Afraid we can't actually move on this one, as XO-1.75s are not ready for show :(
<CanoeBerry> Vetted Developers only for now.
<CanoeBerry> Sorry!
<GrannieB2> Jorge y Andrew, Yo pedí dos XO-1.75.  Recibí un mensaje privado que dice los XO-1.75 aun tienen muchas problemas y es mejor es[erar un rato hasta son más dependible
<CanoeBerry> Hopefully that will change soon in coming months if not weeks!
<cjl> GrannieB2: You don't want a B1 XO-1.75, yopu want to wait.  For your own sanity.
<CanoeBerry> :)

[ PROJECT #7 - Voice Communication on XOs - San Francisco, California ]

<CanoeBerry> Onto Project #7 (or 9, incl 2 latecomers!)
<GrannieB2> Yep that is what I just told Jorge y Andrew
<CanoeBerry> Plz all critique/mentor/vote for:
<cjl> GrannieB2: For starters, B1 units ship pre-bricked.
<CanoeBerry> Voice Communication on XOs - San Francisco, California
<CanoeBerry>     Requests 4 XOs for 12 months
<CanoeBerry>     Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>     The Graduate Computer Science program at San Francisco State
<CanoeBerry>     University requires the completion of a thesis. The topic to be
<CanoeBerry>     investigated regards the deployment of VoIP using wireless networks in
<CanoeBerry>     resource constrained environments (unreliable networks, low
<CanoeBerry>     performance computers, etc...). The XO has been chosen as a major
<CanoeBerry>     hardware for investigation and testing as it is mainly designed to
<CanoeBerry>     suit such environments. The main objective is to determine the various
<CanoeBerry>     factors that affect VoIP performance and to research the ways in which
<CanoeBerry>     enhancements can be made. The ultimate goal will be to come up with a
<CanoeBerry>     VoIP software, deployed on the XO, that could provide major
<CanoeBerry>     improvements on various performance issues.
<CanoeBerry> Requests 2 XO-1s and 2 XO-1.5s ?
<GrannieB2> pre-bricked?  Is that a test of some kind?
<elverma> <GrannieB2> yes, looks like a test :-0
<elverma> 1.75B1 are a lot of work right now
<cjl> GrannieB2: The used the image they had at the time of manufacturing, whcih is why B1 is not for demo yet
<CanoeBerry> Back to Skype-like proposal above..
<cjl> Wait for what thye call "ramp", whcih is the scale up before full production
<GrannieB2> I just don't want to miss the boat. SCaLE is early in 2012. Jan instead of Feb
<CanoeBerry> Is the applicant here to defend/advocate for their project?
<elverma> please don't call it "Skype-like" :-0
<cjl> CanoeBerry: This is one of Sameer's people isn't it?
<elverma> yes
<GrannieB2> Someone posted that they got Skype to work on the XO
<elverma> she's my grad student working on her MS thesis
<elverma> GrannieB2: That would be me
<Jorge> Ah, great to know. Were have we to keep an eye on?
<cjl> I beleive this person is also working on L10n of Tamaight (ssp?)
<GrannieB2> Great!  Got to find that email and try it
<andrew-butia> GrannieB2.... we don't receive the email telling about the unstability of the beta version, we could wait, but we need to know if all steps we made are correct or we need to do any translation or blog page, anyway we have experience with arm devices, so we could reflash it
<elverma> Amazigh/Tamazight
<ndoiron> Tamaight = Tamazight?  like North Africa?
<elverma> yup
<sandrat> not sure who is representing this project.??
<ndoiron> Are they writing in Arabic, Latin, or Tifinagh letters?
<ndoiron> I've been doing l10n in Tamazight / Tifinagh at work
<tilila> hi im the student working on this project
<elverma> ndoiron:
<cjl> I think Tifinagh, but I don't remember for sure
<elverma> ndoiron, meet tilila
<GrannieB2> Jorge, pienso Uds van a recibir un mensaje en el email sobre eso.  Ellos me dicen va a ser algunos meses o posible semamas hasta estan listos. ¡Espero es semamas!
<elverma> ndoiron:
<cjl> tilila: BTW, I passed your info on nplurals to someone upstream that needed it.
<tilila> tamazight i is written in tifinagh actually
<cjl> Poolte is really slow recently :-(
<GrannieB2> Voy a leer su solicitude y buscar cosas que pueden ser problemas.  Probablemente va a ser ya bueno
<Jorge> Ok, thanks for evrything, see you later. And this S.P.A.M. thing looks way cool :)
<cjl> Back to the proposal, good background info on propser though
<ndoiron> tilila: we should get in touch; I have a Python translation / transliteration script and a world map in Tifinagh
<tilila> interesting :)
<cjl> ndoiron: Please contrib on Poolte too if you can
<ndoiron> world map:
<cjl> tilila: What VOIP technology will you be exploring?
<cjl> skype / google meetups / other ?
<sandrat> so will you be writing the lowest layer,and the other services connect to it?
<cjl> Is this something that would work via Jabber server connections?
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<elverma> we are hoping it will be a SIP + IAX2 type Sugar activity
<elverma> a lot will depend on her initial findings tho
<Umber-Yellow-78> Thanks Jorge
<tilila> im still investigating the protocols to be used but definitely leaning toward iax and sip
<elverma> we'll also see if there is room for incorporating INUM
<elverma> i was led on to INUM by one of the guys at Digium, the Asterisk people...
<cjl> Ok, I'm convinced you probably know enough about the tech to do something interesting, even if it is only figuring out what "doesn't* work.
<elverma> cjl: ideally it should be able to discover the other end with or without a server
<cjl> I don't think anyone at OLPC or Sugar Labs is working on voice stuff in the same way.
<cjl> I'm a +1
<GrannieB2> Me too +1
<sandrat> +1
<Umber-Yellow-78> I have to step out for about 15 min
<cjl> CanoeBerry: want t ocal lthe count?
<GrannieB2> Unber Yellow.... are you James?
<Umber-Yellow-78> yes
<Umber-Yellow-78> let me relog in with my name
<GrannieB2> I'll advocate for you , but hurry back it is better if you are here too!
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<elverma> ping?
<GrannieB2> still +1
<cjl> From an e-mail  Ijsut saw, I'm guessing CanoeBerry is writing an e-mail to someone right now.
<cjl> I will step in (ad hoc) and call the count.  If CanoeBerry wants a do over, he can discuss wit hSameer
<cjl> >	Final votes?
<GrannieB2> +1
<CanoeBerry> +1
* cjl is +1
<CanoeBerry> Other votes?
<elverma> recommend
* cjl turns the gavel back over t oCan
* cjl turns the gavel back over to CanoeBerry
* cjl notes sandrat was a =1 earlier
* cjl notes sandrat was a +1 earlier
<cjl> Calling once
<cjl> Calling twice
<cjl> Calling three times
<CanoeBerry> APPROVED, thanks all!
<elverma> th!
<CanoeBerry> Onto Porject #7
<elverma> thx!
<elverma> tilila: congrats!
<tilila> thank :)

[ PROJECT #8 - S.P.A.M (Super Pixel Art Maker) - Lake Balboa, California ]

<CanoeBerry> Onto Porject #8 I meant!
<CanoeBerry> James Chung can you present?
<GrannieB2> porject???
<GrannieB2> James are you still heree?
* Peteco  Quit (Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout))
* Guest84893  Quit (Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF))
<cjl> So, graphics are created by manipulating at the pixel level.  How is this expected to work out on a PixelQi screen?
<CanoeBerry> No James, but can we vote on his RT88667 proposal regardless?
<cjl> I know the pixe layout of XO screens are rather unusual
<sandrat> I am curious about the use of Pixel Art in the OLPC World?
<GrannieB2> James has been working on this for wa while.
<GrannieB2> I don't know the cuttent statud of his work
<GrannieB2> current
<GrannieB2> status
<cjl> Is it going t obe written in Python?
<sandrat> How is it used, just to create pixel art as a tool for Sugar Users?  or maybe XO.   does it work on any screen ?
<CanoeBerry> GrannieB2: I propose you loan an XO-1.5 to James Chung, would that make sense?
<sandrat> I haven't seen this art, so don't know much about the applicability of the tool? Could u enlighten me?
<CanoeBerry> If you believe his work is on track to help?
<GrannieB2> Yes... I can do that.  We have a few in the So Cal library. All are currenly checked out, but we can probably find him one
<cjl> He said he need t opop out for a few minutes, I am in favor of giving him time to come back and answer some questions
<GrannieB2> It would be nice to wait for him. He was here for a long time waiting through all the other proposals
<sandrat> we can wait
<sandrat> shall we go onto another proposal and come back to this one
<cjl> As for getting an XO 1.75 (at teh current time), he might need to have a working activity on an earlier platform to imoress the people (not us) tha thand out XO 1.75s
<cjl> s/imoress/impress/
<elverma> I have to run to another meeting
<elverma> BTW, all are invited to the upcoming OLPC San Francisco Community Summit 2011 (Oct 21-23). Mark your calendars!
<GrannieB2> Are there lots of details there?
<elverma> Details are coming...
<GrannieB2>  I am trying to convince Ed that it will be "fun"
<cjl> GrannieB2: I'm hanging out anyway, let's give james any time he needs.
<GrannieB2> He isn't keen on just spending the weekend with a bunch of techies
<elverma> later, ppl!
* elverma  Quit (Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF))
* ndoiron  Quit (Quit: CGI:IRC)
<Guest33572> I am back
<GrannieB2> Hi James! We are waiting for you
<Guest33572> I'm here
<Guest33572> I logged in with my name but it's still appearing as Guest33572
<GrannieB2> Can you tell us the status of your current work with S.P.A.M.
<Guest33572> yes,
<Guest33572> first of all, I come from making games
<Guest33572> I worked on such titles as few Call of Duty titles
<Guest33572> and numerous mobile and iOS games at EA
<Guest33572> as the art lead
<Guest33572> S.P.A.M was born out of the need I saw in the industry
<Guest33572> as far as development is comcerned, it's all ready to go
<Guest33572> I have two developers identified to work on the project
<Guest33572> and platform support strategy has also been updated
<Guest33572> I talked to Dr. Negroponte about the project as well
<Guest33572> so production side, it's all set to go
<Guest33572> finding funding has been tricky
<Guest33572> since I have to walk between very fine line of open source/education and for profit project
<Guest33572> this was the major reason why we decide to support multiple platform
<GrannieB2> Have you had any access to XOs yet to try it?
<Guest33572> I do have few XOs.  But haven't run it on it yet
<GrannieB2> Were these from a previous Contributors program project?
<Guest33572> as well as my on G1G1 XOs
<Guest33572> so yes.
<cjl> Guest33572: Have you done any porting to ARM?
<GrannieB2> Maybe at this point it would be good to get it running on the hardware you already have before getting more
<GrannieB2> Do you have XO-1s only or XO-1.5s as well?
<Guest33572> only XO-1
<Guest33572> we havne't ported to ARM architecture at all
<Guest33572> tha'ts the reason why I want to apply for 1.75
<Guest33572> to make sure that it will run fine on it
<GrannieB2> You can probably borrow a 1.5 form out SoCal Library.  The 1.75 isn't ready for "big time" yet
<Guest33572> the development has to happen simultaneously
<cjl> Guest33572: At this point only B1 boards are available and they are stll buggy
<Guest33572> i see
<cjl> They may change before production
<Guest33572> these versions are all different hardwares, which means they have to be treated as different platforms.
<GrannieB2> Yep.  I asked for 2 xo 1.75s also.  I'm on hold until they get the bugs out
<cjl> Ther emight be a B2 before a C1 comes out
<Guest33572> so it's crucial to have them simultaneously
<Guest33572> i understand
<Guest33572> I am bringing this up since this meeting is happening
<cjl> Guest33572: I think having something working on an XO-1 or XO-1.5 would get you an XO 1.75
<GrannieB2> Do you want to check out a library XO-1.5 for now while we wait for the 1.75s?
<Guest33572> only issue is that I would like to ship the XOs to my dev
<Guest33572> who is in Poland
<Guest33572> and possibly Uruguay as well
<Guest33572> so I don't feel comfortable getting hte library copies
<GrannieB2> Uruguay has 1000s of XO-1s
<Guest33572> but if you don't mind, I will take it
<Guest33572> yeah, I have enough XO-1s
<cjl> Guest33572: Is your .uy dev involved in Ceibal?
<Guest33572> ti's the XO1.5 and 1.75
<Guest33572> I believe so
<Guest33572> but they are not non profit company
<Guest33572> like myself
<Guest33572> which makes it a bit hard...
<GrannieB2> I'll contact the "librarian who has the 1.5s.  If they are all out, I can lend you one of my "Roadshow" machines when I get home at the end of Sept
<cjl> Guest33572: That m,ight help influence you application for an XO 1.75 in a positive way., I would add detail on that.
<Guest33572> oh good
<Guest33572> that will be helpful
<Guest33572> that will depend on the development cycle
<GrannieB2> James., ate you on the olpc-So Cal mailing list?
<GrannieB2> are
<Guest33572> I believe so
<Guest33572> i get the emails time to time
<GrannieB2> good I hope we can have a real FTF meeting On Oct 15
<Guest33572> what is the status on the XO3?
<GrannieB2> Good question
<Guest33572> since I am designing touch device version of S.P.A.M...
<Guest33572> according to Dr. Negroponte, it's supposed to come out this year?
<GrannieB2> I have jeard it will run the same version of Sugar that the 1.75 runs so if you get it working on that you are "home free"
<cjl> Guest33572: There are very very super secret versions of Xo 1.75 with touchscreens for XO 3 advance planning and development.
<GrannieB2> oooooo "super secret?" I want one of those!
<cjl> GrannieB2: You won't get one unless you can write the code to make the touch screen work
<GrannieB2> Is it in Python?
<GrannieB2> I'm working on the Khan Academy videos for Python
<Guest33572> well... it's pretty obvious the tablet will be on ARM architecture...
<cjl> GrannieB2: I have no idea, the point is that OLPC is pursuing a very sensible bridging enegineering approach to get t othe XO 3
<Guest33572> hm..
<GrannieB2> That is very logical
<Guest33572> i'm glad to hear that
<andrew-butia> i can write the code :)
<Guest33572> Anyways... I will have to head out soon for a meeting
<Guest33572> not to rush you guys...
<cjl> GrannieB2: Yes, but in early stages of internal work.
<Guest33572> but getting an access to 1.5 and 1.75 units will be tremendously helpful
<cjl> Guest33572: I would suggest writing a separate application fo the XO 1.75 as tha decision is made by someone else.
<Guest33572> yeah...
<Guest33572> at this point, I might just support XO1 and 1.5
<Guest33572> and concentrate on tablet version
<cjl> Let's consider the current application ot be for XO 1.5 only.
<andrew-butia> I have done some touch screen hacking with xo 1, it will be great to see that 1.75 touch screen
<GrannieB2> I'll work on the 1.5 for you, but would like to see it working on the 1.0 too. There are millions of them in use
<Guest33572> I've seen that link before
<Guest33572> k
<cjl> Guest33572: Are you aware of the rather odd pixel structure of the Pixel Qi screen?
<andrew-butia> yes i posted like a year ago
<GrannieB2> Andrew....apply! IIt doesn't hurt to ask
<andrew-butia> i have apply for the butiá project 2.0
<GrannieB2> That's separate
<Guest33572> alright
<Guest33572> so...
<andrew-butia> ok
<cjl> Andrew touch screens are not generally available t othose applying for XO 1.75, there is a whole other person who owns the touchscreen models and ther are not a lot of them.
<Guest33572> do you have any other questions?
<andrew-butia> i have to fill another form?
<Guest33572> for me?
<cjl> Guest Pixle Qi screen?
<cjl> Guest33572: Are you aware of the rather odd pixel structure of the Pixel Qi screen?
<GrannieB2> Andrew, you had better talk with cjl about who to ask for the touch screen 1.75.  I think you might be able to make a case for one based on your previous work
<Guest33572> are you asking me about Pixel Qi screen?
<Guest33572> yes
<cjl> ok, since you work at the oixel level, tha tis an important detail to be awar eof.
<cjl> Guest33572: What is the minimum hardware tha would let you develop proof-of-concept?
<Guest33572> For now, I just need one on my end and anothe rone for my programmer
<Guest33572> actually, I don't think we need more than that
<cjl> So you could get going with two XO 1.5? or will XO-1 work?
<Guest33572> once we get close to the Gold release, we will need more units to test it out
<Guest33572> but that's far off at this point
<GrannieB2> Andrew... is that touch screen peripheral you liked to yours?
<Guest33572> 2 XO 1.5 will do
<Guest33572> I don't need XO1s
<cjl> CanoeBerry: ping?
<andrew-butia> Guest33572:ping
<andrew-butia> sorry ;)
<GrannieB2> Your programmer is in Poland?
<Guest33572> yes
<Guest33572> I work with him extensively
<cjl> Guest33572: We will need to get CanoeBerry back on the line t oclose this.
<Guest33572> both my iOS and Android programmers are in Poland
<GrannieB2> And yu are the graphic artist?
<cjl> Guest33572: What benefits does S.P.A.M. plan to offer over GIMP?
<Guest33572> I am the creative director
<Guest33572> and I will serve as the artist at the moment designing the UI and generate art assets
<Guest33572> S.P.A.M is dedicated pixel art maker
<Guest33572> Gimp is like Photoshop
<Guest33572> it does everything
<Guest33572> but it's not very well organized
<Guest33572> and specialized
<Guest33572> same reason why a lot of pixel artist use Graphicsgale over Photoshop
<Guest33572> Man... I should create FAQ page
<Guest33572> I had all these questions from people looking into the project
<Guest33572> I think Gimp question is one of the most common one
* sandrat  Quit (Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF))
<cjl> Guest33572: Creation of documentation is an excelelnt way to show that you've thought through the issues (and impress the CP).
<Guest33572> I will add the FAQ section in the Wiki
<Guest33572> anything else?
* cjl waiting for CanoeBerry
<GrannieB2> also waiting
<GrannieB2> Since he needs 2 machines, one for him and one to send to the developer in Poland, the SoCal library machines won't work.  But I would really like to see S.P.A.M. working on the XO-1s he has and available to the millions of XO-1 users on the Activity list before we send the XO-1.5s
<GrannieB2> He can borrow one, but without the developer in Poland having one too, what good will it do?
<Guest33572> yeah
<Guest33572> it won't do me any good
<Guest33572> let me see if i can get it on XO1 first
<Guest33572> but that might take months
<Guest33572> and if I have to develop separately... OLPC version might get shafted
<cjl> Guest33572: What language is it written in?
<Guest33572> because we can't support multiple hardwares separately
<cjl> Ther is not a big difference between Xo-1 and XO 1.5
* Lemon-Red-07  has joined #olpc-meeting
<GrannieB2> Have you updated your machines to 11.2.0?
<cjl> Xo 1.5 has more storage, and some smaller swaps of components, but the screen is the same.
<Guest33572> C# or C++
<GrannieB2> The new software allows you to activate the full 3 section touch pad... so I am told. Haven't actually tried it yet.
<Lemon-Red-07> sorry .. dropped out for a while
<Guest33572> not yet
<Lemon-Red-07> checking my e-bay xo-1 bids
* Lemon-Red-07 is now known as sandrat
<GrannieB2> what is the going rate for them on ebay now?
<sandrat> some get up to dollars 260, but average is around 200
<sandrat> xo 1.5 are pretty expensive when they come up
<Guest33572> If I can borrow one, I would like to try
<Guest33572> just to get the sense of how different it performs
<Guest33572> alright
<Guest33572> I reallyi gotta go now...
<Guest33572> sorry to bail out
<GrannieB2> Where are the 1.5s coming from? thery never were in G1G1. Must be "Hot"
<sandrat> could be .. there are not very many... chinese guys maybe.
<GrannieB2> James, keep in touch
<Guest33572> Caryl, can you let me know the details via emails?
<Guest33572> I will
<sandrat> the bids that go off in the middle of the night are someone dealing
<GrannieB2> yes
<Guest33572> thank you for everything
<GrannieB2> meanwhile... see if you can get it going on the XO-1. Millions of kids will love you for it
<sandrat> there are some nice people selling some of the XO -1s ..
<Guest33572> I will talk to y ou guys later
<Guest33572> I will see what I can do...
<Guest33572> you might see iOS version before that
<GrannieB2> and, hope to see you(jamaes) on Oct 15
<sandrat> Our Kenya sites said they preferred XO-1s if they got more machines
<cjl> Guest33572: You'll have t oforgive CanoeBerry, he's off putting out fires.
<GrannieB2> The xo-1s do have some advantages
<GrannieB2> Well, think I'll go build a kitchen cabinet
<sandrat> XO-1 is a good solution for the first round for a school
<sandrat> Gee Grannie... can you help me too!   I think you are on the other side of the country.  I"m on an island off the coast of Maine today
<GrannieB2> X)-1 also has a better mesh (IMHO) and maybe an ectended track pad
<sandrat> I was sitting under the apple tree in the breeze doing the IRC session.  Bye all
<Guest33572> ciao
<GrannieB2> In im MT aon the Yellowstone river in a log house we started building in 2000
<sandrat> that is cool too
<GrannieB2> long process
<GrannieB2> goota goo too
<GrannieB2> bye!
<cjl> GrannieB2: We shoudl caht sometime abotu tamTam
* sandrat  Quit (Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF))
<GrannieB2> cjl.... yes!  Do you Skype?
<GrannieB2> I talk much better than I type so Skype is good
<cjl> Not really, but maybe I can try.  Let's do some e-mail
<cjl> I won;t keep you now.
<GrannieB2> OK send me an email with an outline of what you have in mind. I think I may have a school here in MT using TamTam this year
<GrannieB2> bye agaim.  I won't log off, just go away!
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