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* XO-1.5 early production machines now available/shipping:

* New projects & libraries -- teaching them Community Outreach:

* Which projects might you enjoy Mentoring below?!

* Fast Review of the 8 latest (greatest!) HW/Project Proposals -- please
  join us advocating for, and/or reviewing shortcomings of these proposals:

 #1 Improving School Attendance Rate and Performance - Kenya and Uganda
 #2 University Class & Repair Center - Rochester Institute of Technology, New York
 #3 Wings Over Haiti - Port Jefferson Station, New York
 #4 Open 1-to-1 + XO1.5 + Sugar - Needham/Arlington, Massachusetts & Maine
 #5 Support Volunteer & School Server Development - Buenos Aires, Argentina
 #6 XO 1.5 Testing & Outreach in Portugal - Aveiro, Portugal
 #7 OLPC Developer Lab and Repair Center - Bangalore, India
 #8 Support Volunteer @ Rural School: XO Integration+Outreach - La Romana, Dominican Republic

<CanoeBerry> FYI meeting will be starting very soon after 2pm today, in about 5-10min...plz review the 8 project/proposals in advance:
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<sgtpepper> I see we have some cool projects today (excluding mine.. lol)
<CanoeBerry> Feel free to share yr thoughts here, on which projects we should support, even before we get started!
<sgtpepper> I liked the one from portugal... with only one but
<sgtpepper> we should not be identified with political parties or organizations
<sgtpepper> It could backfire
<CanoeBerry> What's Tiago's blog in Portugal again?  He wrote some solid early reviews of the XO-1.5 late 2009.
<GrannieB> Some of these are asking for waaaaay tooooo many machines!
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<sgtpepper> The project from Kenya and Uganda... is more like a donation, or a g1g1
<CanoeBerry> GrannieB: let's see if they have their reasons for asking for sizable numbers of machines.
<digitalmind1> Ya I guess GrannieB is talking about us
<sgtpepper> its good, it could be attainable.. but maybe we can help with another model.. like Sugar on fedora or stuff like that
<sgtpepper> digitalmind1: Which is yours?
<digitalmind1> OLPC Developer Lab and Repair Center - Bangalore, India
<CanoeBerry> ~2 min warning.. please continue previewing all proposals here, before we start:
* christophd is reviewing atm
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<sgtpepper> digitalmind1: Its actually quite good.. but maybe too many computers
<CanoeBerry> Reminder: we will give each proposal about 5-10min MAXIMUM, before voting very quickly, and moving on to the next.
<digitalmind1> yes then India is a big nation
<GrannieB> diditalmind1 yours seems reasonable except we don't have many broken X)-1.5s yet
<sgtpepper> I can break some
<sgtpepper> lol
<digitalmind1> what about XO 1.0s
<digitalmind1> ha ha
<sgtpepper> I've 3 year old nephews who'll handle that
<GrannieB> jajajaja
<GrannieB> how far is Bangalore from Gugarat? excuse the spelling!
<digitalmind1> very far ..
<GrannieB> too bad
<digitalmind1> how is that related?
<GrannieB> there is a 100+ private foundation's deployment there.  They may have some broken ones and need some repairs
<digitalmind1> okie i got that
<digitalmind1> we will connect to them if such case exists
<GrannieB> great!
<sgtpepper> switching to wireless.. brb
<digitalmind1> in a big region like india and neighbouring countries, there is no repair centre
<CanoeBerry> At last.. let's begin!
<christophd> ok
<digitalmind1> and often this has been raised as a concern how can the laptops be repaired in such case

[ PROJECT #1 - Improving School Attendance Rate and Performance - Kenya and Uganda ]

<CanoeBerry> Please all (yes, everyone here please help!) critique/mentor/vote for Project #1 of 8 here:
<CanoeBerry> 1. Improving School Attendance Rate and Performance - Kenya and Uganda
<CanoeBerry> ] 
<CanoeBerry>    Requests 18 XO-1s over undetermined months
<CanoeBerry>    Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>    Concrete proposals with defined, measurable outcomes are much more 
<CanoeBerry> likely to
<CanoeBerry>    result in a laptop than it would be cool to play with these and demo 
<CanoeBerry> them.
<CanoeBerry>    1. Equip teachers and pupils with basic computer skills using the XO 
<CanoeBerry> laptop.
<CanoeBerry>    2. Improve understanding and performance of science subjects.
<CanoeBerry>    3. Actively engaging children in their learning process.
<CanoeBerry>    4. Increase school attendance rate in rural schools.
<CanoeBerry>    5. Introducing another medium of learning and communication using XO 
<CanoeBerry> laptop.
<christophd> seems a little to unspecific to me
<CanoeBerry> Applicant has done interesting work to date, and (refreshingly!) keeps his blog up to date:
<christophd> also not sure how they'll get teachers to participate in 30 (!) days of training
<CanoeBerry> Not sure where to take this next though...
<GrannieB> Too hazy.  They should ask for one or 2 and ddevelop the curriculum for a larger deployment
<digitalmind1> it can be divided over small sessions
<digitalmind1> often concise and concentrated sessions bring much value than long ones
<GrannieB> re teachers participation... pay them, and feed them!
<CanoeBerry> Can we leave him with a suggestion and/or partial allocation?  We have plenty of returned/used XO-1s to provide at the moment.
<RITSteve> Weekend or two bbot camps with weekly sessions?
<christophd> GrannieB: paying and feeding: that would be a first;)
<RITSteve> boot
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<digitalmind1> how many other members are part of this project?
<GrannieB> we used to pay... a pittance, feed cookies and soda... maybe pizza. Treat them like professionals
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<CanoeBerry> Let's conclude Project #1 here.
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<GrannieB> how about 2 or 3
<CanoeBerry> Can we get a suggestion around this partial allocation?
<christophd> #1: is a defer for now, or smaller number of XOs
<christophd> GrannieB: you should tell that to teacher trainers in Peru or Uruguay;9
<GrannieB> I try!
<CanoeBerry> GrannieB: can you provide 1 specific teacher-training or content-development goal for Kenya here?
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<CanoeBerry> science lessons..
<digitalmind1> I will say build a curriculum or atleast plan on what special content you intend to cover
<GrannieB> Hey Christoph... love your photos. Lima has really changed since I was there about 20 years ago
<digitalmind1> which will differentiate the prior learning that teachers have
<sgtpepper> Do you already have content that can be shared with the community?
<CanoeBerry> Plz, any tips for science lessons in Kenya/Uganda?
<christophd> GrannieB: thanks, Lima has even changed a lot since I was there last in 2005!
<GrannieB> There is great content on Canal Ceibal but it is all in Spanish
<CanoeBerry> Motion to defer?
<GrannieB> +1
<digitalmind1> creating short stories around science concepts .. so that concepts can be grasped easily
<GrannieB> The XO in the classroom has some good lesson plans
<christophd> +1
<CanoeBerry> Plz vote on deferring vs. partial allocation for Kenya/Uganda's science lessons.
<GrannieB> Food Force is good
<CanoeBerry> Calling once..
<CanoeBerry> Calling twice..
<Ian_Daniher> there are some pretty good science flash applets
<sgtpepper> +1... Maybe the content should be there first... and it can be tested in sugar emulator
<digitalmind1> partial
<Ian_Daniher> +1
<sgtpepper> partial
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<GrannieB> +1 to defer
<christophd> GrannieB: agreed. sdenka invited me to visit her but unfortunately I dont have enough time:(
<CanoeBerry> We have a pretty split vote.
<CanoeBerry> [DEFERRED] TOWARDS PARTIAL ALLOCATION if science lessons (and similar) demonstrated.
<CanoeBerry> Onto Proejct #2.
<GrannieB> ok... make it 3 to start and work up some lessons.  I can mentor if you like

[ PROJECT #2 - University Class & Repair Center - Rochester Institute of Technology, New York ]

<christophd> project #2: generally thumbs up but 25 XOs seems a lot to start. dunno.
<CanoeBerry> Please all critique/mentor/vote for Project #2:
<CanoeBerry> University Class & Repair Center - Rochester Institute of Technology, 
<CanoeBerry> New York
<CanoeBerry> ]
<CanoeBerry>    Requests 25 XO-1.5s incl 10 additional (possibly carcasses) for 
<CanoeBerry> repair center.
<CanoeBerry>    Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>    On-going Course participation in Sugar Labs Math4 project via classes
<CanoeBerry>    at RIT, Co-Op and Summer Research Programs
<CanoeBerry>    Addtionally hoping to become a repair center.
<christophd> but then again RIT has some amazing stuff
<CanoeBerry> RIT folks: plz introduce your plan now, if you can?
<sgtpepper> Its quite a lot of HW....
<CanoeBerry> RITSteve: ^^^
<GrannieB> They should hit up their school for funding. They have lots of money... the tuition is huge
<RITSteve> Some BG on the size of the HW request...
<digitalmind1> i was going to say the same
<GrannieB> BG?
<CanoeBerry> GrannieB: that doesn't solve XO-1.5 capacity-building -- XO-1.5s are not for sale in these quantities
<RITSteve> Background
<Ian_Daniher> if RIT is interested in repair work, I'd be glad to provide them with XO1.0s to work with.
<GrannieB> Right ... so buy 100 they can afford it
<CanoeBerry> I doubt it.
<RITSteve> Still have about 15 1.0s
<Ian_Daniher> and their software work seems to be emulator-friendly
<RITSteve> We plan to flip them to repair center
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<RITSteve> Work on open video chat and game engines have pushed os version requirements and hardware capacity
<CanoeBerry> RITSteve: where is the web page for the class starting in 2+ weeks?
<christophd> RITSteve: 25 + 10 still seems like a lot IMHO
<RITSteve> Open video chat cant run on 1.0 machines due to the processor and camera frame rates.  Not enough speed to be viable for sign language
<christophd> RITSteve: is 25 the number of students in the class?
<christophd> RITSteve: or why specifically 25?
<RITSteve> Course began a donation from Fedora of 25 1.0 to support MATH4 sugar labs efforts
<RITSteve> Course size is 25
<Ian_Daniher> Does MATH4 require 1.5s?
<RITSteve> Course has been using one xo per student since inception and original hardware donation from Fedora
<GrannieB> can't the students share?
<CanoeBerry> I think we and OLPC should support this class, but would like to see the class web page.
<Ian_Daniher> or use emulators / SoaS in a lab setting?
<RITSteve> Emulation is an issues, again for two reasons...
<RITSteve> 1.  We push the hardware and the release versions of the OS, need to be able to use actual hardware
<christophd> yeah, for video chat emulation and SOAS arent a good option
<GrannieB> 25 would set a precident that might cause problems going forward
<CanoeBerry> GrannieB: let's deal with specifics, not precedents -- if the talent is here, we should support them.
<christophd> my vote: +1
<RITSteve> Labs cant be used due to (somewhat ridiculous) security policies re running other OS on machines either on the machines hardware or via a USB
<Ian_Daniher> ah, I thought there was a difference between your class and your development wrok
<digitalmind1> +1
<CanoeBerry> Let's draw this to a prelim conclusion.
<CanoeBerry> +1
<christophd> RIT has done amazing work and deserves any support we can give them (IMHO)
<digitalmind1> i agree
<Ian_Daniher> +1
<CanoeBerry> Please all vote!
<sgtpepper> +1
<RITSteve> Precedent was already set by Fedora.  CLass has a history of issuing XO per student for the course and allowing them to keep them if they remain active contributors so we are below the original number
<GrannieB> +1 for 10 or 13. 25 is huge
<CanoeBerry> Other votes?
<CanoeBerry> Calling once..
<Ian_Daniher> 25 yes, 35 definitely not, but would feel a lot more comfortable with 15 than 25.
<CanoeBerry> Calling twice..
<CanoeBerry> Calling thrice..
<sgtpepper> +1 on Ian_Daniher
<RITSteve> 25 will support course and 1.0 repair center
<RITSteve> 10 for 1.5 repair center can wait til there's need
<CanoeBerry> TENTATIVE APPROVAL for 25 XO-1.5s for class, but 10 carcasses for repair center -- if class web page/ongoing blog is made public for all worldwide to learn from!

[ PROJECT #3 - Wings Over Haiti - Port Jefferson Station, New York ]

<CanoeBerry> Thanks. onto Project #3
<CanoeBerry> Plz all critique/mentor/vote for:
<CanoeBerry> Wings Over Haiti - Port Jefferson Station, New York
<CanoeBerry> ] 
<CanoeBerry>    Requests 6 XOs over 12 months
<CanoeBerry>    Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>    Open a K-8 School in Croix-des-Bouquets, Haiti, in collaboration with
<CanoeBerry>    students and teachers at JFK Middle School in Port Jefferson Station,
<CanoeBerry>    NY, to meet the following goals:
<CanoeBerry>    1. Teach children in French and English, maintaining Creole as a
<CanoeBerry>       language of honor with Haiti’s people.
<CanoeBerry>    2. Foster the development of critical thinking skills via an emphasis on
<CanoeBerry>       problem based learning (PBL) – minimizing rote memorization.
<CanoeBerry>    3. Instill a sense of responsibility for humankind in student body
<CanoeBerry>       through cultural exchange and local service to the community.
<christophd> cant decide on that project
<CanoeBerry> Needs more details.
<christophd> number seems small enough
<christophd> yeah
<christophd> I guess that's it
<GrannieB> PBL is also known as Project Based Learning
<CanoeBerry> They should join our NYC meeting tomorrow in Manhattan!
<CanoeBerry> Perhaps 2 XOs as starters then?
<CanoeBerry> The proposal is so long, for beginners, it's a bit concerning :)
<christophd> CanoeBerry: 3 maybe
<christophd> true that
<christophd> lots of info about themselves rather than the project
<CanoeBerry> Conclusions?
<Ian_Daniher> +1 christophd
<CanoeBerry> Plz all vote!
<Ian_Daniher> 3
<GrannieB> they need to get to know the machines and develop thier curriculum This takes time. 3 would be good. Suggest more later
<RITSteve> canoeberry:  old curriculum www page, to be revised in the next 10 days.  Course projects and students generate their own pages and are on fedora hosted.  Samples were included in the application sent
<CanoeBerry> Motion for 3 XO-1s?
<digitalmind1> +1
<Ian_Daniher> do they need XO 1s or 1.5s?
<Ian_Daniher> if it's 1s, +1 for 6.
<GrannieB> But they are opening a new school in Haiti?
<Ian_Daniher> if it's 1.5s, +1 for 3.
<GrannieB> I'm with Ian +1
<christophd> +1
<CanoeBerry> Ian_Daniher: true, we can be generous with redonated XO-1s if good work with be done.
<CanoeBerry> Conclusion?
<christophd> 3 XO-1.5s or 6 XO-1s?
<sgtpepper> +1 with mentoring....
<CanoeBerry> +1 on either, letting them decide
<GrannieB> sounds like a plan... +1
<Ian_Daniher> +1
<CanoeBerry> Calling once..
<CanoeBerry> Calling twice..
<CanoeBerry> Calling thrice..
<CanoeBerry> APPROVED, details to be finalized offline -- mentors most welcome!

[ PROJECT #4 - Open 1-to-1 + XO1.5 + Sugar - Needham/Arlington, Massachusetts & Maine ]

<CanoeBerry> Onto Project #4
<christophd> project #4: +1
<Ian_Daniher> Open1to1
<CanoeBerry> Plz all critique/mentor/vote for:
<CanoeBerry>  Open 1-to-1 + XO1.5 + Sugar - Needham/Arlington, Massachusetts & Maine
<CanoeBerry> ]
<CanoeBerry>    Requests 3 XO-1.5s over 6 months
<CanoeBerry>    Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>    Explore running Open1to1 (from Maine Open Netbook Initiative) on XO-1.5
<CanoeBerry>    hardware, develop software solutions to encountered problems, demo
<CanoeBerry>    machines to FOSS/ED crowd.
<CanoeBerry> Approved.
<Ian_Daniher> is an educational remix of ubuntu netbook edition, successfully used in at least a dozen schools in northern new 
england, with at leat 5k machines in the field
<GrannieB> +1 for 3  It is a mini Roadshow. We can use more of those
<CanoeBerry> +1
<Ian_Daniher> netbooks break easily, XOs don't. :)
<CanoeBerry> Sorry HS / clickey keyboards are not available.
<CanoeBerry> Plz all vote.
<Ian_Daniher> np. I can say they exist, and that'll be good enough.
<CanoeBerry> Objections?
<christophd> no objections, +1
<sgtpepper> +1
<CanoeBerry> Ian_Daniher: please don't get too drunk as the school term begins, offering us details and Olin participation on-blog, ok?
<Ian_Daniher> will do.
<CanoeBerry> ALai should visit OLPC soon, on the side..
<Ian_Daniher> this is *not* an Olin project
<Ian_Daniher> this is an Open1to1 project
<Ian_Daniher> I'm the only person younger than 25 involved :)
<CanoeBerry> Will these XO-1.5s never visit Olin's campus?
<Ian_Daniher> my XO1.5 will be on campus.
<CanoeBerry> OK
<Ian_Daniher> the other two may not
<CanoeBerry> Calling once..
<CanoeBerry> More votes anybody?
<CanoeBerry> Calling twice..
<CanoeBerry> Calling thrice..
<GrannieB> I already voted +1
<CanoeBerry> APPROVED, all plz help keeping yr eyes on

[ PROJECT #5 - Support Volunteer & School Server Development - Buenos Aires, Argentina ]

<CanoeBerry> onto Project #5
<CanoeBerry> Plz all critique/mentor/vote for:
<CanoeBerry> Support Volunteer & School Server Development - Buenos Aires, Argentina
<CanoeBerry> ] 
<CanoeBerry>    Requests 1 XO-1.5 (and Active Antenna if avail?) over 24 months
<CanoeBerry>    Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>    * Deliver consistent support for the OLPC platform.
<CanoeBerry>      Work on the School server distrubution to stabilize the platform, 
<CanoeBerry> and add
<CanoeBerry>      resources for teachers and students such as:
<CanoeBerry>    * "Proyecto ALBA" or schooltool , which is a platform for School
<CanoeBerry>      Administration (Managing students, grades, courses, grade reports, 
<CanoeBerry> subjects,
<CanoeBerry>      teachers, etc. ...)
<CanoeBerry>    * Review and Improve 3G modem support
<CanoeBerry>    * Find and adapt a tool to manage centrally a big XS deployement (and 
<CanoeBerry> maybe
<CanoeBerry>      even XO's)
<CanoeBerry> +1
<christophd> #5: gets a +1 from me
<Ian_Daniher> +1 to #5
<Ian_Daniher> school server needs work
<CanoeBerry> sgtpepper: care to comment on yr latest work/direction?
<GrannieB> +1 from me too.  Will just one be enough to do the job?
<sgtpepper> Well.. Right now, we're trying to find a central mgmt software to manage a huge cloud of XS's
<CanoeBerry> Votes/suggestions from all please!
<christophd> +1
<digitalmind1> +1
<sgtpepper> I'm trying also to put up to speed with the XS development, to see if I can help
<ghost> +!
<CanoeBerry> sgtpepper: let us know on and elsewhere how you make out
<CanoeBerry> Calling once..
<CanoeBerry> Calling twice..
<CanoeBerry> Calling thrice..
<CanoeBerry> APPROVED

[ PROJECT #6 - XO 1.5 Testing & Outreach in Portugal - Aveiro, Portugal ]

<CanoeBerry> Onto Project #6
<CanoeBerry> Plz all critique/mentor/vote for:
<CanoeBerry> XO 1.5 Testing & Outreach in Portugal - Aveiro, Portugal
<CanoeBerry> ]
<CanoeBerry>    Requests 2 XO-1.5s and over 12 months
<CanoeBerry>    Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>    Showing among political parties that have strongly opposed the
<CanoeBerry>    distribution of the Classmate PC from Intel, sold as the "Magalhães"
<CanoeBerry>    laptop (please see The Classmate was
<CanoeBerry>    attributed to a national computer builder without a public contest and
<CanoeBerry>    has gathered much criticism from the media and the political opposition.
<CanoeBerry>    The XO 1.5 would be a viable alternative and a cheaper one. No
<CanoeBerry>    alternatives have been show up till now and 500k laptops have been
<CanoeBerry>    deployed. I'm unsure of the success of this due to the current economical
<CanoeBerry>    climate in the country, but if there's will to continue with the 
<CanoeBerry> initiative,
<CanoeBerry>    the XO 1.5 would be very well positioned to replace the Classmate. I have
<CanoeBerry>    some extra XO-1s but they are too slow to provide an impact given the
<CanoeBerry>    classmate's superior performance compared to the old unit.
<CanoeBerry> +1
<christophd> that's an odd one IMHO. not sure it's worthwhile giving them XOs
<GrannieB> Interesting. He wants to "fight city hall"???
<Ian_Daniher> 2?
<GrannieB> a mini Roadshow
<Ian_Daniher> OLPC needs more rabblerouser advocates
<sgtpepper> as I already said.. Its dangerous..
<digitalmind1> for publicity, the concerned parties can always checkout wiki for details on features
<sgtpepper> it could backfire
<sgtpepper> but I agree with Ian_Daniher
<christophd> sgtpepper: my thoughts exactly
<GrannieB> Is there a viable FOSS community in Portugal?
<christophd> GrannieB: no idea, I guess so
<Ian_Daniher> I say +1 to 1 XO1.5
<digitalmind1> +1 for 1 XO 1.0/1.5
<christophd> "I would need help from OLPC representatives on this, by
<christophd> providing information and a direct contact with the people involved with the
<christophd> current Portuguese project of laptops for children"
<christophd> this is odd
<CanoeBerry> The context here is that applicant just shipped OLPC his XO-1.5 for valuable diagnostic/repair insight, but yet you are all correct, that a great HW tinkerer here should not necessarily get involved with high-level advocacy if he does not have experience!
<christophd> I vote -1
<christophd> well said!
<CanoeBerry> So we are shipping him an XO-1.5 regardless, and I suggested 2 if he will build community.
<CanoeBerry> But lobbying might not be appropriate, as it can indeed backfire at times.
<digitalmind1> -1 I guess then
<Ian_Daniher> with that in mind, -1
<GrannieB> we need to stay apolitical
<GrannieB> -1
<Ian_Daniher> my concern is that if he already has one, he doesn't need another
<Ian_Daniher> also, having a hardcore HW dev do politics scares me
<Ian_Daniher> being a hardcore HW dev myself :)
<GrannieB> he wants to do "shoe and tell"
<digitalmind1> yes .. he should work on building community and consensus for it .. it will make process simpler
<GrannieB> opps show and tell
<CanoeBerry> Calling once..
<CanoeBerry> Calling twice..
<CanoeBerry> Calling thrice..
<GrannieB> link up with the FOSS community there ... if there is one
<CanoeBerry> APPROVED for 1 alone (his replacement XO-1.5) until advocacy goals clarifying, given its serious risks.

[ PROJECT #7 - OLPC Developer Lab and Repair Center - Bangalore, India ]

<CanoeBerry> onto Project #7
<CanoeBerry> Plz all critique/mentor/vote for:
<CanoeBerry> OLPC Developer Lab and Repair Center - Bangalore, India
<CanoeBerry> ]
<CanoeBerry>    Requests 10 XO-1.5s and 10 salvaged/damaged XOs over 12 months
<CanoeBerry>    Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>    · To create a dedicated developer and volunteer community
<CanoeBerry>    · To establish a XO lending library and repair center in Bangalore
<CanoeBerry>      to help community in adopting XO as a learning platform
<CanoeBerry>    · To train teachers in the Sugar Learning environment to enable them
<CanoeBerry>      to make effective use of it in their classrooms
<CanoeBerry>    · To prepare and implement a new curriculum for the students in
<CanoeBerry>      coordination with teachers(For example: Development of various 
<CanoeBerry> mathematical
<CanoeBerry>      models for understanding effectiveness of current curriculum and 
<CanoeBerry> what steps
<CanoeBerry>      can be taken to enhance them and decipher the insights from such
<CanoeBerry>      implementation)
<CanoeBerry>    · To spread awareness among the youth of colleges and schools
<CanoeBerry>    · To raise funds for atleast 1 large scale deployment in 6 months
<christophd> CanoeBerry: i guess you have more insight into that one?
<CanoeBerry> digitalmind: can you introduce yr team & effort?
<digitalmind1> ya sure
<CanoeBerry> quick!
<CanoeBerry> thanks!
<digitalmind1> we are building a team of volunteers .. currently around 6 and it will rise to a big number with the kind of interest we are seeing from many students
<CanoeBerry> All 6 in Bangalore area?
<digitalmind1> we plan to roll out internships for them so that they can work on real tiem environment and some development activities
<ghost> yes that is right
<digitalmind1> yes .. but we are also approaching other regions
<GrannieB> are you at a university or school?
<digitalmind1> so that students can join in here from those places
<CanoeBerry> ghost: are you with the team? don't hesitate to tell us more if so.
<ghost> yes i am part of the team
<digitalmind1> we wil host it in school
<ghost> i am currently working with emc and volunteering with youth for seva
<CanoeBerry> is your group establishing monthly meetings or similar?
<CanoeBerry> i know you've met at least once already..
<digitalmind1> this is first step to make a big thrust for creative learning .. and will expand at rapid rate
<ghost> i am working with this government school for past 6 months
<ghost> we teach every saturday
<CanoeBerry> you might learn a lot from christophd here in-channel who founded the OLPC Austria community
<digitalmind1> that good to know ..
<ghost> we want to get full time volunteers as well as train the teachers ion this platform
<digitalmind1>  we will reach out for expanding OLPC South Asia community
<ghost> so this can be part of their full time curriculam
<christophd> sounds good
<christophd> any specific deliverables over the next 6 months?
<CanoeBerry> Any blog schedule for ?
<GrannieB> do you already have any XOs?
<CanoeBerry> Can we expect weekly bite-size summaries?
<digitalmind1> yes for sure
<ghost> yes we intend to have our 1st large scale deployment in 6 months
<digitalmind1> it will be posted on
<christophd> ghost: that is very ambitious;)
<christophd> but good
<ghost> i have a plan
<ghost> :)
<digitalmind1> we are alredy working hard at generating funds
<digitalmind1> and results have been encouraging
<CanoeBerry> i vote +1 but would like to see a blogging pattern first
<ghost> emc has already supported a deployment in australia
<GrannieB> do you have XOs?  Have you tried them?
<christophd> apart from the deployment? content, software, etc-?
<digitalmind1> and cahnges will definitely be visible after we have the lab set and working
<ghost> i am in talks with the csr for the large scale deployment in bangalore
<CanoeBerry> does this group have more than its original 2 XO-1.5s to date?
<digitalmind1> no
<GrannieB> What have you done with your 2 XO-1.5s do far?
<CanoeBerry> *so far
<digitalmind1> it is being used for sharing on the same school .. and one of it is being used for speech recognition development purposes
<GrannieB> yep  I really cant type
<digitalmind1> it is also used for showing to corporates to generate funds so that we can support first deployment
<christophd> sorry, I have to go, lunch is being served
<CanoeBerry> is a repair center lead (point person) chosen/ready to go, and if so who is that?
<christophd> project #6: +1
<christophd> #7 I meant
<christophd> sorry
<CanoeBerry> christophd: thanks so much & talk soon
<digitalmind1> Anuroop Talluri is not available
<christophd> #8 sounds a little unspecific to me atm
<CanoeBerry> Let's conclude as it's 3pm
<digitalmind1> but he will lead the repair centre
<CanoeBerry> great
<sgtpepper> CanoeBerry: I did'nt ask you... how much is the overnight + saturday shipment?
<digitalmind1> he is working for tata elxsi
<digitalmind1> which already handles a big semiconductor group
<CanoeBerry> Motion for tentative approval if the weekly blogging is agreed to and appears.
<CanoeBerry> +1 (my vote)
<christophd> +1
<digitalmind1> confirmed from me on blogging
<CanoeBerry> sgtpepper: overnight shipping for saturday delivery costs astronomically too much
<CanoeBerry> in the US
<digitalmind1> and added pictures and content that we create
<GrannieB> +1
<digitalmind1> we will start with translation first
<digitalmind1> so results will be immediately visible
<GrannieB> what language?
<ghost> kannada, telagu and tamil
<ghost> all indian local languages
<GrannieB> no gugarati?
<digitalmind1> we are concentrating on indian region
<ghost> we do not have too many gujurati's down south
<digitalmind1> not as of now until we find volunteers from gujarati
<digitalmind1> or one who speaks that
<digitalmind1> :)
<CanoeBerry> Calling once..
<GrannieB> maybe Anil who I mentioned earlier can find some for you
<CanoeBerry> Calling twice..
<digitalmind1> grannieB seems to be really inspired by gujarat ;)
<CanoeBerry> Calling thrice..
<CanoeBerry> APPROVED..pending a few final details, thanks.
<CanoeBerry> Lastly Project #8
<GrannieB> I'm their mentor so I am predgudiced
<digitalmind1> thanks everyone

[ PROJECT #8 - Support Volunteer @ Rural School: XO Integration+Outreach - La Romana, Dominican Republic ]

<CanoeBerry> Plz all critique/mentor/vote for:
<digitalmind1> i got that !
<CanoeBerry> Support Volunteer @ Rural School: XO Integration+Outreach - La 
<CanoeBerry> Romana, Dominican Republic
<CanoeBerry> ]
<CanoeBerry>    Requests 2 XO-1.5s and 3 months
<CanoeBerry>    Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>    Our project will serve to integrate the use of computers in the learning
<CanoeBerry>    and discovery process of young children in rural and depressed areas of
<CanoeBerry>    La Romana, Dominican Republic.
<sgtpepper> I would definitely mentor that
<CanoeBerry> iisidor: care to introduce your work? if you're still online!
<iisidor> 'm here, hello
<CanoeBerry> hi!
<CanoeBerry> Plz say a few words on where you're heading in the coming month.
<CanoeBerry> And if further -- and more about your blogging/outreach approach.
<CanoeBerry> +1 but needing to hear more :)
<iisidor> I am working with a school in La Romana to introduce the use of computers in the learning process of children
<CanoeBerry> PS sorry again our OLPC colleague honeymoon'ing in the DR cannot help you next month!
<digitalmind1> will 3 months time be enough?
<iisidor> we plan to grow to two schools in the next 6 months if we get all the funding
<iisidor> 3 months might work for the first school
<iisidor> like a roadshow to engage teachers and parents
<CanoeBerry> iisidor: do you know someone who might be your photographer/blogger?
<iisidor> ill be doing most of that work but there are other students that will help
<CanoeBerry> OK, know any experienced/techie teacher friends in the DR who might help?
<iisidor> these schools have a group of volunteers from a private school that go there to help them in math, sciences, etc
<CanoeBerry> (constructionist or otherwise..)
<iisidor> I have a bunch of students, teachers and teachies to help on the work
<CanoeBerry> All plz vote, thanks!
<sgtpepper> +1 ... and I can Mentor it...
<CanoeBerry> +1 on this very young project, volunteer iisidor has been helpful online over the past month, given his strong tech support background.
<GrannieB> +1 for longer time!
<CanoeBerry> sgtpepper: perfect
<CanoeBerry> +1 to GrannieB
<CanoeBerry> Calling once..
<CanoeBerry> Calling twice..
<CanoeBerry> Calling thrice..
<CanoeBerry> APPROVED -- without forgetting the other half of the island of Hispaniola (Haiti!)


<CanoeBerry> Thanks You All -- Meeting Adjourned.
<sgtpepper> iisidor: PM me for contact information
<GrannieB> sgtpepper  ... if you need a teacher-type to help, I'd be happy to
<iisidor> ok
<CanoeBerry> Have a great weekend and don't forget to join those OLPC communities in NYC (teacher-prep) & Rhode Island (amazing high schools' fundraiser) this weekend:
<GrannieB> i'm out to lunch!
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