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* New projects & libraries -- teaching them Community Outreach:

* Which projects might you enjoy Mentoring below?!

* Fast Review of the 11 latest (greatest!) HW/Project Proposals -- please
  join us advocating for, and/or reviewing shortcomings of these proposals:

  #1 Decipherable Matrix - Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
  #2 Got Game? Web version - Ghana & Coppell, Texas, USA
  #3 Budalangi Child Computer Connection Program - Kenya
  #4 XO-1.5 B2 for Scratch Developer - United Kingdom
  #5 Phu My Orphanage, Vietnam / Boston, Massachusetts, USA


<CanoeBerry> Welcome, Contributors Program meeting will start very soon!
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<tomeu> hi all
<CanoeBerry> Agenda here:
<CanoeBerry> Welcome South America!
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<CanoeBerry> Hi all, 1 min!
<dogi> #startmeeting
<meeting> Meeting started at 14:08 UTC. The chair is dogi.
<meeting> Commands Available: #TOPIC, #IDEA, #ACTION, #AGREED, #LINK
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<dogi> hi all
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<CanoeBerry> Dogi I've got the meeting transcript covered.
<CanoeBerry> See:
<CanoeBerry> Welcome India.
<thundering-light> CanoeBerry : Welcome Canada!
<thundering-light> :)
<thundering-light> thanks
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<dogi> CanoeBerry, ok
<CanoeBerry> Thanks.
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<thundering-light> CanoeBerry: How much time left?
<CanoeBerry> We're beginning in a few seconds.
<CanoeBerry> Agenda again:
<CanoeBerry> Dogi: please let me know when you've turned off your bot.
<dogi> lol
<dogi> no transparency today
<dogi> #endmeeting
<meeting> Meeting finished at 14:14.
<meeting> Logs available at
<CanoeBerry> Thanks.
<CanoeBerry> Let's begin.

[ PROJECT #1 - Decipherable Matrix - Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA ]

<CanoeBerry> Plz review project #1 here:
<CanoeBerry> Decipherable Matrix - Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
<CanoeBerry>    Requests 1 XO over 12-24 months
<CanoeBerry>    Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>    To develop the software needed to add, modify, and communicate using a decipherable matrix.
<CanoeBerry> "transparent playing cards"
<thundering-light> Kind of security things?
<CanoeBerry> "An experienced mentor is GREATLY appreciated."
<bemasc> Requestor should first develop the text needed to communicate a decipherable proposal.
<CanoeBerry> There are 3 applicants -- any takers to help them develop their proposal?
<CanoeBerry> They are computer minor(s) @ Central New Mexico Community College 
<bemasc> I'm somewhat curious to know what they're thinking, so maybe I can help.
<thundering-light> I can't just understand what they are planning to do.
<CanoeBerry> thundering-light: can bemasc and i CC you?
<CanoeBerry> As a co-mentor?
<thundering-light> CanoeBerry: Sure.
<thundering-light> I would be happy to know more about their project and help them out
<CanoeBerry> CONCLUSION: ON HOLD / REVIEWING until proposal is refined -- thanks for the 2 co-mentors.

[ PROJECT #2 - Got Game? Web version - Ghana & Coppell, Texas, USA ]

<CanoeBerry> Onto Project #2 -- please all Help Review:
<CanoeBerry> Got Game? Web version - Ghana & Coppell, Texas, USA
<CanoeBerry>    Requests 15 XOs over 24 months
<CanoeBerry>    Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>    Provide an opportunity for children in Ghana to expand their educational experiences through the use of technology
<CanoeBerry>    · Create a sharing community with students from Coppell Texas and Ghana to create a joint project
<CanoeBerry>    · Allow Ghana students to have a hand in the creation of their educational resources
<CanoeBerry>    · Provide students from an American High School an opportunity to see first hand what life is like for a student in Ghana
<CanoeBerry> Caryl is helping here and apologizes she cannot attend right now.
<CanoeBerry> She's helping a deployment in India as we speak.
<bemasc> deployment is the key word
<CanoeBerry> Caryl's son (teacher training guy) is helping above too.
<bemasc> CanoeBerry: maybe OLPC can get a new XO-1 policy once XO-1.5 is released.
<bemasc> We seem to get a lot of requests from people who want to do pilots.
<CanoeBerry> We strongly encourage those if they contributing to others worldwide.
<CanoeBerry> It's our job to decide :)
<CanoeBerry> XO-1 or XO-1.5
<CanoeBerry> Too bad this proposal doesn't go into the depths of the videomaking work 
they have described by phone.
<CanoeBerry> Hmm.
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<CanoeBerry> Welcome Netherlanders.
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<CanoeBerry> sverma: welcome and we'd love your opinion on how to support Caryl's son's friend in Dallas trying to get an OLPC community moving in Ghana..
<thundering-light> They've not specified what they are requesting.
<thundering-light> XO-1 or XO-1.5..I think XO-1 would do.
<CanoeBerry> XO-1 will do yes -- these applicants are scavenging (healthily) across 3 or 4 different channels to put together about 50 XO-1's
<bemasc> The XO-1.5's still have hardware bugs.  It's definitely XO-1 for everyone except brave developers.
<thundering-light> hehe
<CanoeBerry> Nevermind we're out of stock on XO-1.5 B2's except for emergency needs at this point!
* sverma  Quit (Client Quit)
<CanoeBerry> Any conclusions on how we can support Ghana-Texas connections?
<CanoeBerry> Sorry the applicants did not make it :(
<bemasc> I think OLPC should give XOs to these people.
<CanoeBerry> They're quite committed, but scheduling failed today.
<CanoeBerry> 10 XO-1's?
<CanoeBerry> They're asking for 15,
<thundering-light> CanoeBerry: Maybe.
<bemasc> I don't feel that they have made any strong argument about how their work contributes to OLPC.
<bemasc> Nor to education outside of their specific project.
<CanoeBerry> Indeed: Their proposal is weaker than i expected after telephone briefing from Caryl & friends.
<bemasc> I don't feel that I have standing to tell OLPC when it should be charitable.
<thundering-light> Are we only three here reviewing things?
<CanoeBerry> For now, yes: you get the final vote thundering-light :)
<CanoeBerry> All: Final votes/opinion on the Ghana "Got Game?" project?
<thundering-light> :P ...I agree with bemasc, one quite correct point, but we could do better with more reviewers.
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<docverma> sorry.  browser crashed
<thundering-light> we can provide them 10, maybe? If they are willing and we can provide them support?
<CanoeBerry> I'm in favor of giving them 10 XO-1's if they get in gear..
<thundering-light> Canoeberry+
<CanoeBerry> EG. With more support from Caryl & her son.
<CanoeBerry> They're pushing for 50 and have raised funds and worked hard, even if their proposal-writing needs improvement.
<thundering-light> Agreed. Yes, we can do that. But they will need to be a little more specific.
<CanoeBerry> Final Votes?
<CanoeBerry> docverma?
<thundering-light> Given them 10.
<thundering-light> *Give
<bemasc> I wish I knew a lot more
<docverma> looks interesting, but not sure about implementation plan
<bemasc> like what their schedule is, how they plan to execute, etc.
<thundering-light> bemasc: :P You know more than me, I am sure.
<docverma> agree with bemasc
<thundering-light> we need to get one thing, what are they going to do exactly?
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<CanoeBerry> Welcome MUNICH!
<bemasc> There is some more detail in the ticket.
<_ke> hey
<CanoeBerry> CONCLUSION: Ghana needs more detail beefing up their proposal, then we will approve 10 free XO-1's.
<bemasc> CanoeBerry: Re: #2, the proposal is actually quite detailed as to scheduling and goals.
<CanoeBerry> CWB: you there to recap Project #2?
<bemasc> "In phase one, a group of people from the organization Touch A Life will take a group of XO laptops to Ghana Africa. During this trip in January 2010, the Touch A Life staff will begin training the students"
<thundering-light> CWB is answering at #olpc-help
<CanoeBerry> CWB: just pipe up if you can later, as you're the guy who launched this effort (perhaps unknowingly, when you wow'ed Dallas-area school early this year :)
<CWB> perhaps this is better :)
<thundering-light> Yup!
<bemasc> Re #2: They also propose to develop educational games that are carefully matched to the students' curriculum.
<CWB> yes, unknowingly but very cool
<bemasc> So I am positively inclined towards #2.
<CanoeBerry> CWB: we're talking about you!
<CWB> I can see
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<docverma> For the Ghana project, I do have questions about the "online" component of the games
<CanoeBerry> Care to add anything about the Ghana planning / videomaking, contributions etc?
<thundering-light> jpritikin: welcome
<CanoeBerry> docverma: ask away-- Chris Bigenho's here to answer.
<docverma> if the contribution can be applied to other deployments, the online component may not work for all deployments
<jpritikin> thundering-light: happy to see the scratch developer's request
<CWB> I know that they have a relationship with the school there...
<thundering-light> :)
<bemasc> CWB: who has a relationship?
<CWB> the school through touch a life...
<thundering-light> bemasc: maybe the requesters :)
<docverma> many deployments are not connected to the internet
<thundering-light> docverma: about fifty percent
<CWB> this I believe is a second year of developing a CS relationship to work with these kids
<bemasc> CWB: who is flying, and when? Do they have tickets?
<CanoeBerry> The core aim appears to be... "Create a sharing community with students from Coppell Texas and Ghana to create a joint project"
<CanoeBerry> January 2010
<thundering-light> Yes, It seems so.
<docverma> so, if we can run these games online on a schoolserver, then that would be more feasible than say hosting it somewhere on the 'net
<CanoeBerry> See bottom of
<CWB> The founder of touch a life will be going in January and can get this deployment into Ghana
<CanoeBerry> I'll paste in their proposed timeline here...
<CanoeBerry> "January 2010: Our team from the Touch A Life foundation brings laptops to Ghana to do training and set up support structure through the Touch A Life organization for technology training and support setup.
<CanoeBerry> March/ April 2010: Setup up class blog where learners from New Tech High @ Coppell can update the OLPC community about the ongoing project. A video blog site will be created to enable learners from NTH@C and kids in Ghana to communicate throughout the project.
<CanoeBerry> May/ June 2010: Top games are posted through Scratch.
<CWB> the games are something they currently do...
<bemasc> CWB: do you know the dates? Can this person lug 10 laptops?
<CWB> I don't know the dates but I do know it is January...
<CWB> A member from the school team knows the date
<bemasc> ok
<CWB> yes, they can take the LT as they apparently travel there frequently
<bemasc> That's important to know if we're going to try to get XOs to this person in time.
<CanoeBerry> CWB: how exactly would 10 XO-1's be used if we approved them today?
<bemasc> (DHL has been a bit ... slow)
<thundering-light> bit tricky, actually.
<CWB> let me see if I can call them
<thundering-light> bemasc: Since when? I got mine in a week.
<CanoeBerry> CWB: let's squeeze in Project #4 while you call, OK?
<CWB> great
<CWB> cwb back with princ. on phone
<Russet-Bronze-45> especially orphanage
<CanoeBerry> Russet-Bronze-45: make sure you get moving in Boston soon, by calling me and hopefully attending our African volunteer's very impressive-sounding presentation evening of Wedn Dec 30!
<Russet-Bronze-45> they do alot of fundraising
<CanoeBerry> CWB: go ahead!
<Russet-Bronze-45> total on 500 kids in orphanage
<CWB> January 7th
<thundering-light> 7th? well...this is early :)
<CanoeBerry> Russet-bronze-45: please hold for a second, while the principal in Dallas speaks.
<CWB> that is when they will be headed to Ghana
<CWB> yes
<CanoeBerry> CWB: put the principal on IRC!
<thundering-light> CanoeBerry: And you are assuming he knows about IRC?
<CanoeBerry> Has the school made progress around fundraising / teacher training etc since I talked to them in Nov?
<CWB> don't know about IRC but she can joing chat
<CanoeBerry> CWB: great, this is IRC ..does she have anything to add right now?
<thundering-light> :S I am confused totally for the first time ever in a meeting!
<CWB> getting her into IRC now
<bemasc> CWB: who's going to be producing games?  Is there anywhere we can see previously developed games? Why should we believe that the output of this project will be useful?
<CWB> students
<thundering-light> typical.
<CanoeBerry> CWB: also the videomaking plans seems high-potential when discussed by phone in Nov -- if this is still a core "give back" ?
<bemasc> CWB: is this the first year that the students have produced games?  Can we see results from previous years?
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<CanoeBerry> Cerise-Indigo-90: Welcome!
<CanoeBerry> Are you will the Coppell School?
<CWB> trying to get her in now to answer these questions
<CWB> no
<CanoeBerry> *Are you with the Coppell School?
* Cerise-Indigo-90  Quit (Client Quit)
<thundering-light> :D
<thundering-light> :S
<CWB> Not at school
<thundering-light> What exactly was going on?
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<CanoeBerry> All please review if you can quickly focus questions for the principal apparently joining us right here in a moment..
<CanoeBerry> TB: are you with the Coppell School?
<TB> Hello, This is Tabitha Branum, Director of NTH@C
<CanoeBerry> Welcome!!
<CWB> there she is
<CWB> :)
<CanoeBerry> Tabitha-- honored to have you-- we'd love a quick intro as to where this Ghana project is going and how our OLPC community can help.
<TB> Pam Cope will be heading to Ghana January 7th.
<CWB> they don't see the screen
<CWB> I will relay until their screen shows up
<CanoeBerry> TB: can our community members here ask you a few questions now?
<CWB> she is making her intro now
<CanoeBerry> Great.
<thundering-light> Right, after that...Can we discuss the plans to "give back"? or the contribution?
<TB> NTH@C chose Touch A Life as our School-Wide Community Service project.
<CanoeBerry> Excellent-- go on.
<TB> Our learners during their advisory class chose unique fundraising efforts to purchase these laptops for Touch A Life children in Ghana.
<CanoeBerry> Bridget Bell was very helpful talking to me by phone in Nov explaining this, great.
<TB> We want to have an opportunity to mentor these children, assist in developing programs the kids can use, and develop solid relationships with them.
<thundering-light> developing programs kids can use..sounds exciting?
<TB> Yes, that is our desire.
<bemasc> TB: have you already purchased XO laptops?
<CanoeBerry> TB: sounds really great, can you describe how you intend to go about the main goal "Create a sharing community with students from Coppell Texas and Ghana to create a joint project" ?
<TB> No. But we did fundraise $6000 to purchase the laptops but that is not enough to cover the 100 XO minimum purchase.
<TB> Our Digital Portfolio kids will work with the Ghanian kids to develop math games.
<TB> Our kids will web conference/web chat with Ghanian kids to find out their likes, etc.
<TB> Our kids will then develop the math games and send them to be used by all of the Touch A Life Villages in Ghana, Kete-Kerachi, etc.
<CanoeBerry> Will this be public such the OLPC/Sugar community can join, or will it be on a firewalled web site or such?
<CanoeBerry> *such that the OLPC/Sugar community can join
<bemasc> TB: that sounds like a great plan.  Do you happen to know what technologies are used by the Digital Portfolio class?
<TB> We created a google site to post and maintain information regarding this project. In addition, we are creating the games in Scratch.
<bemasc> CanoeBerry: Are you sure OLPC doesn't want $6000 in cold green cash?
<thundering-light> CanoeBerry: They'll be available for use of all, I think.
<bemasc> TB: cool, thanks.
<CanoeBerry> TB is correct-- 100 laptops is (currently) OLPC's minimum sale on new laptops.
<thundering-light> bemasc: cold?
<TB> Our DPI kids all have MacBook Pros that are loaded with the Office Suite, CS4 Premiere Suite, etc.
<CanoeBerry> Donations are of course accepted, but that is a separate matter.
<CanoeBerry> Right now we're trying to justify giving this Ghana/Texas project 10 XO-1 laptops, if the relationships and planning and sharing with other OLPC deployments are taking shape.
<TB> We are currently using these products but we will be adapting the games we develop to the scratch environment. We are not a closed technology community...we expirement with lots of technologies.
<thundering-light> CanoeBerry++
<bemasc> I think this is a good project worth supporting.
<thundering-light> Yes.
<CanoeBerry> Questions from around the world for Tabihta please?
<CanoeBerry> Plz introduce yourself if so.
<bemasc> CanoeBerry: Maybe you can convince OLPC policymakers to let you sell off XO-1s in smaller quantities once XO-1.5 is available.
<TB> We would love to do that. We hope to have additional dollars in the spring.
<thundering-light> They have only included the timeline for a few months.
<CanoeBerry> TB: You applied for 15 XO laptops, but our normal recommendation is 10 -- do you have anything you want to add explaining how exactly all 15 would be used?
<thundering-light> Starting months.
<thundering-light> TB: This is Abhishek Indoria, from India. Can you please explain the timeline in brief after June 2010 or so?
<TB> There are a total of 125 kids in two different villages. We want to put as many machines in the hands of the kids as possible.
<CanoeBerry> TB: are you familiar with OLPC's saturation / 1-to-1 computing model?
<TB> The NTH@C will be an on-going support system for Touch A Life. We hope to continue many different projects with the organization.
<thundering-light> CanoeBerry: Even I am not familier with that :P
<TB> Educationally, we hope to expand this project to reach out to other classes here to develop projects for the kids in Ghana.
<CanoeBerry> Not that computer labs are completely evil, but we do focus very much on "child ownership" so that the parents/sibling/all can experience the computer during the evening/weekend.
<CanoeBerry> Will that be possible in Ghana here?
<bemasc> CanoeBerry: hard to saturate 125 kids with 10 laptops.
<thundering-light> Right.
<thundering-light> Its hard with 15 even
<CanoeBerry> Even if on a rotating basis, allowing kids to take home XO laptops?
<TB> Yes. Our NTH@C goal is 1 to 1 for the kids in Ghana. Our kids here are dedicated to making this happen and will continue to be an on-going project.
<CanoeBerry> So kids will definitely be able to take home the laptops, even if on a rotating basis?
<TB> The school is a part of their home.
<CanoeBerry> Thanks.
<thundering-light> Erm....lets see..ten minutes each child on a single XO?
<CanoeBerry> Other questions so we can wrap up?
<TB> These are orphanages and the kids go home and school on site.
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<thundering-light> My mind is empty right now.
<thundering-light> CanoeBerry: Go ahead.
<CanoeBerry> What mentoring relationships would Coppell school most benefit from to make this happen?
<bemasc> CanoeBerry means "how can we help your kids".
<CanoeBerry> ( New Tech High @ Coppell, Coppell Independent School District )
* docverma  Quit ("CGI:IRC")
<TB> We need mentoring on using Scratch, other XO development ideas, and helping us design other applications, etc.
<CanoeBerry> We'll "Scratch that itch" and get back to you, great.
* thundering-light looks at the clock...1:46 AM! Yawn! :)
<CanoeBerry> TB: Other questions you have for us?
<CanoeBerry> Final thoughts/votes from all please?
<thundering-light> +1
<TB> No, I just thank you for the consideration. We believe in this product and the difference in could make.
<CanoeBerry> TB: Sorry i missed visiting your school when I met Caryl Bigenho (Chris' mom) exactly there 3 wks back!
<CanoeBerry> +1
<TB> FYI...I was just informed that Pam Cope and her team will be leaving January 4th. She had to move the trip up 1 week.
<CanoeBerry> Important to know, thanks!
<bemasc> +1
<CanoeBerry> I approve-- and hope several in this online meetup here will help advise going forward.
<CanoeBerry> Shall I ship 10 or 15 XO's?
<CanoeBerry> We can decide later if nec.
<thundering-light> unless there are just four of us :) well...We can decide later.
<CanoeBerry> Let's conclude project #5, as the applicant has been patient.
<CanoeBerry> Thanks you Tabitha for joining us on IRC here!!
<CWB> sounds like you don't need me any more
<CWB> :)
<TB> Thank you so much to you and the rest of the team. Happy Holidays!
<CWB> for today
<CWB> thanks to all on the call
<CanoeBerry> CWB: You've been magical social glue, thx.
<thundering-light> CWB: :) Thanks for your help
<CWB> not a problem

[ PROJECT #3 - Budalangi Child Computer Connection Program - Kenya ]

<CanoeBerry> Onto Project #3 -- please all help review:
<bemasc> actually, the proposal is quite detailed, once you find it
<CanoeBerry> Budalangi Child Computer Connection Program - Kenya
<CanoeBerry>    Requests 10 XOs over 24 months
<CanoeBerry>    Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>    a) To avail computer training to the majority of children in Budalangi within two years.
<CanoeBerry>    b) To introduce internet services in the region hence exposing the children for the first time ever to another technology necessary for future professional and academic success.
<CanoeBerry>    c) To empower the children with information thereby enabling them to create and share learning experiences with other children in other part of the world especially the developed world.
<CanoeBerry>    d) To provide children with access to knowledge and opportunities to interact, explore experiment and express themselves.
* mvn071 ( Quit ("Leaving")
<thundering-light> "Non XO machines are not appropriate for this program as they are delicate, expensive and consume more power. These XO machines are affordable, have low power consumption ability and are specially made for the children especially in the third world countries"
<bemasc> This is a classic pilot
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<CanoeBerry> Needs community experience / mentoring.
<bemasc> with the goal of scaling up by an order of magnitude for next year
<docverma> not sure what the contribution is
<bemasc> My primary concern is the stated goal: "Acquisition of 10 connected laptops."
<CanoeBerry> CWB: welcome, do you have a second to go back and help us understand the Ghana / Texas work we just discussed?
<bemasc> CanoeBerry: Re: #3, I am not sure that the organizers understand what is required to connect XOs to the internet.
* FranXOphonie  Quit ("Leaving...")
<CanoeBerry> Agreed- Kenya's Budalangi needs committed mentoring to get them connected literally & figuratively.
<thundering-light> Right

[ PROJECT #4 - XO-1.5 B2 for Scratch Developer - United Kingdom ]

<CanoeBerry> Quick comments on Project #4 Please...
<CanoeBerry> XO-1.5 B2 for Scratch Developer - United Kingdom
<CanoeBerry>    Requests 1 XO-1.5 B2 over (undetermined) months
<CanoeBerry>    Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>    1) Diagnose & resolve current sound problem with Scratch on XO
<CanoeBerry>       1.5 (
<CanoeBerry>    2) Help resolve other Scratch related issues
<jpritikin> +1
<CanoeBerry> Caveat: Pre-Approved!
<CanoeBerry> This is DSD's friend.
<bemasc> ok, great
<bemasc> next
<CanoeBerry> * If folks can help him, please add yourself to the ticket *

[ PROJECT #5 - Phu My Orphanage, Vietnam / Boston, Massachusetts, USA ]

<CanoeBerry> Onto Project #5 now... please review advocate for/against:
<CanoeBerry> [P]hu My Orphanage, Vietnam / Boston, Massachusetts, USA
<CanoeBerry>    Requests 5 XOs over 4 months
<CanoeBerry>    Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>    To introduce XO as a learning tool for children at the Phu My Orphanage in Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam, and create a community of supporters of XO and Sugar users.
<thundering-light> another classical pilot project?
<CanoeBerry> The applicant here is being mentored by Nancie Severs doing her own Vietnam deployment:
<CanoeBerry> ( )
<Russet-Bronze-45> hi, i didn't mention but there are a lot of children in the orphanage affected by Agent Orange
<Russet-Bronze-45> Agent Orange is the code name for a herbicide and defoliant used by the U.S. military in its Herbicidal Warfare program during the Vietnam War
<CanoeBerry> ( )
<CanoeBerry> Russet-Bronze-45: is this your proposal and can you introduce it for us?
<Russet-Bronze-45> yes
<Russet-Bronze-45> I'll be in the Orphanage for three months
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<Russet-Bronze-45> they do not have any computers at the moment
<Russet-Bronze-45> but are very interested
<docverma> Please keep in mind that this is the Contributor Program
<CanoeBerry> Great: can you explain what your goals are at the OLPC/Sugar level?
<Russet-Bronze-45> as I'm working with Nancie
<docverma> I would like to specifically know what the contribution will be
<Russet-Bronze-45> we want to buid OLPC community in Saigon
<bemasc> Russet-Bronze-45: How reliable is the electricity.  Do they have an internet connection (presumably not...).
<CanoeBerry> And how this might help cross-fertilize back & forth with Nancie's own Vietnam deployment?
<Russet-Bronze-45> like in Hanoi where she is now
<Russet-Bronze-45> electricity is good but no Internet
<bemasc> Russet-Bronze-45: The purpose of a pilot is to convince people to buy XOs. Who are you trying to convince?
<Russet-Bronze-45> I'll visit her in Hanoi
<Russet-Bronze-45> and her folks plan to come to Saigon
<Russet-Bronze-45> schools in Saigon
<thundering-light> :S
<CWB> cwb back with princ. on phone
<Russet-Bronze-45> especially orphanage
<CanoeBerry> Russet-Bronze-45: make sure you get moving in Boston soon, by calling me and hopefully attending our African volunteer's very impressive-sounding presentation evening of Wedn Dec 30!
<Russet-Bronze-45> they do alot of fundraising
<CanoeBerry> CWB: go ahead!
<Russet-Bronze-45> total on 500 kids in orphanage
<CWB> January 7th
<thundering-light> 7th? well...this is early :)
<CanoeBerry> Russet-bronze-45: please hold for a second, while the principal in Dallas speaks.
<CanoeBerry> Russet-Bronze-45: still there?!
<Russet-Bronze-45> yes
<CanoeBerry> Very sorry for the interruption.
<Russet-Bronze-45> np
<CanoeBerry> Please continue, describing your Vietnam planning process.
<CanoeBerry> And how I/we can help you leverage this into sharable material kids worldwide can benefit from!
<Russet-Bronze-45> since I'll ahve access to only 30 kids in main room i asked for 5 XO only
<Russet-Bronze-45> i intend to create a manual on favorite Sugar activities
<thundering-light> Russet-Bronze-45: What's the general age group of kids, just asking.
<Russet-Bronze-45> 6-12
<CanoeBerry> (PS thanks again for attending Nov 21)
<CanoeBerry> Many say: age 5-12
<thundering-light> Hmm
<CanoeBerry> (For OLPC/Sugar in general..)
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<CanoeBerry> Russet-Bronze-45: how are you navigating the language/cultural barriers?
<Russet-Bronze-45> they speak En glish
<CanoeBerry> And can you explain how you were introduced to the school?
<thundering-light> universal language of science :)
<Russet-Bronze-45> I found IVHQ volunteering program
<Russet-Bronze-45> they palce volunteers in different locations
<Russet-Bronze-45> i asked specificly for Saigon orphanage
<Russet-Bronze-45> as it is one of the locations
<Russet-Bronze-45> they offer
<CanoeBerry> So how you visited the school and met people, similar to what Nancie did on earlier trips?
<Russet-Bronze-45> i didn't visit them
<Russet-Bronze-45> I emailed them
<Russet-Bronze-45> I'm going there on Jan13
<bemasc> Russet-Bronze-45: can you carry XOs with you on the plane?
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<Russet-Bronze-45> yes
<bemasc> Russet-Bronze-45: for example, have you considered the customs issues?
<Russet-Bronze-45> i haven't
<CanoeBerry> Nancie planned that out very carefully.
<Russet-Bronze-45> for 5?
<CanoeBerry> And got lucky!
<thundering-light> ?
<Russet-Bronze-45> 5 XOs only
<CanoeBerry> Russet-Bronze-45: be prepared to pay import duties/taxes if you encounter a border official you demands such..
<CanoeBerry> Nancie got very lucky and was waved through..
<Russet-Bronze-45> i am prepared
<thundering-light> CanoeBerry: Not in all countries
<CanoeBerry> How is the school staff helping you so far?
<CanoeBerry> Even if it's only by email so far, what is their outlook?
<Russet-Bronze-45> they are allocating people to work with me
<CanoeBerry> Teachers?
<Russet-Bronze-45> yes
<CanoeBerry> great, what kinds?
<thundering-light> interesting
<thundering-light> general which field to help to?
<Russet-Bronze-45> they woudl allocate their time daily to work with me
<Russet-Bronze-45> as they have other responsibilities
<Russet-Bronze-45> they will need to learn how to use XO
<Russet-Bronze-45> and Sugar
<CanoeBerry> Russet-Bronze-45: this is progressing well--quite honestly I was worried Nancie extending her trip in Asia so you unfortunately won't meet her face-to-face this month. Do you have time to join our Sunday 4PM meeting in person in Cambridge?
<Russet-Bronze-45> yes, of course
<CanoeBerry> All: final questions around this Vietnam initiative please?
<CanoeBerry> And please votes on the 5 XO Laptops she is requesting.
<CanoeBerry> Russet-Bronze-45: How has Caroline Meeks helped you so far?
<Russet-Bronze-45> i'm supposed to meet her in person
<Russet-Bronze-45> to help me with teaching manuals
<CanoeBerry> When is this likely?
<Russet-Bronze-45> next week
<Russet-Bronze-45> waiting for her answer
<CanoeBerry> Let's conclude-- final questions you have for us please?
<thundering-light> no questions
<CanoeBerry> Questions Required!
<thundering-light> :P
<CanoeBerry> In any case, this is great taking shape.
<bemasc> Russet-Bronze-45: I hope you will think of things you can provide back to us.  Reports of how students reacted, lesson plans, maybe even translations into vietnamese.
<CanoeBerry> When you arrive Sunday in Cambridge (can we meet at OLPC?) let's discuss you borrowing the first 2 of 5 then, OK?
<Russet-Bronze-45> ok
<thundering-light> CanoeBerry: You know, when the server of your mind is sleepy and slow, you can't run a blue-ray disc in there.
<CanoeBerry> ?
<thundering-light> CanoeBerry: Forget it.
<thundering-light> :)
<Russet-Bronze-45> :)
<thundering-light> CanoeBerry: Try to stay awake at two A.M.
<CanoeBerry> Let's conclude our meeting now-- any final comments/objections/contributions to this 2nd grassroots project in Vietnam?
<CanoeBerry> thundering-light: right!
<CanoeBerry> 3
<CanoeBerry> 2...
<CanoeBerry> 1...
<CanoeBerry> Bye All and have a great weekend!
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<Russet-Bronze-45> thanks
<thundering-light> CanoeBerry: same to you...I am going to haunt you tonight :P
<CanoeBerry> Russet-Bronze-45: am emailing you directions right now, hoping you can confirm by email you'll attend in Kendall Sq Sunday 4pm.
<Russet-Bronze-45> sure
* dsaxena_  Quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
<thundering-light> See ya all later :)
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