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* New projects & libraries -- teaching them Community Outreach:

* Which projects might you enjoy Mentoring below?!

* Fast Review of the 11 latest (greatest!) HW/Project Proposals -- please
  join us advocating for, and/or reviewing shortcomings of these proposals:

  #1 Trade Tech College LULAC XO Laptop Lending Library - Los Angeles, CA, USA
  #2 Starting a Trial - Nigeria
  #3 Middle and High School XO Developers Project - Springfield, MA, USA
  #4 Benji Smith’s Eagle and Youth Group Project - Jefferson, MD, USA
  #5 Corporate Social Responsibility Programe on Children's Education - Nigeria
  #6 SANKAMAP Software Activities Development/Testing - PNG/Papua New Guinea, Australia
  #7 XO Advocacy Project - Nigeria
  #8 Help Activity Maintenance - Cambridge, MA, USA
  #9 Conectando El Futuro @ Polytechnic University of Engineering/UPI - Tegucigalpa, Honduras
  #10 Sao Joao School - Sao Tome and Principe
  #11 Expanded Roadshow In A Box with XO-1.5(s) - Los Angeles / Simi Valley, CA, USA


<CanoeBerry> Contributors Program Meeting starting here in about 10min -- plz help approve/deny/mentor if you can!  All 11 project proposal summaries forthcoming by email...
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<CanoeBerry> Quozl: sorry for the conflict, thanks for adjusting!
<Quozl> CanoeBerry: we is smaller.  ;-)
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<Caryl> Hello?
<sj|> hiya caryl!
<Caryl> Hi SJ!  Long time no "see"...
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<Caryl> Adam, did you get the Trade Tech/LULAC proposal?
<Caryl> I notice several others you have did not post to "Contributors @ laptop dot org"
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<CanoeBerry> Finally..
<CanoeBerry> Sorry for the late start. Agenda in 1 min!
<CanoeBerry> Let's begin -- sorry again for the delay -- plz invite others to help.
<Caryl> Adam...  did you get the LULAC proposal?
<Caryl> Several others you posted were also not in the contributors program queue
<Caryl> Ah! yes, I see you did... great!
<CanoeBerry> Alirghty.
<CanoeBerry> Let's begin and recruit others en route..
<cjb> random note from looking at the agenda:  need to check whether it is legal for us to ship XOs to Nigeria, given that keyboard court case thing
<CanoeBerry> cjb: interesting -- thanks
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<CanoeBerry> Welcome all.
<CanoeBerry> And thanks to everyone for recruiting jurors en route.
<CanoeBerry> As we try to move very fast (as thoroughly as time allows) thru all 11 proposals..

[ PROJECT #1 - Trade Tech College LULAC XO Laptop Lending Library - Los Angeles, CA, USA ]

<CanoeBerry> Starting with #1 here:
<CanoeBerry> Trade Tech College LULAC XO Laptop Lending Library (Los Angeles)
<CanoeBerry> ]
<CanoeBerry>    Requests 10 XOs over 18 months
<CanoeBerry>    Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>    The project objectives are to empower all LATTC students with basic
<CanoeBerry>    computer technological skills.
<CanoeBerry>    To introduce students to the world of the internet.
<CanoeBerry> Caryl: can you introduce?
<CanoeBerry> Caryl?
<Caryl> I was stalled.
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<CanoeBerry> Very quickly.. what's the rational/status of Prjct #1 here.
<CanoeBerry> BenjiSmith: hi!
<Caryl> LA Trade Tech is in downtown LA and serves East LA and central LA with a population o
<BenjiSmith> hi
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<CanoeBerry> And they deserve all 10 XOs for a project library why?
<Caryl> Rationale...students will work together learning the software and sharing it with their families
<CanoeBerry> I don't see any web-published materials from them yet -- are you the mentor?
<Caryl> they plan to have a library available to all Trade Tech students,
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<bemasc> OLPC != One Laptop Per College student.
<Caryl> But run and maintained by the LULAC club members
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<CanoeBerry> Welcome all!
<Blitzkev> can you post the agenda link again CanoeBerry
<Caryl> OLPC  one laptop (at a time) per college student or vice-versa
<CanoeBerry> Blitzkev: agenda's here..
<Blitzkev> thanks
<CanoeBerry> Caryl: what projects / media / results will come out of this group?
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<Caryl> They have a large active club and work closelyh with the Black Students Union at their school
<bemasc> That's lovely.  What are they going to do to help OLPC?
<CanoeBerry> Let's try to conclude, as we have 11 projects to push thru fast today.
<Caryl> They have many bi-lingual students and can assist in translating and writing guides for software
<Caryl> in English/Spanish
<CanoeBerry> The Los Angeless grassroots community building is important, but we need 
answers (web-published wherever possible) as to how specifically this group will contribute to the OLPC/Sugar movement if so.
<CanoeBerry> Let us vote.
<bemasc> Looking through the ticket I see no indication of any goals.
<Caryl> +1
<cjb> -1
<bemasc> -1
<CanoeBerry> I vote for conditional approval if Caryl clarifies the LA network, and justifies more.
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<CanoeBerry> Plz all vote.
<cjb> CanoeBerry: I would vote for having that clarification and then voting again :)
<Caryl> cjb is probably right.
<CanoeBerry> Thanks all, onto project #2
<Blitzkev> this vote is for 1.?
<Caryl> we should have something more clearly definged
<Blitzkev> nvm

[ PROJECT #2 - Starting a Trial - Nigeria ]

<CanoeBerry> Plz all help review #2 here...
<CanoeBerry> Starting a Trial - Nigeria
<CanoeBerry> ]
<CanoeBerry>    Requests 3 XOs over 12 months
<CanoeBerry>    Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>    We are a trusted COMPUTER AND INTERNET service provider for schools
<CanoeBerry>    ,companies, government sector that are interested in installing or
<CanoeBerry>    enhancing network systems, improving computer security, investing in
<CanoeBerry>    software and hardware upgrade, outsourcing computer maintenance and
<CanoeBerry>    preventive service.
<CanoeBerry> Private school w/ 3000 pupils..
<Blitzkev> doesn't really state why they need the xos in particular
<Caryl> do they under stand that the XO is not a Windows machine and what Sugar is?
<Caryl> their application doesn't indicate that they do
<Caryl> do they understand what FLOSS is? Are they prepared to share "freely" in the broadest sense what they develop?
<Blitzkev> I agree with Caryl
<harrisony> +1 with Caryl's views
<cjb> yeah, I can't agree with this one after disagreeing with the last one :)
<bemasc> "we also train student in
<bemasc> linux os"
<CanoeBerry> Interesting.  The applicant and their tech / consultancy backgrouns shows promise.  I'd be tempted to ship them 2 if others believe this shows potential grow into something larger.
<CanoeBerry> *background
<CanoeBerry> Conclusions?
<harrisony> I'm not convinced they know enough about olpc/sugar
<bemasc> They at least know that it runs linux.  Beyond that... hard to say.
<Caryl> or FLOSS
<CanoeBerry> Can anybody Mentor this Nigerian individual please?
<CanoeBerry> Let us conclude.
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<CanoeBerry> I remain tempted to ship them 2 XOs if the mentoring process shows them to be clueful.
<CanoeBerry> If Nigerian shipping is legal. Others opinions?
<Caryl> Revise
<cjb> CanoeBerry: but we don't have a mentor, right?
<CanoeBerry> I can comentor.
<bemasc> "will be buying 3000 laptops but
<bemasc> for now we need 3 laptops to setup an internal network team in readiness
<bemasc> for the large purchase, we develop window base studying softwares for
<bemasc> nusery, primary and secondary schools and we can also do likewise in linux"
<CanoeBerry> A full-time mentor would be great.
<bemasc> That seems to be the core of it.
<CanoeBerry> Excellent.
<Blitzkev> where did you find that?
<bemasc> (quote from the ticket)
<CanoeBerry> Blitzkev: inside here..
<Blitzkev> if that is the case, then they know what they're getting into and want to make sure they have the network up and running
<bemasc> CanoeBerry: IMHO, this should be treated as sales, not contributors program.
<Caryl> that is what I was referring to
<CanoeBerry> If you need an account, aply here..
<Caryl> free samples?
<CanoeBerry> In any case, let's move on -- final objections / votes?
<Caryl> -1
<harrisony> -1
<cjb> -1
<BenjiSmith> -1
<Blitzkev> +1 w/mentor
<bemasc> -1, pending extensive clarification of their intended use for XOs.
<CanoeBerry> Wow we're a negative group :)  Plz do remember we have many old XO-1's in Dallas for folks that demonstrate potential..
<bemasc> (of course, negative votes are _always_ contingent on improvement)

[ PROJECT #3 - Middle and High School XO Developers Project - Springfield, MA, USA ]

<CanoeBerry> Onto Project #3 now please...
<CanoeBerry> Middle and High School XO Developers Project - Springfield, MA, USA
<CanoeBerry> ]
<CanoeBerry>    Requests 9 XOs over 12 months
<CanoeBerry>    Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>    I myself am a middle school student and would like to be involved in OLPC
<CanoeBerry>    and XO laptops, so I thought of this student life project for my 
<CanoeBerry> school.  I
<CanoeBerry>    would like 9 XO laptops so I could have technologically advanced middle
<CanoeBerry>    school and high school students (Age 11 to 18) come in and see how the XO
<CanoeBerry>    works, and try to develop new software, and maybe even hardware, for 
<CanoeBerry> the XO
<CanoeBerry>    laptop.  By the end of November 2010, we shall have a good amount of 
<CanoeBerry> software
<CanoeBerry>    and hardware available for the XO.
<Blitzkev> I signed up to support-gang does that give me access to the rt ticket thing?
<Caryl> too nebulous and abbitiouis doesnt want a mentor????
<Blitzkev> nebulous?
<Blitzkev> we can't really penalize people for being ambitious
<CanoeBerry> OOPS: proposal was revised, now requesting 18 XOs
<bemasc> Applications for pre-teens get an adorableness bonus.
<bemasc> s/for/from/
<cjb> Blitzkev: there's "I will create <x> piece of software and it is hard, but this is how I think I can do it", and that's ambitious
<cjb> and there's "if you give me laptops I will solve all your problems"
<cjb> and that's nebulous
<CanoeBerry> And I neglected it does in fact have a URL:
<Caryl> Project needs focus.  The podcasting idea is a good one. Why not just do that?
<Caryl> and get a mentor
<cjb> maybe with fewer XOs, like 2-3 to start with?
<harrisony> I like this project,I'm a high school student and I happened to be at the right place at the right time and thats how I first got my hands on an XO thanks to that I now have an XO on loan from the local OLPC group in Australia.
<CanoeBerry> Mentoring should be very doable here in Massachusetts.
<CanoeBerry> Conclusions?
<bemasc> I'd like contact with a teacher.
<Blitzkev> who can be a mentor?
<docverma> 2 to 3 sounds good
<Caryl> how about 3 with a mentor?
<Blitzkev> sounds good to me
<bemasc> The students claim that they have a good computer teacher at their school; it would be nice to check in with that person.
<harrisony> +1 for 3 with a mentor
<CanoeBerry> Consensus says 3 with mentor.
<Blitzkev> I think he will learn what is possible and what isn't after actually trying an xo out
<bemasc> For example, I'd be happier shipping this many XOs to a school than to a student's house.
<cjb> absolutely
<Caryl> the computer teacher may not know Sugar and could use a mentor... we can all use a mentor!
<CanoeBerry> We have mentors in Mass, also beyond just Sandra Thaxter who offered to help.
<CanoeBerry> Conclude with shipping 3 XO-1's?
<CanoeBerry> Final objections?
<Caryl> +1
<harrisony> +1
<cjb> CanoeBerry: would be much much better with a school contact
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<bemasc> I'm not inclined to trust a 12-year-old's intention to start a school club without some contact with the school.
<Caryl> OOps! get the group and contact first
<CanoeBerry> cjb: don't we have the school contact?
<cjb> CanoeBerry: where?
<Blitzkev> make sure that computer science teacher is going to guide him?
<Caryl> we required that much from UCSB
<cjb> CanoeBerry: I don't understand why you think there's a school involved
<CanoeBerry> I thought we did, but perhaps I'm not fully understand the relationship between the 2 applicants.
<cjb> maybe I'm misreading the ticket?
<bemasc> It's the Sabis International Charter School, according to the kids, but that's all we know.
<CanoeBerry> Employer and/or School: Sabis International Charter School
<bemasc> We have not confirmed, for example, that they actually attend said school, or that the school is going to let them have a club.
<Blitzkev> according to the website: Month 5: Setting up plan in school. (Which classroom is available for the  activity during period 6? What is the network key?)
<bemasc> I think they will, and I have high hopes for this project.
<Blitzkev> so I assumed they'd be working witha  teacher
<bemasc> I just think we should probably call up the school first.
<CanoeBerry> We'll investigate.
<CanoeBerry> Yeah.
<cjb> is there a disadvantage to asking them to have a teacher get in touch?
<cjb> yeah, I think +1 pending some contact with a helpful teacher
* bemasc agrees with cjb
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<harrisony> they will not be working with local project groups :(
<harrisony> "as this is a personal project"
<Caryl> with students this age that should be a must
<cjb> oh, I missed the 18 XOs, too
<cjb> you definitely don't ask for 18 XOs without a teacher in charge
<Caryl> can I change my vote to -1 until questions are resolved?
<cjb> me too :)
<docverma> +1 on investigate
<CanoeBerry> Food enough, Good enough.
<harrisony> changing to a -1 until issues resolved
<CanoeBerry> Co-Mentoring requested.  Democracy doesn't end at the ballot box!

[ PROJECT #4 - Benji Smith’s Eagle and Youth Group Project - Jefferson, MD, USA ]

<CanoeBerry> OK, Onto Project #4:
<CanoeBerry> Benji Smith’s Eagle and Youth Group Project
<CanoeBerry>    I
<CanoeBerry>    Requests (5?) XOs over (undetermined) months
<CanoeBerry>    Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>    My project will provide entertainment and a learning experience for the
<CanoeBerry>    children of Los Toscones by providing them with basic computers that 
<CanoeBerry> can be
<CanoeBerry>    used for both fun and educational purposes.
<CanoeBerry> Plz all help review the above
<CanoeBerry> BenjiSmith: and if you can please, introduce the topic!
<Caryl> great project. Well planned. needs to work on some sorrt of onsite support
<CanoeBerry> Advocating for and explaining your work.
<BenjiSmith> It's my project, if anyone has any questions about it
<CanoeBerry> Plz recap!
<cjb> BenjiSmith: did you want to buy laptops?
<cjb> (that's what the ticket says, I think)
<BenjiSmith> no, I planned to use the contributor's program
<Blitzkev> eagle scouts need to do a public service project before they can become eagle scouts I believe
<CanoeBerry> Am also curious later: how will you support this group after your 10-day trip to the Dominican Republic?
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<cjb> oh, and then Adam gave you a call
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<cjb> and then brought up the contributors program instead
<cjb> it sounds like
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<Blitzkev> so he probably intends to distribte the laptops to children who need them?
<CanoeBerry> This began during last's week's meeting.
<CanoeBerry> Which became a phone call.
<cjb> oh, sorry, I see
<BenjiSmith> There are frequent visits down to this town every 4-6 months from Americans
<harrisony> sorry but whats an eagle scout?
<CanoeBerry> BenjiSmith: have you made progress with your friends on how you can build software/content/media contributions that kids around the world will use?
<Blitzkev> the highest rank in the boy scouts
<Caryl> can you plan to train some folks in the Dominican Republic to maintain the machines?
<BenjiSmith> Eagle scout is the highest rank in the Boy Scouts of America
<BenjiSmith> Yes, I got my project signed off by the Eagle Director for my council last 
Monday. I'm good to go when I receive the laptops
<CanoeBerry> BenjiSmith: how many friends do you have in your Scout group and high school that can/will help?
<Caryl> I really like this project. It could bring lots of good PR to OLPC if it is done well
<CanoeBerry> All your Mentors lined up so far look great.
<Blitzkev> A few of my friends were eagle scouts...
<cjb> yep, sounds good
<bemasc_> BenjiSmith: I can think of lots of interesting testing that could happen... but how will we find out the results?
<cjb> I don't see a number of XOs in the proposal
<bemasc_> Do they have internet access?
<cjb> when do we work that out?
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<CanoeBerry> Is it still 5 XOs being requested?
<Blitzkev> 5? it says
<BenjiSmith> As many as are needed. I have contacts of spanish-english in my school because my county has a high percentage of spanish immagrants
<CanoeBerry> 10 was discussed during last week's call.
<cjb> 5 sounds fine to me
<BenjiSmith> I would like more if you're willing to let me have them
<culseg> reads like a great project, +1 , all for it, start with 2-4
<BenjiSmith> I don't really know how much would be acceptable by your standards
<CanoeBerry> BenjiSmith: thanks for joining on such incredibly short notice today.
<Blitzkev> would you be keeping them and letting people use them on your time? or would they be taking them home?
<cjb> is 5 first, and then more in 3-6 months if going well, reasonable?
<BenjiSmith> I will be deliviering them in June-ish, so I don't know how 3-6 months will work for that
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<cjb> right, I'd mean after the delivery
<CanoeBerry> I'm in favor of 10 if the DC-area group demonstrates prowess well before the July 2010 deployment trip.
<CanoeBerry> Sorry June.
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<BenjiSmith> I will be contacting them through a trip down to the Domincan this February with my Adviser
<Blitzkev> +1
<CanoeBerry> BenjiSmith: can you recap how many total people are working with you around DC/Maryland?  No matter their ages...
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<BenjiSmith> I will be working with at least 20 bilingual (spanish-english) workers, and I can recruit many, many more
<CanoeBerry> 20!
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<harrisony> sorry all. I'm running late and must be off
<CanoeBerry> OK, do tell here or later who those 20 people are helping you..
<CanoeBerry> harrisony: thanks & bye!
<BenjiSmith> My scout troop (10 or so, they will work for service hours), and contacts through my Spanish 4 class this Spring with my teacher, Senor Eskuchen, who adores me
<culseg> BenjiSmith: the ? was more towards your local team in the DC area, how many members
<bemasc> It would be good to have a bit more clarity on the structure of the project.
<BenjiSmith> That includes 5 or so completely bilingual
<bemasc> Who is working on this? Who is flying? Where are the laptops going? How do you maintain contact with the people in DR?
<BenjiSmith> Learning Language Foundatin
<BenjiSmith> I will be going there myself this June
<BenjiSmith> Foundation
<BenjiSmith> Los Tocones de las Galeras Semana, so smal taht you can't even find it on a map
<bemasc> In a school?
<BenjiSmith> I will be mainting contact through my adviser, Sheri, and Chris Doherty, whose wife is from that region
<Blitzkev> ah that explains a lot, I didn't think there were eagle scouts in the dominican republic lol
<BenjiSmith> Yes, in a school
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<CanoeBerry> All flying to the Dominican Republic in June?
<BenjiSmith> yes, I'm in Maryland
<BenjiSmith> June or July. Just me as a kid, but including Sheri and her husband as well as Chris and his wife
<BenjiSmith> and Chris's kids
<BenjiSmith> This is a map of where the town in near
<CanoeBerry> BenjiSmith: what parts are you most uncertain about, beyond your Spanish lessons?
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<BenjiSmith> Good question, not very much. Until I see one of these computers, I can't really understand how they work. I downloaded the software onto my desktop but it's extremely old and won't work properly
<CanoeBerry> Questions you have for us?  Did you contact Mike Lee and plan on attending any of DC's meetings yet?
<Blitzkev> if you want to test it
<Blitzkev> you can try setting it up in virtualbox
<Blitzkev> I can run you through thr process if you want
<Blitzkev> the*
<BenjiSmith> I did, and I'm signed up for his email list. I will be probably be attending the next meeting
<SweetXOGrannie> Hello guys... I got stalled big time. Couldn't comment at all.
<BenjiSmith> That would be great
<CanoeBerry> Blitzkev: can you help co-mentor?
<Blitzkev> I can mentor over the internet
<Blitzkev> sure
<CanoeBerry> Blitzkev: send me your email address if so, with [50626] in the subject, to holt @
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<CanoeBerry> Let's conclude.
<BenjiSmith> I'll also be working with Mike Lee, but I'd love a co-mentor
<bemasc> I think we should definitely send BenjiSmith at least 1 XO immediately.
<cjb> I like this project and.. what bemasc said.. but I'd like there to be a path for more XOs based on progress
<SweetXOGrannie> I like this project very much.  +1 for one now and up to 10 eventually
<cjb> rather than being upfront
<Blitzkev> email sent.
<CanoeBerry> I vote yes to 2-5, since we have such strong mentoring.
<bemasc> I don't really see any use for more than 1 (or perhaps 2) until May.
<SweetXOGrannie> ok +1 for 5 now.
<BenjiSmith> I could really use 2 for now, I have a complete bilingual computer nerd friend who is a Linux master
<CanoeBerry> Benji's mom said there's a large group of friends wanting to help.
* BenjiSmith  Quit ("CGI:IRC")
<Blitzkev> oops
* benjismith  has joined #olpc-meeting
<cjb> shall we compromise on 3?  :)
<CanoeBerry> In her words, "computer nerds" even if they don't overhaul WikiBrowse with the very latest Spanish Wikipedia articles?
<benjismith> sorry about that...
* Carsonr  Quit ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
<CanoeBerry> benjismith: we're considering 3 XOs now.
<CanoeBerry> Objections?
<Blitzkev> sounds good to me
<kevix> CanoeBerry: I saw someone mention the dominican republic. I knew someone from there who might be helpful to know.
<cjb> sure, +1
<CanoeBerry> With others to follow if bloggin and participation in our online communities follow.
<benjismith> How many overall by the time I travel?
<bemasc> benjismith: Possibly a lot.
<CanoeBerry> benjismith: up to 10 is common, sometimes more..
<CanoeBerry> Conclusion: 3 XOs for now!
<bemasc> With 1.5 in production in early 2010... well, we'll see.
<SweetXOGrannie> +1
<benjismith> Thank you

[ PROJECT #5 - Corporate Social Responsibility Programe on Children's Education - Nigeria ]

<CanoeBerry> Thank You. Onto Project #5 now please.
<CanoeBerry> Corporate Social Responsibility Programe on Children's Education - 
<CanoeBerry> Nigeria
<CanoeBerry> ]
<CanoeBerry>    Requests 1 XOs over (undetermined) months
<CanoeBerry>    Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>    To involve corporates in the sponsorship of IT education for children 
<CanoeBerry> from less privileged homes.
<SweetXOGrannie> A mini Roadshow!
<SweetXOGrannie> but in Nigeria
<Blitzkev> is this person just going around showcasing the xo to people?
<CanoeBerry> Proposal is slim "To equip an average of 5000 primary school children with XO laptops"
<bemasc> "
<bemasc> "I am in talks with two corporates who are interested in sending some laptops to some schools. Would you mind to send me a sample of the laptop
<bemasc> for a presentation to them."
<CanoeBerry> "I need just one laptop for demonstration."
<SweetXOGrannie> they want a machine to show... I do that with my Roadshow machines all the time
<CanoeBerry> In any case, the 2nd of 3 (somewhat) similar Nigerian proposals today.
<bemasc> CanoeBerry: Can the corporations actually purchase said XOs?
<CanoeBerry> Not individually, no.
<bemasc> If not, I have difficulty understand the value of advertising it to them.
<SweetXOGrannie> can they all share?
<bemasc> understanding
<CanoeBerry> 100 XOs is the minimum sale as of this time I believe.
<bemasc> 1. WTF
<SweetXOGrannie> If they can get someone to buy more than 100 by showing them one it is a Roadshow and could result in other good things
<Blitzkev> it can't hurt to send 1 over though
<SweetXOGrannie> like more interest in contributing, adapting, adopting etc
<bemasc> 2. Ok, that means that if one of the corporations to whom this person wants to advertise wants to buy some, they actually can.
<SweetXOGrannie> Can we ask them to agree to show the XO to other entities?
<CanoeBerry> Anyway, proposal is too vague for me, even if I agree with its spirit.
<CanoeBerry> Conclusions?
<SweetXOGrannie> revise into a mini-Roadshow?
<CanoeBerry> SweetXOGrannie: can you guide the applicant in this direction?
<SweetXOGrannie> glad to!
<CanoeBerry> Plz "Take" the ticket, thanks:
<CanoeBerry> Conclusion (if no objections): REVISING
<CanoeBerry> Shall we move on to Project #6 please?
<CanoeBerry> Let's.
<SweetXOGrannie> done...stole the ticket We'll be back!

[ PROJECT #6 - SANKAMAP Software Activities Development/Testing - PNG/Papua New Guinea, Australia ]

<CanoeBerry> All help review the following...
<CanoeBerry> SANKAMAP Software Activities Development/Testing - PNG/Papua New 
<CanoeBerry> Guinea, Australia
<CanoeBerry>    Requests 4 XOs over 18 months
<CanoeBerry>    Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>    A. Establish translation of OS/Applications into "Tok Pisin" aka 
<CanoeBerry> Neomelanesian Pidgin, the "lingua Franca" of Papua New Guinea. as well 
<CanoeBerry> as local Bougainvillean dialects (Primarily Simon)
<CanoeBerry>    B. Porting of "Scribus" - an opensource DTP (Desktop Publishing 
<CanoeBerry> application) to the XO. (Primarily Peter)
<CanoeBerry>    B1. Porting of Celtx - an OpenSource - media pre-production software 
<CanoeBerry> package used for writing and planning documentaries, scripts etc (to 
<CanoeBerry> assist in the capture of vocal history).
<CanoeBerry>    C. Integration of scribus with an "Newspaper Management Application" 
<CanoeBerry> also under development - tracks news items, formats for web or 
<CanoeBerry> broadsheet delivery, and has a workflow component to facilitate 
<CanoeBerry> (primarily Peter)
<CanoeBerry>    D. debugging issues around long distance communictions -using 
<CanoeBerry> distance line of sight Wifi and also Packet Radio.
<CanoeBerry>    E. Assistance (Testing etc) on GAIABB project.
<cjb> this looks very good to me
<jpritikin> port scribus? that bloatware? seriously?
<bemasc> +1
<cjb> +1
<CanoeBerry> Their web site's blank (actually black) but that can be fixed..
<SweetXOGrannie> Celtex sounds good
<SweetXOGrannie> +1
<CanoeBerry> +1
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<CanoeBerry> Who can Mentor?
<cjb> you could put them in touch with the rest of the PNG team?
<CanoeBerry> Yes.
<CanoeBerry> Objection to 4 XOs going to SANKAMAP Australia/PNG?
<bemasc> I'd be happy to provide technical advice.
* Gold-Umber-87  Quit (Client Quit)
<CanoeBerry> Great.
<CanoeBerry> Conclusion: Approved.
* Sankamap ( has joined #olpc-meeting
<CanoeBerry> Sankamap: welcome you were just approved in full!
<CanoeBerry> Sankamap: your "comentor" here is bemasc if you want to chat..
<Sankamap> oh cool. just got the email about this conference... hoping i wasn't too late...
<CanoeBerry> Sankamap: do you want to back up a bit and elaborate on your plans?
<Sankamap> any particular aspects?
<CanoeBerry> You're forgiven for the blank site..
<CanoeBerry> But you will need to blog or write to our as you move forward, OK?
<Sankamap> ayup, that's a place holder - just been flat out on other stuff
<CanoeBerry> Questions for us?
<CanoeBerry> Sankamap: otherwise we need to move on quick to our 5 other projects quick!
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<Sankamap> The focus is on the island of Boungainville in PNG it was the site of a decade plus long civil war and lost 10 per cent of it's population - it is recovering, but a lot of young people got no education and the recovering education system is crying out for resources. I am working with two people up there (and possibly more to follow) - big challenge is communication and as such looking at porting Scribus and possibly some 
other apps to facilitate 
<CanoeBerry> Sankamap: we can try to introduce you to some experienced XO/Sugar deployment folk in the area.
* Blue-Teal-07  Quit (Client Quit)
<CanoeBerry> Will email you later if that's OK.

[ PROJECT #7 - XO Advocacy Project - Nigeria ]

<CanoeBerry> onto Project #7
<CanoeBerry> XO Advocacy Project - Nigeria
<CanoeBerry> ]
<CanoeBerry>    Requests 2 XOs over 12 months
<CanoeBerry>    Project Objectives:
<SweetXOGrannie> Are these Nigerians (#51437) from the same general area (as #50961)? It sounds like the makings of an XO/OLPC users group with a lending library/Roadshow
<CanoeBerry> Let's continue -- Sankamap can pipe in en route whenever he/she wants.
<CanoeBerry> SweetXOGrannie: not sure
<SweetXOGrannie> can we find out?  I would be happy to work with all of them if they are
* Blue-Teal-07  has joined #olpc-meeting
<CanoeBerry> SweetXOGrannie: they seem possibly dispersed.. Akwa Ibom
<CanoeBerry> State
<CanoeBerry> , Lagos, Kano
<CanoeBerry> those are different parts of Nigeria (i think!)
<SweetXOGrannie> Too bad
<CanoeBerry> In fact all 3 in completely opposite corners of Nigeria, coincidentally.
<CanoeBerry> Let's conclude Project #7 here.
<SweetXOGrannie> Re 51437... no specific school no administrator/teacher buy in. Could all end up in a closet somewhere.
<Sankamap> sure. I am in touch with Ian Thompson of SPC who is doing the SPC Satellite Communications stuff,and some of the PNG deployments, as wekk as Mike Hutak who is "Mr OLPC" in Australia (I guess).
<Blitzkev> Mr. OLPC eh
<Sankamap> re .in a closet. I just got word from local (SPC) folks that they are trying to track down 50 units, which from what they can ascertain are sitting unused in a closet
<CanoeBerry> OK, the job is done, wink!
<CanoeBerry> I'd been planning to introduce you to Ian..
<SweetXOGrannie> I am working with someone with 107 units in a closet. He will finally deploy them in about a month... 2 years after buying them in the first G1G1
<CanoeBerry> SweetXOGrannie: we cannot be completely anti-Nigerian... is there hope for any of these 3 proposals?
<SweetXOGrannie> I like the first one the ticket I stole
<CanoeBerry> SweetXOGrannie: that's to your credit..heroic
<SweetXOGrannie> This one is even less specific than TradeTech/LULAC
<Sankamap> Came in late on this - anti-nigerian - is the concern over being side-tracked as "spam-servers"???
<CanoeBerry> SweetXOGrannie: OK, you stole the guy in the big city (Lagos) here..
<cjb> Sankamap: no, he just means we've had three (bad) proposals from Nigeria that we're rejecting
<CanoeBerry> Luckily 1 of the 3 is being mentored so far, towards possible revision/improvement.
<cjb> (because they don't say enough about what they're going to do with the laptops they're asking for)

[ PROJECT #8 - Help Activity Maintenance - Cambridge, MA, USA ]

<CanoeBerry> Let's move onto Project #8 now.
<CanoeBerry> Help Activity Maintenance - Seth Woodworth, Cambridge, MA, USA
<CanoeBerry>    Requests 1 XO-1.5 B2 over (undetermined) months
<CanoeBerry>    Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>    To update the Help Activity for the XO-1.5 release.
<SweetXOGrannie> Just wait 50961 will be wonderful when we get it ready
<CanoeBerry> PRE-APPROVED -- Seth took his XO-1.5 B2 yesterday..
<cjb> SweetXOGrannie: :)

[ PROJECT #9 - Conectando El Futuro @ Polytechnic University of Engineering/UPI - Tegucigalpa, Honduras ]

<CanoeBerry> Onto Project #9...
* benjismith  Quit ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
<CanoeBerry> Conectando El Futuro @ Polytechnic University of Engineering/UPI - 
<CanoeBerry> Tegucigalpa, Honduras
<CanoeBerry> ]
<CanoeBerry>    Requests 100 XOs over (undetermined) months
<CanoeBerry> Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>    The Polytechnic University of Engineering, UPI, is an organization
<CanoeBerry>    committed to its people, the Honduras people and has placed on its
<CanoeBerry>    shoulders social responsibility and the priorities of the poorest people
<CanoeBerry>    in isolated communities. Our priority is Education, and you cannot talk
<CanoeBerry>    about education without children, and these days without digital
<CanoeBerry>    technology. That´s why UPI looks at the OLPC as a great opportunity to
<CanoeBerry>    remove the technological gap that exists in Latin America, these
<CanoeBerry>    accompanied by the economical and social gaps that sadly define a
<CanoeBerry>    generation in Honduras. UPI believes knowledge dissipates all gaps and
<CanoeBerry>    is truly invaluable. That´s why pledge our commitment in helping the
<CanoeBerry>    children reach the goals they could’t have dreamed of having.
<CanoeBerry>    Giving the children laptops to increase their knowledge in math and
<CanoeBerry>    science with the help of software will not only increase their potential
<CanoeBerry>    but will make them comfortable in the areas of digital technology as we
<CanoeBerry>    are in the digital age, it is essential that electronics be part of
<CanoeBerry>    their formation.
<CanoeBerry>    Teaching the teachers how to use the software is imperative if we want
<CanoeBerry>    to create an extension and a follow up in the generational change. Kids
<CanoeBerry>    with small resources or no resources at all can learn and the teachers
<CanoeBerry>    can teach the next generation thus forming a chain for the better of our
<CanoeBerry>    nation.
<CanoeBerry>    UPI is member and representative of Engineers Without Borders
<CanoeBerry>    International EWB-I and has founded its chapter EWB-Honduras, and
<CanoeBerry>    receive support of the California State University.Chico, The
<CanoeBerry>    Honduran-German Chamber of Commerce, The Honduran Foundation for
<CanoeBerry>    Integral and Technical Education, FEITH,.and ECOMAC an engineering 
<CanoeBerry> company.
...brief network interruption...
<CanoeBerry> We have a strong co-mentor who signed up this morning to help above.
<CanoeBerry> I need to train her first however, later this week.
<CanoeBerry> She has experience deploying XOs in South America.
<bemasc> CanoeBerry: I'm pretty sure you just told me that people can buy 100 XOs.
<cjb> 100's obviously a huge number for an untested project
<CanoeBerry> Yes.
<CanoeBerry> 100 is out of proportion here, but we will advise them in the mentoring process.
<CanoeBerry> The mentor (DC-based woman) believes this project shows high promise.. any comments for now from the group here?
<bemasc> It's a deployment.
<bemasc> As deployments go, it sounds like it has better support than most OLPC deployments due to the university connection.
<SweetXOGrannie> 100 is too many. No real groundwork. No real give-back to OLPC community
<SweetXOGrannie> 100 machines could seed 10-15 normal contributors projects
<CanoeBerry> Interesting that the Chancellor of the university applied to the Contributors Program.
<CanoeBerry> I Bcc'd all dozen participants 90min ago, hoping some would join here, but so far appears not..
<cjb> could we send them 10, some more conditional on them providing something valuable to olpc?
<SweetXOGrannie> can you re-direct them to sales?
<CanoeBerry> Yes. Anybody here also willing to help shape their work en route?
<SweetXOGrannie> They need big time revision for even 10
<CanoeBerry> Let me consult with the DC-based mentor towards putting this proposal on solid footing, towards 10-XO experimentation if that's where they want to go.
<bemasc> They're not proposing to contribute to OLPC.  It's a deployment.
<CanoeBerry> objections?
<cjb> oh
<cjb> I think I agree with bemasc, then
<cjb> if they think we're here to fund machines for a deployment
<SweetXOGrannie> -1 for now. Let's see a revised request for 10
<cjb> that seems wrong
<CanoeBerry> Any comentors here??
* triagebot  Quit (Remote closed the connection)
<cjb> so on top of getting a better description, I think we shojld let them know that they seem to have the wrong idea
<bemasc> Ultimately, all those warehoused XOs _should_ be deployed, and if internal OLPC politics mean that this is the only channel, then I can accept that.
<cjb> CanoeBerry: have they proposed anything that we can mentor?
* edmcnierney is now known as edmcnierney_away
<bemasc> I think OLPC really _should_ pursue this deployment, in order to build demand in Honduras.
<Blitzkev> I was talking to a student from honduras
<CanoeBerry> cjb: Ppl love mentoring microdeployments, and this helps build up teachers tips & tricks like we now need to solidfy.
<Blitzkev> he saw me programming on the olpc and started talking about how they've become popular there
<Blitzkev> er
<Blitzkev> the xo
<CanoeBerry> Anyway, conclusion: On Hold for now -- shows great potential.
<Sankamap> ditto on that - call me a cynic, but the "put computers in front of kids, and they will learn" approach seems shortsighted for a University. They, more than anyone should understand the importance of curriculum development....  Even if they cant or wont provide coders they should at least contribute with details of the Honduran education system, curriculum priorities etc...
<CanoeBerry> Indeed.
<CanoeBerry> Onto Project #9 [#10 really]
<Sankamap> thus giving a framework for others to assist them.

[ PROJECT #10 - Sao Joao School - Sao Tome and Principe ]

<CanoeBerry> Onto Project #9.. [#10 really]
<CanoeBerry> 10. Sao Joao School - Sao Tome and Principe
<CanoeBerry> ]
<CanoeBerry>     Requests 4 XOs over 12 months
<CanoeBerry>     Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>     Concrete proposals with defined, measurable outcomes are much
<CanoeBerry>     more likely to result in a laptop than "it would be cool to play with
<CanoeBerry>     these and demo them".
<CanoeBerry>     1. In planning future use of the laptop computers with the students at
<CanoeBerry>     São João, I need to have computers of my own so that I may master the
<CanoeBerry>     Sugar platform and the use of the XO laptop so that I may teach it to
<CanoeBerry>     my students. I am asking for four computers of my own so that I can
<CanoeBerry>     effectively connect within my own network best understand the
<CanoeBerry>     mechanics of one. We currently have classes every Saturday, and during
<CanoeBerry>     summer vacation we will also have classes three days per week. I am
<CanoeBerry>     leaving the island for a period of time to go back home to Washington,
<CanoeBerry>     DC, where I will not have regular access to these computers like I do
<CanoeBerry>     in São Tomé. I need regular access to them so that I can not only
<CanoeBerry>     master the computer for myself, but also learn important
<CanoeBerry>     troubleshooting tactics, and to make lesson plans.
<CanoeBerry>     2. I am also helping to translate the OLPC manual into Portuguese.
<CanoeBerry>     Given this, it is important that I have a computer with me so that I
<CanoeBerry>     can be sure that false translations can be corrected with real life
<CanoeBerry>     experience.
<CanoeBerry>     3. Finally, I am hoping to raise money for São João so that they can
<CanoeBerry>     purchase enough computers for their entire 612-student 6th grade. The
<CanoeBerry>     government of São Tomé and Príncipe is very poor and simply does not
<CanoeBerry>     have the money to sponsor this program without help. I am hoping to be
<CanoeBerry>     able to use the computers in my fundraising initiatives by showing
<CanoeBerry>     interested individual and organizational donors the mechanics of this
<CanoeBerry>     powerful little computer, encouraging them to support the education
<CanoeBerry>     and growth of children at the São João school.
...brief network interruption...
<CanoeBerry> FYI for those who failed Geography.. Sao Tome & Principe in a couple islands within the gigantic bay SW of Africa
* SweetXOGrannie  Quit ("CGI:IRC")
<CanoeBerry> FYI Beth Santos has offered to publicly present her work so far Tues Dec 29 in Boston, when she comes back from Africa.
<cjb> CanoeBerry: does she know about emulation/sugar on a stick?
* Grannie  has joined #olpc-meeting
<bemasc> She wants to translate manuals and construct lesson plans, essentially.  It seems reasonable to me.
<CanoeBerry> cjb: not sure
<culseg> she has helped on translation to Portuguese, appears motivated to help over time, seems a supportable project
<bemasc> I'm not sure how much of an audience she'll be able to find on Dec 29...
<Sankamap> Sao Tome is about as hard to get to as the Falkkands - It's about 100 miles west of Gabon.  It would probably take a month to get hardware there. If whe is in Boston in 3-4 weeks, it may be more appropriate to ship them back with her (based also on elaboration that she gives in that meeting...)
<CanoeBerry> bemasc: we're aware.. but she will hopefully present in DC too during Jan if we're lucky!
<bemasc> If I read the ticket correctly, she'll be in Washington, DC from January to June.
<CanoeBerry> Beth Santos seems like a potential jewel in our community.
<culseg>  4 XOs to plot and plan ideas
<CanoeBerry> She should mentor us!
<bemasc> +1
<CanoeBerry> culseg: can you possibly meet her around Dec 29?
<CanoeBerry> I'm hoping to pull together a group then, around Boston or NH to here her speak / slide show.
<culseg> +1 for 4 can't promise to meet
<CanoeBerry> +1
<CanoeBerry> Conclusions / Objections?
<bemasc> If she will be in Boston, I'm sure we can find at least a few people to meet with her.
<CanoeBerry> Speaking of NH, Nancie Severs may copresent her Vietnam deployment..
<CanoeBerry> Let's wrap up.
<CanoeBerry> OK, any takers to work alongside Beth plz add yourself to the ticket here:
<CanoeBerry> Conclusion : Approved.

[ PROJECT #11 - Expanded Roadshow In A Box with XO-1.5(s) - Los Angeles / Simi Valley, CA, USA ]

<CanoeBerry> Final Project #11 now!
<CanoeBerry> Expanded Roadshow In A Box with XO-1.5(s) - Los Angeles / Simi 
<CanoeBerry> Valley, CA, USA
<CanoeBerry> ]
<CanoeBerry>     Requests 2 XO-1.5's over 18 months
<CanoeBerry>     Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>     A. The Roadshow In a Box has already been a rousing success with 
<CanoeBerry> many new volunteers and projects resulting from people seeing the XO-1 
<CanoeBerry> at exhibits and presentations we have done using Roadshow In A Box 
<CanoeBerry> machines we already have.
<CanoeBerry> It is time to add the XO-1.5 to the mix so we can show it at SCaLE 
<CanoeBerry> 8X in February and CUE 2010 in March. Hundreds of people will be 
<CanoeBerry> attending these events, so we are asking for 2 machines to better serve 
<CanoeBerry> the people who will visit our exhibits.
<CanoeBerry>     B. Testing of the XO-1.5 is an equally important objective. Having 
<CanoeBerry> experienced educators in the mix of testers is very important. We will 
<CanoeBerry> also assist in making the documentation of the machine and its software 
<CanoeBerry> easy to understand for educators.
<CanoeBerry> Grannie Caryl: plz introduce your work if poss!
<CanoeBerry> +1 for 1 single XO-1.5 B2 from my limited remaining Contributors Program allocation.
<Grannie> Wow! Love too... we have almost missed the train. We were waiting for the XO-1.5 to be more stable and now it is.
<bemasc> I'm still not convinced.  For example, on B2 suspend kills the network.
<Grannie> We can live with one for now, but would like at least 1 or maybe 2 more in time for SCaLE in Feb
<CanoeBerry> My CP supply of XO-1.5 B2's is almost totally depleted, but these machines will have no value in a few weeks.
<culseg> +1 for 2XOs if a second can be found for the left coast effort
<bemasc> cjb can say better.
<Grannie> Ha! That is why they need testers like us
<CanoeBerry> (Little value..)
<Grannie> the machines not the project?
<Grannie> we would like at least 2 more in time for SCaLE in Feb
<CanoeBerry> Yes, the B2 machines will have little value after the mass-produced 1.5's are available hopefully very soon now.
<cjb> the 1.5 software hits production next week
<Grannie> we would also like other enthusiasts to come to SCaLE
<bemasc> I'd hate to send unstable hardware for a roadshow.
<cjb> so there's much less value from extra testing after that
<Grannie> ok... maybe after we help with the testing they won't be so unstable ;-)
<cjb> mm.  I dunno, could go either way.
<cjb> Grannie: no, that's not quite it
<CanoeBerry> But I'd like to ship this 1.5 B2 under my desk right now, and have someone use it, consider it done unless there are serious objections..
<bemasc> CanoeBerry: what's the shipping lead time?
<cjb> the hardware is unstable because it's old
<cjb> the software is just about done
<CanoeBerry> Caryl (and her husband hiding in the background) are some of the most dedicated contributors we have..
<cjb> (comparatively old, of course)
<Grannie> lead time is very short (right?")
<bemasc> CanoeBerry: I'd rather ship at the latest date to arrive in time, to get her the most up to date hardware.
<CanoeBerry> bemasc: it takes me 4min to run to the Fedex office from here!
<cjb> bemasc: I think that'd be production 1.5s
<Grannie> But I need to get up to speed on the 1.5
<cjb> C1 is apparently only 20 or so laptops
<cjb> I think we can probably do this
* Sankamap ( Quit ("CGI:IRC")
<bemasc> cjb: do what?
<CanoeBerry> Anyway there are just a few left here, and I believe Caryl's more deserving and will do more with this than some of the 15 strangers I'll be giving XO-1.5 B2's to this wkd in Toronto @ FUDCon..
<cjb> but bear in mind that a B2 does not make an attractive roadshow
<cjb> and you'll need to turn off some features
<cjb> to stop it from crashing
<CanoeBerry> SJ did a pretty stellar job roadshowing the 1.5 in DC in Sept.
<cjb> *wince*
<CanoeBerry> :)
<cjb> you mean, the one where I got a phone call while riding my bike?
<cjb> saying "uh, hi, there's all these people here and the machine won't boot?"
<CanoeBerry> Sorry bout that!
<Grannie> That's OK crashing is the story of my computer life
<culseg> OK amended for 1XO from under the desk to ship now and positive vibes for Feb ideas for future one
<CanoeBerry> Call it a Night?!
<Grannie> Been around a very looooong time!
<cjb> yeah, sounds ok
<cjb> Grannie: you'll need to get some specific help on setting up that machine
<CanoeBerry> * 2hr meeting Done, Thanks All *
<cjb> the normal 1.5 software will make it crash
<Grannie> Yes!  Happy
<cjb> because it is old hardware
<CanoeBerry> SweetXOGrannie can keep up with boys..
<Grannie> who can help?
<CanoeBerry> Christoph & others..
<Grannie> volunteers?
<Grannie> great!  This will be fun.
<CanoeBerry> There are almost 10 folks on the Support Gang mailing list helping with XO-1.5 work in various capacities, thanks for joining Caryl.
<Grannie> It will be a very great pleasure to join in!
<Grannie> bye for now, and thanks
<cjb> see you :)
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* Grannie  Quit ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
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