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<_sj_> hiya icarito
<_sj_> we're starting soon...
<icarito> hi
<icarito> great
<CanoeBerry> hi
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<CanoeBerry> HI NL
<CanoeBerry> HI TX
<yamaplos> Hi y'all!
<cesar_bo> Hello yamaplos
<cesar_bo> Hello to all :-)
<yamaplos> Buenas y santas!
<CanoeBerry> HI BO!
<yamaplos> CanoeBerry: Nice start for the RT tool
<CanoeBerry> I'm hoping Caryl will join.
<yamaplos> +1
<CanoeBerry> yamaplos: I want to push much more into RT over the wkd.
<_sj_> let's see if we can get this meeting back down to under half an hour again :)
<_sj_> heya mvn
<yamaplos> Hope so
<CanoeBerry> Caryl had _lots_ of good ideas she sent me privately, so I hope she join us here to share..
<yamaplos> CanoeBerry: every item should be there, including single unit requests
<CanoeBerry> +1
<CanoeBerry> Aside: only 1 group got special treatment so far, which is a pair of professional Sri Lankan testers who promised to test Release 8.2.1 this month, before their services are no longer needed.
<CanoeBerry> That shipment is hopefully going out today.
<yamaplos> Since we're waiting, let me share the La Paz repair center has already fixed 6 units
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<yamaplos> despite issues with info being available only in English, bad connectivity...
<yamaplos> We can begin the party, Caryl is here!
<Caryl> Hi All¡

<CanoeBerry> yamaplos: is cesar_bo involved with any of the Bolivian repair center(s)?
<yamaplos> "professional Sri Lankan testers"  Were they employees of OLPC?
<_sj_> no
<CanoeBerry> No, they are volunteers for OLPC, but one is QA Lead for a significant company over there in Sri Lanka, very experienced..
<_sj_> hiya caryl
<yamaplos> CanoeBerry:  He's a sort of driving spirit behind a lot of Bolivia Open community work, in that sense, yes
<cesar_bo> CanoeBerry In Santa Cruz de la Sierra, want's to apply for that.
<Caryl> hi sj¡
<CanoeBerry> cesar_bo: you want to start another repair ctr?
<CanoeBerry> email me the details if so!
<cesar_bo> CanoeBerry: I don't know the people of the repair center in la paz, :'( sadly
<yamaplos> Not formally attached, though I hope to hire him, and the head of the Repair center, for OLE Bolivia as soon as I can afford to - thus strong connections
<yamaplos> cesar_bo, you know Erick Gomez, don't you?
<cesar_bo> CanoeBerry: Sure
<CanoeBerry> cesar_bo or anyone: up to 10 free (broken for parts) XO Laptops will be on their way if you apply to create a community repair center here: TX
<cesar_bo> yamaplos: Erick from the Sociedad Cientifica?
<CanoeBerry> If your proposal shows sustainability / communit give-back..
<yamaplos> And Erick will be able to give you a hand in figuring how to fix'em - he already did quite a bit
<yamaplos> cesar_bo: correct
<cesar_bo> yamaplos: I know from the boliviaos proyect, He try to help us.
<yamaplos> It's the Sociedad Cientifica who is running the repair center in their office/work room/lab
<CanoeBerry> cesar_bo: great photographic tips here to get you started repairing:
<Caryl> Yama: Is anything happening in Cocbabamba? You mentioned a contact there?
<yamaplos> cesar_bo:
<cesar_bo> yamaplos: Well here in Bolivia they are the OLD GAN, :) Is nice to know that they have projects and motivation to keep doing thins
<yamaplos> Caryl:  lots in Cochabamba, but going sloooooow
<Caryl> Yama: Has anyone contacted JE in Cochabamba.  I told him someone would the last time I called.
<yamaplos> Their repair center is to operate off the experience in La Paz, so they had to wait until La Paz got their act together, which seems to be happening
<yamaplos> I will contact JE - let's see about that on the side
<CanoeBerry> Shall we kickoff the RT plan in 2-3 min?  I don't want to cut off the great Bolivian discussion until then.
<yamaplos> OK
<_sj_> sounds good.
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<icarito> yamaplos: how did you solve customs? we are being charged 385 US for "importing" the 10 broken laptops
<_sj_> I'll move the latest proposals to the wiki setup while people talk about them
<yamaplos> so, re JE, I have started to set up the OLE Bolivia Education Team
<cesar_bo> yamaplos: In cochabamba try to contact the Ubuntu LoCo Team and the chics from, they are highly active in cochabamba
<_sj_> CanoeBerry, perhaps it would be helpful to go through all of the last 10, briefly
<Gold-Silver-68> Hey guys
<yamaplos> I got the Gobierno Municipal de La PAz lawyer to go with me to customs :-)
<Caryl> i'll go past my comments in...
<_sj_> and have people comment on wiki so there's a longer discussion afterwards?
<icarito> kikomayorga and ATA are going to pay for those, and 10 in good condition from the contributor's program
<Gold-Silver-68> this is adarsh
<yamaplos> cesar_bo:  Thanks, I will do that
<icarito> ok
<icarito> i remember
<_sj_> we don't really have time for a long discussion for most projects
<_sj_> adarsh: missed you on the call this morning!
<_sj_> but your notes were well received
<_sj_> and the basis for 1/3 of the chat
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<icarito> i guess transbot0 is not here today?
<icarito> i wonder if hpachas-PE might want to participate
<yamaplos> adarsh real-name?
<icarito> i'm sorry if I missed a meeting btw
<icarito> not sure if i did
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<icarito> umm actually that was deployment meeting, this is contributor's program meeting sorry
<hpachas-PE> icarito, hola
<yamaplos> CanoeBerry, icarito: paperwork for getting donations through is "simple", but might need we work the sending side as well
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<icarito> hpachas-PE: esta es la reunion del programa de contribuidores, la confundí con la reunion de deployment, de todos modos, bienvenido
<hpachas-PE> contribuidores, q significa?
<hpachas-PE> es decir, que hacen
<AdarshP> Hey guys - am back
<AdarshP> SJ - how was meeting this morning?
<yamaplos> supuestamente distribuimos XOs a desarrolladores e investigadores
<icarito> hpachas-PE: reciben laptops para desarrollar
<yamaplos> No somos muy eficientes... :-)
<hpachas-PE> icarito, puedo ayudar

<yamaplos> hpachas-PE: ustedes ya tienen muchas!
<hpachas-PE> creo q en cada pais debe ser bien administrado la entrega de las XO
<icarito> bueno ahora que lo mencionas, sería bueno que aglutinaramos a los contribuidores en Peru y los pusieramos en contacto con tu equipo técnico
<hpachas-PE> yamaplos, si
<yamaplos> El tema es de resolver cómo hacerlas llegar adonde hacen falta y no hay
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<hpachas-PE> icarito, a eso me refiero
<yamaplos> +1
<yamaplos> a ambos
<CanoeBerry> AdarshP: i missed it but SJ & Seth had a good time with, looking towards grand plans around possible Contributors Program / Project EcoSystem "web app" & beyond
<hpachas-PE> pienso que podriamos tener un adminsitrador por continente
<icarito> hpachas-PE: bueno estamos levantando un laboratorio en el centro de lima y estamos recibiendo 20 máquinas
<hpachas-PE> y ese distribuir a los paises
<icarito> hpachas-PE: te cuento lo que estamos haciendo
<hpachas-PE> y en cada pais tener un responsable de esta administración
<yamaplos> no da pa tanto.  Somos 5 monos locos, y no logramos resolver inclusive problemas chiquiticos
<icarito> hpachas-PE: no estamos buscando gerentes
<icarito> hpachas-PE: mas bien queremos contacto con tu equipo tecnico
<icarito> para ayudar en lo que mas sirva
<icarito> digamos para la logistica y etc
<icarito> estoy seguro que quisieramos integrar los aportes de la gente que tiene XO aqui
<icarito> para ayudar en el despliegue y terreno
<hpachas-PE> icarito, los temas de XO en cada pais debe ser bien adminsitrado
<CanoeBerry> Summary in English Please?
<icarito> nosotros podemos coordinarlo
<yamaplos> Adam, SJ do we get going?
<yamaplos> :-)
<icarito> hpachas-PE: si pero esto no necesita gestion, necesita comunicacion
<_sj_> yep
<yamaplos> OK, Hpachas would want a hierarchy of administrators
<icarito> hay varias XO en terreno aqui con desarrolladores
<yamaplos> continent-level, national level...
<icarito> queremos ponernos todos en contacto y ayudarte :-D
<CanoeBerry> Thanks: Let's start our scheduled agenda in 30 secs now.
<icarito> no es malo verdad?
<yamaplos> yet there is a start of cooperation between him and icarito, I say +1 to both
<_sj_> hernan, we can start with a few organized regional or country centers
<icarito> sorry guys for switch to spanish
<_sj_> before working out the master global plan
<yamaplos> SJ, if you allow them to exist...

<yamaplos> We'd like to do that in Bolivia, and work regionally
<yamaplos> great PE is doing its thing too
<hpachas-PE> es q pienso que existe una mala admisnitración de los recursos
<yamaplos> and we can coordinate together
<yamaplos> maybe help Chile :-)
<CanoeBerry> AGENDA: (1) how RT community support volunteers can help (2) specific projects we need to review quick (3) how we will improve the project review & mentoring process in the coming 10 days
<icarito> hpachas-PE: cuales recursos ? que administración? qué harías distinto?
<hpachas-PE> si logramos tener una buena administracion de los recursos sera mas facil contactar con los desarrolladores
<_sj_> hpachas-PE, the worst administration of resources sometimes has the most bureaucracy :-)
<hpachas-PE> y desarrollar tareas
<_sj_> if you want to raie new business about process, pls do so at the end
<_sj_> yes
<CanoeBerry> Let us begin.
<yamaplos> (1) a)sponsoring specific projects - follow up, general encouragement, accountability, seeing things keep on track, info comes back, and units are not lost
<CanoeBerry> (1) the RT experiment has begun with the 6 large project proposals we surveyed last week
<yamaplos> (1) b) evaluating projects - Yeah or Nay to things as they come in
<yamaplos> CanoeBerry: +1 to that
<Caryl> Aside...finished pasting my comments
<CanoeBerry> This means we're expanding the review process to ~149 people Support Gang folk who are encouraged to comment on the 6 RT tickets.
<yamaplos> (1) c) serving with advice, support, answering questions, in short, using their experience to help those who have none
<CanoeBerry> And communicate directly to the project applicants (to enourage them to refine their proposals!)
<CanoeBerry> Caryl: thanks!
<yamaplos> as needed, when needed :-)
<Caryl> Also having trouble using RT.  Sometimes it won't let me type.  Maybe too many windows open.  I closed a few.
<CanoeBerry> Currently these 6 "large" project proposals lie in the "" RT queue.
<Caryl> Can we discuss the template I posted on the wiki?
<yamaplos> Proposal refining needs a few examples of good proposals.  Unfair to ask to "refine proposal, add detail, jump" when you do not say how high to jump
<CanoeBerry> We should be moving them to the "" queue within the next few days.
<yamaplos> caryl: URL?
<Caryl> un momento...
<CanoeBerry> Caryl's is a great beginning to a Contributors/Projects FAQ

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<Caryl> Yama:
<yamaplos> is that waht she says she pasted comments to?
<CanoeBerry> Newbies note that RT has its own FAQ system called "RTFM" that sends (generally longer) elegant replies via email.
<Caryl> no, check the RT links  Adam sent. We are all invited to add comments
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<CanoeBerry> Thanks Caryl: do you want to survey your proposed application form?
<Caryl> How do you mean "survey"?
<CanoeBerry> Caryl: Discuss the highlights of your application form suggestion?
<Caryl> We could all go to that link and suggest additions?  The encourages the applicant to consider all aspects of their project
<_sj_> re
<yamaplos> You asked Caryl, but let me comment that we need to fit the form to actual expected results of the program
<Caryl> I' m sure I left some out, but they should help folks refine their ideas and make a clear, concise application
<_sj_> This means we're expanding the review process to ~149 people Support Gang folk who are encouraged to comment on the 6 RT tickets.
<CanoeBerry> Caryl: and does it take into account yamaplos' concern that some ppl are grantsmanship experts, nurturing those less experienced in flaunting?
<_sj_> I am in favor of a more open plan :-)  but I'll leave descriptoin of that to the wiki
<yamaplos> I have had good experience working with material Caryl starts and I help flesh out, I see a good opportunity here
<_sj_> I don't think rt should be used for reviewing at all
<yamaplos> -1
<_sj_> [only for the email chain of "status update" "tracking #" and later on "how is your project coming?"]
<Caryl> Both the applicant and the readers need to be very sure of what they are asking for, why, how they will use their XOs, what results are expected etc.
<yamaplos> I think RT is a HUGE improvement on what we had.,  If you have a better suggestion, please share, SJ
<AdarshP> sorry. was on the phone. going through history - yes, this is my real name :)
<Caryl> The template gives them a framework to build their application upon
<CanoeBerry> RT provides mentoring.
<yamaplos> caryl +1
<dirakx> is there a phone line for this meeting ?
<yamaplos> CanoeBerry: and accountability
<CanoeBerry> The flip side of mentoring is that mentors (and mentees) need to have discipline to publish their progress on the public wiki.
<CanoeBerry> yamaplos: agreed
<yamaplos> dirackx: text is better to make sure we mean =
<Caryl> It is the sort of thing I hoped to find when I applied for my Roadshow In A Box.

Instead, I had to "wing it" as they say in show-biz
<_sj_> yama, I sent you a link.
<dirakx> ok.
<CanoeBerry> 1 sec
<_sj_> you have yet to read, edit, or use it :)
<_sj_> [[OLPC:PFR]]
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<icarito> _sj_: save us the wikilinks pls
<yamaplos> sj: did you send it as email?  nothing there yet
<_sj_> yama, you responded the other night
<_sj_> and said 'thanks'
<Caryl> If we can "polish" up the template today or soon, I can share it with SCaLE attendees next weekend
<_sj_> caryl: nice
<yamaplos> oh my, I respond to so much and say thanks to even more, dunno what u talking about?? :-)
<yamaplos> OK, can we go with (2) of the agenda?
<CanoeBerry> OK, the RT experiment will continue-- the huge advantage being that it's will suss out the issues in a communicative environment far more ppl are familiar with.
<yamaplos> +1
<CanoeBerry> Then we can design the perfect system in the coming weeks/months.
<CanoeBerry> Now (2) specific proposals.
<CanoeBerry> Who wants to begin? Caryl? Yama?
<yamaplos> sure
<yamaplos> I say let's figure if the knee could do with a couple _loaners_
<yamaplos> and if someone can sponsor, i.e. follow up
<CanoeBerry> Sounds good: or perhaps even just 1? and yeah: who would be a good mentor for "knee replacement" project?
<CanoeBerry> I will if nobody else, but volunteers welcome!!
<Caryl> I really don't think the XO will be appropriate for their clients.  Maybe one as a tester? A lot of "Grannies" complained on RT about the difficulty of using the keyboard
<yamaplos> +1, that's waht I mean, a tester, though I personally would say 2
<yamaplos> that we get back in say 3 months?
<Culseg> heath care data gathering could be important for collaborating with NGOs ....I made comments in ticket
<yamaplos> Been following up with Walter Bender and others in an "Elder Laptop" - but it's quite away from our supposed major mandate wiuth kids.
<yamaplos> Can we round up knee, and move on?
<CanoeBerry> Thanks Culseg, re Knee prjct: in sum advocating for this, as an experienced healthcare crew, if they target kids etc.
<CanoeBerry> Moving on.
<CanoeBerry> Next prjct.
<CanoeBerry> Who goes?
<CanoeBerry> Ethiopia prjct denied.

<yamaplos> Ethiopia, I say negative, they want multimedia platforms, let's contact trhem with Ed Cherlin
<yamaplos> OK, next?
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<yamaplos> Morocco
<CanoeBerry> Oops: SJ explains this mtg needs to accelerate, he has to go soon etc :)
<yamaplos> can other people say something?  I have offered to sponsor that one
<Caryl> Morocco has some great points.  Their ap needs reworking
<yamaplos> examples for rework?
<yamaplos> so I can help them do it
<CanoeBerry> (Next week we will be more organized: but yes we shoud peek at the 6 or 8 NEW projects whose proposals arrived within the last week...sorry these are not in Rt yet)
<Caryl> Do the template. Cover all the bases. Answer all the doubts we may have. Get all their "ducks in a row" to ensure a successful project for them and for OLPC
<CanoeBerry> Check.
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<yamaplos> OK, so all projects should do the template?
<yamaplos> if so, let's call this a day and go back to the template... !
<CanoeBerry> :)
<yamaplos> I actually put that as a motion
<yamaplos> No project go through until template completed
<icarito> url?
<yamaplos> ?
<CanoeBerry> Should we really make everyone redo their proposals?  Perhaps just the larger ones if so?
<Caryl> Depends on the project.
<CanoeBerry> I'm in favor of people stealing the tickets from me, and providing personal mentoring, keeping me as AdminCC of course.
<CanoeBerry> Towards refining Caryl's and others' criteria for stellar projects.
<yamaplos> ALL projects need some sort of basic stuff, contact info, how they are connected to other efforts
<yamaplos> even and also the one-unit requests
<icarito> +1
<Caryl> URL for the template:
<icarito> perhaps especially
<yamaplos> I'll be working on it also
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<CanoeBerry> OK: let's get a rough summary of where we stand on the 6 large projects we reviewed last week.
<CanoeBerry> So we can move onto the new ones quick.
<yamaplos> knee, let's lend them (1,2? units) IF there is a sponsor to follow through, Adam volunteered to do so, Ethiopia nixed, Morocco should fit the template
<yamaplos> Canada-Bolivia?

<CanoeBerry> OK: Leigh's Bolivia project is approved pending public wikifying of their plans.
<yamaplos> OK
<yamaplos> Bolivia teachers OLE?
<Caryl> Nice project, but where will they buy the 3000?
<yamaplos> can y'all tell me how many to ask, if the major issue is that 80 is too much?
<Caryl> Canada that iss
<yamaplos> if OLPC sells 'em?
<CanoeBerry> Caryl: you are correct, but we will warn Leigh about that in email.  I or anyone here will need to engage them.
<CanoeBerry> Let's move on to Yama's prjct.
<yamaplos> +1!
<Caryl> Yama: If you go through the template and refine your project, you may find fewer will work nicely and do what you want to do
<yamaplos> *how many* ??????????
<Caryl> Yama: I will help you figure that out!
<yamaplos> ok!
<Caryl> Would you like to do it on the wiki or by phone or both?
<CanoeBerry> SJ: do you have advice on how many Yama should consider, as Caryl helps him?
<Caryl> I think If we go through exactly what he wants to do, we will have a better idea
<yamaplos> caryl, phone would be good.  Let's talk about Cochabamba also
<Caryl> great!
<CanoeBerry> Caryl: thanks. Post summaries of your calls to
<Caryl> good
<CanoeBerry> Finally #6 and final prjct from last week: Peru.
<CanoeBerry> Already approved.
<CanoeBerry> Done.
<yamaplos> was approved, yes?
<CanoeBerry> now onto this week's prjcts.
<yamaplos> OK
<icarito> :-)
<yamaplos> we *need* input from SJ on the magic number
<CanoeBerry> Yes, Kiko's prjct was approved in full, tho he needs to fix his link:
<yamaplos> VERY unfair to say "80 is too much" but not say alternatives
<yamaplos> but I will wait talk Caryl
<Caryl> Yama: I'll send you an email with my phome info and when I can do it.
<icarito> is the current link
<CanoeBerry> yama: total aside, i was astonished there are 80 kids in classrooms in many parts of this world..
<yamaplos> caryl +1
<CanoeBerry> thx
<yamaplos> CanoeBerry, I was 4th grade teacher with 42 kids.  In Uruguay
<CanoeBerry> Lots of typos in these proposals :)

<Caryl> I once had 50 in an Algebra class in LAUSD
<Caryl> the fire department made them take a few out
<yamaplos> OK, I had 70 teaching them English, High School 12th grade
<yamaplos> :-)
<yamaplos> CanoeBerry:  you said new business?
<yamaplos> or do we go to
<yamaplos> (3) how we will improve the project review & mentoring process in the coming 10 days
<CanoeBerry> Quick let's go thru the new proposals.
<CanoeBerry> This will be very fast as we've already gone thru 2 of the 8.
<CanoeBerry> And the remaining 6 are very small.
<CanoeBerry> #1 of 6: niki @sloan
<Caryl> were are they?
<yamaplos> where are they?  URL?
<Caryl> link?
<yamaplos> :_) !!!!
<CanoeBerry> Forthcoming linke, sorry, from SJ or me.  But in summary she/he wants to demo these laptops at Sloan Biz School, to sell them to parents/students.
<yamaplos> 2 of the 8?
<CanoeBerry> He/She feels many of these MBA students are parents who will want to buy (!)
<yamaplos> I say let's nix ALL proposals that have no presentation that can be seen
<Caryl> How will they sell them?
<CanoeBerry> Masters in computer science web designer MIT student	
<CanoeBerry> Sadly the proposal is extremely short. That's all she wrote.
<CanoeBerry> Verdict?
<icarito> no sense if OLPC isnt selling
<CanoeBerry> Indeed.
<yamaplos> motion:  all projects should be made public before they can be considered
<Caryl> can't see it. Maybe she needs help
<CanoeBerry> yama: we're trying, but this week we have to make do
<CanoeBerry> #2
<Caryl> send her to the template for starters
<yamaplos> OK, I second Caryl, doesn't fly.  Maybe a loaner from a local UG?
<CanoeBerry> Agreed on your opinions around niki's #1.#2 "Create the Buzz"
<CanoeBerry> #2 examine the tools XO has to offer and create a proposal that I can use either for public fund raising 
<CanoeBerry> Owner of #2: KarinaD
<yamaplos> this is a proposal to do a proposal?
<CanoeBerry> Boston area kids age 3-5.
<yamaplos> Boston - get her a loaner.  Next?
<CanoeBerry> #2 centers around Armenia
<yamaplos> loaner means those are accounted for and RETURNED to the local pool
<Caryl> Fund raising for what?  Buzz for what?  They can't buy the XOs if they want them. It is cruel to get people excited and then they can't follow through
<CanoeBerry> #2 wants to engage grad students around boston to make something happen in

<yamaplos> Boston - connect them to the LUG.  That's what pools are for.  Next?
<CanoeBerry> She 27 y.o. and has been using Windows since age 15.
<CanoeBerry> Agree. Moving on to #3.
<yamaplos> poor thing 12 years to un-learn :-)
<CanoeBerry> "Bahamas" by Westvilla: Basically find out all I can about the laptops. How they work. What benefits they have to students.
<CanoeBerry> Wants to develop deployment plans & sponsors.
<yamaplos> Is this connected to any school?
<CanoeBerry> Worked in IT banking for 7 years doing .
<Caryl> Why?  Can they develop something?
<CanoeBerry> Doing server IT/crypto.
<CanoeBerry> Proposal's very short.
<CanoeBerry> That's about it.
<yamaplos> needs fleshing out - send them to the template
<CanoeBerry> Indeed. moving on to #4?
<yamaplos> yes
<CanoeBerry> #4: "Tutorius" by drykod
<CanoeBerry> We are 9 students working in team and developing an interactive tutorial tool to support children when using Sugar
<CanoeBerry> teachers will be able to create interactive tutorials and distribute them to children
<CanoeBerry> then be interactively assisted when needed
<CanoeBerry> That's all they wrote -- Experience: Computer engineering students for 4 years
<yamaplos> drykod no account in the wiki, yes account as selling XO on ebay
<yamaplos> now, interactive tutorials I am a lot in support of
<Caryl> Why won't emulation work for them?
<yamaplos> +1
<CanoeBerry> Needs a lots more meat.  But they only asked for 1 laptop.  We should engage them regardless, yes :)
<CanoeBerry> Moving on to #5?
<yamaplos> is drykod in Canada?
<Caryl> one is good.  Send them to the disk and soas too
<yamaplos> sorry, #5
<CanoeBerry> Let me check when drykod is, while we move on to #5 of 6...
<icarito> +1 for disk / soas
<yamaplos> +1 disk / soas
<CanoeBerry> #5: Energy neutral internet café	    	Owner:	timgarbos
<Culseg> url for where to see these new ones?
<yamaplos> did they prove experience with alternative energies?
<CanoeBerry> Sadly no URL yet.  SJ & I are working on it and will get URL's soon / today.
<yamaplos> if not, THAT should be their starting point
<CanoeBerry> #5 is very long, about climate change.
<yamaplos> :-) maybe a grant communicator...

<CanoeBerry> #5 wants 1 XO for 4 months.
<CanoeBerry> In short, #5 is a wonderfully dreamy enviro proposal from Denmark, check the website later tonight when we get it into RT (my job)/wiki (SJ's job)
<yamaplos> When I did my solar power experience, I borrowed une B4 from Anne Gentle.  Local pools DO work!
<Caryl> Yama: I'll send you an email when I figure out my schedule for this weekend. We may go dancing tonight, but it is very rainy.
<CanoeBerry> #6: Mir Documentary	    	Owner:	neovita
<CanoeBerry> #6: Mir, a Russian charity, has invited me to come to Russia and shoot a documentary about the work they do with Russian orphans. 
<CanoeBerry> I would go back to Russia and shoot two followup videos one when the laptops are introduced and another a year later to see the results. 
<Caryl> You're kidding?
<yamaplos> How does that connect?
<Caryl> I want to go
<yamaplos> neovita requesting several?
<Caryl> Dobre utra!
<CanoeBerry> #6 about Eastern Russia: would be released under the creative commons so that others can remix and reuse it. I hope the XOs will bring light and hope to children who have little access to education. 
<_sj_> sorry, the link before:
<_sj_> [[OLPC:PFR]] means
<_sj_> here's the monthly log
<CanoeBerry> #6 requests 1 XO for 2 months.
<icarito> lol +1 for canoeberry being elected major somewhere in east europe
<yamaplos> I've had nice experience with orphans using XOs in Bolivia:  One big advantage: the computers are safe, kjid's don't have to take them "home" :-(
<_sj_> process is on
<_sj_> could use cleanup, but provides a single page per project; highlights when multiple requests are made about the same project (for instance the 'educational toolkit' request), &c.
<yamaplos> SJ: love it, will dig into it later
<yamaplos> thanks - again
<CanoeBerry> SJ's timing is good as we moving into the final (3) of our agenda, to wrap up
<CanoeBerry> We've covered all proposals, OK? Final comments for today on any specific proposal?
<yamaplos> did we settle on this one?
<yamaplos> and you said there were 2 that we had dealt with out of the 8 new?
<CanoeBerry> #6: should we send icarito to Siberia to referee this project?
<yamaplos> let's
<Culseg> Does Math Tutor have any content in its proposal?
<yamaplos> I volunteer to coach this one
<Caryl> I really like the Morocco project if we can help them refine it
<icarito> caryl wants to go

<CanoeBerry> yama: correct.. the 2 of the 8 that we already covered were late submission from last week (teacher training & escuelab)
<icarito> i actually live in a deployment country
<CanoeBerry> already covered those 2
<icarito> but i'm yet to see a deployed XO
<icarito> lol
<yamaplos> thaks Caryl, we'll work it !
<Caryl> to Russia...not Morocco!
<CanoeBerry> yamaplos: thanks for mentoring #6
<yamaplos> CanoeBerry, was it the knee and Ethiuopia?
<icarito> +1 for caryl to syberia
<CanoeBerry> yama: explain?
<icarito> i volunteer for the bahamas one
<yamaplos> what were those other 2?
<icarito> :-)
<Caryl> I have an English teacher friend in Siberia
<yamaplos> icarito, serious, you want to coach / sponsor that one?
<CanoeBerry> yama: those other 2 were (teacher training & escuelab) we already covered
<yamaplos> we need mentors for each one of the projects
<yamaplos> OK
<icarito> yamaplos: no i wasnt serious, let me look at it again...
<yamaplos> CanoeBerry
<CanoeBerry> I'll push these 6 new ones into RT asap.
<yamaplos> OK
<yamaplos> did we approve this last one?
<Caryl> I will mentor a mentor...Yama
<yamaplos> :-)  Thanks!
<CanoeBerry> Final business, OK? (3) Making Futuristism real.
<CanoeBerry> FAQ
<yamaplos> (3) flesh out template.  Link strongly to outcomes expected
<CanoeBerry> RTFM's
<CanoeBerry> Process that doesn't suck.
<CanoeBerry> Etc.
<CanoeBerry> And real futurism: can we integrate an SJ-style public process alongside RT.
<yamaplos> outcomes expected:  thses XOs are used, and accounted for, and produce results that are shared
<yamaplos> projects go to wiki, (public) buyt are evaluated here (semi private)
<CanoeBerry> (3) includes Caryl's work, as she's done the most here so far--thx!!
<yamaplos> kudos to Caryl!
<Caryl> happy
<CanoeBerry> Some projects needs public sphere and a private sphere (eg. Afghan Projects don't want to be blow up with too much Googled)
<yamaplos> I guess that the main point in (3) is to add transparency to the process
<CanoeBerry> Yes.

<yamaplos> I support that, also the situation with the Canadian/Bolivian is a bit delicate
<CanoeBerry> And figure out for ourselves how to cross-fertilize projects.
<yamaplos> well, duh! :-)
<CanoeBerry> Friend feeds are all the rage, a la facebook etc.  A *real* map of all the projects in your country etc.
<yamaplos> Now, what about recovering some of the XOs that were passed out like candy in previous eras?
<icarito> i expect we'll propose something in the coming week or so
<icarito> CanoeBerry: something social-networky
<CanoeBerry> Perfect.  That fits well with re-engaging every one of the past 100's of projects via RT
<yamaplos> a real map?  will we get info on deployments from D.T.?  (mouth waters)
<CanoeBerry> DT?
<yamaplos> social-networky Good
<yamaplos> Darah
<CanoeBerry> DT = detention for you Yama ;)
<yamaplos> sponsors, pools, and only if that doesn't work they get something out of network
<yamaplos> :-(
<yamaplos> O:-)
<CanoeBerry> PS Sameer's 5 MBA students (as well as Terry @ Hvd) are trying new approached to updating
<CanoeBerry> Terri?
<CanoeBerry> Sameer's very interested in working with us here.  Their entire spring classmay focus on designing a Contributors Program 3.0
<CanoeBerry> Learning from our 2,0 experience we're building together right here.
<yamaplos> an approach that actually uses real data?  OK, no more shots at a dead horse
<icarito> lol yama you have such colorful expressions
* icarito pictures yama and walter dancing
<icarito> haha
<CanoeBerry> PS how much we should prioritize RT 3.8.2 is a very much related question...
<CanoeBerry> Opinions?
<CanoeBerry> Does Rt 3.6.5 give you nightmares?
<yamaplos> Don't forget it, he has two left feet, never seen that, people with an extra finger, yes, but two left feet!
<CanoeBerry> Fond dreams?
<yamaplos> I like improvements to  Hadn't been that way a while
<icarito> CanoeBerry: cesar_bo has been recommending "roundup" to me
<CanoeBerry> roundup?
<CanoeBerry> OK, speaking of which, we need to wrapup this mtg, ok?
<icarito> i'm looking at it its like trac meets rt
<CanoeBerry> Final thoughts all around? Speak now please, those who have not.

<icarito> ok, just mentioning it, as it seems to do what RT does
<yamaplos> I'll pass on this one, to much a noob to opinate
<yamaplos> Looks like that discussion would fit the Sunday meeting better?
<CanoeBerry> Yes.  Did someone turn on auto-transcripting 90min ago?
<CanoeBerry> Do populate;O=D ?
<CanoeBerry> *To populate;O=D ?
<icarito> guess not
<yamaplos> No idea, let's do a ctrl-A and go home
<CanoeBerry> OK.
<CanoeBerry> Last call...
<icarito> oh oh
<icarito> umm
<yamaplos> caryl, plz send phone
<Culseg> RT update is important!
<icarito> about this woman who wanted to buy 50 xos
<icarito> for the orphanage
<icarito> i'm guessing even if I rally and pool for 100, no way to get XOs?
<icarito> i have a project to design deployment guidelines for cheap grassroots efforts
<icarito> it would be great to work with them if they could deploy
<icarito> i could volunteer at their orphanage
<icarito> what can I suggest to them?
<yamaplos> I guess we'll need to step back and structure those things up, WHIT the knowledge OLPC has no willingness to help from their side...
<yamaplos> WITH
<yamaplos> In your case, maybe coordinate with Hernán?
<icarito> get 50 more? or perhaps get some from contributor's program and direct your budget towards a server/internet access, deployment costs?
<CanoeBerry> icarito: can you enumerate the payback in a CP proposal?
<Caryl> Yama: will do. IRC won't let me type much. Overloaded computer I guess.  So I'll just fade away.
<icarito> CanoeBerry: ok so the only way would be CP then? sure, can...
<yamaplos> you mean 50 is a number you'd consider? :-)  or do you plan to mess with that proposal once it's submitted saying 50 is too much?
<CanoeBerry> i think so...yeah start by enumarating how where this will "give back" to the community.
<icarito> a good budget and deployment checklist + best practices that can be replicated
<Caryl> Yama...we'll talk...
<icarito> for instance it would be dev / research center for bolivia deployment and already working with ministry people
<CanoeBerry> I don't do numbers yet, but I know Ed McNierney doesn't much like 2-digit numbers as we get started, unless a Nobel's guaranteed :)
<CanoeBerry> THANKS U ALL: Culseg, Caryl, Yama, icarito, and the many others..  MEETING OVER >>> See you Sunday 4PM if you can. Join here:

<icarito> for their deployment scenario (unconnected)
<yamaplos> I highly favor "start by enumerating how where this will "give back" to the community."
<icarito> here in peru that is
<icarito> ok but my question was specific, CP only way, or rally to pool 100?
<CanoeBerry> 4PM EST this Sunday if you can join... for a *short mtg* to keep us on track... topic will be very close to this one!
<CanoeBerry> What do you mean pool 100?
<yamaplos> to pretend 100 can be sold, when 50 cannot
<icarito> this person has funds for 50 - but now even if we get to a 100, there is no Give School program, right?
<CanoeBerry> Right.  Though SJ says to email in case any final orders are approved.  Don't get their hopes up however.
<icarito> only way to get laptops is thru CP's goodwill + commitment to giving back which is fine by me from the commitment side
<icarito> CanoeBerry: if not very likely, i'm unwilling to try and rally for funds for extra 50
<CanoeBerry> OK
<_sj_> info on small deployments : julia is working on a list since the past summer
<CanoeBerry> Gracias Todos..i'm outta here for now.
<icarito> ok
<yamaplos> sj: meaning future depls, or current ones
<yamaplos> ?
<icarito> _sj_: i'll propose to her that we try CP
<yamaplos> sj?
<_sj_> past ones
<_sj_> icarito, yes
<yamaplos> good!
<yamaplos> are Sameer & team connecte dto Julia?  that would be good, since they're trying to do same thing
* mvn071 Quit ("Leaving")
* yamaplos has left #olpc-meeting
<Caryl> What is CP? (Nubee)
<icarito> Contributor's Program
<Caryl> Ahhh!
<Caryl> Gotta run and write a nice long email to Yama.  Bye
<icarito> makes sense I'll tell her to direct her budget to deployment and we can prototype a deployment budget / plan together
<icarito> with the SG even
<icarito> :-)
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