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* New projects & libraries -- teaching them Community Outreach:

* Which projects might you enjoy Mentoring below?!

* Fast Review of the 5 latest (greatest!) HW/Project Proposals -- please
  join us advocating for, and/or reviewing shortcomings of these proposals:

  #1 Low cost solar charger for the developing world - MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts
  #2 Developmentally Appropriate Technology in low income DC public charter school - Washington DC
  #3 Continued Support Volunteer and Vung Vieng Vietnam (VVV) Project Work - Hanover, New Hampshire
  #4 Jobortunity - Tanzania and The Netherlands
  #5 OLPC-Rotary .. Honduras and beyond - Massachusetts

<carolruthsilver> Hi.  Joining you from Kabul.  Exciting things are happening at OLPC-Afghanistan, which I will share later.
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<silverlaw> Hi, Adam and gang.  I must have got the time wrong.  Afghanistan is half an hour off of 12 hours from California.  I'll leave laptop open until I fall asleep.  Best regards, CRS
<CanoeBerry_> silverlaw: see you in less than 1 hour!
<CanoeBerry_> OK?
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<CanoeBerry> Contributors Program Meeting will start here in about 10min!
<CanoeBerry> 5 projects will be review..will need everyone's help then in a few min voting on each OLPC community project!
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<robert-p> hello
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<CanoeBerry> Finally!
<CanoeBerry> Sorry all!
<CanoeBerry> Agenda is here:
<CanoeBerry> robert-p: How are you?
<robert-p> Hi, I'm here
<CanoeBerry> Lucky you're first.
<robert-p> Sounds good.
<CanoeBerry> Now let's just wait 1 minute for others to join then begin :)
<robert-p> alright
<dristi> I'm here. Ready! nancie:)
<CanoeBerry> Alrighty, let's do it.

[ PROJECT #1 - Low cost solar charger for the developing world - MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts ]

<CanoeBerry> Please everyone take a moment to review Project #1 here:
<CanoeBerry> Low cost solar charger for the developing world - MIT, Cambridge, 
<CanoeBerry> Massachusetts
<CanoeBerry> ] 
<CanoeBerry>    Requests 1 XO's over 12 months
<CanoeBerry>    Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>    Our goal is to develop a low cost solar charger for the developing
<CanoeBerry>    world. By employing low-cost components and novel power electronics, we
<CanoeBerry>    aim to achieve a price ($/Watt) that is at least half of what is
<CanoeBerry>    commercially available today.
<CanoeBerry> robert-p: can you take 1 or 2min to introduce your work first?
<robert-p> sure
<CanoeBerry> Great!
<robert-p> My apologies first for not having my website quite setup yet, I've been very busy with prototyping.
<robert-p> We're working on a low-cost solar charger, and would like to make it compatible with the XO
<robert-p> it'll charge other things, such as lead-acid batteries, portable lights, cell-phones, etc
<robert-p> but we figured making it work with the XO would be beneficial
<robert-p> in particular since what we've seen so far in terms of solar chargers have been a bit underwhelming, at least in terms of cost effectiveness
<robert-p> We are finishing up our prototype, and will be ready to test it on an XO in the next month or two, depending on how the other tests go.
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<CanoeBerry> A few tech details?
<robert-p> We just want to make sure that although it is designed to work with the XO, it actually does.
<dristi> Can you describe it please? How many watts and how large?
<CanoeBerry> Wattage etc?
<robert-p> Yeah, up to 35W in direct sunlight is the current design.
<CanoeBerry> robert-p: are you able to join our meeting this Sunday 4pm in Kendall Sq?
<robert-p> Coming out at 12V (lead-acid, XO) at 5V (USB, for phones, lights, etc)
<robert-p> It adheres to the new USB charging standard, so should be able to charge most phones that come out in the next year.
<CanoeBerry> Discussing independent Nicaraguan community work at a deaf school, but a chance for you to look at our existing smallscale solar solution etc.
<robert-p> It has a built-in peak power tracker, and is designed for very low cost
<CanoeBerry> At OLPC's headquarters... just RSVP by regular email if you can join.
<dristi> How long will it take to charge a cell phone or an XO?
<dristi> For example the pinwheel style little solar charger I have seen would take like 8-9 hours in good sun for a phone...simuilar?
<robert-p> now, at 35 W the idea is for it to happen quite a bit faster
<robert-p> I the idea is to be able to charge your stuff in a few hours only.
<cjb> the XO charges at constant rate, no matter how much wattage the solar cells are providing.
<dristi> That's better because children use XOs during the daylight hours in off-grid locations
<bemasc> cjb: ish.
<cjb> so you can't charge an XO in less than ~3 hours regardless of which energy source you're using
<robert-p> The  1.5 ha a power draw of max 25W
<robert-p> yeah, so the idea is to not have the solar cells themselves be the limiting
<dristi> & the batteries are 7.5 volts but their is a surge protector built in
<cjb> I should say, the XO has a constant ceiling of charge, such that it's not possible to charge an XO in less than three hours or so
<cjb> but maybe that's an -ish, too.
<robert-p> exactly
<robert-p> with our design, the limit will not be the solar cell
<dristi> too much sun will make the XOS whistle
<cjb> of course, you can charge multiple XOs at once using the extra wattage, if you have it
<robert-p> it'll be the XO
<robert-p> sure
<bemasc> anyway, yes, of course
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<robert-p> many users will probably charge up a lead-acid battery, and have it be a buffer
<bemasc> robert-p: make sure you get two chargers so you can sacrifice one for the plug.  The XO DC plug is nonstandard.
<robert-p> I already have the pljugs
<robert-p> digi-key and helped out.
<bemasc> ok
<dristi> I LIKE IT!
<dristi> +1
<CanoeBerry> robert-p: let me ask again, is it possible you could come by OLPC's HQ Sunday 4pm, same time as our Nicaragua school talk?
<robert-p> This sunday?
<CanoeBerry> yup
<robert-p> Yeah, I can make it happen.
<robert-p> how long?
<robert-p> approximately?
<CanoeBerry> talk should be 1 hr, but arrive in advance if poss to play
<robert-p> yeah, that works for me.
<CanoeBerry> thanks. email contributors @ for address details etc.
<robert-p> ok
<CanoeBerry> Let's finalize this vote here if poss.
<CanoeBerry> cjb: bemasc: ?
<dristi> +1
<CanoeBerry> others?
<robert-p> my other question is with respect to the changes in the 1.5, in terms of you guys implementing an integrated peak power tracker, but I can propably have that answered in person Sunday.
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<CanoeBerry> better to ask here if poss.
<cjb> robert-p: you should certainly chat with Richard Smith, our power guy
<robert-p> sounds good.
<cjb> he has support
<cjb> it's implemented and being tested right now, I imagine he might like you to help test
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<cjb> if you have suitable equipment already
<robert-p> works for me.
<robert-p> I have extensive experience in peak power tracker design and some testing.
<robert-p> so I may be able to help out.
<cjb> ok, would get my +1 for up to 5 XOs if needed
<cjb> but really I think it makes sense to pass decisions about power projects like this one to Richard; no-one here's particularly qualified to judge merits.
<robert-p> I'm happy to stop by and chat with Richard in person if he's in Boston
<cjb> yup, he is -- I'm sure he'd enjoy meeting up.
<CanoeBerry> yes, we'll talk in person 4pm Sunday. Richard cannot join right now. but emails or otherwise will solve this.
<robert-p> sounds good
<CanoeBerry> Let's move on to Project #2 now, thanks Robert and see you Sunday.
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<robert-p> alright, thanks guys!
<cjb> thanks :)
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<CanoeBerry> Great. Please all help review/critique/mentor Project #2 here:
<dristi> good luck robert!
<dristi> we'll use it when it's ready!

[ PROJECT #2 - Developmentally Appropriate Technology in low income DC public charter school - Washington DC ]

<CanoeBerry> Great. Please all help review/critique/mentor Project #2 here:
<CanoeBerry> Developmentally Appropriate Technology in low income DC public 
<CanoeBerry> charter school - Washington DC
<CanoeBerry> ]
<CanoeBerry>    Requests 5 XO's over 5-17 months
<CanoeBerry>    Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>    * To provide reliable, developmentally appropriate technology to
<CanoeBerry>    self-guide my students free-choice learning. **To promote and advance 
<CanoeBerry> early
<CanoeBerry>    literacy skills by providing children with a set time each day to explore
<CanoeBerry>    the digital activities XO latops provide.
<CanoeBerry>    * To provide concrete examples of the technological benefits of
<CanoeBerry>    having XO laptops in our classroom for administrators and visitors
<CanoeBerry>    to observe.
<CanoeBerry>    * The secondary objective will be to provide a foundation for
<CanoeBerry>    student-directed collaboration in developing counties by exposing the 4th
<CanoeBerry>    and 5th grade students at our school to a XO laptop lab.
<CanoeBerry> What does everyone think?
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<dristi> Is there a Wiki project page yet?
<CanoeBerry> Not that I know of.  I missed the Eastern Africa (Eritrea) component..
<CanoeBerry> Nobody here directly representing the Washington DC project??
<Green-Teal-47> hello My name is atheni just joining in
<Green-Teal-47> I wrote the proposal
<CanoeBerry> Great, please introduce & advocate for your work now!if you are here!
<Green-Teal-47> my little students are currently at art
<CanoeBerry> Continue, please..
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<CanoeBerry> Welcome Beth!
<Beth> Hi Adam! So sorry to be late
<Green-Teal-47> so sorry had someone picking up my childrent
<CanoeBerry> Beth: plz introduce yourself is possible -- we're currently reviewing Wash DC Project (#2)
<CanoeBerry> Green-Teal-47: please introduce your work now, thanks!
<Green-Teal-47> I work at in a low income charter school in dc
<Beth> My name's Beth, I live in Wash DC, just got back a couple of months ago in São Tomé e Príncipe developing an OLPC program there
<CanoeBerry> Beth: have you reviewed this DC proposal ?
<Green-Teal-47>  we currently have computers that are unreliable for children to use and I believe that having the developmentally appropriate technology for them to use will help engage them in learning and push forward their literacy skills
<dristi> I'm Nancie, just back from Vietnam from a micro-deployment there. Hello Atheni, Hi Beth!
<Beth> how do i log into this?
<Beth> Hi Nancie!
<Green-Teal-47> The charter school that I currently work in also believes that children need this exposure
<Green-Teal-47> especially since most of the students that we serve do not have access to computers
<Green-Teal-47> however that technology is extrememly unreliable and not developmentally appropriate for studetns to be able to use completely independently
<CanoeBerry> Beth: register at and and then i will provide you a password.
<Green-Teal-47> i thought of writing this proposal because of my background in international development and what I have always read about OLPC
<dristi> Atheni: Your proposal mentions two age groups. Kindergarteners and 4-5th graders
<CanoeBerry> Green-Teal-47: have you made contact with in DC?
<CanoeBerry> For example, will you attend Beth's talk there tomorrow 10am?
<CanoeBerry> This will be important.
<Green-Teal-47> I've always wanted to be able to do a propject and through my  two year commitment with teach for america teaching dc public school children i thought this would be a great place to start
<CanoeBerry> Great: will you attend tomorrow?
<Green-Teal-47> yes i am a kindergarten teacher but aslo mentor 4th and 5th graders at my 
<Green-Teal-47> they are also in the same age range that can benefit from xo laptops
<dristi> The older children might be able to do some independent work...but the little ones will need quite a bit of direction.
<CanoeBerry> What is your own experience with XOs and Sugar Learning Platform?
<Green-Teal-47> i have contacted Mike Lee from the DC club and will be at galludet tomorrow
<Green-Teal-47> (i am sorry if i am missing questions)
<CanoeBerry> Great.  What is your overall level of exposure to XO/Sugar and what do you like about it?
<Green-Teal-47> the great thing about mentoring the older children is I offer them incentive for their behavior in their own classes by allowing them to come "help" the younger students during the day
<Green-Teal-47> so they will also be able to help "train" my little ones
<Green-Teal-47> Beyond my own research on XO programs I do not have experience with the sugar learning platform but I am committed to learning as much as I can to make the project successful
<CanoeBerry> Have you read about OLPC's 5 principles?
<CanoeBerry> Summarized here:
<Beth> Adam: just got a username, put it as maximumbeth so send me a password please!
<Green-Teal-47> my favorite part about the xo laptops is the self empowered learning
<CanoeBerry> Beth: OK I will change your username from beth to maxumumbeth right now.
<CanoeBerry> Green-teal-47: how shall we conclude today?
<CanoeBerry> I believe your work needs deeper investigation before approval can be granted.
<dristi> I think the older kids (10-11 year olds) is the strong part of the proposal. BUT, I think that the teacher/mentor needs to use an XO a lot and have a teacher and child XO training
<dristi> plan
<CanoeBerry> Beth in channel right here can help you a bit tomorrow, during her talk, or right now if she has a sec!
<dristi> in place before
<dristi> putting XOs in the classroom
<thundering-light> I agree with dristi.
<Beth> yes definitely. i can talk with you tomorrow for sure.
<Beth> it'd be nice to chat in person and see what your thoughts are
<Beth> which sound great
<dristi> I recommend sending Atheni 1 XO to get started with in depth planning
<bemasc> let's not rush
<CanoeBerry> Green-Teal-47: DC's lending library can help you with that 1 XO tomorrow if they decide they like your approach!
<CanoeBerry> Beth: your RT username has been changed from 'beth' to 'maximumbeth'
<dristi> Atheni, your idea has a lot of promise and you will have fun developing it.
<CanoeBerry> Beth: please login with the password I private-messaged to you and confirm!  (See other tab...)
<Green-Teal-47> I have time with the older students after school and they can be trained pretty quickly i believe
<dristi> By using an XO first, you will be able to clarify what you can actually do, and have a better shot at success.
<CanoeBerry> dristis & Green-Teal-47: Closing thoughts?
<Green-Teal-47> i also can have other adult support for the period of implementation
<CanoeBerry> We need to move onto Project #3.
<Green-Teal-47> great beth i would love to chat with you in person
<CanoeBerry> MOTION: defer vote til later, ok?
<Green-Teal-47> great i look forward to receiving and exploring a laptop
<CanoeBerry> Objections?
<CanoeBerry> Calling once..
<CanoeBerry> Calling twice..
<Green-Teal-47> as a point of clarification at what point could i ask to recieve the remaing 3
<Green-Teal-47> object?
<CanoeBerry> Can you explain "remaining 3" ?
<Green-Teal-47> sorry :) i am just confused on the final vote
<Green-Teal-47> i mean the remaining 4 laptops in order to be able to use them as a regular learning center in my classroom
<dristi> I think you'll do great. Look to put your project on a wiki project page when ready to re-visit the greater number of XOs. I think you need to develop the project with more deatil.
<CanoeBerry> We are defering the vote until you consolidate your proposal around OLPC's 5 principles.
<Green-Teal-47> centers bacially = the period of the day (about an hour) where students are rotating in groups of 4-5  through independent learning centers (such as math, phonics puzzles, the library, etc)
<Green-Teal-47> point of clarification: ok would i be able to borrow one laptop in order to make that consolidation ?
<CanoeBerry> Ask in person tomorrow!
<CanoeBerry> Mike Lee is a great mentor as is Beth.
<Green-Teal-47> That makes the most sense
<bemasc> The OLPC DC club operates an independent lending library, so you can talk to them about it.
<Green-Teal-47> i look forward to meeitng them both and working with you all
<CanoeBerry> They may even offer you a special rate, less than their usual $250/hour.
<CanoeBerry> Hah!
<Beth> haa haa haa
<CanoeBerry> Let's move on please.
<CanoeBerry> Onto Project #3 now, OK all?
<dristi> Good luck and have fun. Beth have a great presentation tomorrow.
<Green-Teal-47> haha so in a sense i am deferinig to them to have guidance when 
<CanoeBerry> Mentors are required to get approved by the Contributors Program, yes -- cowboys & cowgirls tend to end up all alone without web-publishing their great work!
<CanoeBerry> Hence this requirement, yeah.
<CanoeBerry> OK all, onto #3 now!

[ PROJECT #3 - Continued Support Volunteer and Vung Vieng Vietnam (VVV) Project Work - Hanover, New Hampshire ]

<CanoeBerry> Please all review/critique/mentor Project #3 here:
<CanoeBerry> Continued Support Volunteer and Vung Vieng Vietnam (VVV) Project Work 
<CanoeBerry> - Hanover, New Hampshire
<CanoeBerry> ]
<CanoeBerry>    Requests 1 XO-1.5 and 1 Serial Adapter over undetermined months
<CanoeBerry>    Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>    I use my original G1G1 XO 1.0 as my principal computer when traveling,
<CanoeBerry>    including to the Vietnam Project site and for other OLPC activities 
<CanoeBerry> and OLPC
<CanoeBerry>    project follow-up in other locations; e.g. Thailand.
<CanoeBerry>    The 1.5, faster and with more memory will help me with my OLPC volunteer
<CanoeBerry>    work. In particular, I will put it through the paces and learn how to 
<CanoeBerry> work
<CanoeBerry>    around quirks as I do on the original XO, report bugs and continue the
<CanoeBerry>    valuable PR work that happens when I travel with the XO. I have not 
<CanoeBerry> used the
<CanoeBerry>    XO 1.5. Unless I use one, I cannot speak about it's advantages over other
<CanoeBerry>    tablets new laptop projects for children typically compare and consider.
<CanoeBerry>    Learning the new equipment is important to my OLPC volunteer work 
<CanoeBerry> with the
<CanoeBerry>    support gang, for the development of OLPC Vietnam and the 
<CanoeBerry> continuation and
<CanoeBerry>    growth of the Floating Villages Project.
<Green-Teal-47> Thank you all
<dristi> That is my request (Nancie)
<CanoeBerry> dristi: what lawyer is representing you today?
<dristi> LOL
<CanoeBerry> Or are you self-representing, heh..
<CanoeBerry> Please!
<thundering-light> same things :P
<dristi> I am asking for 1 serial adapter and 1 XO1.5
<CanoeBerry> Let's be quick if poss-- Nancie is indeed a lawyer so she can cut to the chase.
<CanoeBerry> Approved.
<thundering-light> lolx
<CanoeBerry> With 1 catch-- we have no XO-1.5's to give away!
<CanoeBerry> Sorry.
<CanoeBerry> But we'll do our best when inventory is available.
<CanoeBerry> Sound good?
<CanoeBerry> Objections from the masses gathered here today?
<dristi> The serial adapter is so that I can learn the D6 Brick Repair and repair 3 in hand and 5 in VN and help mentor others when they encounter this common problem
<thundering-light> what masses? :)
<CanoeBerry> The subcontinental masses.
<dristi> Approved already while I was typing?
<CanoeBerry> Go on..
<thundering-light> dristi: looks like that :)
<dristi> I do need the 1.5 or I can't proselytize for the XO vs other notebooks right?
<dristi> Huge thanks! Next?
<CanoeBerry> XO-1.5 inventory will be *very* tight.
<thundering-light> CanoeBerry: Since that was scraped?
<Beth> Nancie, you are so great. Very excited about all your work.
<CanoeBerry> Just a reminder to all, that production will not just magically deliver gifts on trees to all.
<dristi> I understand.
<CanoeBerry> China's powerful but not THAT powerful..
<thundering-light> think so :)
<CanoeBerry> Maybe India can help produce some XO-1.5's to fill in the gap, heh?  Let's conclude Project #3: what's the plan on meeting Olin College's repair crew?
<CanoeBerry> dristi: have you scheduled your de-bricking training yet?
<dristi> We can talk about when and how I'll get the SA and the XO...I don't wnat to cost stamps.
<dristi> Ian will help me but I need the Serial Adapter in hand first
<thundering-light> CanoeBerry: If India started to produce them, you'll get them after 200 years or equivalent. Sounds good?
<CanoeBerry> dristi: you can't pick up to Serial Adapter Sunday can you?
<dristi> From Jamaica?
<CanoeBerry> Ah well.
<CanoeBerry> OK let's move on to Project #4 now, alright?
<thundering-light> pu
<thundering-light> *yup
<dristi> I am going on a vacation from my volunteer vacation
<dristi> I'll get it when I get back around March 12 maybe
<CanoeBerry> Serial Adapter approved.  XO-1.5 pending very tight inventory limitations in coming weeks/months..
<CanoeBerry> Great.
<dristi> Thank you everyone
<CanoeBerry> Thanks all.
<CanoeBerry> Please help us conclude this meeting quick with the last 2 projects..

[ PROJECT #4 - Jobortunity - Tanzania and The Netherlands ]

<CanoeBerry> #4 now.. please all vote on:
<thundering-light> fire!
<CanoeBerry> Jobortunity - Tanzania and The Netherlands
<CanoeBerry> ]
<CanoeBerry>    Requests 4 XO's over 12 months
<CanoeBerry>    Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>    The vision of Jobortunity is that vulnerable youth in Tanzania are being
<CanoeBerry>    employed, self-reliant and contributing members of the community, and 
<CanoeBerry> meet
<CanoeBerry>    demanding employability criteria set by leading local employers in 
<CanoeBerry> the local
<CanoeBerry>    hospitality sector. The mission of Jobortunity is: to provide vulnerable
<CanoeBerry>    youth a training focusing on development of life and employability skills
<CanoeBerry>    including decision making, communication and essential employment 
<CanoeBerry> skills, to
<CanoeBerry>    enable them to get a job and keep a job.
<CanoeBerry>    The specific objectives are:
<CanoeBerry>    * To train 120 young people a year. The first year is a pilot year
<CanoeBerry>    wherein the institute will start with 35-40 trainees. In the second 
<CanoeBerry> year 80
<CanoeBerry>    youngsters will be enrolled. After the initial three years, it is 
<CanoeBerry> aimed for
<CanoeBerry>    that the training institute will have trained 200 vulnerable youngsters.
<CanoeBerry>    * In Kenya, 80% of the graduates of the Ujima training centre have
<CanoeBerry>    found a job. Jobortunity strives for the same results in three years.
<CanoeBerry>    However one has to acknowledge that the level of education in Tanzania is
<CanoeBerry>    lower than in Kenya hence the results of the pilot year will give the
<CanoeBerry>    organisation more insight into the achievability of the goals set.
<CanoeBerry>    * The trainers are considered key for the success of the training
<CanoeBerry>    institute as a good trainer makes good education. For this reason,
<CanoeBerry>    Jobortunity will conduct two Training-of-Trainers courses of one year to
<CanoeBerry>    build a high quality team resulting in eight Jobortunity master 
<CanoeBerry> trainers in
<CanoeBerry>    three years.
<CanoeBerry>    * The Hospitality Mentor & Pupil Programme will train at least 20
<CanoeBerry>    mentors of 20 different hotels/ restaurant to supervise the trainees 
<CanoeBerry> during
<CanoeBerry>    their internships.
* CanoeBerry  Quit (Excess Flood)
<CanoeBerry> i'm back
<phigan> Hey, you're back!
<dristi> Can we skip to #5. It's quicker. +1
<thundering-light> CanoeBerry: Freenode doesn't approve you typing too much
<dristi> While I look at 4
<CanoeBerry> phigan: howdy old partner..
<phigan> Ltns :)
<CanoeBerry> Indeedy..
<CanoeBerry> Now what do we all think of #4 here?
<CanoeBerry> Can we reach consensus?
<CanoeBerry> Kenya produces a new project almost every week; the fountain of Africa :)
<dristi> ages of kids training for hospitality work???
<dristi> Mission of low ages and 1 per child??
<CanoeBerry> I'm skeptical too.
<dristi> It looks like all young adults in the blogspot photos
<CanoeBerry> Let's vote towards aligning this with OLPC's principles if they wish to proceed, OK?
<CanoeBerry> Any objections to that?
<bemasc> wait, which one?
<dristi> and 4 Xos for 35-40 to 80 young adults?
<CanoeBerry> OLPC Principle #2: Low Ages
<CanoeBerry> I vote to push back on this proposal asking them to rethink their alignment with OLPC's principles.
<dristi> We could ask them to clarify how they are going to use the XOs too. If they are training teachers, then another story. But they are training housekeepers etc. the proposal says
<thundering-light> right, dristi.
<CanoeBerry> Curiously off topic indeed.
<CanoeBerry> -1
<CanoeBerry> Can we conclude please?
<CanoeBerry> Vote now if you can all.
<dristi> -1
<thundering-light> -1 for now.
<CanoeBerry> Calling once..
<CanoeBerry> Calling twice..
<CanoeBerry> Calling thrice..
<CanoeBerry> CONCLUSION: proposal not accepted; we will reconsider in future if it more closely aligns with

[ PROJECT #5 - OLPC-Rotary .. Honduras and beyond - Massachusetts ]

<CanoeBerry> Final Proejct #5 now -- please all help form a decision on...
<CanoeBerry> OLPC-Rotary .. Honduras and beyond - Massachusetts
<CanoeBerry> ]
<CanoeBerry>    Requests (1 XO-1.5?) over 3-6 months
<CanoeBerry>    Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>    After discussing my fundraising request/proposal to a local Rotary Club,
<CanoeBerry>    I was invited to attend the district meeting, scheduled for Friday, 
<CanoeBerry> February 26, 2010.
<CanoeBerry>    This meeting is used as a way to showcase projects that the many 
<CanoeBerry> local clubs
<CanoeBerry>    can decide to take on to provide grant money, etc. Therefore it would be
<CanoeBerry>    beneficial to have a real XO Laptop to go along with my presentation.
<CanoeBerry> The Rotary International Organization performs many direct and indirect
<CanoeBerry>    services throughout the world. It is quite possible that if the district
<CanoeBerry>    likes the idea of XO laptops for my initial proposal of supplying 100+
<CanoeBerry>    laptops to the Guadalupe Mission School in Honduras, there may be more
<CanoeBerry>    XO Laptop projects in the future.
<CanoeBerry>    After my initial presentation, I was informed by the head of the district
<CanoeBerry>    (who happened to be at the club meeting I attended) that another club was
<CanoeBerry>    retrofitting donated PCs @ $100/unit to then provide to others. She said
<CanoeBerry>    to me that she felt that the XO would be a better way to go, since they
<CanoeBerry>    are ready to go, along with being durable enough to withstand 
<CanoeBerry> shipping, etc.
<CanoeBerry>    I am requesting the extended period of time, in the event that I am asked
<CanoeBerry>    to attend additional local Rotary Club meetings or other groups 
<CanoeBerry> interesting
<CanoeBerry>    in seeing the functionality of the XO.
<CanoeBerry> Looks good to me and I can clarify by phone w/ Jim.
<thundering-light> Hmm..interesting
<bemasc> Despite claims there, the author really needs the XO for 1 day.
<dristi> I agree +1 and incidentally I amm booked to speak to Lebanon NH Rotary May 20 about VVV
<CanoeBerry> Particularly if he brings back the XO-1.5 right away, a long may be possible if he arrive here in the office and returns it immediately.
<bemasc> Next Friday.
<CanoeBerry> *a loan
<dristi> He can have a 1.0
<dristi> Why does he need a 1.5 for the demo?
<CanoeBerry> He's in a position to have wide influence.
<dristi> OK then
<CanoeBerry> I'll talk to him by phone-- looks good so far.
<CanoeBerry> Shall we conclude?
<thundering-light> +1, I think.
<CanoeBerry> Applicant needs further mentoring, but Becky in DC may help -- both focusing on Honduras -- and I will proceed asking others for help.
<CanoeBerry> All set for today.
<dristi> See you week after next...on vacation from the volunteer vacation...
<thundering-light> CanoeBerry: Sleepless nights 2:30 A.M. (yawn)
<CanoeBerry> Please remember to write "holt @" if you require the phone number or address to join this Sunday's 4PM meeting on the fresh January deployment at the deaf school in Nicaragua!
<CanoeBerry> MEETING ADJOURNED-- thanks.
<dristi> Thanks.
<thundering-light> thank you.
* thundering-light  Quit (Quit: dog ate me)
* dristi  Quit (Quit:
<Beth> thanks!!
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