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* XO-1.5 early production machines available but shipping temporarily delayed:

* New projects & libraries -- teaching them Community Outreach:

* Which projects might you enjoy Mentoring below?!

* Fast Review of the 12 latest (greatest!) HW/Project Proposals -- please
  join us advocating for, and/or reviewing shortcomings of these proposals:

 #1 OLPC Pulse Oximeter - Vancouver, Canada / South Africa
 #2 SEAVURIA: 8 schools near Mombassa, Kenya - Seattle, Washington
 #3 OLPC Project from Wilderness Expeditions Ltd - Tucson, Mexico, Tibet/China
 #4 Improving digital literacy in Bangladesh rural areas - Slovenia
 #5 OLPC Saint Jacob School, Kigali, Rwanda - Stuttgart, Germany
 #6 English as a Second Language, My School House, Tegucigalpa - Honduras
 #7 Calendario Activity - Managua, Nicaragua
 #8 World Child Project - Tijuana, Mexico
 #9 Mesa Arizona Repair Shop - for Belize
 #10 School for the Deaf - Harare, Zimbabwe
 #11 Golden Hour Project - Bangladesh / Tustin, California
 #12 Translation and Field Testing in Palomora - Guatemala / USA


<walterk> hello everyone
<marc_WCE> hi
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<yaderv> hello
<Indigo-Gold-47> Hi this is Alyssa Grant
<GrannieB> Hi Alyssa.  I don't see your proposal on the list.  Did you submit it?
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<sandrat> are we live !
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<ndoiron> We should be ready soon, I think
<ndoiron> this is Nick from  I'm ready to help map projects
<Indigo-Gold-47> I submited it this morning
<Indigo-Gold-47> I have been in communication with Caryl the past few weeks
<CanoeBerry> Hi!
<CanoeBerry> Late start at last!
<CanoeBerry> Please review the Agenda here:
<silbe> walterk: Hi! Are you Dr. Walter Karlen?
<silbe> and hi to everyone else, of course!
<CanoeBerry> What is Alyssa's project number (if she submitted) quick before we start?
<walterk> es I am
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<silbe> walterk: I'm curious about your pulseoxy project. Are you going to interface with existing (=> expensive) hardware or going to develop a sensor for the XO?
<walterk> yes, I am. hello silbe.
<CanoeBerry> We can review Alyssa's project (72297) which came in last minute this morning as our final #12, OK?
<CanoeBerry> Meantime, let's start.
<CanoeBerry> Hello all!
<GrannieB> Yes Alyssas project  is 72297
<CanoeBerry> Please help critique, mentor and vote for each of these 12 projects, quickly in about ~5min maximum each, so we can finish within the hour!
<CanoeBerry> Off we go...

[ PROJECT #1 - Glen Cairn Lending Library - London, Ontario, Canada ]

<CanoeBerry> Project #1:
<GrannieB> Hi Maung! Glad you found us!
<CanoeBerry> OLPC Pulse Oximeter - Vancouver, Canada / South Africa
<CanoeBerry>     Requests 2 XOs over 24 months
<CanoeBerry>     Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>     - Develop low-cost pulse oximetry hardware that can be easily connected
<CanoeBerry>       to an XO. The pulse oximeter sensor will be both an educational 
<CanoeBerry> tool and a
<CanoeBerry>       medical screening device.
<CanoeBerry>     - Develop educational software based on the Sugar framework for 
<CanoeBerry> diseases,
<CanoeBerry>       monitoring and physiology. We aim to increase the health awareness 
<CanoeBerry> of school
<CanoeBerry>       children in developing countries.
<CanoeBerry>     - Provide a health education tool to the OLPC community.
<CanoeBerry>     - Encourage children to learn about health with the playful support 
<CanoeBerry> of an
<CanoeBerry>       XO platform.
<CanoeBerry>     - Make a difference in the fight against infectious diseases.
<walterk> No. we want to design a low cost one. eventually even one that can be build in the classroom
<CanoeBerry> PRE-APPROVED, but I'd love to hear from walterk how it's going quick!
<CanoeBerry> I believe you received 2 XO-1s around late Dec?
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<GrannieB> I had to look up what a "Pulse oximeter" is. But, I think teachers everywhere would love to use this with their students.
<CanoeBerry> Sorry Jan 5!
<walterk> I seem to have quite a delay. sorry for that
<CanoeBerry> :)
<CanoeBerry> walterk: Let us know your latest!
<silbe> walterk: awesome! Exactly what I'm looking for. :)
<walterk> yes we received them and they are already in use by two engineering design students
<silbe> I've been meaning to build a prototype myself, but never got around to do it.
<CanoeBerry> What is the South Africa / implementation component if you have a minute?
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<GrannieB> will you be posting "how to's" any time soon?
<CanoeBerry> walterk: do your students have a blog or twitter account?
<ndoiron> do you use the Measure activity for the sensor?
<walterk> one part of the project is to build also educational software that would explain how a PO work
<CanoeBerry> 2min warning! what do you need from the Sugar/OLPC community?
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<sandrat> I like this  .. it can help with health activities and initiatives
<walterk> the two students will try to make most out of it. In this week they were evaluating existing projects and next week they will suggest a solution for the XO
<GrannieB> I would love to have one to show at SCaLE 9X next month
<CanoeBerry> walterk: are you or your students on any of our mailing lists?
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<CanoeBerry> or or ?
<walterk> I am planning to travel to South Africa and we have good contacts there. We hope to be able to test the device there in a rural setting
<CanoeBerry> are you on yet at least?
<walterk> we would hope to get some feedback from other biomed projects. problems that occured et.c
<silbe> walterk: there's a "health" related list, IIRC. There's no traffic on it currently. I doubt anyone would mind if you resp. your students would post progress reports on it.
<sandrat> +1
<walterk> the canadian one (toronto)
<walterk> was planning to post a message there soon
<CanoeBerry> walterk: Looks great -- I just added you to using your gmail address.
<silbe> good. Whatever you do, keep me posted. :)
<CanoeBerry> Final thoughts for Walter in Vancouver??
<walterk> Not sure if we have something rady next month. but soon!
<GrannieB> lend me one if you do. The event is Feb 25-27
<walterk> no not yet one of these mailing lists. will register!
<CanoeBerry> walterk: can you respond to the Measure Activity question above -- do you ever use it or can you, with your PUlse Oximeter?
<silbe> I can't promise anything (overloaded as usual), but if you're stuck with any software issue I'll try to help you.
<CanoeBerry> Thanks all! Onto Project #2 now please!
<walterk> great idea. will do.

[ PROJECT #2 - SEAVURIA: 8 schools near Mombassa, Kenya - Seattle, Washington ]

<CanoeBerry> Everyone please help critique/mentor/vote for Project #2 here:
<CanoeBerry> SEAVURIA: 8 schools near Mombassa, Kenya - Seattle, Washington
<CanoeBerry>     Requests 2/11 XOs over 5 months
<CanoeBerry>     Project Objectives: (excerpt)
<CanoeBerry>     The SEAVURIA project pairs students from Vuria (Mombasa), Kenya with
<CanoeBerry>     Seattle-area students to develop collaborative projects focusing on
<CanoeBerry>     *Science and Technology for Sustainable Development*. International
<CanoeBerry>     teams of students will investigate an issue of global health
<CanoeBerry>     significance, sharing their findings and presenting their projects
<CanoeBerry>     at culminating events in their home countries.
<CanoeBerry>     In our pilot year, we hope to impact 80 students – half from Seattle and
<CanoeBerry>     half from Vuria, and engage them in meaningful learning around topics of
<CanoeBerry>     relevance to their lives. To date, 5 Seattle-area schools and 8 Vuria
<CanoeBerry>     schools have signed on to participate and be mentored by scientists.
<CanoeBerry>     International teams of 8 students will each be mentored by at least one
<CanoeBerry>     scientist.
<CanoeBerry>     The goal of the SEAVURIA partnership is to construct a sustainable and
<CanoeBerry>     creative partnership of global awareness through science education...
<CanoeBerry>     The project requires students on both continents to communicate over the
<CanoeBerry>     Internet. Seattle students have computers and connectivity but our
<CanoeBerry>     Kenyan partners need those tools.
<silbe> walterk: (or with the audio input port for that matter)
<CanoeBerry> PRE-APPROVED. But speaking of the Pacific SW, we have your neighbor Walter :)
<CanoeBerry> Neighbour :)
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<sandrat> I spoke to MM Welch leader on the phone yesterday..
<CanoeBerry> What up with her?
<sandrat> it is going well.  I should have more details tomorrow
<CanoeBerry> Her blog is a shining light, proving that those who've never blogged before can learn in a flash if they're motivated.
<walterk> we are looking into the measure activity. thanks for your feeback!
<CanoeBerry> walterk: THX
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<CanoeBerry> OK, onto Project #3 if no comments on Kenya/Seattle ?
<sandrat> she had some help with that blog ...
<CanoeBerry> Right.
<CanoeBerry> Let's move on.

[ PROJECT #3 - OLPC Project from Wilderness Expeditions Ltd - Tucson, Mexico, Tibet/China ]

<CanoeBerry> Please all critique/mentor/vote for Project #3 here:
<CanoeBerry> OLPC Project from Wilderness Expeditions Ltd - Tucson, Mexico, 
<CanoeBerry> Tibet/China
<CanoeBerry>     Requests 5 XOs over 24 months
<CanoeBerry>     Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry> Provide laptops to impoverished Native American/Tarahumara students so that
<CanoeBerry>     they may gain skills and education to provide them with better 
<CanoeBerry> employment
<CanoeBerry>     opportunities. Their parents were the first generation to have any 
<CanoeBerry> education
<CanoeBerry>     at all, sometimes just through the fifth grade and their daughters 
<CanoeBerry> will now
<CanoeBerry>     be the first Native Tarahumara to be able to participate in 
<CanoeBerry> journalism and
<CanoeBerry>     direct reporting about their own tribe.
<CanoeBerry> Project's touristic focus is concerning.
<CanoeBerry> Outreach projects have their own very strong value but I don't see it yet here.
<CanoeBerry> -1 is my vote for now -- others opinions?
<GrannieB> When I visited the Tarahamaras about 20 years ago they were living very remotely and likeing it.  It is their culture. What kind of infastructure would they have now?
<sandrat> this is a good project, right scale, concrete goals..achievable
<sandrat> +1
<GrannieB> -1 for now
<CanoeBerry> Enviro content we need..
<ndoiron> are they here to discuss it?  would like to know if they are doing education outreach already and how XO would help with that
<CanoeBerry> I don't see the OLPC/Sugar "contribution" just yet..
<sandrat> enviro content is a good piece here
<CanoeBerry> Would be, yes.
<CanoeBerry> I don't see "sunracer" (applicant) here??
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<GrannieB> Have the people asked for this?
<CanoeBerry> Let's move on if he is not present...
<ndoiron> maybe I can reach out to sunracer?  get a more detailed application if that'd help?
<CanoeBerry> nodoiron: sure!
<CanoeBerry> ndoiron: sure!
<CanoeBerry> Email is on ticket here:
<CanoeBerry> We can address this project offline if a legit/strong contribution materialized.
<CanoeBerry> Onto Project #4 for now.
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<CanoeBerry> Moving on..
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[ PROJECT #4 - Improving digital literacy in Bangladesh rural areas - Slovenia ]

<CanoeBerry> Plz all critique/mentor/vote for Project #4 here:
<CanoeBerry> Improving digital literacy in Bangladesh rural areas - Slovenia
<CanoeBerry>     Requests ? XOs over 14 months
<CanoeBerry>     Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>     § To motivate children to go school and participate in school activities
<CanoeBerry>     § To train primary school teachers how to use modern technology for
<CanoeBerry>       educational purposes.
<CanoeBerry>     § To improve literacy percentage in Bangladesh
<CanoeBerry>     § To educate children how to use modern technology
<CanoeBerry>     § To educate children how to get information through internet
<CanoeBerry>     § To create an areawise network comminuty
<CanoeBerry>     § Enhancing family entertainment through OLPC program and adtional: 
<CanoeBerry> One Laptop
<CanoeBerry>       Per Family (OLPF) program
<CanoeBerry>     § To prove the importance of having computers in primary schools in 
<CanoeBerry> Bangladesh
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<CanoeBerry> Is the applicant here from Slovenia?
<CanoeBerry> Guess not :)
<CanoeBerry> Votes?
<GrannieB> "100 paid XOs?"  is this actually a purchase request?
<CanoeBerry> XO count is not clear -- let's assume a starter kit of 2 XO-1s until we hear otherwise.
<CanoeBerry> GrannieB: you getting distracted w/ upcoming Project #5
<CanoeBerry> Let's finalize #4 here :)
<GrannieB> right... sorry!
<CanoeBerry> Any votes for a starter kit of 2 XO-1s?
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<GrannieB> +1
<CanoeBerry> I'm willing.
<sandrat> This project bangladesh needs focus.  There are to many blanks here. not startup steps
<CanoeBerry> Applicant intended to join us now but she seems to have missed us here in the end.
<sandrat> I will send them some queries in the ticket
<CanoeBerry> Her enthusiasm is clear.
<CanoeBerry> Too bad we don't have XO-1.5s to offer today.
<CanoeBerry> Apologies if the applicant is male -- lots of vowels made me assume it's a she :)
<CanoeBerry> Final votes please??
<sandrat> a ending names likely female
<sandrat> +1 for 1 XO
<CanoeBerry> 2 XO-1s is our standard starter kit generally..
<CanoeBerry> Calling once..
<CanoeBerry> Calling twice..
<CanoeBerry> Calling thrice..
<CanoeBerry> APPROVED for a starter kit of 1 or 2 XO-1s.
<CanoeBerry> Onto Project #5
<GrannieB> they do need more focus but 2 XOs will help +1 again

[ PROJECT #5 - OLPC Saint Jacob School, Kigali, Rwanda - Stuttgart, Germany ]

<CanoeBerry> Plz all critique/mentor/vote for:
<CanoeBerry> OLPC Saint Jacob School, Kigali, Rwanda - Stuttgart, Germany
<CanoeBerry>     Requests 100 paid XOs over undetermined months
<CanoeBerry>     Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>     Equipment of all pupils of this school of grade 3 and above with XO 
<CanoeBerry> laptops.
<CanoeBerry>     Integration of the XO-Laptop in the school program as also strongly
<CanoeBerry>     supported from the Rwanda Government. Joining the governmental program
<CanoeBerry>     for knowledge-empowered children as the main resource of the country.
<CanoeBerry>     Increase of learning efficiency of 50 %.
<CanoeBerry>     Increase of available schoolbooks by 500% with digitized material.
<CanoeBerry>     School success increase of the students by 30%.
<CanoeBerry>     Development of a teaching plan for the time the school is out (from
<CanoeBerry>     November to February) to provide teachers an income opportunity.
<CanoeBerry> GrannieB is correct this group want to pay for 100 XO-1.5s.
<CanoeBerry> So let's support them where we can, hoping they support others.
<CanoeBerry> OLPC Germany is behind 40% of this project I believe.
<CanoeBerry> 60% of funds coming from the Stuttgart community I believe.
<sandrat> So what is CP role here?
<CanoeBerry> Projects!
<GrannieB> why is it here?  do they need a starter kit? I'm for 2 but we don't have any 1.5s now.
<CanoeBerry> We are not allergic to money here.
<CanoeBerry> Community-building is our job.
<GrannieB> money is nice!
<CanoeBerry> Hoping we can support their project if poss.
<sandrat> OK ... absolutely support the project when there is $$ behind it
<CanoeBerry> RudolfSimon: still there to explain your work?
<GrannieB> do they need mentors?  sounds like they already have their act together
<marc_WCE> when will XOs 1.5 be available? We have the money
<ndoiron_2> RudolfSimon is on olpc-help right now
<CanoeBerry> XO-1.5s are available now.
<CanoeBerry> With the standard terms (100+ units etc) I explained by phone to Rudolf.
<CanoeBerry> marc_WCE: how can the great teachers here in-channel help?
<CanoeBerry> And/or follow your work on blog ideally?
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<CanoeBerry> Let's move on.
<ndoiron_2> he's asking if he need a certification fee
<CanoeBerry> Long story short: this German/Rwanda project looks really great.
<CanoeBerry> I've reviewed this with them already.  We an follow by email on ticket if nec.
<marc_WCE> we have the money + an organisation who is on site 2 times a year + contact to the rwanda organisatipon making the learning material
<GrannieB> how old are the oldest children served?
<CanoeBerry> Awesome, great, thanks!
<marc_WCE> it's a primary school, we will equip the 3 oldest classes
<CanoeBerry> Ages?
<silbe> marc_WCE: would be great to hear more about stuff like this on the olpc-de mailing list. The request for Local Labs Germany was totally unexpected...
<silbe> </ot>
<CanoeBerry> +10 for Stuttgart being so organized, and best of luck on this great-looking project in Rwanda -- put up an marker AND blog soon !
<marc_WCE> prinmary school in rwanda is 5 years i think, but i'm not sure about the actual ages
<CanoeBerry> Let's move onto Project 6 now.
<CanoeBerry> Great.
<marc_WCE> where should i subscribe&post?
<CanoeBerry> marc_WCE: post a marker in Germany and Rwanda here:
<CanoeBerry> Thanks.
<ndoiron_2> RudolfSimon says the ages are 6-11.
<CanoeBerry> And start a blog here as soon as you can:
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<CanoeBerry> Final questions for the Germans?
<silbe> marc_WCE: and remember to post to olpc-de, too. :-P
<sandrat> +1
<CanoeBerry> Thanks again OLPC Germany/Stuttgart for making things happen in Rwanda.

[ PROJECT #6 - English as a Second Language, My School House, Tegucigalpa - Honduras ]

<CanoeBerry> Onto Project #6 now.
<CanoeBerry> Plz all critique/mentor/vote for:
<CanoeBerry> 6. English as a Second Language, My School House, Tegucigalpa - Honduras
<CanoeBerry>     Requests 40 XOs over 11 months
<CanoeBerry>     Project Objectives: (excerpt)
<CanoeBerry>     1. Enhance comprehension and communication skills in elementary students
<CanoeBerry>        (first to sixth grade) enable chat rooms with a specific topic 
<CanoeBerry> proposed by
<CanoeBerry>        students.
<CanoeBerry>     2. Improve reading skills in a interactive basis (avaible to record each
<CanoeBerry>        child and load the audio files in the school web page, for futher 
<CanoeBerry> review
<CanoeBerry>        for student and parents and feedback for teachers).
<CanoeBerry>     3. Improve spelling and phonics skills, by requesting in real time
<CanoeBerry>        essays relating to the proposed topic and referring studetns to 
<CanoeBerry> phonics web
<CanoeBerry>        page availables online.
<CanoeBerry>     The goal of the project is to motivate students in their learning 
<CanoeBerry> process,
<CanoeBerry>     approaching them to a real scenario among their own class mates, 
<CanoeBerry> with the
<CanoeBerry>     possibility of world wide connection, stablishing communication with 
<CanoeBerry> other
<CanoeBerry>     children in same basis (English as a second language) or even better 
<CanoeBerry> with
<CanoeBerry>     other kids which English is their mother tongue or official language.
<CanoeBerry>     The outcomes measurement will be determined by the frequency of 
<CanoeBerry> interaction
<CanoeBerry>     in the chat rooms, improvement in pronunciation (either by real time
<CanoeBerry>     conversions or by the audio formats), improvement in spelling skills,
<CanoeBerry>     grammar and comprehension measured in essays
<CanoeBerry> Sorry that was too long.
<LASKE> Hi all, I join late but I'm here
<CanoeBerry> Bienvenue!
<LASKE> :-)
<LASKE> 40 XOs is huge !
<CanoeBerry> La deuxieme parties du meeting sera entierement en Francais..
<CanoeBerry> 40 too many :/
<LASKE> Bonne idée !
<Aqua-Azure-31> sorry I am late for project 4. I am here!
<GrannieB> Curriculum development for using XOs for any second language is a real need. Are these students already studying English? But maybe fewer would work for them?
<Aqua-Azure-31> I'll wait.
<LASKE> It's for learning english ?
<CanoeBerry> Project #4 was approved for 2 XO-1 laptops to be shipped to Slovenia by end of month.
<Aqua-Azure-31> thanks!
<LASKE> Outcome measurement for #6 is very poor !
<CanoeBerry> Aqua-Azure-31: don't hesitate to tell us more whlie you're around.
<LASKE> Not sure XOs is for learn english but for learn the native language
<CanoeBerry> -0 for Project #6 until Becky Young helps mentor them? (
<LASKE> Is there any other deployment in Honduras ?
<CanoeBerry> Yes, see wordpress blog 2 lines up.
<CanoeBerry> And other whispers..
<CanoeBerry> Is the Honduras applicant here to advocate for her work?
<CanoeBerry> Votes?
<LASKE> -1
<CanoeBerry> What do we do here -- is this project ready for a starter kit, given mentorship?
<CanoeBerry> LASKE: agreed, until this project aligns itself better with
<CanoeBerry> -1
<CanoeBerry> Final votes?
<CanoeBerry> Calling once..
<sandrat> they need a mentor ... the plans are too vague,and they haven't really donetheir home work re: olpc mission and strengths or education learning philosophy
<CanoeBerry> Calling twice..
<CanoeBerry> Calling thrice..
<sandrat> -1
<CanoeBerry> ON HOLD
<CanoeBerry> Thanks all for reviewing.
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<GrannieB> Maung, project #12 was here but had to leave. He works!

[ PROJECT #7 - Calendario Activity - Managua, Nicaragua ]

<CanoeBerry> Onto Project #7 - plz all critique/mentor/vote for:
<CanoeBerry> Calendario Activity - Managua, Nicaragua
<CanoeBerry>     Requests 1 XOs over 12 months
<CanoeBerry>     Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>     Developing the activity “Calendario”, base on a calendar and agenda
<CanoeBerry>     for sugar.
<CanoeBerry>     Promote with the activity the organization skills in an educational
<CanoeBerry>     context.
<CanoeBerry>     Manage and custom an ephemeris database.
<CanoeBerry>     Show information about ephemeris daily.
<LASKE> There is no existing calendar activity for Sugar ?
<RudolfSimon> x
<yaderv> I did't fount it
<CanoeBerry> There is now!
<LASKE> Ok great
<yaderv> found*
<CanoeBerry> Is an XO-1 useful?
<yaderv> Yes it is
<CanoeBerry> yaderv: are you the applicant, and if so can you explain more your latest?
<CanoeBerry> 2 XO-1s?
<yaderv> yes I am
<sandrat> ephemeris has something to do with astronomy or astrology or both? not sure
<CanoeBerry> yaderv: are you on yet?
<yaderv> I've developing this activity since september
<CanoeBerry> have you added your blog to and yet?
<yaderv> but I had some problems with the rainbow security system in the XO
<yaderv> because could not test the activity in a XO
<CanoeBerry> OK, will you add youself to the above community sites?
<yaderv> CanoeBerry, my blog is in
<yaderv>  no yet
<CanoeBerry> Do it soon. What is your rainbow question?
<yaderv> Now I've fixed the bug about rainbow
<CanoeBerry> awesome.  Are you ?
<CanoeBerry> Let's all vote.
<CanoeBerry> +1
<yaderv> no yet
<LASKE> +1
<GrannieB> +1
<sandrat> +1  investment to date is significant
<CanoeBerry> Objections?
<CanoeBerry> Calling once..
<CanoeBerry> Calling twice..
<CanoeBerry> Calling thrice..
<CanoeBerry> APPROVED
<CanoeBerry> Thanks!
<yaderv> thank you
<LASKE> @yaderv Think to localize your calendar in French  !
<yaderv> LASKE Sure

[ PROJECT #8 - World Child Project - Tijuana, Mexico ]

<CanoeBerry> Onto Project #8 - plz all critique/mentor/vote for:
<CanoeBerry> World Child Project - Tijuana, Mexico
<CanoeBerry>     Requests 52 XOs over 12 months
<CanoeBerry>     Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>     World Child Projects’s first step in working to break the cycle of 
<CanoeBerry> poverty
<CanoeBerry>     for children is to leverage a multi-tiered network for orphans, by:
<CanoeBerry>     · Locating and connecting the largest family in the world – the
<CanoeBerry>       orphanage network - to each other.
<CanoeBerry>     · Developing active and influential relationships with local
<CanoeBerry>       employers, vocational centers, and secondary schools.
<LASKE> Very generic and 52 XOs: 1 by week !
<CanoeBerry> Hmm, needs stronger foundation around
<CanoeBerry> -1 until a mentor is found?
<CanoeBerry> Opinions?
<LASKE> -1
* yaderv I have to go, sorry thanks
<CanoeBerry> I love Tijuana and I love orphans, but this one needs work.
<CanoeBerry> Objections?
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<CanoeBerry> Welcome!
<CanoeBerry> Are you here to represent a Contributors Program application?
* Aqua-Azure-31  Quit (Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF))
<CanoeBerry> Let us know which if so.
<silbe> yaderv: you're welcome to ask about working with Rainbow on #sugar-devel, FWIW.
<CanoeBerry> Final votes?
<CanoeBerry> Calling once..
<LASKE> -1
<CanoeBerry> Calling twice..
<CanoeBerry> Calling thrice..
<CanoeBerry> ON HOLD
<CanoeBerry> Thanks.

[ PROJECT #9 - Mesa Arizona Repair Shop - for Belize ]

<CanoeBerry> Onto Project #9 - plz all critique/mentor/vote for:
* yaderv  Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
<CanoeBerry> Mesa Arizona Repair Shop - for Belize
<CanoeBerry>     Requests 2+ serial adapters over undetermined months
<CanoeBerry>     Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>     We have multiple request to un-brick laptops, we need a
<CanoeBerry>     serial cable and instructions.  The goal is to learn how
<CanoeBerry>     to support OLPC laptops so that we can start a support
<CanoeBerry>     group in Latin America
<CanoeBerry> +1
<LASKE> +1 I Love serial adapters :-)
<CanoeBerry> Any questions?
<CanoeBerry> Everyone's encouraged to start their own repair centers.
<CanoeBerry> APPROVED.

[ PROJECT #10 - School for the Deaf - Harare, Zimbabwe ]

<CanoeBerry> Onto Project #10 - plz all critique/mentor/vote for:
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<CanoeBerry> School for the Deaf - Harare, Zimbabwe
<CanoeBerry> (forthcoming?)
<CanoeBerry>      Requests 7 XOs over undetermined months
<CanoeBerry>      Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>      Emerald Hill School for the Deaf, caters for 320 plus children 
<CanoeBerry> ranging in ages
<CanoeBerry>      from 4 to 18+; two-thirds of the pupils are deaf. In addition to 
<CanoeBerry> the traditional
<CanoeBerry>      sign-language methods, the School is increasingly using lip-reading 
<CanoeBerry> and
<CanoeBerry>      listening through the use of very powerful hearing aids, to teach 
<CanoeBerry> and encourage
<CanoeBerry>      children to communicate and speak.
<CanoeBerry>      The objective of the project is to introduce children (starting 
<CanoeBerry> with the
<CanoeBerry>      youngest) to self-learn lip-reading, language development and 
<CanoeBerry> communication
<CanoeBerry>      skills through the use of the computer; an additional objective is 
<CanoeBerry> to encourage
<CanoeBerry>      computer literacy among these children who are so disadvantaged.
<CanoeBerry>      A successful pilot project in Grade 1 will be used as 
<CanoeBerry> proof-of-principle to
<CanoeBerry>      propose an expansion plan for equipping additional grades, to 
<CanoeBerry> potential
<CanoeBerry>      donors/sponsors.
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<CanoeBerry> I'm not sure we can help here.
<CanoeBerry> Blog is not live.
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<LASKE> It's a good idea but not sure compliant with five-principles
<CanoeBerry> Opinions?
<Orange-Orange-96> for project 4 adam advised to advocate the work first, what does this mean?
<CanoeBerry> We lost GrannieB!
<CanoeBerry> Orange-Orange-96: is the above your project application?
<CanoeBerry> Are you with the Zimbabwe project?
<GrannieB2> I'm back. Firefox hung
<Orange-Orange-96> sori not. I will wait.
<GrannieB2> which one are we on now?
<CanoeBerry> Orange-Orange-96: which project is your own?
<LASKE> We're on #10
<CanoeBerry> Let's conclude the Zimbabwe project (#10)
<Orange-Orange-96> project 4
<CanoeBerry> Right.
<sandrat> the zimbabwe project requests 7 XOs, focused on pilot in one grade,  this is good planning.  Use of XO planned shows some insight into unique qualities
<sandrat> it's a good plan. for the deaf
<CanoeBerry> sandrat: who will mentor?  are you advocating a starter kit for them?
<sandrat> sure.. I will mentor
<CanoeBerry> Other opinions?
<CanoeBerry> Recommendations?
<LASKE> +1 for starter kit
<sandrat> +1
<CanoeBerry> Concur, if sandrat mentors.
<CanoeBerry> Objections?
<GrannieB2> I would like to see them get all 7.
<sandrat> OK
<GrannieB2> curriculm for speecial needs kids is urgently needed
<sandrat> Addtional after they get their feet wet... would that work
<GrannieB2> sorry about the typing!
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<CanoeBerry> This project requests "1 Server and 1 Multichannel Battery charger"
<sandrat> Let them get a blog & more information up, although I don't know their connectivity challenges,
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<CanoeBerry> They need to join our community first to learn more.
<GrannieB2> If they are going to start with the children right away, a starter kit is not enough. 7 seems wuite reasonable.
<CanoeBerry> We do not offer servers and BMCs
<CanoeBerry> "MBC" (multi battery chargers)
<sandrat> agreed +1 starter kit
<CanoeBerry> Middle-ground?
<GrannieB2> they would not need connectivity for the XOs. Just for their blog and communications, downloads etc.
<GrannieB2> 5?
<CanoeBerry> They need to prove themselves.
<CanoeBerry> (2+7)/2 = 4.5 = 3 XO-1.5s, hah
<CanoeBerry> Just kidding.
<CanoeBerry> Motion to finalize.
<mavrothal> I do not think XO-1s can do the job they want (video/split screens etc)
<GrannieB2> for 5-7, +1
<CanoeBerry> Who will help mentor?
<LASKE> +1 for starter kit to ensure that XO will be useful and that we could have some feedback for use on deaf child
<CanoeBerry> Who will make this happen?
<sandrat> Their goals are ambitious, but even stepping them down one notch, they would still have a good curriculum plan
<sandrat> I am glad to have help with the mentoring .. who else wants to join
<CanoeBerry> Mentor's prerogative: how many XOs do we send if they add themselves to (and start a blog if they want to build a real foundation)
<CanoeBerry> This group needs to jump up/into our community if they want a larger number of XOs...
<CanoeBerry> Let's conclude.
<CanoeBerry> Calling once..
<GrannieB2> how about tentative for 5-7 if they do all things needed before hand as per Sandra
<GrannieB2> +1 for something!
<LASKE> +1 for starter kit
<CanoeBerry> Motion for a larger-than-normal starter kit if the group truly steps up to the plate, joining several community forums, and sandrat approves their progress?
<mavrothal> +1 for 2+7)/2 = 4.5 = 3 XO-1.5s  :)
<CanoeBerry> Hah
<CanoeBerry> Game Time.
<CanoeBerry> We can finalize between 2 and 5 XO-1s later, we need to wrap.
<CanoeBerry> Calling once..
<CanoeBerry> Calling twice..
<CanoeBerry> Calling thrice..
<CanoeBerry> APPROVED for 2 to 5 XO-1s if project group joins and begins communicating their approach strongly.

[ PROJECT #11 - Golden Hour Project - Bangladesh / Tustin, California ]

<CanoeBerry> Onto Project #[11] -- plz all critique/mentor/vote for:
<CanoeBerry> 11. Golden Hour Project - Bangladesh / Tustin, California
<CanoeBerry>      Requests 10 XOs over 12-18 months
<CanoeBerry>      Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>      The objective of the Golden Hour Project [Right to Learn Intl] is to
<CanoeBerry>      utilize the XO laptops to expand educational opportunities to children
<CanoeBerry>      who live in the remote mountainous areas in Bangladesh, known as the
<CanoeBerry>      Chittagong Hill Tracts. This isolated area, where poverty and
<CanoeBerry>      malnutrition pervade, is inhabited by thirteen indigenous tribes and
<CanoeBerry>      whose literacy rates are 28%, lowest in the nation, even for a country
<CanoeBerry>      like Bangladesh. The indigenous tribal children live scattered on
<CanoeBerry>      mountaintops and only have access to a few schools with severely
<CanoeBerry>      limited resources. The Golden Hour Project will make it possible for
<CanoeBerry>      these children to access better and more comprehensive primary school
<CanoeBerry>      education.
<CanoeBerry>      Our goal, in the first phase, is to deploy XOs in Padamu Residential
<CanoeBerry>      School for seventy-two indigenous orphans, ranging from grades one to
<CanoeBerry>      five. Our long-term objective is to deploy XOs with multi-lingual
<CanoeBerry>      curricula at Padamu Residential School and other primary schools in the
<CanoeBerry>      region. We plan to leverage our knowledge of the native languages and
<CanoeBerry>      expertise in computer programming to develop computer keyboards in the
<CanoeBerry>      tribal languages. We believe One Laptop per Child can play a critical
<CanoeBerry>      role in helping the Golden Hour Project reach both its short and long
<CanoeBerry>      term goals.
<CanoeBerry> Starter kit of 2 XO-1s?
<LASKE> They don't talk about energy
<GrannieB2> Manu is online and can answer your concerns
<CanoeBerry> GHunt (already mentoring them) is an electronics expert/teacher who can help them with energy.
<LASKE> Okay great
<CanoeBerry> Manu is connected to this Bangladesh project??
<CanoeBerry> Oh, you mean Maung? :)
<GrannieB2> No, sorry I meant Maung
<CanoeBerry> LA-area group!
<sandrat> this is a well credentialed group of people, and looks like they have some resources as well
<GrannieB2> he is "Golden"  he said he had to leave (he works) but is back
<CanoeBerry> Great that means the streets are paved with gold out in Orange Country to make this project financially sustainable :)
<CanoeBerry> Gold Indeed!
<GrannieB2> Maung has the knowledge to get the keyboard in Bengali up and running!
<CanoeBerry> Wow
<CanoeBerry> Conclusion?
<GrannieB2> +1
<Orange-Orange-96> there is an area with malaria ect.
<sandrat> however there is are no goals that specifically mention XO features outside of the connectivity
<CanoeBerry> Very ambitious and organized-looking group.
<GrannieB2> Maybe they can translate some of the health lessons we are doing for Haiti into Banglai
<Orange-Orange-96> eletricity very poor provided also
<sandrat> health lessons and use would be a great addition if this group is willing
<CanoeBerry> How do they feel about XO-1s versus XO-1.5s they appear to want to buy?
<GrannieB2> You really need to read the whole proposal.  They have all the bases covered.
<CanoeBerry> So what are they going to do with 10 XO-1s if we determine they're actually ready?  I haven't seen their outreach strategy yet..
<GrannieB2> I think they want to get started and would settle for XO-1s if the electronics are similar enough for the keyboard work to transfer
<GrannieB2> They are working there already
<CanoeBerry> How do we conclude to best support them?
<sandrat> This is definitely worth supporting .. the multi-language aspect is good.  What kind of curriculum will you want to improve with XOs
<CanoeBerry> Low power XO-1.75s might be best if they are willing to wait til much later in 2011 when we all hope these will be ready.
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<CanoeBerry> Golden: you back?
<CanoeBerry> GrannieB2: will you meet this group in person around LA possibly?
<GrannieB2> I guess Maung had to leave again.  Maybe we should wait until we can ask him.
<GrannieB2> I can and will meet with him soon
<GrannieB2> when is the next CP meeting?
<sandrat> it is good work
<Orange-Orange-96> can i get a mentor for project 4?
<sandrat> we should support it
<GrannieB2> any engineers in the discussion?  Could they start with XO-1s and transfer their work to 1.5s and/or 1.75s?
<sandrat> We should at least supply enough XOs for the initial teacher introduction
<silbe> GrannieB2: what exactly do they want to do / transfer?
<sandrat> mesh support would be important for this group
<CanoeBerry> Orange-Orange-96: we will do our very best to find you a mentor -- is George Hunt OK?
<silbe> (haven't read the proposal, just the summary)
<Orange-Orange-96> yes, thanks - the electronic expert
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<CanoeBerry> Great, I will ask him to mentor your work.
<GrannieB2> need to transfer the engineering work on the keyboard. Maybe it is just a software thing.  He is running Bengali on his own PC already
<CanoeBerry> How can we all wrap up Project #11's verdict here?
<sandrat> what is available for this project XO-1s or XO 1.5s... if there are sufficient XO-1s I think they would do for the first pass
<CanoeBerry> +1 on Project 11 -- send them 1 million XOs :)
<sandrat> +1
<silbe> GrannieB2: I'm not sure what exactly they're going to do, so can't say much about transferring it. But I'd guess it shouldn't be an issue.
<CanoeBerry> We have no XO-1.5s to offer at this time.
<GrannieB2> Are there one million hill people?  +1 for 10  happy
<Orange-Orange-96> 100 milion, he he
<LASKE> +1 for something
<CanoeBerry> 10 laptops per child -- and an energy crisis for all :(
<GrannieB2> solar!
<CanoeBerry> Bangladesh could use more sun, yes.
<sandrat> low water turbines
<CanoeBerry> OK, who's the chief mentor?
<silbe> does the CP offer solar cells, BTW? ;)
<GrannieB2> Alyssa... are you still here??
<CanoeBerry> Not quite, only old ones.
<CanoeBerry> New solars panels must be purchased here:
<Indigo-Gold-47> yes i am here
<GrannieB2> I'll help since he is (realtively) local. But an engineer-type would be helpful
<CanoeBerry> XO count?
<CanoeBerry> Let's nail this an wrap up.
<sandrat> send them 7 XO-1s
<GrannieB2> 10
<sandrat> ok 10 then
<CanoeBerry> They need jump on stage with a blog and marker in Bangladesh first if they want 10.
<CanoeBerry> These are prerequisites.
<silbe> ok, I feared that (1E2 $)...
<CanoeBerry> These solar panels are less than $40 bulk.
<sandrat> Right   . we'll wait for that step
<CanoeBerry> $30 in China.
<GrannieB2> I'll get them on the blog right away.   Now... for #12...don't for get Alyssa. She has been patiently waiting in Guatamala from the start of the meeting! (she has a blog too!)
<CanoeBerry> Consensus is 10 XO-1 laptops if this Southern California / Bangladesh group steps up to join our Sugar/OPLC community forums, ok?
<CanoeBerry> Calling once..
<CanoeBerry> Calling twice..
<CanoeBerry> Calling thrice..
<silbe> Hmm, maybe OLPC Germany can do a bulk purchase like with the XO-1.5s... marc_WCE, what do you think?
<CanoeBerry> APPROVED if mentor GrannieB2 agrees this group joins olpcMAP and other community forums, including starting a blog.
<silbe> (probably to wait until after the meeting with discussing that)
<CanoeBerry> Final Project #12, Almost Done!!
<GrannieB2> +1

[ PROJECT #12 - Translation and Field Testing in Palomora - Guatemala ]

<CanoeBerry> Plz all critique/mentor/vote for Project #12 here:
<CanoeBerry> Translation and Field Testing in Palomora
<marc_WCE> sorry, wasn't listening ...
<GrannieB2> For Maung's project... I'll talk  with him today
<CanoeBerry> Project Objective: Translate current health lessons being developed by the Waveplace team for Haiti into Spanish for use in Latin America.
<CanoeBerry> Perform Field Testing with the health lessons to teach the kids in my village a variety of ways to learn about several important and relative health topics.
<CanoeBerry> GrannieB2: thanks so much!
<CanoeBerry> Let's give Alyssa feedback above.
<LASKE> I don't see the #12 in the mail. How many XOs need ?
<CanoeBerry> Hmm
<CanoeBerry> GrannieB2: can you tell how many XO-1s they're requesting?
<Indigo-Gold-47> The typical class size here is 20-30
<CanoeBerry> "There are 4 schools in my village each with 6-12 classrooms ranging with about 30 students each. For testing it would be ideal to have 30 computers for each school thus amounting to 120 computers. However, since this is to be a pilot program, we can concentrate on just one school with 30 computers."
<GrannieB2> Here is the link to her ticket:
<GrannieB2> Alyssa is Indigo-Gold-47
<Indigo-Gold-47> yes
<CanoeBerry> Indigo-Gold-47: I must apologize the Contributors Program gives out 2 laptops for new community members, and 10 for more proven contributors with a blog etc.
<CanoeBerry> 30 is too high.
<CanoeBerry> (Though one may purchase 100 XO-1.5s..)
<GrannieB2> The lessons she will work with are the ones some of us are developing for Waveplace.  She has the resources to get them translated into Spanish
<Indigo-Gold-47> Yes I am looking into this with fundraising from the States, Peace Corps has a special FOG account we can set up to fundraise our projects while we serve our 2 years here
<GrannieB2> they deal with health topics. she is an experienced health educator... that is what she does in the Peace Corps in Guatamala
<sandrat> This has some hopeful possibilities, but the plan, and specifics aren't there yet
<CanoeBerry> Where in Guatemala?  I do not see them here yet:
<silbe> GrannieB2: (half-OT) are those lessons in english and available to the general public? If so, where?
<sandrat> GrannieB2:  can you help her get some more info up and visible?
<GrannieB2> Some of us are working on the lessons currently
<Indigo-Gold-47> San Andres Xecul, Totonicapan, Guatemaculla. I live in what is called Aldea Palomora which is a village part of San Andrse Xe
<GrannieB2> They are in etoys and in English
<silbe> ok, so s/are/will be/
<silbe> (i.e. will they be public when they are finished?)
<GrannieB2> They some are finished. Mine was done as a pdf and is being "translated" into etoys.  I can send a copy of one of the finished ones if you send me and email to
<silbe> great, thx, will do!
<GrannieB2> We are doing a water unit currently and will move on to communicable disesases, nutrition, etc. We can use mor people (hint)_
<GrannieB2> The field testing component of Alyssa's project is very important. She is already working as a health educator with these students. So it is more than just translating
<sandrat> THis  looks promising, can we get this Guatemala project public soon, so we can satisfy the basic requirements for receiving XOs
<GrannieB2> She isn't on the  map yet because she doesn't have any XOs yet!  Same with the blog!  But she does have a blog.
<GrannieB2> Alyssa, what is the smallest number you could use with students sharing?
<Indigo-Gold-47> Perhaps 3 kids per computer to share if they were all doing a class unit?
<Indigo-Gold-47> would 10 be an appropriate amount?
<CanoeBerry> Starter kit.
<GrannieB2> +1 for 10
<LASKE> +1 for starter kit
<CanoeBerry> We simply cannot issue 10 to new projects.
<GrannieB2> Starter kit won't be enough for any field testing
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<GrannieB2> Hi yama!
<CanoeBerry> Projects that prove themselves are welcome to apply for 10 later.
<sandrat> Alyssa, can you enter the link to your blog for us?
<sandrat> +1 starter kit
<GrannieB2> OK... so what would this project  have to do to prove herself themselves... especially since they can't field test with a starter kit?
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<GrannieB2> Maybe translate some of the lessons?
<sandrat> put her plan on her blog...
<CanoeBerry> Develop public contributions on
<CanoeBerry> This is the bare minimum.
<Indigo-Gold-47> I could first translate and work with a couple of the teachers and school director with the computers if field testing does not work out
<sandrat> Good suggestion
<GrannieB2>  Can we do a conditional approval for 10 when the above requirements are met?
<CanoeBerry> No
<CanoeBerry> We need demonstrations of work delivered.
<CanoeBerry> Then we are happy to approve.
<GrannieB2> ??? What about Alyssa's suggestion to get started with the translations?
<CanoeBerry> Anyway we need to conclude now.
<GrannieB2> Then she could do all things you require, and ask for the rest of the machines whan that is completed?
<CanoeBerry> Yes.
<Indigo-Gold-47> Peace Corps Guatemala has a language center where we learned Spanish and they are always willing to help with translations for us volutneers´ projects
<sandrat> Sounds great.. keep up the good work!
<CanoeBerry> Different locations may apply for different starter kits.
<CanoeBerry> But OLPC cannot hand out 10 laptops to brand new groups who've not yet contributed to our global communities.
<GrannieB2> It is a bit of a catch 22. Hard to start translating when the lessons aren't finished... guess she could start with the ones we do have
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<CanoeBerry> Let's finish now please.
<CanoeBerry> This meeting has gone on too long.
<GrannieB2> This is a long range project. Alyssa will be there for quite a while
<CanoeBerry> Perfect.
<CanoeBerry> That's the best kind.
<CanoeBerry> Incremental community investment is the only way.
<CanoeBerry> Final thoughts?
<CanoeBerry> Calling once..
<CanoeBerry> Calling twice..
<CanoeBerry> Calling thrice..
<GrannieB2> Alyssa... would a starter kit work?
<Indigo-Gold-47> Yes I believe so, I am willing to work with anything! thank you for all your support
<CanoeBerry> APPROVED for a starter kit and hoping for much, much more from Alyssa's great-sounding Peace Corps Guatemala group.
<GrannieB2> +1 for starter kit. Apply for more when some
<GrannieB2> +1


<CanoeBerry> Keep in touch and have a great weekend all.  Tomorrow we will have a 4PM documentation *sprint* if you can hopefully join by phone.. enhancing:
<CanoeBerry> Prelim plan here:
<CanoeBerry> Thanks all for your tremendous mentoring investments to make this all possible.
<CanoeBerry> Bye!
<GrannieB2> gotta go to lunch!
<GrannieB2> bye
<LASKE> Au revoir à tous !
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<Orange-Orange-96> good night
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<CanoeBerry> If you can join tomorrow, say hello on in exactly 24hrs!
<marc_WCE> bye
<CanoeBerry> For the line conference-call phone number, and idea-sharing!
<CanoeBerry> Bye!
<Indigo-Gold-47> Thank you, adios!
<CanoeBerry> Merci
<Orange-Orange-96> ok
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<silbe> marc_WCE: I was talking about solar cells earlier
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<silbe> marc_WCE: 21:42 < CanoeBerry>
<silbe> marc_WCE: 21:44 < CanoeBerry> These solar panels are less than $40 bulk.
<silbe> marc_WCE: 21:44 < CanoeBerry> $30 in China.
<marc_WCE> and you wanted them for bangladesh?
<silbe> marc_WCE: if others in Germany are interested, OLPC DE e.V. might do a bulk purchase like for the XO-1.5s.
<silbe> marc_WCE: no, for myself :D
<marc_WCE> we teamed 4 organizations for your project. btw i'm fromm WCE, not from OLPC-DE. But a working project is definitely good for publicity...
<marc_WCE> i ment our project
<CanoeBerry> silbe: let me know if you need the company contact info
<CanoeBerry> ordering is a pain for if you meet the 100 unit minimum you can order for less than $40 and receive within a month or two.
<CanoeBerry> ordering is a pain /but/ if you meet the 100 unit minimum you can order for less than $40 and receive within a month or two.
<CanoeBerry> this company has built the voltage regulator into the solar panels correctly, to work with XO-1s and XO-1.5
<marc_WCE> sounds very good ... we will speak about it with sebastian from olpc-de
<marc_WCE> so, bye
<silbe> CanoeBerry, marc_WCE: Great, looking forward to it! Not sure we'll reach the minimum order, though...
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<CanoeBerry> annoyance is that they are individual panels -- tough as nails for kids to drop, but not something you want to install on the roof for a larger/pro installation across a school
<silbe> ah, too late.
<CanoeBerry> Subscribe there if you take power engineering seriously:
<silbe> CanoeBerry: I'm already on power@ :)
<CanoeBerry> OK
<CanoeBerry> Just remember the above list is not for retail discussions.
<CanoeBerry> It's an "engineers only" list.
<silbe> _very_ high quality postings there, BTW.
<silbe> yep
<silbe> CanoeBerry: keep rocking! I'll tune out, this is irssi window #12 already...
<CanoeBerry> silbe: thanks so much DE for all you do, and I don't mean Delawary :)
<silbe> CanoeBerry: not nearly enough. OLPC/SL is still pretty much US centric... :-/
<silbe> (that's a complaint to the germans. Don't slow down on your side!)
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