Contributors program/July 25, 2008


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where : IRC -, #olpc-meeting
time   : 1800 UTC / 1400 EST
duration: 15 minutes


  • laptops out to date / this week
  • local laptop pools (temporary, long term)
  • process for community review
  • outstanding requests (see below)
    Requests from Pakistan
    Remaining LinuxTag requests and revising apps
    Egypt UNDP request (see below)
  • solar panels
We are thinking of starting with an oasis with no current infrastructure or exposure to technology, 
as a comparison site; and have a site in the Siwa oasis that does have some ICT implementations 
underway (which could perhaps provide some comparative testing).

Our group currently works with rural schools in the region, empowering children and women to become
literate and get an education.   We work in the entire mideast and north africa region.   We would 
like to start a specific project in egyption oasis communities, designing it to be replicated in 
the future in the Sudan and other countries; building a knowledge network among them and handing off 
the project implementation and ongoing support to local NGOs and government bodies.

We want a set of laptops and other hardware for our core technical staff so that they can become
familiar with what a deployment looks like and learn how they could provide backup technical
support for problems that local community-based support cannot.


outstanding requests

  • find people to take on vetting in two-week chunks
  • define new groups to invite
  • working with language groups
    the arabic-speaking world, heads-up on future languages
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