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   * New Libraries!

   * Which projects might you enjoy Mentoring?!

   * Fast Review of the 6 (was 5) latest (greatest!) HW/Project Proposals:

     #1 Science Link Bettws(UK) and Uganda
     #2 OLPC - Honduras; Massachusetts, US


<CanoeBerry> Starting our meeting in just a minute, reviewing the 2 OLPC/Sugar proposals here:
<CanoeBerry> Hi all, let's gather a few more people before we start..plz look over the 2 project proposals above while we wait :)
<mtd> CanoeBerry: hi hi
<CanoeBerry> Hi!
<CanoeBerry> We need you for the Brit review :)
<mtd> :)
<CanoeBerry> Do you know Newport, UK?
<mtd> not really, unfort

[ PROJECT #1 : Science Link Bettws(UK) and Uganda ]

<CanoeBerry> OK, Proposal #1 for all to plz peruse and comment on, here it is:
<CanoeBerry> Science Link Bettws(UK) and Uganda [Scanned]
<CanoeBerry> Requests 10 XO's for 12 months
<CanoeBerry>    Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>    To devise and trial a scalable framework for the support of teachers in developing areas by other, more resourced teachers.
<CanoeBerry>      o Create and collaborate on wiki based teaching resources
<CanoeBerry>      o Create and share students based educational tracking e-portfolio, using wikis
<CanoeBerry>      o Create and share cheap to manufacture USB sensors for the logging of data (temperature / voltage etc etc)
<CanoeBerry> ALSO: To establish a technology link between two school, (Bettws High School and in Bunanbutye Uganda) facilitating the creation and sharing of educational resources via Internet or USB memory
<CanoeBerry> ALSO States: Provide local support for the use of OLPC technology in in Bunanbutye Uganda
<CanoeBerry> Those with please read the full proposal!  Those without, plz contact holt @ if you want to help!
<mtd> I don't know any of the applicants but the project sounds nice
<CanoeBerry> Agreed.
<mtd> polished application and plenty of experience
<CanoeBerry> Yes, they'll need some mentoring support, but we'll find someone.
<mtd> seeing excited and motivated teachers is good :)
<CanoeBerry> Or 2 ppl if you can help in the UK..
<mtd> I'd be ahppy to help
<CanoeBerry> That'd be tremendous.
<CanoeBerry> Can you co-mentor with me?
* sdziallas_  has joined #olpc-meeting
<CanoeBerry> Welsome sdziallas_
<mtd> sure
<CanoeBerry> Great.
<Skywalker> Can you add me as cc
<Skywalker> ?
<mtd> I'd love to co-mentor because I can learn from you ;)
* sdziallas  Quit (Nick collision from services.)
<CanoeBerry> Skywalker: welcome!
<sdziallas_> CanoeBerry: Hey! :)
<CanoeBerry> Hi!
<mtd> (about how to mentor)
<Skywalker> And I can learn from MTD
<Skywalker> Hi CanoeBerry!
* sdziallas_ is now known as sdziallas
<CanoeBerry> Can we have a 3rd or 4th voice around the UK-Uganda project, and their approach?
<Skywalker> Project sounds nice
<CanoeBerry> Partic as they are requesting a full 10 XO Laptops, we need to channel their new energies..
<CanoeBerry> Don't see any current strong connection to OLPC/Sugar communities as of yet, but that's OK if they're willing to build..
<Skywalker> They can connect with OLPC UK once we have more people on board.
<CanoeBerry> So many things look to be in their favor: serious milestones/timeline, science-based approach, Uganda connections, etc.  But can I have a 3rd voice of approval here?  And laptop count recommendation?  (EG. should they start with the full 10, or perhaps just 2?)
<CanoeBerry> Opinions?
<mtd> yeah it's be good to link up with them (with my olpc uk hat on)
<CanoeBerry> What say y'all: certainly we approve of this project, but what should we ship them to best get them on their feet?
<mtd> I think they'll need more than 2.  I'm inclined to support the full amount as it'll be easier to collab and test the full environment.
<CanoeBerry> Skywalker: your take?
<Skywalker> I have not read the full proposal. But two sounds ok to start with a view to send more once it is up and running
<CanoeBerry> Let's give them tentative approval for the full 10, pending Skywalker & others voices as we wrap up here with the 2nd proposal..

[ PROJECT #2 : OLPC - Honduras; Massachusetts, USA]

<CanoeBerry> Onto #2 here:
<CanoeBerry> OLPC - Honduras [Massachusetts, USA]
<CanoeBerry>    Requests 2 XO's for 3-6 months
<CanoeBerry> Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>    Few of the locations run by Mission Honduras presently have internet
<CanoeBerry>    access, or PC/Laptop access for the education centers.  I would like to
<CanoeBerry>    take the OLPC laptops on my trip to Honduras (leaving on June 24) to
<CanoeBerry>    validate their work-ability and then come up with a bigger plan to allow
<CanoeBerry>    these children (approximately 1300 – between Honduras, Liberia and the
<CanoeBerry>    Dominican Republic) to receive an OLPC to help improve their lives. 
<CanoeBerry>    Ultimately, it will improve the education and technical skills to the
<CanoeBerry>    school children that should allow them a better life.
<aa> CanoeBerry: hey, sorry to intrude, just to let you know that Vamsi got his XO
<CanoeBerry> Note the above applicant (#2) is very local and could likely come in to borrow 2 XO's from OLPC's office if we approve him.
<CanoeBerry> aa: THX!
<CanoeBerry> Aside: Vamsi is trying to add some impressive/ambitious printer support to Sugar, see:
<CanoeBerry> OK, back to Prjct #2: Massachusetts trying to enable Honduras
<aa> (he had to pay 36USD in taxes, just fyi)
* aa goes back to lurking
<mtd> I can't say much about the type of project - is it a model that's been done before?
<mtd> I can see how it could be quite useful, just asking
<CanoeBerry> Unclear, I'm still reading, but the applicant decades working in IT/MIS are a strong vote in his favor..
<CanoeBerry> He certainly understands the support challenges, unlike so many.
<CanoeBerry> (Or should!)
<mtd> sounds good to me
<mtd> would like to hear other opinions
<CanoeBerry> Which the applicant's clear dedication and local presence (in person, both in MA & Honduras), as well as his teambuilding proceeding, I'm tempted to give him the benefit of the doubt to explore this pjct.
<CanoeBerry> But yes we need another voice here today :)
<Skywalker> He has put together a team
<CanoeBerry> Indeed: 2 laptops seems fine; 10 would make me nervous here.
<Skywalker> to drive his project
<CanoeBerry> Skywalker: is that a vote in favor?
<Skywalker> yes
<CanoeBerry> Let's give both the A-OK approval then, thanks all!
<CanoeBerry> For next week, I've heard we will have quite a number of European Libraries applying!
<CanoeBerry> Keep it up Europe!
<mtd> cool!
<Skywalker> Hot!
<CanoeBerry> (and everywhere else, but the point is: plz make sure ppl all understand how easy it is to email with a proposal)
<CanoeBerry> Put on your Bumper Sticker -- with luck will help us do this very soon :)
<CanoeBerry> Finally, plz promote hardware projects around XO-1.5 start very soon when those motherboards will be available right here thru CP.
<CanoeBerry> THX & BYE ALL!
<dirakx> CanoeBerry: thx
<Skywalker> Bye CanoeBerry!
<Skywalker> All
* Skywalker  Quit ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
<mtd> bye
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