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   * New Libraries!

   * Which projects might you enjoy Mentoring?!

   * Fast Review of the 6 (was 5) latest (greatest!) HW/Project Proposals:

     #1 Booming Bang Game - Jaipur, INDIA
     #2 Enfants pour l'Éducation (Kids for Education) - Montreal, CANADA


<Caryl> now or later?
<CanoeBerry> Now!
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<CanoeBerry> Ciao!
<Caryl> unhPPY
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<CanoeBerry> Any library news out there?
<CanoeBerry> What's the problem Caryl?
<mafe> Caryl: why unhappy?
<Caryl> Don't want to leave chat to set up nick
<CanoeBerry> Set up what nick?
<CanoeBerry> What do you need Caryl?
<CanoeBerry> Let's start within 2 min, ok?
<Caryl> the one it asks for at the top of the page...permanent one
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<CanoeBerry> Hmmm.. not sure what you need Caryl but you can always type: /nick BeautifulMontana
<CanoeBerry> Let's start in 1 min..
<CanoeBerry> And my apologies the several European library proposals are delayed til next week's mtg.
<CanoeBerry> OK, if there's no immediate library news, let's review Project #1:

[ PROJECT #1 : Booming Bang Game - Jaipur, INDIA ]

<CanoeBerry> Booming Bang Game - Jaipur, INDIA
<CanoeBerry> Requests 2 XO's for 12-18 months
<Caryl> Library news will be coming soon   maybe today
<CanoeBerry> Project Objectives: (warning, long paste coming!!)
<CanoeBerry> - The Booming Bang is a Funny game developed for Children of age
<CanoeBerry>      group 6-18. It is a fun based game and as needs logical thinking
<CanoeBerry>      time to time, I think it'll help children develop their skills.
<CanoeBerry>    - This project will include logical thinking and creativity, to
<CanoeBerry>      allow children be more creative and think reasonable.
<CanoeBerry>    - Under this project, Full Warranty of Project material will be
<CanoeBerry>      taken by our team, We will replace any defected edition and check
<CanoeBerry>      for future errors.
<CanoeBerry>    - Overall, Our team likes to contribute something to OLPC team and
<CanoeBerry>      we will be happy if we will be able make more children happy.
<CanoeBerry> Anybody that needs full access to & personal references on proposals therein let me know.
<walterbender> prtety impossible to tell from the site what it is they want to do
<walterbender> I
<CanoeBerry> Note applicant above is a SW developer & support reference..
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<Caryl> "soul?"  is this a religious organization?
<CanoeBerry> Appicant intends to developer an "All-In-One" fun/games-oriented suite later..
<mafe> yup...if this is something like a DS lite interface ...then I can figure out what they would want to do
<walterbender> I would recommend that they do something in an emulator first... and then
<CanoeBerry> Applicant says he's focusing on "improve the kids' logical,mental,reasoning
<CanoeBerry> and mental level"
<CanoeBerry> walterbender: we can do a 2-tracked approach, with emulation, SoaS and XO's
<CanoeBerry> we are more generous than in times past :)
<CanoeBerry> If the proposal seem serious -- opinions from others?
<mafe> We can ask them to be specific on what they would want to do ...2 XO's is not bad request after all
<walterbender> I don't see it as a matter of generosity... there is nothing in the proposal to react to... it tells us nothing
<Caryl> they don't specifically mention Sugar.
<Caryl> Some good things have come out of India
<CanoeBerry> True: could use much more detail.
<mafe> the foodforce game
<walterbender> any detail would be more detail
* mtd agrees that I have no idea what they're trying to do.
<CanoeBerry> They clearly take Sameer's credo to heart :) "Overall.. Basic Motto is :: Develope it and Pass it on!!!"
<walterbender> what is "it" is the question...
<CanoeBerry> OK, so let's ask them for more beef (or whatever the Indian equivalent) and then offer them machines conditionally on a more descriptive proposal.
<Caryl> Is the program already up and running on other systems?
<CanoeBerry> not at all clear.
<CanoeBerry> Any other opinions here?
<walterbender> if it were, then ask for some screen shots
<Caryl> chicken?
<mafe> Caryl: :) more than chicken?
<Caryl> Screen shots would be nice.  Also if we could run it on another OS it would be nice,
<CanoeBerry> Move on to Prjct #2 now?
<CanoeBerry> Final opinions on Booming Bang by Abhishek Indoria and Navdeep Singh in India?
<Caryl> How do we know it isn't an Indian version of GTA?
<mtd> -0 to the proposal
<Caryl> Let's ask for more info.
<CanoeBerry> OK, Project #1 "Revising"
<CanoeBerry> Onto Prjct #2 now..
<mafe> ask for more details and if they send some in a week then we give themm twhat they're requesting
<Caryl> +1 to revisign

[ PROJECT #2 : Enfants pour l'Éducation (Kids for Education) - Montreal, CANADA ]

<CanoeBerry> Enfants pour l'Éducation (Kids for Education) - Montreal, CANADA
<CanoeBerry> Requests 10 XO's for 12 months
<CanoeBerry> Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry> Nokia Software Engineer & UNICEF Quebec Manager would work together
<CanoeBerry>    to give the opportunity to a group of children from one of Montreal's
<CanoeBerry>    underprivileged neighbourhood to participate in building a brighter
<CanoeBerry>    future by:
<CanoeBerry>    - learning about the state of children education worldwide
<CanoeBerry>    - experimenting with technologies developed to increase education
<CanoeBerry>      accessibility in poor countries (e.g. XO laptops)
<CanoeBerry>    - envisioning possible solutions to the problem of universal access
<CanoeBerry>      to primary education
<CanoeBerry>    - sharing their thoughts and findings using the new social media
<CanoeBerry>      (blog, social networks)
<mafe> on prj we have XO libraries or grassroots that they can work to?
<CanoeBerry> Full Proposal in PDF here, for those with RT access:
<mafe> I'm interested to have some programs coming in on partnership and exploration like this...
<Caryl> Yes. The Audubon MS project has a local ngo FAMILI
<CanoeBerry> felixtrepanier: do you want to introduce your project here?
<felixtrepanier> yes...
<CanoeBerry> The school is being chosen right now?
<CanoeBerry> For a July 2009 start, over 6 months?
<felixtrepanier> yes...we are meeting them next week
<felixtrepanier> we plan 6 months for now
<CanoeBerry> So the school has almost been finalized?
<felixtrepanier> yes
<CanoeBerry> Got it.
<CanoeBerry> Ca parle francais?
<Caryl> non
<felixtrepanier> oui!
<Caryl> oh, you mean the kids
<felixtrepanier> so basically, the XO would be use as a tool by the children to reflect on the universal access to primary education
<Caryl> why only 6 mos?
<felixtrepanier> the kids speak french as well
<CanoeBerry> (Yeah, FYI Caryl is a teacher here who might be able to help provide you with Sugar learning tips..)
<felixtrepanier> good question
<felixtrepanier> we planned for a year, but since it will require commitments from children, we do not want to ask to much to soon
<felixtrepanier> we want to see how that can work
<Caryl> you could always move on to a different school if needed. I
<CanoeBerry> felix: what are your plans for organizing social media so that it is directly sharable with other kids/classrooms elsewhere in the world?
<felixtrepanier> hopefully, it is going to be amazing and we would extend it for the
second half of the school year
<Caryl> Either way you can work out the "kinks" and make a better project if you have more time to do it.
<mafe> that's interesting
<felixtrepanier> my understanding is that by using the XO, you are connected to other XO user no?
<felixtrepanier> excatly
<mafe> Felix: yes the mesh network...
<felixtrepanier> so by publishing the children's work on the web
<CanoeBerry> felix: don't rely on the mesh for critical applications
<felixtrepanier> an by connecting these children to the XO network, I hope to foster great collaboration
<felixtrepanier> I won't
<Caryl> very safe and minitored by teachers
<CanoeBerry> the mesh is not 100% reliable as the XO count rises..
<mafe> I think it's more on activity implementation right Felix?
<felixtrepanier> yes
<CanoeBerry> felix: have you considered or heard about Uruguay's edublog ?
<Caryl> Oops...lost part of my Post...thru the browser and ePals they can connect internationally
<mafe> on mesh network collaboration
<Caryl> it is moderated by teachers and very safe
<felixtrepanier> no I didn't hear about it, but I take note!
<CanoeBerry> We can put you in touch with the people behind if you involve teachers in a wider sphere etc..
<Caryl> ePals doesn't require XOs but they will work quite well with it
<felixtrepanier> excellent
<CanoeBerry> felix: we often start with 2 XO's to give groups like yours the feel
<felixtrepanier> ok
<CanoeBerry> And then 10 later if you have a rigorous proposal of how your effort will contribute to Sugar Learning Platform and/or OLPC
<felixtrepanier> ok
<CanoeBerry> That would be my suggestion. Caryl, mafe & others may have other suggestion for you right now however?
<felixtrepanier> the plan is to start with 20 children in September
<felixtrepanier> i'm not sure if 2 XO would be enough
<felixtrepanier> but i understand the process
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<CanoeBerry> I meant 2 XO's next week, and 8 later this summer if you solidfy your plans.
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<felixtrepanier> ah!
* jamaa21  Quit (Client Quit)
<felixtrepanier> that would be excellent!
<CanoeBerry> My recommendation anyway.  Others opinions?
<Caryl> that should give you a chance to see what you can actually do with the machines
<felixtrepanier> yes, that would be perfect!
<felixtrepanier> we need to plan the workshop, so that will be helpful
<Caryl> +1 to 2 now with 8 to follow in time for Sept.  Would like to see a longer project committment though
<mafe> I think that ok..and I'll be interested to work wiith Felix on this
<felixtrepanier> great!
<Caryl> I'm pretty far away, but would love to work with you and Mafe
<felixtrepanier> awesome!
<mafe> @caryl awesome!
<CanoeBerry> And if you can directly contribute any software (eg. ) or prove classroom techniques that will help others by writing them up etc, we'd love it :)
<felixtrepanier> ;)
<Caryl> And send pictures!
<felixtrepanier> for sure!
<CanoeBerry> :)
<mafe> of course pictures and videos are great right caryl?
<mafe> :)
<CanoeBerry> Concurring/Dissenting voices?
<Caryl> yes pics and videos!
<CanoeBerry> OK: Enfants pour l'Éducation approved for 2 XO Laptops to ship out next week.
<mafe> hey caryl  let's talk offline about setting up the pics and video web place
<felixtrepanier> great! thanks!
<CanoeBerry> Thanks all for today's meeting!  Laptop-leding Library or XO-1.5 news anybody?
<mafe> great...
<Caryl> right.  I'm hoping to get some from Jamaal's project at Audubon MS soon
<Caryl> Jamaal was on for a moment earlier but we lost him
<CanoeBerry> Plz all remember to tell your hardware-hacker friends to apply for XO-1.5 alpha boards now, as they may be ready to ship in early July....THX
<mafe> question: do we have an LA lending library  Caryl?
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<Caryl> he should have some news today. We are all very excited!
<Caryl> yes... CUE LA is setting up one that is from donated XOs from a businessman in SoCal
<mafe> Canoeberry: where they should apply for this XO-1.5 boards?
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<Caryl> And Jamaal's project at Audubon middle school will have a student run one for their after cchool program
<Caryl> CUELA's will be for teachers in SoCal
<mafe> Caryl: oic ...i'm replying to one RT ticket
<Caryl> none for general public yet
<mafe> Caryl: ok thanks...
<Caryl> Mafe: do you want to talk by phone? I can email you my number
<mafe> Caryl : yes plz
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<Caryl> oops...looks like I don't have your email
<Caryl> hi jamaal!  any news yet
<mafe> Caryl: I'll send you an can call me
<Caryl> mafe: great
<Caryl> do you have Verizon?
<mafe> nope...
<Caryl> too bad.  My dime I guess
<mafe> caryl: you want to use skype?
<jamaa21> hi caryl
<Caryl> haven't done that yet. Learning curve too much right now. I'm working on Elluminate.  We could meet in my "virtual room"  Haven't tried it yet but need to
<mafe> Caryl: I sent my num in your email using your email
<jamaa21> just catching up
<Caryl> Hi Jamaal did they arrive yet?
<jamaa21> no word...
<jamaa21> will check
<Caryl> We could ckeck the tracking # and see where they are
<jamaa21> yes
<Caryl> mafe:  give me a little time to try it here at home and I will send you an invite to my Virtual room if I can figure it out
<mafe> Caryl: great I havent tried that one yet..always great to try new things..:)
<Caryl> I need to eat lunch now, but will keep the chat open and check it from time to time in case there is anything else.
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