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* XO-1.5 early production machines now available/shipping:

* New projects & libraries -- teaching them Community Outreach:

* Which projects might you enjoy Mentoring below?!

* Fast Review of the 5 latest (greatest!) HW/Project Proposals -- please
  join us advocating for, and/or reviewing shortcomings of these proposals:

  #1 Social Networking / Crowdsourcing Apps - Arlington, Virginia
  #2 Charikar, Afghanistan - New York
  #3 Enabling and supporting Vietnamese localization: Vietnam and diaspora - Renmark, Australia
  #4 Support Volunteer - Mesa by Phoenix, Arizona
  #5 Sapote Rural Deployment - Honduras; Annandale, Virginia

<harryb> good afternoon
<CanoeBerry> harryb: hi!
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<harryb> i am new to this forum. i'm asking the organization for 2 machines to experiment with
<CanoeBerry> We're going to have to do this very differently than usual, since OLPC's email lists are not working suddenly in the last hour.
<CanoeBerry> dristi: welcome!
<dristi> HI Adam. Hi Harry!
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* harryb  Quit (Client Quit)
<CanoeBerry> Alright.
<CanoeBerry> OLPC's email (list) system is coming back to life now.
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<CanoeBerry> Hi again!
<harryb2> i'm back
<CanoeBerry> Now that OLPC email lists are coming back to life, I propose we start ~2:15pm -- see you then in less than 10min, OK?
<harryb2> i will stand by see you in 5 min according to my clock
<dristi> I'll be here.
<dristi> Is this working?
<harryb2> i'm still on - but i have to leave this meeting at 3:00
<harryb2> sooooo...what is the plan
<dristi> Just checking whether Adam/CanoeBerry is here
<dristi> Adam will start the meeting Harry, with an agenda and the proposal summary and then others will ask questions
<harryb2> standing by
<dristi> My name is Nancie(irc nickname dristi) and I am an OLPC  supportvolunteer
<harryb2> nice to meet client and i have been wrestling for some time on geting this project started
<dristi> I recently brought the first 12 XOs to a small village in Vietnam
<harryb2> do the systems come preloaded with a variety of applications
<dristi> What is your proposed project? ...Adam will moderate but if you want to tell me
<dristi> The contributors program XO's can have a preloaded set of activities that was used on the G1G1 XOs
<harryb2> my client is looking at two items that these machines may help us explore 1) the mass availability of information to everyone 2) an exploration of the use of this platform as a crowdsourcing tool
<dristi> These activities are all free and open source and downloadable in a custom package from the OLPC wiki too
<dristi> Has anyone else joined us?
<CanoeBerry> AGENDA:
<dristi> 1. You must know that the XO works on wireless (any open wireless or if you have the password on a shared key system browse actvity works
<CanoeBerry> At long last we may begin.
<CanoeBerry> Sorry about that.
<CanoeBerry> That dristi.
<CanoeBerry> Thanks so much to all for waiting.
<dristi> Mai Pen Rai (Never mind in Thai)
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[ PROJECT #1 - Social Networking / Crowdsourcing Apps - Arlington, Virginia ]

<CanoeBerry> Let us start with Project #1 of 5 here -- please all help critique/mentor/vote on:
<CanoeBerry> Social Networking / Crowdsourcing Apps - Arlington, Virginia
<CanoeBerry> ]
<CanoeBerry>    Requests 10 XO's over 3 months
<CanoeBerry>    Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>    The objective of this initial review is to assess the utility of
<CanoeBerry>    the laptop for use in social networking / crowdsourcing initiatives.
<CanoeBerry>    The specific details for the pilot study which will be done if we decide
<CanoeBerry>    the platform is suitable are currently being developed. If the pilot
<CanoeBerry>    study goes forward a detailed list of metrics and objectives will be
<CanoeBerry>    provided with our application for 10-25 additional laptops.
<harryb2> this is my project - i'd be happy to address any questions or concerns
<harryb2> initially we would request 2 laptops for assessment
<CanoeBerry> harryb2: many thanks -- can you introduce quickly for a min or 2?
<dristi> Can you please explain what crowdsourcing means?
<harryb2> crowdsourcing is the idea of using a mass audience to solve problems or address issues
<dristi> TY
<harryb2> for example - you can crowdsource a logo for your company at
<harryb2>  you could corwdsource a need to find a  lost child
<CanoeBerry> What might kids crowdsource in this case?
* Retrieving #olpc-meeting modes...
<harryb2> kids could be part of a crowdsource event - sort of like a giant hide and seek game
<harryb2> more education oriented would be a geography contest
<CanoeBerry> Great: so the software activities / apps your proposing (Sugar or Gnome?) would not require the mesh necessarily?
<CanoeBerry> Regular internet is also part of your approach?
<kjcole> Dristi: Crowdsourcing: Many hands make light work. ;-) (One area where Gallaudet is considering crowdsourcing is in the captioning of online video.  Folks with a good ear, and reasonable grasp of spelling and grammar could get the job done.)
<harryb2> the mesh might be helpful in some situations - we are trying to understand that as part of our initial study
<harryb2> dristi - exactly -
<CanoeBerry> Noting of course that mesh is not longer really part of the XO-1.5 just now coming online.
<CanoeBerry> *no longer
<dristi> thanks kevin
<dristi> it's not? I guess I really need that XO 1.5 that is supposed to be coming...:)
<harryb2> we have a strong interest in the democratization of information - providing kids and the general population of many countries with access to information is 
critical in todays world
<CanoeBerry> harryb2: will Sugar or Gnome Activities be contributed to places like ?
<harryb2> we will publish back to your websites the information we discover and what our plans are and what the results of our study is
<jpritikin> harryb2: are you familiar with James Fishkin's work on deliberative polling?
<harryb2> sandrat:  the benefits are several: having multiple individuals able to address a problem - say clean water problems in a village -
<kjcole> harryb2: Considering your locale, are you tied in with the OLPC Learning Club? (Have we met? My mind's a sieve.)
<harryb2> i am not familiar with Fishkin's work - i will be by the end of the day :>
<dristi> harry: I am not clear on your project. are you looking to make open software that can run on the XO that others can download and use?
<harryb2> kjcole - we are not part of the OLPC community at this time
<CanoeBerry> harryb2: these ideas are very important -- but we must ask here, will the results of this work be publicly blogged or shared as the Contributors Program asks?
<harryb2> we are interested in seeing how we can fit in and how we can benefit the community
<harryb2> we will share the results on the web
<CanoeBerry> Great.
<harryb2> i do not know if it will be  a blog - but some type of posting will occur
<kjcole> harryb2: OLPC Learning Club meeting tomorrow at the Arlington Career Center...
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<harryb2> kjcole - thanks - i don't know that i can make it tomorrow ; but i'll check the schedule
<CanoeBerry> Let's conclude Project #1 now -- please all vote.
<kjcole> CanoeBerry: Oops.
<dristi> harry: can you accomplish the first assessment with XOs borrowed from the library?
<CanoeBerry> The proposal is for 2 XO-1's as of today, yes?
<harryb2> what library? we will need them for 3 months or so at a minimum
<dristi> DC club has a lending library right Kevin?
<kjcole> harryb2: OLPC Learning Club is also a Lending Library...
<CanoeBerry> Yes DC has an XO Laptop lending library.
<CanoeBerry> kjcole here represent them!
<kjcole> We have 25 XO 1.0.
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<harryb3> i hope i'm back
<CanoeBerry> harryb3: welcome!
<harryb3> sorry for the drops
<kjcole> Typically we loan for a month, and then ask what the heck you're doing with 
them, and if you *really* need to renew.
<CanoeBerry> kjcole & all: let's please vote and wrap up now.
<CanoeBerry> harryb3: do you prefer a shorter term loan from kjcole or a longer-term loan from OLPC if you are approved here?
<harryb3> i would prefer 3 months to start - if at all possible
<kjcole> harryb3: do you have any web site?  Who are you?
<harryb3> my client is DARPA the website where we will post is
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<kjcole> harryb3: I can consult w/ my colleagues tomorrow and see what the feeling is about a 3-month loan of 1.0's.
<CanoeBerry> kjcole: full proposal here..
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<CanoeBerry> Let's quick conclude!
<kjcole> I suspect the answer will be that we're okay with that.
<CanoeBerry> Please vote yes or no if you can!
<CanoeBerry> Thanks
<kjcole> I vote for trying to do the 3-month loan from the learning club.
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<dristi> dristi suggests more time to get aquainted with how this project fits the mission and starting with short term loan to see what the XO does -1
<dristi> from Contrib
<CanoeBerry> kjcole -- that makes it easy, thanks
<CanoeBerry> CONCLUSION: vote deferred as the applicant will probably get 2 XO laptops direct from DC's Lending Library
<kjcole> Given the proximity, this should be the simplest solution.
<CanoeBerry> Thanks you all and let's move onto Project #2 now.
<harryb3> Great - Kjcole - please contact me at hberman @
<dristi> kjcole: i'm good with that too but with a checkin time  if they abandon the XO sooner ort want to go fw
<CanoeBerry> Please all critique/mentor/vote for:
<harryb3> thanks everyone Harry

[ PROJECT #2 - Charikar, Afghanistan - New York ]

<CanoeBerry> Thanks you all and let's move onto Project #2 now.
<CanoeBerry> Please all critique/mentor/vote for:
<CanoeBerry> Charikar, Afghanistan - New York
<CanoeBerry> ]
<CanoeBerry>    Requests 1-30 XO's over undetermined months
<CanoeBerry>    Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>    Last year I worked on an Internet documentary on the Afghanistan Centre
<CanoeBerry>    at Kabul University, founded by Nancy Hatch Dupree.
<CanoeBerry>    The organization provides books and school libraries for new literate
<CanoeBerry>    Afghans. While visiting a high school in Charikar I asked a few students
<CanoeBerry>    what they wanted. One student, Mohammad Sharif, said he and his 
<CanoeBerry> classmates
<CanoeBerry>    wanted computers. They are tired of war and want computers "to be their
<CanoeBerry>    teachers." For your information I have included a link to the short video
<CanoeBerry>    interview.
<CanoeBerry> Our objective is to deliver 300 computers to the Hazrat Noman, the boy's
<CanoeBerry>    school in the video listed above and 100 laptops each to Hura Jalali 
<CanoeBerry> and M
<CanoeBerry>    alalai, both girl's school. We would like to establish computer labs in
<CanoeBerry>    rural Charikar, about a 90-minute drive from Kabul City. We will 
<CanoeBerry> designate
<CanoeBerry>    local teachers who will maintain the computers, teach the students, and
<CanoeBerry>    develop a curriculum.
<CanoeBerry>    I have also included the link to the ACKU videos shot in 2009. I would
<CanoeBerry>    like to make the same for the OLPC-Charikar, once the computers are 
<CanoeBerry> secured.
<CanoeBerry> Sorry if above lines were cut.  Some key URL's:
<CanoeBerry> Can anybody here advocate for this project?
<kjcole> "30" and "undetermined" make a somewhat scary combination.
<CanoeBerry> I will be meeting with this applicant next Thurs in NYC for an NYC open meeting.
<CanoeBerry> Perhaps we should defer until after that, unless others have immediate comments?
<dristi> I like the viseo
<CanoeBerry> OLPC NYC Community Dinner will be 7PM Thurs 25!
<dristi> video..sounds like a plan...
<kjcole> I would argue for fixing the "undetermined months" part to something a bit more specific.
<CanoeBerry> Sorry it was supposed to be 24 months. My mistake transcribing.
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<CanoeBerry> Final comments on Afghan project above?
<CanoeBerry> Let us defer then!
<dristi> Is the requester a support gang member or willing to be?
<dristi> Defer Ok?
* harryb3  Quit (Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF))
<CanoeBerry> We will find out next Thurs.  Applicant's somewhat senior staff member at Columbia Univ. Plz see his full proposal and personal videomaking etc background at:

[ PROJECT #3 - Enabling and supporting Vietnamese localization: Vietnam and diaspora - Renmark, Australia ]

<CanoeBerry> Onto Project #3 now.
<CanoeBerry> Please all help critique/mentor/vote for:
<CanoeBerry> Enabling and supporting Vietnamese localization: Vietnam and diaspora 
<CanoeBerry> - Renmark, Australia
<CanoeBerry> ]
<CanoeBerry>    Requests 1 XO over 3 months
<CanoeBerry>    Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>    Get my initial Vietnamese XO software localization working on the XO
<CanoeBerry>    (Vietnamese is a test case for Unicode support, due to its combined
<CanoeBerry>    diacritics and very wide range on the Unicode plane; so far most accented
<CanoeBerry>    characters are not inputting, and number/symbol characters are 
<CanoeBerry> inaccessible:
<CanoeBerry>    we have an almost complete localization but people can't use it!); 
<CanoeBerry> test and
<CanoeBerry>    review the Vietnamese localization on the XO (I've never seen my 
<CanoeBerry> localization
<CanoeBerry>    in action); support OLPC project staff in Vietnam in using our 
<CanoeBerry> localization
<CanoeBerry>    (I made contact with two projects in Vietnam and found that they 
<CanoeBerry> didn't know
<CanoeBerry>    there was a Vietnamese localization, didn't know how to enable it, 
<CanoeBerry> and once
<CanoeBerry>    enabled, couldn't use it!)
<CanoeBerry>    While it would be cool to play with any new gadget ;), this is an urgent
<CanoeBerry>    need to get a key localization working. I can't believe we deployed 
<CanoeBerry> XOs in
<CanoeBerry>    Vietnam without a working localization! :S
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<CanoeBerry> +1
<CanoeBerry> CJL votes a strong +1
<kjcole> This is an easy +1
<CanoeBerry> See ticket where his vote is recorded.
<dristi> Chris Leonard suggested this XO be provided to help the sugar localization volunteer that is the only translator of sugar to Vietnamese understand how to implement on the XO +1
<ndoiron> +1
<CanoeBerry> Please all vote or state your objections!
<culseg> +1 reads great to me
<CanoeBerry> Calling once..
<CanoeBerry> Calling twice..
<CanoeBerry> Calling thrice..
<CanoeBerry> APPROVED

[ PROJECT #4 - Support Volunteer - Mesa by Phoenix, Arizona ]

<CanoeBerry> Onto Project #4..
<CanoeBerry> Please all critique/mentor/vote for:
<CanoeBerry> Support Volunteer - Mesa by Phoenix, Arizona
<CanoeBerry>    Requests 1 XO over undetermined months 
<CanoeBerry>    Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>    Laptop is to be used to support end users questions and problem tickets
<CanoeBerry> +1 as she's been very enthusiastic & resourceful in her 1st 10 days.
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<dristi> +1
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<CanoeBerry> Even if she's got a long ways to go!  And overcommits like a lot of us here.
<CanoeBerry> With her senior job at a bank and her graduate work etc :)
<CanoeBerry> Please all vote on RT59534 above.
<kjcole> Though the proposal seems a bit "thin" an active support volunteer w/o a laptop seems silly.  And given your endorsement, I'll go +1.
<ndoiron> +1
<culseg> +1 ( with some more RT training)
<CanoeBerry> Applicant is very profficient IT person -- manager a lot of software engineers and dedicating herself deeply to OLPC.
<dristi> Will a 1.0 work here?
<CanoeBerry> Even if she typo's out name OPEC regularly ;)
<CanoeBerry> Yes, XO-1 will work to get her started.
<CanoeBerry> Calling once..
<CanoeBerry> Calling twice..
<kjcole> Freudian? ;-)
<CanoeBerry> Calling thrice..
<CanoeBerry> APPROVED!

[ PROJECT #5 - Sapote Rural Deployment - Honduras; Annandale, Virginia ]

<CanoeBerry> Onto Project #5 now -- our final for the day.
<CanoeBerry> Please all critique/mentor/vote for:
<CanoeBerry> Sapote Rural Deployment - Honduras; Annandale, Virginia
<CanoeBerry> ]
<CanoeBerry>    Requests 10 XO's over 18 months 
<CanoeBerry>    Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>    This project is for a rural, one-room
<CanoeBerry>    public school in Honduras. This school has no access to any kind of
<CanoeBerry>    technology at the moment. The purpose of this deployment is to introduce
<CanoeBerry>    students to the activities on the XO and use the XOs to help the students
<CanoeBerry>    achieve their learning goals. This project can field test how to use the
<CanoeBerry>    Honduran curriculum with the activities now available on the XO. This
<CanoeBerry>    school has thirty 1st-6th graders, so there will be a good age range of
<CanoeBerry>    laptop users and a variety of learning applications.
<CanoeBerry> rdyrussia: can you introduce us to your work?!
<rdyrussia> Yes, my name is Becky Young.
<rdyrussia> I live in Virginia and have been to two of the Learning Club meetings
<rdyrussia> I was an OLPC intern in Peru last summer.
<rdyrussia> I'm a public school teacher.
<kjcole> Ah.  Becky's been a regular at the last couple of meetings and came to NYC's kick-off, if I recall correctly.
<rdyrussia> yes, I made it up to NYC in Nov.
<CanoeBerry> Becky Thatcher is no 12 year old :)
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<CanoeBerry> rdyrussia: can you talk about the implementation and long-term support you will offer them?
<rdyrussia> I have 4 laptops donated to me from other Peru interns, and I am requesting 10 more to take to the school.
<dristi> Are you looking for reflashed XO 1s from the CP?
<rdyrussia> I plan to spend about 2 months there this summer.  I plan to maintain regular communication with the school, via phone if necessary (at the moment there is no internet access that I know of)
<CanoeBerry> We would offer Becky up to 10 semi-refurbished XO-1's.
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<rdyrussia> I'm sorry, what is CP?
<dristi> Contrib Program
<CanoeBerry> I would support this if the implementation plan is very solid.
<CanoeBerry> CP = this meeting
<rdyrussia> thank you
<kjcole> Given Jeff Elkner's connection to Central American education, and Becky's proximity to the DC group, I figure there's a reasonable support structure in place...
<CanoeBerry> What's the long-term vision at this point?
<rdyrussia> I plan to make follow-up visits and work to train local students to maintain 
the project.
<CanoeBerry> And blogging approach, which will be very important.
<dristi> 2 months is a good amount of time to get a strong local team and sustainable project off the ground. If the sharing is in place +1
<CanoeBerry> Jeff Elkner's an inspiration here ( ) we need good evidence of community communications if 10 XO's will be involed :)
<rdyrussia> My hope is that there will be a national deployment in the future, but that is still a campaign issue from the now president
<kjcole> rdyrussia: though I don't want to commit Jeff to anything, considering he over-commits himself.  However, he's offered help, to you right?
<rdyrussia> Yes, he has.
<kjcole> +1
<rdyrussia> I certainly plan to blog, I just meant that communication with the people in Honduras via the internet may not be possible at this time.
<dristi> We can help mentor you re strategies to get internet
<CanoeBerry> rdyrussia: will photography (blogged or careful album) be a large component this summer during your visit?
<culseg> we need to build in Central America and the Caribbean +1
<kjcole> rdyrussia: And you met Beth Santos too, which could prove useful.
<rdyrussia> yes, I did meet Beth.
<CanoeBerry> rdyrussia: more specifically what community communication did you find most effective last summer while in Peru?
<rdyrussia> I will certainly take a lot of pictures myself, and I already have 5-7 pictures online if anyone is interested.  I was able to visit the school in Feb.
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<CanoeBerry> And talking to people at OLPC's OLPCorps/Interns summit in October?
<dristi> Will you or do you already have a wiki project page?
<CanoeBerry> rdyrussia's working on ti.
<rdyrussia> on the OLPC wiki?
<CanoeBerry> *on it
<rdyrussia> yes, I hope to have some help at the Learning Club meeting tomorrow and get that up and running
<CanoeBerry> I recommend standard no-fuss blogging software too.
<rdyrussia> The questions about Peru last summer- there was not a lot of communication
<kjcole> I already put in a +1, but can Waveplace help here also?
<dristi> mentors can help her with suggestions here
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<rdyrussia> I have been in touch with Tim Falconer a few times.
<CanoeBerry> rdyrussia: if you were grading the OLPCorps projects you met last October, which methods of community sharing/outreach do you find most effective here?
<CanoeBerry> Of the roughly 30 blogs here for example:
<CanoeBerry> The reason I dwell on this question is that it is central to the reason for the Contributors Program.
<rdyrussia> I think the freedom that the Corps had in setting up their programs meant 
that they were more thoughtful about how to communicate with others
<rdyrussia> in Peru we were under the ministry of education and doing what they instructed us to do
<CanoeBerry> EG. dristi above has been a star in communicating her Vietnam work!
<rdyrussia> I really like the ideas about peer mentoring that were used in Sierra Leone I believe
<rdyrussia> I listened in on the Sunday meeting presentation about Vienam
<rdyrussia> Vietnam
* dogi  Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
<CanoeBerry> rdyrussia: will there be bandwidth for a teacher or student in Honduras to blog with you during July/Aug?
<rdyrussia> and saw the power point, that's the one you are referring to?
<rdyrussia> As of now, the village does not have internet access that I know of
<CanoeBerry> Yes, all of her materials within/off of her above [[Vung_Vieng_Fishing_Vietnam]]
<rdyrussia> it may require a 2-3 hour car ride to a major city
<rdyrussia> which I plan to do a few times while I am there.
* jpritikin  Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
<CanoeBerry> Offline/rural communities are certainly to be supported, but will make feedback all the more important!
<CanoeBerry> Shall we vote now?
<dristi> The communications and followup piece with the OLPC community especially people working on microdeployments is critical. The experiences of others will be very important to the success of your project and the sharing of your experience likewise to help others
<rdyrussia> I am doing my best to learn from others, and I plan to share my own experiences with others
<rdyrussia> through various outlets- meetings, blogs, email, etc.
<dristi> +1 Good luck!
<CanoeBerry> dristi: do you have time to mentor Becky on community outreach perhaps for 1 quick phone call per month until summertime?
<kjcole> +1
<CanoeBerry> +1
<ndoiron> +1
<dristi> I am oversubscribed with SE Asia to take on a new project to wholly mentor but I can always answer ?'s.. yes can talk about the blog sites etc
<kjcole> Lots of work to learn from focusing on the same area of the world a la waveplace, beth and jeff as well.
<rdyrussia> I plan to go to the Learning Club meeting tomorrow and I can ask if plan to ask for their support with mentoring as well
<CanoeBerry> How about 1 coaching session by phone in the coming month or so -- or early spring?
<CanoeBerry> Special price for Honduras.
<dristi> No problem...
<CanoeBerry> Vietnam doesn't get all the love, thanks!
<CanoeBerry> APPROVED
<rdyrussia> Thank you.
<CanoeBerry> *Meeting adjourned, thanks all*
<kjcole> Ta-ta.
<dristi> rdyrussia: my personal email is nanciesevers @
<rdyrussia> Thank yo.
<rdyrussia> you
<dristi> email me there and we can speak when you are ready
<rdyrussia> I will write you today.
<dristi> sounds like a plan.
<rdyrussia> Agreed.
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<dristi> Canoeberry: Have a nice weekend...see ya
<rdyrussia> Bye.
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