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* XO-1.5 production machines available:

* New projects & libraries -- teaching them Community Outreach:

* Which projects might you enjoy Mentoring below?!

* Fast Review of the 6 latest (greatest!) HW/Project Proposals -- please
  join us advocating for, and/or reviewing shortcomings of these proposals:

 #1 Conectate, Juega Y Aprende / Get Connected, Play & Learn - Ecuador
 #2 Ubuntu Pace Academy Learning Lab - Atlanta, Georgia / South Africa
 #3 Planting an OLPC seed in West Papua - Indonesia / Oxford, United Kingdom
 #4 Ndoombo Orphanage and widow center - Tanzania / Tonawanda, New York
 #5 NOAH-Havergal Initiative - South Africa / Toronto, Canada
 #6 Science in Their Hands, Right Livelihood Practices - Kenya/Uganda

[ PROJECT #1 - Conectate, Juega Y Aprende / Get Connected, Play & Learn - Ecuador ]

<CanoeBerry> All [3] other projects ( are eligible for starter kits of 2 XO-1s if they reply to making crystal clear how they are helping!  If they post their project aspirations to and make clear how they're working towards

[ PROJECT #2 - Ubuntu Pace Academy Learning Lab - Atlanta, Georgia / South Africa ]

<CanoeBerry> All [3] other projects ( are eligible for starter kits of 2 XO-1s if they reply to making crystal clear how they are helping!  If they post their project aspirations to and make clear how they're working towards

[ PROJECT #3 - Planting an OLPC seed in West Papua - Indonesia / Oxford, United Kingdom ]

<KenKahn> OK. Hi all. My proposal is at
<Violet-Red-50> plus 1!
<NtugiMark_> Can we have a link and some info about your application?
<KenKahn> I've been involved in research and practice of children and computer programming since the mid 1970s
<KenKahn> When I was at the MIT LOGO Group with Seymour Papert and others.
<KenKahn> I have been doing technology enhanced learning research for over 20 years.
<KenKahn> she is doing a project documenting a dying language)
<NtugiMark_> can I ask some questions, Ken?
<KenKahn> I thought I should try to do an OLPC rpoject
<KenKahn> Sure.
<NtugiMark_> You have been to the site? How many times, and for how long?
<NtugiMark_> And here are a bunch of short ones:
<NtugiMark_> 1) Do they have power?
<NtugiMark_> 2) Do they have 3G cell reception?
<KenKahn> B4) and spent a week or so playing with Sugar, etc.
<NtugiMark_> You had an olpc on thier site in NG?
<KenKahn> Then last year David Cavallo asked me to come to Rwanda to help and I agree but then had visa problems
<KenKahn> They have power.
<KGMac> just before going further Mark, perhaps we could get everyone to do the vote for Noah?  or did I miss that.  Sandra T and I were +1, but the other participants before they have to go?
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<CanoeBerry> AGENDA HERE:
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<CanoeBerry> Sorry I'm an hour late..
<KenKahn> The city does have internet via the celluar system.
<NtugiMark_> We had a + from cait, me, you, and Sandra
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<KenKahn> Julius who is collaborating from the local university in West Papua is connected here and perhaps can answer more.
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<KenKahn> There is no internet in the schools
<juliusppn_> Yes I'm here
<KenKahn> No computers either.
<KenKahn> Julius -- is there 3G Internet in Manokwari?
<KGMac> Nina :Добрый день
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<juliusppn_> Yes There is 3G Here
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<KenKahn> The experience I had with XOs were those here at the London Knowledge Lab
<juliusppn_> In Manokwari we can connect internet using mobile modem
<CanoeBerry> NtugiMark_: plz stop pounding my computer w/ private messages -- I am literally unable to work as a result.
<KenKahn> I should explain that my not so great experience with Sugar and XOs shouldn't be a problem -- I do have a phD from MIT in Computer XScience
<NtugiMark_> and I think you and Cait and I were in support of John's project in Uganda
<NtugiMark_> So, Julius
<NtugiMark_> at the school itself. is there a good cell phone signal?
<NtugiMark_> Adam, I cut and pasted the chat so far into a private chat window
<NtugiMark_> So there is power, and you could use a wireless router with a 3G modem to connect to the internet?
<NtugiMark_> It was only 1 msg!
<NtugiMark_> sorry
<NtugiMark_> but 180 lines long. shoulda sent it as email
<CanoeBerry> i am now able to use my computer. plz never do that again.
<KGMac> the request for 35 seems to be beyond the scope of this program, though
<NtugiMark_> For a class set, you'll need to connect your mobile USB modem to a wireless point so they can 'share' the modem
<NtugiMark_> promise
<juliusppn_> yes! in the school there is a good cell phone signal
<KenKahn> We asked for 35 with the hope we could have one laptop per child in one class in the school.
<KenKahn> We coulld still do a project with less.
<NtugiMark_> Ken, in the long run, most of us have had to purchase XO's for a real implementation
<CanoeBerry> who's next in line?
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<KenKahn> Are there more questions about our West Papua proposal?
<CanoeBerry> shall finalize West Papua next?
<NtugiMark> Sure.
<Guest67928> Is there anything else that you need from Havergal at this time, or should I just wait to hear about the phone call next week?
<CanoeBerry> guest67928: who are you?
<tonyforster> Has West Papua made contact with OLPC Oeania, East Timor or OLPC Indonesia list? thats a good idea
<Guest67928> Kaylan Schwarz, from Havergal College
<CanoeBerry> Hi Kaylan!
<Guest67928> Hi Adam!
<susiedarling3> short term the havergal students will be developing a manual of activities and support for the local hero on the ground.  I look forward to hearing from you next week.
<KenKahn> To a small extent -- the web pages for OLPC Indonesia was very quiet
<KenKahn> I tried a few times to contact Barry Vercoe
<tonyforster> yes olpc indonesia very quiet
<CanoeBerry> Havergal/NOAH: let's finalize by phone next week.  pick your time and reply to w/ [ #76986] ASAP with the agree upon time.
<tonyforster> Barry Vercoe in which context?
<CanoeBerry> Havergal/NOAH: let's finalize by phone next week.  pick your time and reply to w/ [ #76986] IN THE SUBJECT LINE!
<KenKahn> Cynthia Solomon and Henry Lieberman suggested I do since he's active in OLPC in the region.
<Guest67928> Sounds goods.
<KenKahn> They talked to him about our proposal but he hasn't answered my emails
<tonyforster> better david leeming or ian thompson
<KenKahn> OK, thanks.
<CanoeBerry> Kavergal/NOAH: plz pick 2 or 3 different times next week that work for a (late day ideally?) phone call.
<Guest67928> Will do.
<CanoeBerry> KenKahn: what does your team look like?
<tonyforster> Ken fyi East Timor is
<KenKahn> Julius -- perhaps you can answer this better
<KenKahn> While waiting I'll say what I know. I contact the rector of the university in Manokwari and he got me in touch with Julius who is in the Computer Engineering dept there
<CanoeBerry> How many people on your team and what are their roles?
<KenKahn> Julius contacted a local school and get the head master and some teachers eager to work with us.
<CanoeBerry> Is there a tech/support lead?
<juliusppn_> there are some pict of the school
<KenKahn> I am the technical support lead initially to get people familar with XOs and Sugar. Julius will take over.
<CanoeBerry> What's the electricity situation in the school & at nearby homes?
<juliusppn_> The Electricity is good
<juliusppn_> very goo
<juliusppn_> very good
<CanoeBerry> Where does the power come from?
<CanoeBerry> And who pays the bill when the XOs ramp up the power consumption?
<juliusppn_> Goverment Electricity
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<CanoeBerry> If this team can organize all the above links and photos onto a blog clearly promoted with photo onto then I motion for approval of refurbished 10 XO-1s
<juliusppn_> The Governent Pay power consumption of every school
<CanoeBerry> What is your experience with Sugar in general?
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<KenKahn> My experience was with B4 about 3 years ago. I spent a week on it over a few months.
<CanoeBerry> OK.  OLPC Contributors Program issues 2 to 10 laptops in general.
<CanoeBerry> Who will create your blog?
<CanoeBerry> We need to wrap up.
<KenKahn> I'm happy to do so.
<CanoeBerry> Great.
<CanoeBerry> Final objections / votes?
<KenKahn> Since we won't start until July - there is plenty of time to get up-to-date and familiar with the XOs
<CanoeBerry> What's possible pre-July?
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<CanoeBerry> Motion for 10 XO-1s to Indonesia's project described above, shipped to West Papua this month.
<CanoeBerry> Objections?
<KenKahn> Personally I was planning on planning and familarisation.
<CanoeBerry> Where are you location Mch-June?
<CanoeBerry> Where are you located Mch-June?
<Blue-Blue-42> none from me
<KenKahn> London/Oxford
<CanoeBerry> Should I ship a starter kit of 2 to London/Oxford?
<juliusppn_> I'm In Manokwari
<KenKahn> There are 5 old XOs here that I can borrow.
<CanoeBerry> Should I ship a starter kit of 2 laptops to both locations?
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<CanoeBerry> All 10 to West Papua?
<KenKahn> Is a 1.0 B4 too old?
<CanoeBerry> Somewhat.
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<CanoeBerry> It might not run:
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<CanoeBerry> Calling once..
<CanoeBerry> Calling twice..
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<CanoeBerry> Calling thrice..
<CanoeBerry> APPROVED for 10 XO-1s to kickstart, after the project createds a blog they will update monthly, and promotes their efforts on
<KenKahn> Great, thanks.

[ PROJECT #4 - Ndoombo Orphanage and widow center - Tanzania / Tonawanda, New York ]

<CanoeBerry> All [3] other projects ( are eligible for starter kits of 2 XO-1s if they reply to making crystal clear how they are helping!  If they post their project aspirations to and make clear how they're working towards

[ PROJECT #5 - NOAH-Havergal Initiative - South Africa / Toronto, Canada ]

<KGMac> mauve, is that Kaylan?
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<KGMac> Hi SW
<susiedarling> hey
<susiedarling> made it
<KGMac> adam is running a little behind
<susiedarling> so i haven't missed anything
<KGMac> de nada
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<KGMac> hey Mr B and Ms T
<NtugiMark_> sorry, just got free adam
<NtugiMark_> Hey KG
<sandrat> here ... until 3:15
<NtugiMark_> is that Thaxter?
<sandrat> yes it's me Mark
<KGMac> adam isnt here yet.  He emailed that he's a little behind
<sandrat> is there a link to today's list
<KGMac> i think that is also delayed
<NtugiMark_> hey, you and I should skype tomorrow Sandra, about alberta and brooke
<NtugiMark_> yeah, adam seems hung up with Uruguay
<NtugiMark_> Kevin, is Kaylan here?
<NtugiMark_> I had some trouble with the browser link
<NtugiMark_> so I am up on colloquy
<KGMac> i see someone named Mauve, which is her nickname, but I got an email saying she didnt see anything
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<KGMac> i can get in both ways the other KG is my windows/web login
<Mauve> Hello?
<NtugiMark_> Kaylan?
<KGMac> hey Ms Mauve
<NOAH__> Hi Mark/Kaylan
<NtugiMark_> hey susan
<NOAH__> I finally made it I was susiedarling was kicked out now I'm NOAH
<NtugiMark_> lol
<NtugiMark_> they thought you were spam...with the darling thing
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<FoNC> under many different names, not sure how to remove those
<CanoeBerry> We can run an advance review of 1 or 2 projects will not be complete/final until later in the hour however..who wants to start explaining their project?
<KenKahn> I'm happy to start but my collaborator is having technical problems.
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<KenKahn> He is getting an error message "Method Not Implemented GET to /chat not supported.";
<FoNC> I can start
<KGWinWeb> This is through the we forum link ... seems OK
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<CanoeBerry> Hammered today, sorry guys for the late start.
<FoNC> Not sure where to start
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<FoNC> Our wish list is for 10 xo for our South Africa deployment for our Havergal/NOAH pilot project
<NtugiMark_> Just to clarify, who is FoNC?
<FoNC> Susan
<NtugiMark_> Kaylan from the NOAH project is having trouble with the browser-based IRC client
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<NtugiMark_> So, Adam, is there an agenda?
<susiedarling1> and were back, dont ask, issues with xchat too, self inflicted I think
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<NtugiMark_> So from the NOAH group, we have Susan, Kaylan who is trying to join (I have her on the phone)
<NtugiMark_> Me, and KG and Cait who are working with the NOAH group in support of their project
<NtugiMark_> Adam, is that enough to move forward with a discussion of their proposal?
<sandrat> I am look for a url for the NOAH  .  can you paste it in
<Violet-Red-50> sorry
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<NtugiMark_> So Kaylan is on her way...I am having problem with the browser IRC too, but I'll speak for her until she joins, and Susan, maybe you can join me in expaining?
<NtugiMark_> Adam, does that sound okay,?
<susiedarling1> I can
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<NtugiMark_> The situation is as follows....
<NtugiMark_> Havergal is one of Canada's leading girls' schools
<NtugiMark_> and they have an Institte
<NtugiMark_> the URL is above
<NtugiMark_> that is dedicated to International Edducation and Development
<sandrat> looks good.  well established org
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<NtugiMark_> They have partnered with NOAH which is a very strong and established NGO in South AFrica
<NtugiMark_> that supports education and tutoring of AIDS orphans
<NtugiMark_> NOAK has a Canadian Chapter and Susan
<NtugiMark_> (susiedarling)
<NtugiMark_> is their rep here
<Guest67928> This is our third trip to South Africa in our ongoing partnership with NOAH
<NtugiMark_> Kaylan is the Havergal teacher supervisor
<sandrat> fyi  IRC is much easier to use in Firebox browsers
<NtugiMark_> and she is guest67928
<Guest67928> My name is Kaylan Schwarz and I am the Global Experience Program Coordinator at Havergal College
<NtugiMark_> (we discovered that this was the problem)
<NtugiMark_> aha
<NtugiMark_> so we are all here
<susiedarling2> yes
<NtugiMark_> KG, Cait, and I are from the UCC/Kenya/Ntugi project
<Guest67928> I coordinate our international excursions and will be accompanying the trip in August
<NtugiMark_> and KG is the one who has hosted the OLPC-Troornto Development group
<sandrat> this is helpful.. we're sharing informaton.  the NOAH project is at what stage? as far as XO goes?
<NtugiMark_> There are 112 sites in South Africa that are called 'arks' that host after school programs for AIDS orphans
<Guest67928> We will be working with two sites while we are in South Africa
<NtugiMark_> They have 8 girls and two teachers heading to SA in August 1-21st
<NtugiMark_> and a NOAH Canada rep heading over to 'scout' and prepare in March
<Guest67928> NOAH would like to pilot the OLPC project with one ark and grow from there
<NtugiMark_> Our Ntugi team have met with girls, provided them with loaner XO's, and done an initial orientation
<sandrat> good!
<Guest67928> And we love the laptops! The girls are so excited to start working with them
<susiedarling2> A visit is also scheduled in December so we can report how things are progressing with the project
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<NtugiMark_> They have a very good NGO parter on the ground in SA
<NtugiMark_> they have connections through the Canadian wing
<Guest67928> We are meeting again in April to check-in with the girls about their comfort level with all of the laptop functions.
<NtugiMark_> and Havergal has already been to the ssite on non-OLPC service trips
<susiedarling2> one loaner laptop is already at NOAH Head Office South Africa with the tech team there
<Guest67928> Nikki Potter from NOAH Canada is an alumni of Havergal College, so it is a strong partnership
<sandrat> what group of children/age/activity are targeted at these sites
<NtugiMark_> this is to deepen the relationship and build a sustainable relationship around the OLPC for kids from toddler to 14 yrs
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<susiedarling2> All age groups
<NtugiMark_> about 200 kids move through each 'ark', and the age range is big
<sandrat> what will the summer team be able to do while they are there
<susiedarling2> these project would be targeted to school age group
<susiedarling2> the students will be going prepared with knowledge of the applications
<NtugiMark_> Susie and Kaylan, you can take it from here
<sandrat> Is there support from the on-site staff & leaders?
<susiedarling2> they will be able to work directly with the student
<Guest67928> We are able to find a local hero and a tech person on the ground
<susiedarling2> and the volunteers and designated loval herp
<susiedarling2> hero
<sandrat> got it
<Guest67928> We want to connect using 3G wireless, like Mark's group
<Guest67928> We will also be creating a secure space for the laptops will be stored
<Guest67928> We'll be looking at solar power as well as wired power
<Guest67928> Most importantly...
<susiedarling2> Katie Andrews our contact in SA has been sourcing information for us regarding services and hardware requirements
<sandrat> good idea.  It seems to be a necessary approach to use
<sandrat> good idea storage place was meant
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<susiedarling2> these issues Nicky will be addressing during her trip in March
<Guest67928> We'll be delivering after-school learning workshops using sugar
<Guest67928> ...and gnome
<sandrat> so far sounds realistic
<Guest67928> for both primary and secondary school students
<juliusppn_> Hallo
<sandrat> important to have trust and engagement from the staff on site
<Guest67928> Each girl is responsible for mastering one sugar activity
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<Guest67928> Nikki (on advance team in March) are going to verify the needs and capabilities of staff at the site
<sandrat> we've been using scratch instead of turtle art.  It takes a bit of a learning curve, but the kids catch on.
* KGMac  Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
<sandrat> some of the activities aren't quite so learning intensive
<Guest67928> Mark informed us that Scratch would be a bit more complicated, but our girls are up to the task
<sandrat> Using memorize and having the students create their own matching material is good to try
<NtugiMark_> Our Nugi group is committed to helping them with a teaching/implementation plan based n our experiences in Kenya...speak, record, maze, implode, memorize
<NtugiMark_> sandra, that's interesting
<sandrat> great
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<NtugiMark_> we have already talked about creating a simple memorize on the first day to match faces of the Havergal girls and the SA kids by name and pic
<Guest67928> We're starting with simple functions at the moment to get our feet wet
<NtugiMark_> okay, maybe the second day ;)
<sandrat> I think that the planning is sufficient for expectations for the summer.  How many weeks will the students be there?
<Guest67928> 3 in total
<sandrat> it's a good start.  Who will make sure that the learning and use continues?
<KenKahn> Julius -- I think we'll be next.
<KGMac> sorry Mr. Rogers poopy service keeps killing me
<Guest67928> We have a blog to journal our experiences:
<sandrat> good work
<KGMac> has Adam piped in yet?
<Guest67928> This is also a way for us to share any struggles we have with the functions
<NtugiMark_> They have been very committed to the idea of contributor/collaboration/sharing
<susiedarling2> katie andrews in SA is part of our blog and in constant contact with FoNC and Havergal
<Guest67928> And to brainstorm workshops
<sandrat> I have a project to defend: John Valent work in Uganda, but I will have to sign off in 15 min.
<Guest67928> We'll be doing trial workshops with our junior school
<KGMac> as for the XO's requested, 10 of those that I have purchased on ebay are currently in the hands of the 8 girls and 2 teachers.  They are being used for training and development.  Those XO's are scheduled to go to Kenya with our Ntugi project, so will need to be returned  Noah and Havergal have committed to buying 10 XO 1.5's which will go to SA as the 'pilot'  The 10 from the contributors program are for use to co
<KGMac> the development and training for the advancement of the program both here and in-country.  We are actively mentoring the tech aspects of the program, and can definitely say that they would all be used precisely in the mission of teh contributors program, to develop and increas, perhaps in a very large way, the OLPC presence in SA.
<susiedarling2> we will be popping in as well Dec/Jan to review
<NtugiMark_> this was a good news article that was, in addition to the blog, on Havergal's website
<Guest67928> Also, we have a group from Durban Girl's College visiting us in April and we will be taking them through the project goals and laptop capability as well
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<sandrat> sounds good I"m in favor of giving them a starter kit if that's what we call it.
<Guest67928> Katie Andrews is the Ark manager, by the way
<NtugiMark_> I think all of us from the Ntugi project are behing the Havergal/NOAH initiative cause we know how serious they are, well supported and organized, and that they have a real chance of enduring success with their experiement, and a real chance to pilot something that could be at another 112 sites some day
<sandrat> Please mentors/reviewers take a look at for Ticket  67167. when it comes up
<sandrat> Please mentors/reviewers take a look at for Ticket  67167. when it comes up
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<sandrat> Hi Katie.   such good work!
<NtugiMark_> Sandra, the NOAH people shoud look at this project too because of the AIDS overlap/connection
<NtugiMark_> Sandra, are you here in support of an application from the Uganda project?
<sandrat> we have some development and success with AIDS teaching using XO.   Can send some material   email us at
<Guest67928> We've been so lucky to have the mentorship from Mark and Kevin on this project...impossible not to be excited about the program after their testimonials
<NtugiMark_> or is NOAH the only project in the dock today?
<CanoeBerry> AGENDA:
<NtugiMark_> Contributors is more for seeding a pilot program
<KenKahn> That's what we are hoping to do.
<CanoeBerry> Can we recap near-final consensus on Havergal/NOAH?  What's the total laptop count?
<KenKahn> But ideally a seed pilot project would enable each child in one class to have a laptop.
<Guest67928> We've committed to purchasing ten laptops
<KGMac> 10 to Noah 10 to Sandra T project
<KGMac> we are on the Papua project request for 35
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<KGMac> no negatives for Noah or Uganda.
<CanoeBerry> What's the *total* NOAH laptops count?
<KGMac> Qeustions as to the quntity for Paua
<KGMac> papua
<KGMac> from Contributors 10
<KGMac> from purchas committment 10
* sandrat  Quit (Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF))
<KGMac> currently with them now, 10
<CanoeBerry> 30 total?
<KGMac> but, bottom line is a request for 10 from contribs
<KGMac> the rest are purchased
<CanoeBerry> i need the big picture to approve anything today.
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<CanoeBerry> where are all these 30 laptops headed and when?
* NtugiMark_  Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
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<KenKahn> Regarding West Papua I will be there in July and August.
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<KenKahn> Julius is local and will keep the project going afterwards.
<KGMac> Adam, do you want to look back on the transcript, or interrupt Ken?
<juliusppn_> Yes, I'm Here
<susiedarling3> big picture, pilot project starts with 10 and establishes programming in one ark, long term, increase laptop numbers to reach all school age children and roll out to other arks one at a time considering each arks limitations and requirements
<NtugiMark> I sent transcript to ur email Adam
<CanoeBerry> I've read the transcript; I need more details if NOAH's to be approved.
<CanoeBerry> Too many transcripts, not enough details.
<CanoeBerry> Central Question: where are all these 30 laptops headed and when?
<Guest67928> What other details do you need for NOAH?
<NtugiMark> Only 10 laptops
<susiedarling3> 10 laptops are with the havergal students now but will have to be given back to the Ntugi deployment
<susiedarling3> we need 10 to replace them and be left at NOAH in August
<NtugiMark> And they will have them in SA in August
<Guest67928> We're just borrowing the ten we have in order to learn the capabilities
<NtugiMark> They are currently training on KG's loaners
<susiedarling3> where a local hero will take on the resonsiblity of integrating the laptops into the existing program
<NtugiMark> 10 onsite in SA to pilot a program that could be duplicated at 112 similar sites
<susiedarling3> we currently support 30,000 children in 100+ arks, the potential for this project is substantial
<susiedarling3> this project has been discussed with the NGOs and it has been well received, as it ties in well with our mission statement of supporting the children with nutrition, education and psychosocial support
<CanoeBerry> yes: potential great, short term is what i'd like to understand. a clear picture is needed prior to final approval. i will arrange a phone call next week.

[ PROJECT #6 - Science in Their Hands, Right Livelihood Practices - Kenya/Uganda ]

<sandrat> I am here in support of John Valent's Uganda project yes, but I may have to leave before adam gets to it.  Could you say a word for him.  John is a sharp guy, very resourceful,  has a good track record
<KenKahn> I wouold like to talk about our West Papua proposal.
<sandrat> I am voting for this NOAH project
<NtugiMark_> Sandra, I really like the Uganda project...while we wait for Adam, can you detail what they want?
<NtugiMark_> Thank you, Sandra, me too. I think NOAH is a terrifically prepared project and they have an immediate need
<KGMac> +1 for Noah, +1 for Uganda.
<NtugiMark_> And, Ken, maybe you can take over after Sandra?
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<sandrat> Uganda E4N wants a starter kit for the Uganda sites.  The Pokot tribe bridges Kenya and Uganda in this region.  They have done well supporting this population. Need is high, and HIV/AIDS is part of the plan.
<KenKahn> Good
<NtugiMark_> I know a fair bit about this group and they seem very deserving and have a good program already up and running, right, Sandra?
<sandrat> Uganda Project URL:
<NtugiMark_> How many XO's are they looking for?
<sandrat> Yes... they have done a really good job at two difficult sites in kenya
<NtugiMark_> So these are not newbies, and the chances of success are good?
<sandrat> 10 .... would work for them ... I think that is all they are expecting.  We will try and raise some money for them also, but it will be a while before SSBI can send anything
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<sandrat> John has shown strong technical expertise and really understands how to use Sugar to teach
<NtugiMark_> I think this is a good place to invest...good cause, good experienced folk, good support from you, Sandra.
<sandrat> They have done well training teachers.  The more Kenyan teachers we train, the faster this campaign will be able to replicate itself
<NtugiMark_> Yeah, we are getting a good critical mass in Kenya/Uganda
<sandrat> I think we are reaching some critical mass in Kenya .. if we keep building on the momentum
<NtugiMark_> I am in support, so is KG....Cait?
<sandrat> thanks .. gotta go now.   Talk to you all soon!
<NtugiMark_> I'm not sure if Adam is online or not, but we can save the chat and send it in as a record.
<NtugiMark_> Is that okay, Sandra?
<KGMac> I Plus 1'd
<Guest67928> We can also provide additional information and plans via email.
<NtugiMark_> I only have another 10 minutes or so...Ken?
<cait> +1
<Blue-Blue-42> BTW, Adam, this is Mark...I got booted from rogers ;(
<CanoeBerry> Other projects needing input?
<CanoeBerry> Sorry today's chaotic.  Projects needing more mentoring can return in future weeks -- check both calendars here:
<CanoeBerry> Any other projects needing input today in the 5min we have left??
<Blue-Blue-42> Adam
<Blue-Blue-42> Sandra was here and did a presentation, did you guys get to her
<Blue-Blue-42> while I was struggling to get back online?
<Blue-Blue-42> She was in support of John's project in Uganda
* alsroot_away is now known as alsroot
<CanoeBerry> Blue-Blue-42: will do -- The Kenya/Uganda project has promise but needs loose ends pulled together.
<CanoeBerry> This applicant has received XOs before from CP.
<CanoeBerry> His community outreach needs clarification first.
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<CanoeBerry> Sandra's helping a lot -- she and John just need to make crystal clear what our global community's getting in return.


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<Blue-Blue-42> Adam (it's Mark), is there any other business?
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<CanoeBerry> All [3] other projects ( are eligible for starter kits of 2 XO-1s if they reply to making crystal clear how they are helping!  If they post their project aspirations to and make clear how they're working towards
<meeting> CanoeBerry: Error: "ADJOURNED" is not a valid command.
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<GrannieB> But??? today isn't Thursday??? Sorry I was doing something else and I didn't see the email. Guess I missed it.
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