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   * New Libraries!

   * Which projects might you enjoy Mentoring?!

   * Fast Review of the 2 latest (greatest!) HW/Project Proposals:

     #1 Gaza Beach Art - Vienna, Austria
     #2 Audubon MS XO Library and Repair Center - Los Angeles, Calif, USA


<CanoeBerry> Background:
<mtd> CanoeBerry: I wish I could stay but 7pm London time isn't great when I'm still at work :(.  I'm making good progress with the LLLL, though - I keep promising an update.
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<mtd> CanoeBerry: having read your email and being otherwise uninformed, I'm -0 on the Gaza Beach Art and +1 on the Audobon proposals.
<mtd> ...for what it's worth.
<CanoeBerry> mtd: thx-- noted.
<CanoeBerry> My apologies this meeting may start a few min late, plz look over the 2 proposals without me in the interim minutes til I get back here!
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<CanoeBerry> (Apologies meeting will start a bit late, within ~10min from now)
<CanoeBerry__> i'm horribly late sorry!
<CanoeBerry__> decisions yet on the 2 proposals? ;)
<CanoeBerry__> I got mtd's input above, anybody else offer any approval/denial advice around the 2 projects yet?
<CanoeBerry__> Quiet meeting, eh? :)
<CanoeBerry__> Ping if we can get a quorum going to make this Contributors Program meeting happen quick!
<isforinsects> Howdy
<CanoeBerry__> Slow Day :)
<CanoeBerry__> Caryl promised to join, but haven't seen het..
<isforinsects> Did you run home?
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<sandrat> ok.. now it is in the drop down ... oh cool  figured it out this time
<isforinsects> Whoops
<sandrat> just read Gaza beach project.  The XO is a machine that has the tools to contribute to communication between Tel Aviv and Gaza.  Outside of using the XO for communication and a blog, I don't see the project taking advantage of some of the features that would document the gaza beach project and spread awareness.  More than one XO would be better, and find someone outside the truck to walk around with the XO or more than one.   Good cause - communic
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<sandrat> read the proposal for Audubon Middle School - it needs  a little more pedagogic content, Providing some feedback data on application use in after school programs is good - needed, needs to be structured in some way to be useful by projects looking for case studies useful to educators
<CanoeBerry> sandrat & isforinsects: lets start now
<CanoeBerry> Small quorum but we'll do our best..
<asafpm> Maybe this is off topic but i'm new to this. When I click the links that belong to to review a proposal it asks me for a username and passowrd. Where do I register to get them?

[ PROJECT #1 : Gaza Beach Art - Vienna, Austria ]

<CanoeBerry> Project #1: Gaza Beach Art project [Austria]
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<CanoeBerry> Hi Skywalker!
<CanoeBerry> Can you help?
<Skywalker> All: sorry got being late, stomach cramp
<CanoeBerry> We started late (my fault) and need more people.
* sdziallas  Quit ("Ex-Chat")
<CanoeBerry> We need opinions on Project #1 here.
<CanoeBerry> Requests 1 XO for 5 months
<Skywalker> Hi CanoeBerry
<CanoeBerry> I will paste in the (long, beware!) objectives now:
<CanoeBerry> Gaza Beach: We Join the Party – public art intervention
<CanoeBerry>    Background
<CanoeBerry>    On the occasion of Tel Aviv's centennial, the city of Vienna has
<CanoeBerry>    invited the state of Israel to stage part of its celebrations at a
<CanoeBerry>    beach at the Danube Canal.
<CanoeBerry>    Under the title „Gaza Beach – Life Imprisonment Live“, several
<CanoeBerry>    intervention projects will simultaneously be staged in public spaces.
<CanoeBerry>    They are aimed at directing as much attention to Palestine as to
<CanoeBerry>    Israel for the duration of the „Tel Aviv Beach.“
<CanoeBerry>    Our project is aimed at helping to create an authentic atmosphere and
<CanoeBerry>    to enable the cooperation between Tel Aviv and its nearest partner
<CanoeBerry>    city: Gaza in a neutral environment.
<CanoeBerry> sandrat: recap your opinion on this project, quickly if you can?
<Skywalker> All: I don't see how this relates to OLPC?
<CanoeBerry> Agreed.
<CanoeBerry> Lack children for one.
<sandrat> #1 needs more definition, more thought about taking advantage of XO features to spread awareness and build communication
<CanoeBerry> I don't see software/curriculum/etc development, aside from their brief mention of blogging.
<Skywalker> Agreed with CanoeBerry
<sandrat> More than one XO, using all features to document what goes on in side the truck, and then have some kids walking around outside with XOs displaying the inside 
the truck scene and blog would be really cool
<CanoeBerry> This project (if it really needs XO's or laptops) has many other alternatives, including eBay, and OLPC Austria they can contact directly.
<CanoeBerry> Other opinions please?
<sandrat> right - not worth it if they only want one machine.  If they could scale it up and have big impact, it would be better
<CanoeBerry> isforinsects: care to comment on this application? (Project #1, Gaza Beach Project)
<sandrat> and engage some kids to walk around as the blog stations
<sandrat> It's hard to know if this group can organize something bigger, they may have their hands full with just living in the truck
<isforinsects> CanoeBerry: I don't see how it contributes to OLPC's mission.
<isforinsects> It is *a* mission, and possibly a worthy one? I don't know the context well enough.
<sandrat> not as far as contributor program mission
<sandrat> But giving voice to those with no voice and access to those with no access - maybe it is a stretch
<Skywalker> It may be worthy, but nothing to do with OLPC
<CanoeBerry> OK, I will communicate this feedback to them.
<CanoeBerry> Let's move onto Project #2, ok?

[ PROJECT #2 : Audubon MS XO Library and Repair Center - Los Angeles, Calif, USA ]

<CanoeBerry> Audubon MS XO Library and Repair Center [Los Angeles, Calif, USA]
<CanoeBerry> Requests 10 XO's for 24 months
<CanoeBerry> Objectives Follow: (long, beware!)
<CanoeBerry> Set up an XO laptop lending library for the 50 students enrolled in the Vista College Bound/Famili After School Program
<CanoeBerry>    Show that an XO lending library run by and for middle school students is a viable option
<CanoeBerry>    Identify Sugar Activities most suitable for use in an after school academic enrichment program
<CanoeBerry>    Develop students’ ability to make simple repairs to the laptops as the need arises
<sandrat> Value here is building feedback on app use in afterschool programs
<CanoeBerry> Caryl has already been working hard to mentor this one!
<CanoeBerry> See:
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<sandrat> Needs more pedagogical content, with some real methods for building up the data feedback on the use  and how will they communicate that back .. it needs to be well structured for teachers and grant writers etc to use
<CanoeBerry> 6 people working on this, with all their details, is a good sign..
<CanoeBerry> Libraries need serious "care & feeding"
<CanoeBerry> 5 of the ppl are "social glue" ppl which is great; and the prjct lead is an instructional web designer.
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<CanoeBerry> Who has applied to join our Support Gang FYI!
<isforinsects> Good!
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<isforinsects> Make it contengent on a report in N months
<Skywalker> They sound commited to the OLPC cause
<CanoeBerry> At its core, I am impressed by their desire to work on Activities with kids, figuring out what kids really want.
<CanoeBerry> Something our movement has often struggled with ;)
<CanoeBerry> "Education" needs to be more than a slogan..
<CanoeBerry> Other feedback?
<sandrat> Sounds good
<Skywalker> Library will be run by kids for kids. And getting sugar into and academic program will server our interests
<Skywalker> Sorry for my typo mistakes ;)
<CanoeBerry> With an application of 10 XO Laptops, our criteria are generally a bit stricter, so can I ask if anybody has objections to this proposal?
<sandrat> hmmm.  there are lots of places I could make that happen.
<sandrat> no objections
<CanoeBerry> Concerns anybody? I agree with isforinsects requirement they fully report their results after a set # of months.
<CanoeBerry> With this caveat, shall we call it approved?
<CanoeBerry> Going once?
<CanoeBerry> Going twice?
<CanoeBerry> Approved: LA's "Audubon MS XO Library and Repair Center" is approved provided they agree to work with us, reporting their milestone(s).
<CanoeBerry> Thanks all for a quick meeting!
<isforinsects> Thanks everybody
<isforinsects> :-)
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