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* ASIDE/CLARIF: XO-1.75 prototype laptops will not be the core focus
  of today's meeting, as they are being distributed privately on a
  case-by-case and ongoing basis, with a few weeks delay typically,
  sometimes more.  Thanks to all serious software/hardware
  developers for applying here!

* XO-1.5 production machines available:

* New projects & libraries -- teaching them Community Outreach:

* Which projects might you enjoy Mentoring below?!

* Fast Review of the 12 latest (greatest!) HW/Project Proposals -- please
  join us advocating for, and/or reviewing shortcomings of these proposals:

 #1 Testing & Translation by Founder of Hanthana Linux - Sri Lanka
 #2 Helping children learn the serbian cyrillic alphabet - Munich, Germany; Kosovo
 #3 "100 Monkeys vs. 1 Engineer" - Toronto, Canada
 #4 Project Rwanda - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
 #5 Case Study Scratch Kids Programming - Mesa/Phoenix, Arizona
 #6 XO Educational Software Project (XO/ESP) - Haiti & Mansfield, Ohio
 #7 Math & Science Activities - Florence, Mississippi
 #8 BioDiv-Activity - Tirschenreuth, Germany
 #9 St Andre's school - Hinche, Haiti & Carmel, California
 #10 Pronunciation Evaluation Game for Reading - Fort Lupton, Colorado; India; Singapore
 #11 Green Roots Festival 2012 - Boston, Massachusetts
 #12 Jam2JamXO Activity Development - Queensland, Australia


<Tan-Jade-48> My project is in Haiti.  Anyone else out there?
<ncscDoug> My project is also in Haiti, but it develops educational programs for the XO for schools in Haiti.
<ncscDoug> The development is done in a U.S. university.
<Tan-Jade-48> I'm mart of St. Dunstan's in Carmel Valley, CA and we have been supporting our sister church St. Andre's and it's school of ~ 900 students in Hinche, Haiti for 27 years
<Tan-Jade-48> We have K-12, and have been sending down older Windows-based laptops with our volunteers.
<Tan-Jade-48> Thank you for you efforts in localizing XO / Sugar for Haitian children.
<ncscDoug> This is a new area for the university I'm partnering with. They''ve been working on various projects in Haiti for about 6 years, including solar power and reading books.
<ncscDoug> This is personally my first time working with OLPC.
<Tan-Jade-48> First time for me and for our group, as well.
<Tan-Jade-48> We have tried solar with mixed results.
<Tan-Jade-48> Is the university out of Illinois?
<ncscDoug> It's the Ohio State branch in Mansfield.
<Tan-Jade-48> St. Andre's in Hinche is in the central plateau.  Has the university down work in or near the central plateau?
<ncscDoug> So far they've concentrated on Croix-des-bouquet neart Port-au-Prince
<Tan-Jade-48> In terms of introductions, my name is Jim Hamilton
<ncscDoug> I'm Doug Kranch
<Tan-Jade-48> What kind of programs do you / will you produce?
<ncscDoug> Math programs for elementary grade to start with. They will be written by graduate students and converted into XO modules by undergraduates.
<Tan-Jade-48> Great.  We have many elementary students, who coudl benefit from such work, assuming we move forward with XO devices.
<Tan-Jade-48> And that is our plan.
<Tan-Jade-48> And intention.
<ncscDoug> We plan to package them in a way that won't be tied to XOs. They could be used on any computer with a browser. We'd like some XOs to test the programs with.
<Tan-Jade-48> Our plan is to have XO devices in Creole for the youngest children, adn teach them French.
<ncscDoug> To make sure the resolution and commands work with them.
<ncscDoug> We will be translating our programs into creole as well.
<Tan-Jade-48> We want XO and Edubuntu laptops in French for the middle grades to teach them Englsih.
<Tan-Jade-48> We would have Windows-based laptops in English for upper grades as part of college prep.
<ncscDoug> Will you be writing the programs yourself?
<Tan-Jade-48> No.  We are hoping that software such as you provide will teach the children math, reading, science adn the other fundamentals.
<Tan-Jade-48> I'm at ""
<ncscDoug> We have been and will continue to travel to Haiti to tailor the units to Haitian educational standards and teaching methods.
<Tan-Jade-48> Fantastic!
<ncscDoug> You can read a little blurb about the project at
<Tan-Jade-48> Will go there now
<Tan-Jade-48> Will that include solar or focus on software?
<ncscDoug> Solar is an engineering interest. I'm working with the education department, so I'm focusing only on software development. When OSU goes there as a university, it's a mix of projects and departments.
<ncscDoug> There have been art, reading, and other projects in past years. I believe this one is intended to be a long-term one.
<ncscDoug> The OSU faculty member I'm working with, and who introduced me to the project, has a background in elementary math.
<Tan-Jade-48> Understood.
<Tan-Jade-48> Are you a post-doc?
<ncscDoug> Yes, I suppose so. I recently got my Ph.D. in education, but I'm near retirement age.
<Tan-Jade-48> Interesting.  Your partner university is Episcopal as is St. Dunstan's.  We are in contact with the dioces in Haiti.  I'm going to pursue a relationship.
<ncscDoug> They seem to be good to work with. When we visited in March, they were about completed with an additional floor on their computer science building. It will hold some pretty up-to-date equipment.
<Tan-Jade-48> I'm 48 w/ a 6-year old daughter.  I’m no where near retirement. Ha, ha!
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<ncscDoug> Well, that computer sounds like some of my students.
<ncscDoug> I'll bet that daughter keeps you busy. I had three of them.
<Tan-Jade-48> She's wonderful.
<ncscDoug> Mine were too, at that age. Now they're all around 30 and they're at a whole new level of "wonderful".
<Tan-Jade-48> Ha, ha!
<ncscDoug> One has given me 2 grandchildren. Both girls. The dog and I are the only guys in our family.
<Tan-Jade-48> From reading the URL you gave, it appears the elementary schools you have come in contact with are relatively resource rich.
<Tan-Jade-48> Well, I have a wife, daughter, and female cat.  Actually, my daughter has the cat, so my daughter says that makes me a grandpa.
<CanoeBerry> 11 Projects To Review, FAST!
<ncscDoug> I don't know. I've only seen those 4 or 5. They had XOs, but one was in a tent and another was in a building still being rebuild from the earthquake. A third was more out in the country, and the fourth was living on a shoestring budget.
<CanoeBerry> Plz all help critique, mentor & vote for each of the 11 projects in the Agenda above!
<CanoeBerry> Let's begin now. Profound apologies very the VERY late start!

[ PROJECT #1 - Testing & Translation by Founder of Hanthana Linux - Sri Lanka ]

<CanoeBerry> Starting with Project #1 -- plz all help critique, mentor & vote for:
<CanoeBerry> Testing & Translation by Founder of Hanthana Linux - Sri Lanka
<CanoeBerry>     Requests 2 XOs over undetermined months
<CanoeBerry>     Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>     Hardware testing
<CanoeBerry>     Testing on going l10n
<CanoeBerry> The Red Hat affiliation cannot go unnoticed!
<CanoeBerry> Any votes against/for?
<CanoeBerry> I'd favor a tentative approval if mentoring appears.
<CanoeBerry> Objections?
<CanoeBerry> A US shipping address is also likely nec, as the applicant has offered using Red Hat itself.
<CanoeBerry> Calling once..
<CanoeBerry> Calling twice..
<CanoeBerry> Calling thrice..
<CanoeBerry> TENTATIVE APPROVAL is mentor found / hardware found.

[ PROJECT #2 - Helping children learn the serbian cyrillic alphabet - Munich, Germany; Kosovo ]

<CanoeBerry> Onto Project #2 -- plz all critique/mentor/vote for:
<CanoeBerry> Helping children learn the serbian cyrillic alphabet - Munich, 
<CanoeBerry> Germany; Kosovo
<CanoeBerry>     Requests 2 XOs over 18-24 months
<CanoeBerry>     Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>     This project will be a attempt to write a program for XO in order to
<CanoeBerry>     help serbian children in northern part of Kosovo to learn and preserve
<CanoeBerry>     serbian cyrillic alphabet.It should be a part of my future project for
<CanoeBerry>     donate XO-1 to various schools in northern Kosovo. A whole project 
<CanoeBerry> should
<CanoeBerry>     be a non-profit in collaboration with Serbian Orthodox Church in Munich
<CanoeBerry>     and Serbian Othodox Church in Kosovo.
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<ncscDoug> I assume the program is to teach the cyrillic alphabet to the children...
<CanoeBerry> Seems plausible, yes, if a bit more mentoring support, and a US shipping addressd help too.
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<ncscDoug> Does "donate" mean this is a feasibility study for which more will be requested later, or will these 2 be passed around among schools?
<CanoeBerry> No sure, can you tell?
<CanoeBerry> CJL has mentored already, but inconclusive where this is heading?
<CanoeBerry> I vote for tentative approval if CJL mentors, and a US shipping address is forthcoming.
<CanoeBerry> Objections?
<ncscDoug> No
<Tan-Jade-48> no
<CanoeBerry> Calling once..
<CanoeBerry> Calling twice..
<CanoeBerry> Calling thrice..
<CanoeBerry> TENTATIVE APPROVAL if mentor agrees, and a US shipping address is provided.  NOTE: older XO-1s may be provided, requiring debricking as follows:

[ PROJECT #3 - "100 Monkeys vs. 1 Engineer" - Toronto, Canada ]

<CanoeBerry> Onto Project #3 -- plz all critique/mentor/vote for:
<CanoeBerry> "100 Monkeys vs. 1 Engineer" - Toronto, Canada
<CanoeBerry>     Requests 2 XOs over 12 months
<CanoeBerry>     Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>     While I appreciate that highly defined, measurable outcomes are most
<CanoeBerry>     desirable, I am seeking an XO laptop to put into the hands of my
<CanoeBerry>     first-year engineering student son who is about to embark on a four
<CanoeBerry>     month environmental intern position with an international development
<CanoeBerry>     agency in Saskatchewan. He has been previously involved in an
<CanoeBerry>     engineering project at university designing low-tech solutions for
<CanoeBerry>     wastewater in slums in Africa and designing a geo-thermal robot computer
<CanoeBerry>     program for ground scanning for minerals. His summer internship will
<CanoeBerry>     expose him to the design and deployment of urban projects including;
<CanoeBerry>     effluent irrigated woodlots, decommissioned landfill forest caps and
<CanoeBerry>     active forest filters, salinity control forestation around municipal
<CanoeBerry>     lagoons, and farm projects including; stream margin protection,
<CanoeBerry>     shelterbelts and salinity control.
<CanoeBerry>     We intend to explore the potential to communicate distributed learning
<CanoeBerry>     about the low-tech technology for community solutions for adults to
<CanoeBerry>     improve the front-line communities where children with the XO laptops
<CanoeBerry>     reside.
<ncscDoug> It seems he wants one more as a show-and-tell to take to community meetings over the summer. No specific project is given.
<CanoeBerry> I'm concerned too.
<Tan-Jade-48> While I the concrete description, the request says for 2 Xo's then later says it's one for the author's son.  Is this for 1 or 2?
<CanoeBerry> The son should co-apply, directly.
<CanoeBerry> Admirable intention, but I vote for more concrete details & buyin.
<ncscDoug> I agree. If he wants one, he should ask for it.
<Tan-Jade-48> That makes sense.
<CanoeBerry> Calling once..
<CanoeBerry> Calling twice..
<CanoeBerry> Calling thrice..
<CanoeBerry> ON HOLD, until applicant himself expands more his own/actual plan.

[ PROJECT #4 - Project Rwanda - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania ]

<CanoeBerry> Onto Project #4 -- plz all critique/mentor/vote for:
<CanoeBerry> Project Rwanda - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
<CanoeBerry>     Requests [5 not 2] XOs over 2 months
<CanoeBerry>     Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>     As a group, we would be using the laptops as a means to get children
<CanoeBerry>     excited about education. The specific "activities" on the XO laptop 
<CanoeBerry> would
<CanoeBerry>     be the focus of our class. Our goals are to promote creativity,
<CanoeBerry>     collaboration and sustainability. Our choice of programs, such as 
<CanoeBerry> the Tam
<CanoeBerry>     Tam Jam, Record, Scratch and eToys, will be the focus for creativity 
<CanoeBerry> and we
<CanoeBerry>     will be teaching the children how create music, programs, website, 
<CanoeBerry> design
<CanoeBerry>     etc. While creating we also want to highlight the tools that will 
<CanoeBerry> help the
<CanoeBerry>     children collaborate, the focus of our end presentation will be
<CanoeBerry>     collaborative through group presentations. Lastly we wish to use the
<CanoeBerry>     laptops and to set up Pen-pals so that once we leave Rwanda we can still
<CanoeBerry>     mentor the children as a means of documentation of how the children have
<CanoeBerry>     taken what we have taught them as well as sustaining a deep relationship
<CanoeBerry>     with the children.
<ncscDoug> only) 2 and then leaving after 2 months...?
<Tan-Jade-48> What I see, I like.  If I'm allowed to dream, I'd like to see a program where XO's stay in Rwanda as part of a permanent program..
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<ncscDoug> My previous post got truncated. My problem is with taking only 2 and then leaving with them.
<CanoeBerry> This CMU program has done worthwhile stuff in the past, but I'm concerned about a lack of meat in this proposal?
<CanoeBerry> More details certainly desirable!
<ncscDoug> What will the children get from this?
<Tan-Jade-48> Two and for only 2 months.
<ncscDoug> Once they leave, the children will be back where they were.
<CanoeBerry> CORRECTION: it should be *5* XOs requested over 2 month
<CanoeBerry> Concerns here for sure.
<ncscDoug> Same frustration for the children, though.
<smallsol> sorry system very slow today.
<smallsol> will catch up in a few minutes
<CanoeBerry> Is a member of the applicant team here to explain Carnegie Mellon's proposal?
<CanoeBerry> Motion to put on hold, awaiting mentoring and/or more detail on project deliverables if not local capacity building.
<CanoeBerry> Objections?
<ncscDoug> I agree.
<Tan-Jade-48> Agree
<CanoeBerry> Calling once..
<CanoeBerry> Calling twice..
<CanoeBerry> Calling thrice..
<CanoeBerry> CONCLUSION; ON HOLD, until mentor works with team to strengthen team (local & in-country) deliverables & communication

[ PROJECT #5 - Case Study Scratch Kids Programming - Mesa/Phoenix, Arizona ]

<CanoeBerry> Onto Project #5 - plz all critique/mentor/vote for:
<CanoeBerry> Case Study Scratch Kids Programming - Mesa/Phoenix, Arizona
<CanoeBerry>     Requests 25 XOs over 7 months
<CanoeBerry>     Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>     I am conducting a research to study the effects of computer programming
<CanoeBerry>     in the classrooms. The IRB is now approved through ASU. The objective is
<CanoeBerry>     to actively engage learners to construct their own ideas. The method is
<CanoeBerry>     for teachers to use Scratch, PicoCricket and WeDo Lego Educational
<CanoeBerry>     Technology in the curriculum as a teaching tool.
<smallsol> Project 5  Ok I am in sync now.
<CanoeBerry> Opinions?
<smallsol> Why the XO?  here they can do scratch on any PC.
<CanoeBerry> Aside from the obvious -- we don't 25 XOs available :/
<ncscDoug> My question is, Why XOs? Couldn't this research with teachers using other equipment?
<Tan-Jade-48> Does the applicant alredy have Xo's?  Why so many now?
<CanoeBerry> Great question.
<ncscDoug> I think we're all seeing the same issues.
<CanoeBerry> Yes applicant has deployed a very small number of XOs in Belize for a few years now, and helps with Arizona repair
<smallsol> Who are the students that are being targeted for this learning?   Sorry haven't read it yet
<Tan-Jade-48> I like Doug's point of why XO's.
<ncscDoug> Maybe the research includes taking the XOs to the children for use after programs are written for them.
<ncscDoug> But that's not said.
<Tan-Jade-48> If they want to see how XO's are different, I don't think they need 25.
<ncscDoug> The research seems ot be aimed at what teachers can do with computers.
<CanoeBerry> Applicant knows XOs well, but yes!
<smallsol> This submitter needs to justify the use of XOs specifically . They are more than just Scratch
<ncscDoug> The proposal seems to belittle the real intent of the XO.
<CanoeBerry> I'm happy to support such serious graduate projects where we can, but 25 XOs is far beyond reason.
<smallsol> What will be the coutcome.  Can we get these teachers to build some Scratch curriculums for the XO?  That would be a good outcome
<Tan-Jade-48> Indeed.
<ncscDoug> Again, that's not said.
<smallsol> What will be the outcome?  scratch curriculum that is tested by the researchers?
<smallsol> So someone needs to communicate this to the submitter?   meeting minutes enough info to report back to them?
<smallsol> Sounds like a hold on this one
<CanoeBerry> OK
<CanoeBerry> Calling once..
<CanoeBerry> Calling twice..
<CanoeBerry> Calling thrice..
<CanoeBerry> CONCLUSION: ON HOLD, as XO count is far too high, and project while invaluable, could be accomplished through other hardware likely.

[ PROJECT #6 - XO Educational Software Project (XO/ESP) - Haiti & Mansfield, Ohio ]

<CanoeBerry> Onto Project #6 - plz all critique/mentor/vote for:
<ncscDoug> This is my project and I vote Yes.
<Tan-Jade-48> When Doug and I were conversing before the mtg, I went to and looked at other projects his university has done.
<CanoeBerry> XO Educational Software Project (XO/ESP) - Haiti & Mansfield, Ohio
<CanoeBerry>     Requests 5 XOs over 24 months
<CanoeBerry>     Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>     The XO laptops will be used as (a) test units for proof of concept tests
<CanoeBerry>     with low-cost robust server designs using wireless routers and access
<CanoeBerry>     points, and (b) test units for math and science modules developed
<CanoeBerry>     jointly by North Central State College (NCSC) Computer Information
<CanoeBerry>     Systems students and Ohio State University (OSU) graduate education
<CanoeBerry>     students.
<CanoeBerry> ncscDoug: can you introduce yr work?  thanks for posting to in both places Ohio & Haiti.
<smallsol> This project is very good... would help all of us.  Is five a realistic number is my only question
<CanoeBerry> Are you willing to debrick 5 XO-1s if approved? as this may be all OLPC has for the moment!
<ncscDoug> In brief, we will be working with OSU graduate students. They will write the modules and we will program them.
<CanoeBerry> Instructions to debrick here if so:
<ncscDoug> Three teams are working on XO projects right now.
<ncscDoug> These projects include a school server.,
<ncscDoug> That project has the one XO I have borrowed from Terry Bucci, but the other teams want one, too.
<ncscDoug> \5 would be a start, but 10 would be better, one for each team.
<ncscDoug> The end.
<smallsol> gt started at least if we
<ncscDoug> We could do anything we need ot get them working.
<smallsol> can get tose
<Tan-Jade-48> The past work by the university on the ground in Haiti and commitment to future work on the ground lead me to believe that this project is part of a well-thought out results-oriented effort.
<CanoeBerry> Are 2007/2007 XO-1s sufficient?  Given that's about all available from the Contributors Program!
<ncscDoug> Yes. The important point is that they should replicate the resolution and the transmission distance.
<smallsol> +1
<CanoeBerry> +1
<Tan-Jade-48> Sounds good.
<ncscDoug> If we're voting, I already voted for myself.
<CanoeBerry> ncscDoug: what delivery timeframe were you hoping for? and does 1 XO-1.5 help alongside 4 slower XO-1s?
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<ncscDoug> That would be outstanding. If they don;t get here in three weeks, then by the end of August would be good.
<CanoeBerry> shipping may not be possible before mid-June unfort, but let me know your students schedules etc. community volunteers may be able to help if you pay for shipping for example to get a couple units ASAP, if approved.
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<CanoeBerry> 3 wks meaning what exactly?
<CanoeBerry> What happens then?
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<CanoeBerry> Calling once..
<CanoeBerry> Calling twice..
<ncscDoug> The spring quarter ends in 3 weeks.
<CanoeBerry> Calling thrice..
<jsalsman> Hi I just saw the email. Did I miss discussion of the agenda item 10, my project's application?
<CanoeBerry> APPROVED for 5 bricked XO-1s, that students will need to help debrick per (unfort, deliver may be later in June!)
<ncscDoug> Thank you.

[ PROJECT #7 - Math & Science Activities - Florence, Mississippi ]

<CanoeBerry> Onto Project #7 - plz all critique/mentor/vote for:
<jsalsman> whew!)
<CanoeBerry> Math & Science Activities - Florence, Mississippi
<CanoeBerry>     Requests 4 XOs over 3 months
<CanoeBerry>     Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>     Code new science and math activites for teachers and students in the
<CanoeBerry>     classroom or outside school.
<CanoeBerry> Noblest intentions but?
<ncscDoug> What is meant by "new activities"? And what can be done in 3 months?
<ncscDoug> Using what programs? Whay the XO?
<Tan-Jade-48> Yes, why the XO?
<CanoeBerry> Concerned, yes.
<smallsol> This project needs more definition and an assigned mentor.
<CanoeBerry> Calling once..
<CanoeBerry> Calling twice..
<CanoeBerry> Calling thrice..
<CanoeBerry> Objections to putting this one on hold?
<CanoeBerry> Last call!
<smallsol> no
<ncscDoug> No
<CanoeBerry> CONCLUSION: ON HOLD, til project/mentoring more detailed.

[ PROJECT #8 - BioDiv-Activity - Tirschenreuth, Germany ]

<CanoeBerry> Onto Project #8 - plz all critique/mentor/vote for:
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<CanoeBerry> BioDiv-Activity - Tirschenreuth, Germany
<CanoeBerry>     Requests 5 XOs over 36 months
<CanoeBerry>     Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>     The objective is creating a series of activities on science in the next
<CanoeBerry>     few years (biology, physics, electronics, chemistry) and taking care of
<CanoeBerry>     debugging and correcting the created activities.
<CanoeBerry>     This year we realised an experimental version of the activity called
<CanoeBerry>     "BioDiv" which can be found here:
<CanoeBerry>     The subject of this activity is biodiversity (in cooperation with the
<CanoeBerry>     convention of biological diversity of the UN). The main component is an
<CanoeBerry>     animal quiz.
<CanoeBerry>     Our work is documented at .
<CanoeBerry>     Next year we plan to create a activity on (quantum) physics.
<ncscDoug> They seem to be experienced at working with the OS and have produced results. I'm in favor.
<smallsol> Haven't read all of this, but the goal is worthy and the project deserves something to get started and encouragement.  have they previously built any activities?   That might be the first step to do at least one activity.
<Tan-Jade-48> I agree
<CanoeBerry> They lack a US shipping address, but Christoph D in Vienna us trying to provide them 2 XOs out of the goodness of his heart.
<smallsol> Start them with at least one XO
<CanoeBerry> +1 if we can support this work more?
<smallsol> oh good work Cristoph
<smallsol> +1
<ncscDoug> +1
<Tan-Jade-48> +1
<CanoeBerry> Can we voice our approval at least? Pushing them to promote/translate their work more on and beyond?
<Russet-Violet-50> Hey how did the science and math activites go?
<CanoeBerry> Russet-Violet-50: Mississippi
<Russet-Violet-50> yes
<CanoeBerry> Russet-Violet-50: Mississippi's sci/math project HW request was put on hold.
<CanoeBerry> Lacking detail.
<Russet-Violet-50> ok thanks i'm a little kate joinning
<CanoeBerry> Back to Project #8, let's conclude!
<smallsol> Project 8    I 'd like to hear from the Haiti team what they know about this group?  They project is still to broad.  More specific goals would be important
<CanoeBerry> Motion to support Germany's BioDiv Activity if they later will truly benefit from a couple more XOs, and can furnish a US shipping address or such.
<ncscDoug> Approve
<smallsol> +1 for German project
<CanoeBerry> Calling once..
<CanoeBerry> Calling twice..
<CanoeBerry> Calling thrice..
<Russet-Violet-50> 1+
<Tan-Jade-48> I support it
<CanoeBerry> APPROVED if hardware is ater available to expand on the 2 XOs Christoph's providing, and the project publishes/blogs it progress -- and finds a friend with a US shipping address.

[ PROJECT #9 - St Andre's school - Hinche, Haiti & Carmel, California ]

<CanoeBerry> Onto Project #9 - plz all critique/mentor/vote for:
<CanoeBerry> St Andre's school - Hinche, Haiti & Carmel, California
<CanoeBerry>     Requests 2 XOs over 12 months
<CanoeBerry>     Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>     Numerous studies have proven that education is the key to addressing
<CanoeBerry>     poverty. While we can't fully fund the needs of every student and every
<CanoeBerry>     teacher, we believe computer technology is making a difference. On the
<CanoeBerry>     technology side, we have been sending our Windows-based laptops with
<CanoeBerry>     mixed results and the same can be said of our efforts in solar. Theft
<CanoeBerry>     provides additional challenges. We are looking for a partnership, where
<CanoeBerry>     we can leverage experience in K-12 education using laptops in the
<CanoeBerry>     central plateau of Haiti. Example, we are looking to replace books with
<CanoeBerry>     technology. We want all graduates to be fluent in first, French, then
<CanoeBerry>     English. Our goal is to create graduates, who are prepared to enter
<CanoeBerry>     college. For those whose parents pull them from school perhaps after
<CanoeBerry>     only completing elementary school, we want these students to be able to
<CanoeBerry>     read and write, and be able to perform common math in daily life, so
<CanoeBerry>     they can attain better jobs and achieve a higher quality of life.
<smallsol> oops messaage about #9 St. Andre's in Haiti. would like to hear from Haiti team about them.
<CanoeBerry> do we have someone from the Haiti/Carmel team here?
<Tan-Jade-48> This is my project.  900 students.  We have soem Windows laptops on site, but need localization and scale.  Ask away.
<CanoeBerry> Go ahead & introduce for all if poss!
<smallsol> What are specific classroom activities and teacher resource building you plan?
<CanoeBerry> How would the 2 XO-1s be used likely?
<Russet-Violet-50> is there any way we can go back to the Mississippi project. I'm the creater
<Tan-Jade-48> We want one in Creole and one in French.  We want to get them to the headmaster and dean, and teachers.
<smallsol> I will mentor the Mississippe project, and make comments in the RT record
<Russet-Violet-50> ok
<Tan-Jade-48> We want to get help from OLPC, visit another site about 2 hours away.
<smallsol> Take the headmaster and ean to another OLPC site is a good start.
<Tan-Jade-48> We will be looking to expand to a dozen or two, then ordering perhaps 100.
<Tan-Jade-48> What kind of specifics would you like?
<Tan-Jade-48> Books are limited, and these will help replace books.  They will help understand language, math, and so forth.
<smallsol> How will you get teachers engaged?
<Tan-Jade-48> They are pleading for laptops.  They are already engaged.
<smallsol> Are the teachers in favor of this project?
<Tan-Jade-48> Yes, as is the headmaster and dean.
<smallsol> What curriculums or classes do they plan to use to integrate the XO
<Tan-Jade-48> The school more than doubled in student body after the earthquake, and the teachers need tools.
<smallsol> Haitiexperts .. please comment
<Tan-Jade-48> Currently, with the laptops we have now, a few students sit with a laptop and they are each surrounded by other students, who are watching.
<smallsol> How many do you have now?
<Tan-Jade-48> XO's - none.
<ncscDoug> Are the two you want a pilot project?
<Tan-Jade-48> Yes.
<smallsol> You have PCS/
<ncscDoug> Will you be taking the programs to Haiti for testing?
<Tan-Jade-48> Windows laptops, maybe 18 at this point.
<Tan-Jade-48> Yes.
<Tan-Jade-48> One Mac.
<Russet-Violet-50> is there a way we can back to the Mississippi project I was at work and did not get to comment on what I was going to do with more detail. after the last one.
<ncscDoug> So this is a proof of concept you hope to have answers for over the next 12 months.
<CanoeBerry> OK
<ncscDoug> And then expand if it works out.
<Tan-Jade-48> We hope much less than that.
<Tan-Jade-48> Yes.
<smallsol> In Favor
<Tan-Jade-48> We support the headmaster, dean and teachers.  They have asked to try these.
<Russet-Violet-50> in favor
<ncscDoug> Approve
<Tan-Jade-48> We do not believe in micro-managing.  It is up to the headmaster and teachers it XO is what they want.
<CanoeBerry> Thanks for fighting for Haiti, and responsibly so.
<CanoeBerry> Shall we?
<CanoeBerry> Conclusions?
<smallsol> +1
<Russet-Violet-50> 1+
<ncscDoug> +1
<Tan-Jade-48> Thank you.
<CanoeBerry> Has this projected posted to in both its locations? (Carmel, Calif & Hinche, HT)
<CanoeBerry> If so I'd approve.
* Tan-Jade-48  Quit (Quit: CGI:IRC)
<CanoeBerry> Calling once..
<ncscDoug> He left.
<CanoeBerry> Calling twice..
<CanoeBerry> Calling thrice..
* Tan-Jade-48  has joined #olpc-meeting
<Tan-Jade-48> Am I still on?
<CanoeBerry> APPROVED if applicant takes community publishing seriously, posting blog or similar to (Carmel, Calif & Hince, HT)
<Tan-Jade-48> I posted to the map in Haiti, but I could not get the pin to stay on Hinche.
<CanoeBerry> Hah!
<Tan-Jade-48> Look just to south - south west of Hinche.
<Russet-Violet-50> can we go back to mississippi
<CanoeBerry> OK, Thanks for keep us up to date with a blog or similar later where you can!
<CanoeBerry> Mississippi's concluded.
<Russet-Violet-50> is there a way I can back back and read that one
<smallsol> Mississippe.. will be an update by email
<Russet-Violet-50> thanks

[ PROJECT #10 - Pronunciation Evaluation Game for Reading - Fort Lupton, Colorado; India; Singapore ]

<CanoeBerry> Onto Project #10 - plz critique/mentor/vote for:
<CanoeBerry> Pronunciation Evaluation Game for Reading - Fort Lupton, Colorado; 
<CanoeBerry> India; Singapore
<CanoeBerry>      Requests XO-1, XO-1.5 & XO-1.75 over 6 months
<CanoeBerry>      Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>      We are building a free open source choose-your-own-adventure style
<CanoeBerry>      game to teach beginning and intermediate English reading and
<CanoeBerry>      pronunciation to learners of all ages and backgrounds using an
<CanoeBerry>      automatic pronunciation evaluation system based on the CMU Sphinx3
<CanoeBerry>      speech recognition system, which detects mispronunciations at the
<CanoeBerry>      phoneme level and provides feedback scores and learner adaptation with
<CanoeBerry>      phoneme, biphone, word, and phrase scores based on standardized
<CanoeBerry>      phoneme acoustic scores and durations and edit distance scoring using
<CanoeBerry>      alternate pronunciation grammars. We would like to build clients and
<CanoeBerry>      stand-alone systems for OLPC hardware.
<CanoeBerry> Note Project #12 in Australia snuck in last minute, but we're ALMOST done!
<jsalsman> I am here to answer questions about this application.
<jsalsman> [#10]
<CanoeBerry> jsalsman: care to introduce yr work?
<jsalsman> Sure, I've been working on speech recognition for language learning since 2002 professionally, with an interest since my Carnegie Mellon days in the late 1980s
<jsalsman> Last November a terrible patent expired, so I can do free work now
<CanoeBerry> Will this work on XO-1?
<smallsol> it sounds interstting.  How will this work benefit the larger olpc community?
<jsalsman> Google Summer of Code is sponsoring two students this year
<CanoeBerry> Thru which organization?
<jsalsman> yes, CanoeBerry, I am asking for one XO-1, one XO-1.5 and one XO-1.75 to support all three
<CanoeBerry> Amazing if it works on XO-1, thanks.
<smallsol> Are the technical differences significant?
<CanoeBerry> Which org's GSoC sponsoring to make this happen?
<CanoeBerry> Or Univ?
<jsalsman> hold on please I am answering questions in order, but some characters clear the input on this web client!
<smallsol> The question was are the tecnical differences between the XO 1, 1.5s, 1.75s signficant for this project?
<jsalsman> smallsol, we will make tiny clients for client-server support of all platforms and do stand-alone version where there is sufficient memory
<jsalsman> CanoeBerry, through CMUSphinx org
<CanoeBerry> +1
<CanoeBerry> Will reportage be ongoing thru monthly or so?
... [network interruption]
<CanoeBerry_> Back! What did I miss?
<jsalsman> what was the last thing you saw?
<jsalsman> here are the slides for the 2010 SF Summit talk:
<smallsol> I got booted out also
* CanoeBerry  Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
* ncscDoug  Quit (Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF))
<jsalsman> hmm. I put my buffer in
<smallsol> nice
<Tan-Jade-48> Jsalsman, not that this has a bearing on your request, but will you be at the SF summit this fall?
<CanoeBerry_> Alright
<jsalsman> I hope so, I will be moving back to the Bay Area in July and will be there for weeks to months
<CanoeBerry_> Shall we approve?
* CanoeBerry_ is now known as CanoeBerry
<Russet-Violet-50> yes
<Tan-Jade-48> +1
<CanoeBerry> Noting Martin Langhoff has final say on XO-1.75 shipments, but I recommend +1 for all three units if the HW's available.
<jsalsman> thank you
<CanoeBerry> Recap: will reportage be ongoing @ ?
<jsalsman> please let him know I will help test audio drivers which I understand are still being worked on
<jsalsman> yes that blog
<CanoeBerry> Let's conclude!
<CanoeBerry> Objection to approval?
<CanoeBerry> Calling once..
<CanoeBerry> Calling twice..
<CanoeBerry> Calling thrice..
<CanoeBerry> APPROVED, assuming all 3 hardware units are available!
<jsalsman> \o/

[ PROJECT #11 - Green Roots Festival 2012 - Boston, Massachusetts ]

<CanoeBerry> Onto Project #11 of 12 - plz all critique/mentor/vote for:
<CanoeBerry> Green Roots Festival 2012 - Boston, Massachusetts
<CanoeBerry>      Requests 10 XOs over 6 (summer) months
<CanoeBerry>      Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>      Experiment by doing ... outdoor play scenarios of children with XOs
<CanoeBerry>      proof by doing that the XO is an outdoor computer :)
<CanoeBerry>      Bring 10 xo ready for children usage (sometimes one for
<CanoeBerry>      (grand-)parents too ;) and let them play set up a table and/or
<CanoeBerry>      "decke" with flyers and the XOs turn on marketing.
<CanoeBerry> Regrettably there are not 10 running XO-1s available at OLPC's Cambridge office for the Contributors Program here.
<Russet-Violet-50> this does not sound to good letting kids basically try to break them
<CanoeBerry> But if the applicant wants to help debrick, and borrow for a shorter period of time perhaps?
<CanoeBerry> Perhaps 5 instead of 10?
... [network interruption]
<CanoeBerry_> Am back
<smallsol> This green roots festival I assume borrows laptops just for the event?
<CanoeBerry_> Seems summer / 6 months is much longer than the event.
<smallsol> I am glad to join the event and could bring a  couple of XOs to it
<CanoeBerry_> Thanks!
<smallsol> So maybe we can get several boston area projects to join and bring their XOs for the event.
<Tan-Jade-48> 6 months would need to be justified
<CanoeBerry_> Should we propose 5 XO-1s if the applicant agrees to debricks, and return the XOs?
<CanoeBerry_> Agreed.
<CanoeBerry_> Conclusions?
<smallsol> Sounds good
<Russet-Violet-50> no
<CanoeBerry_> Counterproposal?
<Russet-Violet-50> i dis agree
<CanoeBerry_> Counterproposal?
<smallsol> The applicant is local and can get them when they are available ?   Does the applicant have some XOs already?
<Russet-Violet-50> i think its a bad idea to let kid try to mess them up
* CanoeBerry  Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
<CanoeBerry_> The applicant ran this same community festival last year.
* CanoeBerry_ is now known as CanoeBerry
<CanoeBerry> Seems innocent.
<smallsol> IT's marketing, exposre at a public event.  Yes there need to be people there supervising the activity for sure.  But this is done locally by groups often.. gets people interested
<Russet-Violet-50> I dont know seems eiry but im a low level user so up to you
<CanoeBerry> I'd vote to support, but with a significantly smaller number, and guarantee XOs in need will be returned.
<Russet-Violet-50> ok then
<Tan-Jade-48> One month time frame?  More, less?
<CanoeBerry> Outreach is a complicated thing, yes, but let's try to support those spreading sincere words on our education movement.
<Russet-Violet-50> one moonth
<CanoeBerry> One month, ok all?
<Russet-Violet-50> yes
<Tan-Jade-48> +1
<CanoeBerry> Motion to loan 5 XO-1s for 1 month, and huge thanks to the applicant if he/they can help debrick.
<CanoeBerry> Calling once..
<CanoeBerry> Calling twice..
<CanoeBerry> Calling thrice..
<CanoeBerry> APPROVED!
<Russet-Violet-50> ok next
<CanoeBerry> APPROVED for 5 XO-1s, to be debricked hopefully all and returned in 1 month, thanks!
<Tan-Jade-48> I have another meeting.  Out.

[ PROJECT #12 - Jam2JamXO Activity Development - Queensland, Australia ]

<CanoeBerry> Onto Project #12 - plz critique/mentor/vote for Australia's:
<Russet-Violet-50> yes if anyone needs dericking I can do it
<CanoeBerry> Bye Tan-Jade-48, thanks!
<Russet-Violet-50> debricking
<CanoeBerry> Jam2JamXO Activity Development
<CanoeBerry> The Jam2Jam project creates educational musical and visual creation
<CanoeBerry> software for the purpose of engaging students to learn about digital
<CanoeBerry> media through self expression and collaboration.
<CanoeBerry> Jam2Jam software uses generative algorithms to manipulate musical
<CanoeBerry> styles, so children can start with familiar material, yet create
<CanoeBerry> something new and personal.
<CanoeBerry> Jam2Jam XO is an activity with a game-like interface which facilitates
<CanoeBerry> changes in the music such as the complexity of musical activity, or
<CanoeBerry> the pitch contour of melodies. As a solo or collaborative activity,
<CanoeBerry> users can play in a virtual ensemble easily and without much musical
<CanoeBerry> knowledge or experience.
<CanoeBerry> See also
<CanoeBerry> Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry> The objective of this project is to improve Jam2JamXO, to be a more
<CanoeBerry> engaging, useable and creative activity for both children and
<CanoeBerry> teachers.
<CanoeBerry> We want to make Jam2JamXO relevant to OLPC Australia, as we believe
<CanoeBerry> the Jam2Jam project shares a lot of values in common with the two
<CanoeBerry> 'additional' OLPC Australia core principals: That being 'empowering
<CanoeBerry> teachers' and 'community engagement'. (see
<CanoeBerry> We also want to develop Jam2Jam to be more culturally relevant to
<CanoeBerry> children in different regions throughout the world.
<CanoeBerry> Our other objectives are in keeping with OLPC's principals:
<CanoeBerry> Jam2JamXO is aimed at young children to learn through play and creativity.
<CanoeBerry> Communication: Jam2JamXO can be used on its own, however it is most
<CanoeBerry> engaging when networked with others to form a kind of virtual 'band'.
<CanoeBerry> Free and open source: Jam2Jam XO is open source and available both at
<CanoeBerry> Sugarlabs - and
<CanoeBerry> in source form at
<CanoeBerry> REQUESTS 2 XO-1.5s, and has provided a US shipping address if approved!
<Russet-Violet-50> great
<CanoeBerry> Recommendations?
<CanoeBerry> Objections?
<CanoeBerry> Mentoring?
<CanoeBerry> Word of Support?!
<CanoeBerry> Shall we approve then?
<Russet-Violet-50> yes
<CanoeBerry> +1
<CanoeBerry> Any Objections?
<CanoeBerry> Calling once..
<CanoeBerry> Calling twice..
<CanoeBerry> Calling thrice..
<Russet-Violet-50> is there a way ican read the florence,ms one just read
<CanoeBerry> APPROVED if applicant confirms their link on and blog/similar (eg. ) will be kept up to date quasimonthly
<Russet-Violet-50>  is there a way ican read the florence,ms one just read
<Russet-Violet-50> please
<CanoeBerry> Minutes will be posted later off of:
<Russet-Violet-50> thanks
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