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* New projects & libraries -- teaching them Community Outreach:

* Which projects might you enjoy Mentoring below?!

* Fast Review of the 2 latest (greatest!) HW/Project Proposals -- please
  join us advocating for, and/or reviewing shortcomings of these proposals:

  #1 XO Technology to establish a Computer Center and teach IT skills - Morocco / Cambridge, MA, USA
  #2 Kenya-improving school attendance and performance
  #3 Project of Training and facilitaing Internet Access to Rural Kids in DR CONGO
  #4 Video Chat Activity for Deaf in Philippines & Vietnam / Math 4 - Rochester Institutre of Technology, NY, USA
  #5 OLPC Philippines: Kindling Discoveries Pilot Program


<dogi> hi all
* cwithers  has joined #olpc-meeting
<mafe> hi dogi
<dogi> hi mafe
<dogi> ping CanoeBerry
<cwithers> Hello Everyone
<mafe> dogi: nice one... ping CanoeBerry! :)
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<cwithers> Hi Ryan
<rlet> hey guys
<CanoeBerry> Hiya, meeting will be starting in about 10 min, as we review 4 projects!
<cwithers> Man, it's starting to get really cold here in California...of course I shouldn't complain. It's still above 50
* RIT  has joined #olpc-meeting
<RIT> hello
<mafe> cwithers: still nice here in NJ but so windy...I think I'm starting to get use to the northeast weather..:)
<mafe> RIT: hi
<cwithers> hi RIT
<cwithers> what's the temp in NJ?
* sandrat  has joined #olpc-meeting
<RIT> NE weather just means never staying the same :-)
<RIT> Hmm, dunno how happy got in there ;-)
<mafe> cwithers: 50
<RIT> 57 here
<cwithers> Where are you RIT?
<mafe> Sandrat: hi sandra...nice to be back..:)
<RIT> Stephen Jacobs :-)  RIT's in ROchester NY between Syracue and Buffalo about 10 minutes from the great lake
<cwithers> 54 here in San Jose, CA
<mafe> RIT: hi Stephen!
<cwithers> A friend from Colorado told me that I don't know what cold means...he's right.
<RIT> Hi Mafe
<sandrat> Hi Mafe.  Sorry not to have been available for recent meeting.  Plse tell me now to search rt for my tickets
<sandrat> lost ticket i signed up for
* sandrat  Quit ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
<mafe> snadrat: which one?
<mafe> RIT: browse a little about your project...
<RIT> Browse = ?
* sandrat  has joined #olpc-meeting
<sandrat> Sorry got disconnected
<sandrat> mafe will u be at nyc meeting?
<mafe> sandrat: yes
<sandrat> great
<mafe> sandrat: you will there too?
<sandrat> yes I am coming
<mafe> RIT: will you be at the NYC summit this nov 21?
<mafe> sandrat: great! i need some people to brainstorm with about  school & university participation
<CanoeBerry> Yikes, almost ready!
<CanoeBerry> Agenda in just a couple min!
<sandrat> mafe: we should make some time.  call me. I'll email my cell #
<RIT> DIdn't know about about 11/21
<mafe> CanoeBerry: take your time...:)
<RIT> Am about 350 miles away from NYC
<dogi> ping CanoeBerry
<mafe> RIT: yikes too far for half day summit..:)
<mafe> irc will do ...:)
<dogi> where are u? so I can meet u ... :P
<RIT> Yah.  NY's a really big state
<mafe> dogi: NJ
<mafe> dogi: will be @ NYC summit?
<dogi> mafe: no ... sorry but right now i m in munich ....
<RIT> Lived in NYC for a few years and really didn't get it until I started dating a woman from Syracuse, which I thought would be only an hour or two away
<RIT> As for browsing, or posting urls which I guess that means, on my projects, apparently the students have just blown away the wii page listing 9 months worth of projects
<RIT> SIgh
<mafe> dogi: oic...farther than RIT :)
<sandrat> RIT:  bummer... about wiki page
<RIT> You can find the general stuff and some of the indvidual projects here
<mafe> RIT: you mean wiki page
<RIT> But the one with the links to all the projects seems to have vanished :-(
<RIT> Will need to get them to rebuild it
* RIT  Quit ("CGI:IRC")
<CanoeBerry> At long last :)
<CanoeBerry> Agenda here:
* RIT  has joined #olpc-meeting
<dogi> hi CanoeBerry
<RIT> RIT Mag Student Article on class is here
<CanoeBerry> Hiya, can we begin?
<CanoeBerry> RIT: wow, thanks for that online version.
<mafe> CanoeBerry: sure...
<RIT> We've been developing for Math 4 in class and running Co-Ops (internships) for activity development for 9 months
<mafe> RIT:I believe you have some xo's already?
<RIT> Yah.  25.  Each student gets one for the course.  Looking for 1.5 prototypes for 2 applications.  First for usability and playability on next gen hardware, 1 per student team (6)   and then four to redevelop the vieo chat activity to improve it for schools for the deaf
<CanoeBerry> Can we review the 4 projects quick, in order?
<RIT> Nother article can be downloaded as the progress report for the college from here.  We're on page 8
<mafe> RIT: great...
* dogi is now known as dogi|munich
<CanoeBerry> Sorry I meant 5 projects!
<mafe> CanoeBerry: let's start before we reach 10 projects..;0

[ PROJECT #1 - XO Technology to establish a Computer Center and teach IT skills - Morocco / Cambridge, MA, USA ]

<CanoeBerry> OK plz help review #1 now here:
<CanoeBerry> XO Technology to establish a Computer Center and teach IT skills - 
<CanoeBerry> Morocco / Cambridge, MA, USA
<CanoeBerry> ]   
<CanoeBerry>    Requests 8 XOs over 7 months
<CanoeBerry> Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>    1. To introduce children to laptops and establish basic proficiency in IT
<CanoeBerry>       skills
<CanoeBerry>    2. Establish computer skills with teaching staff for the future
<CanoeBerry>       establishment of a computer center
<CanoeBerry>    3. Use xo software to teach the children about international 
<CanoeBerry> countries and
<CanoeBerry>       cultures using multimedia.
<CanoeBerry>    4. Establish an avenue for children to pursue personal interests 
<CanoeBerry> outside of
<CanoeBerry>       the classroom
<CanoeBerry>    5. Habituate children to using the computer to completing classroom
<CanoeBerry>       assignments and personal projects by allowing them to sign out 
<CanoeBerry> laptops and
<CanoeBerry>       integrate them into their lives
<CanoeBerry>    6. Emphasize the importance of IT skills in future occupations
<CanoeBerry>    7. Use the xo laptop to enhance confidence in personal computing 
<CanoeBerry> abilities
<CanoeBerry>       for the students
<CanoeBerry>    8. Expose children to occupations that require computing skills and 
<CanoeBerry> motivate
<CanoeBerry>       them to broaden their career opportunities
<CanoeBerry> Alright... what do you all think?
<TMarques> seems nice, well in line with the foundations goals, right?
<mafe> do we have an existing project in Morocco or this will be the first time? ...if it's the first's indeed in line with OLPC goals...
<sandrat> what will the staffing of the sponsoring team be at the school/time - and number
<CanoeBerry> There are volunteers doing independent 3D work in Morocco.
<CanoeBerry> Do these people demonstrate competency around XOs and Sugar?
<CanoeBerry> If not, they should begin with 2 XOs.
<CanoeBerry> Comments?
<sandrat> Question is who/how many will be at the school working with teachers and students
* dsaxena_ is now known as dsaxena_away
<sandrat> Start small and build teacher expertise and engagement is a good model and has shown success
<CanoeBerry> Do they show any XO or Sugar experience?
<mafe> maybe around 4-5 xo's they can assign different tasks
<CanoeBerry> This is required before deployment/libraries can take root.
<CanoeBerry> Let's wrap this up.
<CanoeBerry> Conclusion please.
<mafe> 2 will be fine for a start ...
<CanoeBerry> I vote for 2 XOs.
<sandrat> I think 4 would be fine
<sandrat> I see it is a library sign-out
<mafe> then if they show skills and updates
<CanoeBerry> OLPC does not support libraries for the sake of libaries.
<sandrat> 2 or 4 I will give thumbs up +
<CanoeBerry> OLPC support libraries that create projects.
<CanoeBerry> Mentor?
<mafe> only dev projects
<CanoeBerry> I'll ask our Morocco friend.
<CanoeBerry> Last call?
<mafe> CanoeBerry: that would help
<CanoeBerry> Objections? Commetns?
<CanoeBerry> Conclusion: TENTATIVELY APPROVED FOR ABOUT 2 XO LAPTOPS, towards proving the wider idea.

[ PROJECT #2 - Kenya-improving school attendance and performance ]

<CanoeBerry> Onto Project #2 now.
<mafe> yes...
<CanoeBerry> Please all comment on..
<CanoeBerry> Kenya-improving school attendance and performance
<CanoeBerry> ]
<CanoeBerry>    Requests 8-10 XO's over 1-2 months
<CanoeBerry> Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>    1. Equip teachers and pupils with basic computer skills using the XO 
<CanoeBerry> laptop.
<CanoeBerry>    2. Improve understanding and performance of science subjects.
<CanoeBerry> 3. Actively engaging children in their learning process.
<CanoeBerry>    4. Increase school attendance rate in rural schools.
<CanoeBerry>    5. Introducing another medium of learning and communication using XO 
<CanoeBerry> laptop.
<CanoeBerry> Plz help make this review quick!
<sandrat> These are the right issues.  The same that I heard from teachers in Kenya
<sandrat> This area needs support.  The Baylor people were working with the Pokot I thought
<mafe> let's give them around half ...i'm always up to giving them opportunities..
<CanoeBerry> They need a website & mentor.
<CanoeBerry> Very similar to the project above.
<sandrat> The need is right on; the plan sounds very reasonable; they should get sometime.
* FranXOphonie  has joined #olpc-meeting
<mafe> sandrat: do you know them personally ...
<sandrat> No. don't think so
<CanoeBerry> The applicant has been responsive over email.
<sandrat> I know the Baylor people.  Maybe Sophia Worth would mentor with me
<mafe> it's different from the existing Kenya projects we have
<sandrat> Is it?
<mafe> cool then let'g give them the xo they are requesting
<sandrat> how many are they requesting
<CanoeBerry> See above.
<sandrat> It is good that someone has easy access to email.
<mafe> 8..
<sandrat> Ok "
<sandrat> +
<mafe> but I'm wondering the loan length...
<mafe> well mentor can help them right sandrat...
<mafe> wink
<CanoeBerry> Applicant requires a mentor.  Project/approach need a lot more structure/helping hand(s).
<CanoeBerry> Let us conclude.
<mafe> CanoeBerry: ok i'll try my best to help sandrat
<sandrat> I will see if I can get Sophia to assist
<mafe> since fall class will be over soon
<CanoeBerry> I vote for 2 XOs if the applicant gets a mentor and posts a public site off of
<mafe> sandrat: great
<sandrat> Yes .. classes in Kenya restart in Jan
<CanoeBerry> Same as the prior project above.
<CanoeBerry> Can we agree?
<CanoeBerry> Let us conclude now.
<sandrat> ok
<mafe> ok
<CanoeBerry> Objections?
<CanoeBerry> sandrat: can you help a bit here, mentoring?
<mafe> CanoeBerry: I believe sandrat is on it...right sandra?
<mafe> :)
<sandrat> yes.. I need help with rt ticket searches
<sandrat> I PROMISE to help
<CanoeBerry> Great!  Plz "take" this ticket now:

[ PROJECT #3 - Project of Training and facilitaing Internet Access to Rural Kids in DR CONGO ]

<CanoeBerry> Onto project #3 now -- plz help review:
<CanoeBerry> Project of Training and facilitaing Internet Access to Rural Kids in 
<CanoeBerry> DR CONGO
<CanoeBerry> ]
<CanoeBerry>    Requests 10 XO's over 12 months
<CanoeBerry> Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>    Connect the rural area with the rest of the world with internet
<CanoeBerry>    Train the kids the basics of computers in order to use it properly 
<CanoeBerry> and efficiently
<CanoeBerry>    Offer a library to kids who don’t have access to books
<CanoeBerry>    Facilitate the kids research on the net
<CanoeBerry>    Link the congolese kids with the others around the world (pen pal)
<CanoeBerry>    Develop the thinking’s of kids from others experiences
<CanoeBerry>    30 kids will be trained per months and while the newcomers are 
<CanoeBerry> trained, the former will be surfing on the net
<CanoeBerry> Opinions?
<TMarques> seems nice, do they already have network?
<TMarques> or what do they plan to do about that? any mention?
<mafe> i like their idea about the monthly training...
<sandrat> don't see a list of the people engaged or organization sponsoring this
<sandrat> But it is good.
<sandrat> OK.. now I see the rest of the info.. give me a minute to read it
<mafe> sandrat: it's an org
<mafe> I can't see any other info about their program...
<sandrat> I see.  I have some connections to the No Carolina Congolese community.  Let me ask it they know this person
<CanoeBerry> sandrat: thanks!
<CanoeBerry> Let's conclude now.
<sandrat> Guess he doesn't know them, but they sound good, we can check out the organization
<sandrat> We can check on background, but go ahead with a tenative approval
<CanoeBerry> I just restructured so it's more readable, top to bottom.
<mafe> how about let them get back to the next review
<mafe> CanoeBerry: thanks
<TMarques> can't seem to find no mention of network infrastructure but they say the country has cybercafes, so they should have access somehow
<sandrat> Yes.. that would be good.  Background sounds solid. I'll get more info on them
<CanoeBerry> Project needs a public site!
<sandrat> Connectivity is not likely
<sandrat> Yes cybercafes.
<sandrat> Shall I just update the ticket with any info I can get or send the info directly to Adam
<mafe> the ticket
<CanoeBerry> Time to conclude.  Forgive me for concluding the same as the above 2 projects -- I feed they need direct community involvement with OLPC/Sugar Labs before they can be approved beyond 2 XO Laptops.
<sandrat> Ok I'll update the ticket with any info I can get.
<CanoeBerry> Mentoring being one of the best ways to get this accomplished!
<mafe> sandrat: that would help CanoeBerry: that would work...rather than wait till the next review least they have somehting to start with
<sandrat> Yes.. I can co-  got a few on my plate; don't want to hold anyone up
<mafe> I think that's fair least they still have a chance to get additional xo's
<sandrat> I'll update the ticket for this one with some info
<mafe> if they keep things moving ...
<CanoeBerry> Conclusion: TENTATIVELY APPROVED for 2 XOs, when mentor/site ready!
<mafe> i'm fine with that

[ PROJECT #4 - Video Chat Activity for Deaf in Philippines & Vietnam / Math 4 - Rochester Institutre of Technology, NY, USA ]

<CanoeBerry> Onto Project #3.5
* jamaal21  has joined #olpc-meeting
<CanoeBerry> Sorry the announcement missed RIT's project.
<mafe> dogi: where are you...:)
<mafe> CanoeBerry: well RIT was proactive enough to introduce it...:)
<CanoeBerry> Rochester Inst Of Tech proposal now.
<CanoeBerry> Requests 10 XO-1.5's
<CanoeBerry> The ten machines requested would be used as follows:
<RIT> Sorry the kids blew away the top level url link, apparently.  Sent an alternative as background, have a few others
<CanoeBerry> Four would be used for a new development activity that would straddle the
<CanoeBerry> existing class, improving and/or forking the current video chat activity to
<CanoeBerry> create an activity optimized for the Deaf. This would be used in training
<CanoeBerry> and deployment for two new schools for the Deaf that will open in the
<CanoeBerry> Philippines and Viet Nam in 2011.
<CanoeBerry> Six would be used in the current, on-going classes at RIT that participate
<CanoeBerry> in Math 4. Students each get an XO 1.0 to use for development and
<CanoeBerry> play-testing during the class. We would issue one of the 1.5¹s to each team
<CanoeBerry> to use for testing, benchmarking etc.
<CanoeBerry> Plz review the full details here:
<sandrat> Good resources;  some good planning here;  an optimal use of equipment
<RIT> ah. it's back :-)
<CanoeBerry> My vote: yes
<mafe> RIT: this feature is for 1.5
<mafe> i like this video chat...
<CanoeBerry> With the caveat that the XO-1.5's won't be available for more than a month.
<CanoeBerry> And they will be needed very specifically for R+D.
<RIT> request is for 1.5s for projects.. VIdeo chat may be class project or may be student work outside of class
<sandrat> video chat is great ... and addressing the needs of the deaf
<sandrat> Is it that 1.0s won't perform well enough?
<CanoeBerry> Quick conclusions if possible?
<mafe> well seems RIT: have done well enough ..why not
<RIT> 1.0  for video chat is only 7.5 fps , sign language needs at least 15 fps or too choppy
<sandrat> thx... approve
<CanoeBerry> Objections?
<CanoeBerry> Calling once...
<TMarques> none, seems a great project
<CanoeBerry> Calling twice..
<TMarques> good luck!
<CanoeBerry> Conclusion: APPROVED if XO-1.5's are available in late December.

[ PROJECT #5 - OLPC Philippines: Kindling Discoveries Pilot Program ]

<CanoeBerry> Onto Project #5!  Our last for the day!
<RIT> Thanks all.  Will await word
<RIT> ...poof
<CanoeBerry> OLPC Philippines: Kindling Discoveries Pilot Program
<CanoeBerry>    Requests 11 XO's over 48 months
* RIT  Quit ("CGI:IRC")
<mafe> RIT: good luck!
<CanoeBerry> Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>    1. Successfully design and deploy a scalable and sustainable, 
<CanoeBerry> research-based pilot program in an elementary public school with an 
<CanoeBerry> inaugural class of 35 students.
<CanoeBerry>    2. Use good and best practices from initial pilot program to support 
<CanoeBerry> XO deployment programs throughout the Philippines.
<CanoeBerry>    3. Facilitate development of Philippine-centric content for XO 
<CanoeBerry> laptops with partner academic institutions and volunteer developers.
<CanoeBerry>    4. Grow community of different stakeholders/supporters ranging from 
<CanoeBerry> educators, academic institutions, developers, business leaders, 
<CanoeBerry> philanthropist, etc. that can support future deployment and content 
<CanoeBerry> development.
<CanoeBerry>    5. Share best deployment practices and valuable content for the 
<CanoeBerry> benefit of the global OLPC community.
<CanoeBerry>    6. Contribute interactive ebooks and games made by children for 
<CanoeBerry> children, using Sugar and Etoys applications, to the OLPC community.
<cwithers> Cherry here from the eKindling team. Corrction on the number of laptops 48 for 11-12 months.,
<CanoeBerry> Plz help review the above quickly!
<CanoeBerry> cwithers or mafe: please introduce your project now, ok?
<CanoeBerry> CORRECTION: Project requests 48 XOs over ~13months.
<CanoeBerry> Comments quick please?
<CanoeBerry> Or we need to delay this review til next week.
<rlet> Good morning to you all. Ryan here from eKindling as well
<mafe> there you go..
<CanoeBerry> We are past 3pm, I apologize, and need to conclude.
<mafe> sandrat: plz help
<cwithers> Please check the deliverables section of the proposal as the main component of the project is having kids develop activities for the younger ones.
<CanoeBerry> Quickly please, thanks.
<rlet> Hi all, this will eb the first pilot program in the philippines
<mafe> rlet: plz just review the deliverables
<rlet> research0based aimed at learning practices for future deployments
<mafe> needed for this as requested from the last review
<rlet> planned deliverables:
<rlet>     * Floss Manual on using Sugar and Etoys in 4th grade.     * Interactive E-books developed by 4th grade students on the subjects: Science and Language Arts. The e-books will utilize resources licensed under the Creative Commons, Browse activity, and Etoys to create books that may also include built in games. The target of these books will be younger kids in grade levels Kindergarten to 2nd grade.     * Games (standalone) developed by 4th graders t
<CanoeBerry> Actual school lined up?
<mafe> yes...
<mafe> UPIS...
<cwithers> yes
<mafe> and even student support...from this public school
<CanoeBerry> I have to leave now to dinner.
<rlet> lab school (elementary school) for the University of the Philippines College of Education as well
<CanoeBerry> My conclusion is this project needs more feedback on public mailing lists (far beyond for 48 laptops to be approved.
<CanoeBerry> We can review again next week if necessary.
<CanoeBerry> Other opinions?
<rlet> most of the active members of the public mailing
<rlet> list
<CanoeBerry> ChristophD votes along the same lines here in Munich with me.
<mafe> CanoeBerry: what do you mean by public mailing list?
<CanoeBerry> PH Mailing list not sufficient.
<CanoeBerry> Community must work with OLPC's and Sugar's mailing lists more closely.
<CanoeBerry> In General: more feedback required on our community lists.
<mafe> does that starts
<rlet> has taken part in designing this program
<CanoeBerry> EG. IAEP,
<mafe> when deployment happens
<CanoeBerry> I cannot approve 48 laptops without this.
<CanoeBerry> You are close.
<CanoeBerry> Let's talk again in a week.
<CanoeBerry> I need to leave now.
<TMarques> bye all
<TMarques> good luck with all projects
<mafe> TMarques
<cwithers> what are the metrics for that? 109 responses a day?
<TMarques> c u next week
<mafe> any thought
<TMarques> seems good, many laptops as it's a big project
<TMarques> Adam knows better than me what he can do about that
<TMarques> the proposal seems very good
<cwithers> we have a hard time getting the community involved because it's always been all talk but no hardware to work with.
<mafe> TMarques: and just to make the educators get involve
<mafe> is very challenging
* sverma  has joined #olpc-meeting
<CanoeBerry> Total Aside: the PH proposal is missing many small things too...
<mafe> sameer: can you plz help us here
<CanoeBerry> - phone number for shipping
<sverma> sorry, I'm late...meetings
<CanoeBerry> - email addresses of key participants
<mafe> sameer: better late than never
* rlet  Quit ("CGI:IRC")
<TMarques> yes, I believe so, educators will tend to stick to what they know, you have some hard work ahead
<mafe> TMarques: right...
<CanoeBerry> - the wiki URL is wrong (but easily fixed)
<cwithers> hard work that we are willing to do
<CanoeBerry> Good luck e-kindlers!
<cwithers> phone numbers and e-maisl are easily added as well


<mafe> CanoeBerry: what do you mean by goodluck?
<mafe> CanoeBerry: wiki url?
* jamaal21  Quit ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
<TMarques> Adam, this project will be reviewed again next week, right?
* harrisony  has joined #olpc-meeting
<mafe> TMarquez: thanks for asking me too
<mafe> TMarquez: I don't know what the final verdict..:)
<cwithers> It's 3am in the Philippines
<cwithers> It would be nice to have a bit more time than being unceremoniously dismissed
<TMarques> well, Adam is dinning :)
<TMarques> it seems
<TMarques> must leave guys
<cwithers> My team mate Ryan has to stay up for the would be a bit nicer to be warned
* sverma  Quit ("CGI:IRC")
<TMarques> c u all next week, I'm sure it'll be reviewed again
<mafe>  ok thanks everyone
<TMarques> best of luck to all
<TMarques> bye
* TMarques  Quit (Remote closed the connection)
<mafe> TMarquez: I guees it is see you again
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