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   * New projects & libraries -- teaching them Community Outreach:

   * Which projects might you enjoy Mentoring?!

   * Fast Review of the 3 latest (greatest!) HW/Project Proposals -- please
     join us advocating for and/or reviewing shortcomings of these proposals:

     #1 OLPC 4 Geospatial Learning - Munster, Germany
     #2 Home Schools Project - Master Teachers by Satellite for Afghanistan
     #3 Vung Vieng Fishing Village Laptop Project - Bai Tu Long Bay, Ha Long Bay, Vietnam


<Jade-Russet-91> Hello, Carol Ruth Silver here.
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<Lime-Blue-22> this is jim stockford with carol ruth silver joining the olpc-meeting
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<jimStockford> change nick from Lime-Blue-22 to jimStockford
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<CanoeBerry> Sorry for the late start, welcome all!
<CanoeBerry> Please introduce yourselves as I recruit a few jurors on other channels :)
<CanoeBerry> Agenda here:
<jimStockford> i'm jim stockford providing technical support to carol ruth silver and her MTSA educational project for afghanistan rural areas
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<dristi> Hi Adam, Nancie here. I just sent you an email. Is this meeting by phone?
<CarolRuthSilver> Intro:  I am Project Director for MTSA, seeking to place XO laptops, in conjunction with OLPC-Afghanistan, in non-school settings in Afghanistan where children have no schools or teachers, and will not get them.  These children will grow up illiterate -- unless we help them.
<CanoeBerry> Meeting is text only here, welcome!
<dristi> Did you see my email Adam? I'll try and be here for a bit!
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<CanoeBerry> 1 sec
<dristi> Hello to the presenter, Carol, You may have to post your subject again for people clicking in.
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<CanoeBerry> Finally let's start!
<CanoeBerry> OK?
<jimStockford> ok
<dristi> Nancie her
<dristi> here
<mafe> ok

[ PROJECT #1 : OLPC 4 Geospatial Learning - Munster, Germany ]

<CanoeBerry> Please discuss Project #1 which follows:
<mafe> dristi: hi nancie
<CanoeBerry> OLPC 4 Geospatial Learning - Munster, Germany
<CanoeBerry> (blog coming soon)
<CanoeBerry>    Requests 2 XO's over 8 months
<CanoeBerry>    Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>    Developing and testing software module(s) within the context of
<CanoeBerry>    "Understanding space & environment using Geoinformation" in primary
<CanoeBerry>    schools
<dristi> Hi Mafe!
<CanoeBerry> Those that do not have full access to the proposal links above, ask me (you will need to agree to OLPC's Privacy Policy)
<CanoeBerry> This project has 5 participants and looks very promising if we match it with a mentor.
<CanoeBerry> +1
<dristi> It's in German?
<mafe> very interesting topic on geospatial learning ...
<CanoeBerry> dristi: have you read ?
<dristi> Not yet sorry
<CanoeBerry> Indeed their site is mostly in German.
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<mafe> CanoeBerry: any from your german buddies...
<CanoeBerry> Don't recognize these people. So yes matching them with clued-in community members will be key. Admittedly their Plan of Action is a bit vague:
<CanoeBerry> Create didactic concept
<CanoeBerry> Create technical concept
<CanoeBerry> Implemantation of prototype
<CanoeBerry> Test of prototype
<CanoeBerry> Do fixes and documentation
<CanoeBerry> Do end test and evaluation in German and Rwandan primary school
<CanoeBerry> But I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.
<CanoeBerry> Votes please?
<mafe> who is like into science and assist this +1
<CanoeBerry> Criticism?
<mafe> on this project...
<CanoeBerry> Objections?
<CanoeBerry> We need more votes please.
<CanoeBerry> And a mentor!
<jimStockford> i believe carol and i should not be voting, yes?
<dristi> What about George Hunt (an engineer?
<CanoeBerry> Anybody can vote!
<CanoeBerry> I will mentor, but need a co-mentor -- who is interested in geographic learning / mapping?
<jimStockford> tentative +1 contingent on more details from them
<sverma> just joined
<dristi> I'm trying to get the text up in a new window
<mafe> btw one question...have they tried doing this in emulation...
<sverma> link to the project we are voting on?
<CanoeBerry> sverma:
<CanoeBerry> Should we need to ask them to translate a bit of ?
<CanoeBerry> Let us conclude.
<sverma> I vote yes
<CanoeBerry> APPROVED.
<dristi>  Agreed!

[ PROJECT #2 : Home Schools Project - Master Teachers by Satellite for Afghanistan ]

<CanoeBerry> Moving onto Project #2, please help advocate/criticize the following...
<CanoeBerry> Home Schools Project - Master Teachers by Satellite for Afghanistan
<CanoeBerry>    Requests 9 XO's over 12 months
<CanoeBerry>    Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>    Our objective is to bring education to the one-half of Afghan children
<CanoeBerry>    who are unschooled and for whom there will be no school available,
<CanoeBerry>    according to the Strategic Plan of the Afghanistan Ministry of
<CanoeBerry>    Education, before they grow into illiterate adults. MTSA has been the
<CanoeBerry>    chief voice (if not indeed the only one) advocating for these children
<CanoeBerry>    that they be provided with technologically available educational
<CanoeBerry>    solutions, including in particular the OLPC laptop computer.
<CanoeBerry>    MTSA seeks to deploy the XO laptop in "home schools" or "community
<CanoeBerry>    schools" in rural areas of Afghanistan. The laptop computers will serve
<CanoeBerry>    both boys and girls who have otherwise little hope of achieving
<CanoeBerry>    literacy. Based on the experience in India with computers made available
<CanoeBerry>    to slum kids without instruction (the Hole in the Wall Project),
<CanoeBerry>    children in Afghanistan should be provided with the XO laptop even
<CanoeBerry>    before the government can provide them with a trained teacher and before
<CanoeBerry>    they can have a bricks and mortar school building.
<CanoeBerry>    What does the future look like for these children today growing up
<CanoeBerry>    illiterate in the mountains of Afghanistan? The girls will be married
<CanoeBerry>    off at 12 or 13 to become illiterate mothers before they have become
<CanoeBerry>    fully women, while the boys will follow their fathers as hardscrabble
<CanoeBerry>    farmers or as cannon fodder for local war lords or for the Taliban.
<CanoeBerry>    OLPC and the XO, with our help and yours, can dramatically change this
<CanoeBerry>    reality.
<CanoeBerry> Oops I'm back: did i miss anything?
<dristi> Please post the link?
<sverma> link please
<dristi> Carol said any ?'s
<CanoeBerry> Project #2 link is:
<mafe> sverma: nice to see you here again...:)
<CarolRuthSilver> In summary, we need laptops here to familiarize our volunteers and potential funders with how it will work in Afghanistan.
<CanoeBerry> " Home Schools Project - Master Teachers by Satellite for Afghanistan "
<jimStockford> MTSA web site is here:  -- see 
Proposals page
<CanoeBerry> CarolRuthSilver: this sounds fantastic. Have you yet spoken with ?
<mafe> maybe they can make use of the SF library..
<CarolRuthSilver> yes.  I was there in July.
<sverma> mafe: good  to see you too :-)
<CarolRuthSilver> Have spoken or emailed Mike Dawson extensively.  He is very supportive.
<jimStockford> mafe: what resource in the sf library?
<CanoeBerry> sverma: are you in direct touch with Carol & Jim in SF?
<CarolRuthSilver> Sameer, is there an sf library of XO's?
<CanoeBerry> As part of your monthly meetings?
<sverma> Carol and Jim are active members of OLPC-SF
<CanoeBerry> Sounds great.
<sverma> Carol just presented on her visit last Saturday
<CanoeBerry> Carol & JIm: Other aspects of this effort we should know about here?
<sverma> SFSU lending library is set up for SFSU campus only, so we can't loan to non-campus folks
<CanoeBerry> Indeed.
<mafe> sverma:great to know!
<jimStockford> ask questions wrt our proposal please
<mafe> sverma: oic
<sverma> question: who will yse these laptops and where?
<sverma> yse=use
<jimStockford> carol is writing her reply
<sverma> typing problems...just got stung by a bee on my right index finger :-(
<mafe> how are you going to layout the content for this deployment
<CanoeBerry> When exactly would the initiative begin in .AF?
<CanoeBerry> I notice the shipping address in in SF, Calif
<mafe> sverma: where have you been ...going ...:)
<CarolRuthSilver> As in proposal, we will put 2 in Afghanistan at Afghan Film, others with other Board and vaolunteers, for famiarization  (spell ck?  sorry!)
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<sverma> mafe: on campus, but its hot today, and the bees are crazy
<jimStockford> should keep the discussion to MTSA application, yes?
<CanoeBerry> Carol & Jim: answer the above ~3 questions in any order.
<CanoeBerry> Thanks :)
<jimStockford> carol's writing about them so far, i may add afterward
<mafe> Carol & Jim: how about some security issues on bringing the XO there...
<CarolRuthSilver> Already  working in Af.  Would take 2 XO's to Kabul either personally when I go or send with someone else.  Shipping is not an option.
<jimStockford> wrt first question: in san francisco carol (MTSA) needs XOs for development and demonstration as well as to familiarize the team well
<CarolRuthSilver> Content:  Just what is on the regular XO, plus what OLPC-Af has added, which is a health and an economic development program (for parents of kids) plus pages 
of the official Ministry of Education text books for certain grade levels.
<CanoeBerry> Is there an answer for sverma on who/where exactly in Afghanistan?
<sverma> I've seen the content from .AF and its quite extensive and localized.
<CarolRuthSilver> And in Farsi and Pashto, as well as English.  We want to also try to add our own video game, the Mulla Nasrudin Literacy Adventure Video Game, when it gets done.  Mike Dawson is working on it, as well as others.
<jimStockford> wrt second question: MTSA in SF is working with developers of educational games and some content
<CanoeBerry> Would this project consider buying XO's independently at a later date?  Or is a future under the wing of more likely?
<CarolRuthSilver> In Af -- Afghan Film, Eng Latif Ahmadi, the CEO, is our Board member.  He has staff and will be doing filming on our Mulla Nasrudin project.  He needs to know how to fit onto the XO.
<CarolRuthSilver> Also, OLPC-Af, Mike Dawson and Musa Aziz, will be there for support.
<mafe> CarolRuthSilver: do you have a current project in AF
<sverma> OLPC-SF can facilitate with the video aspects (OGG, etc)
<mafe> sverma: is OLPC-SF supporting this project?
<CanoeBerry> As we wrap up, what mentoring/support/outreach is most needed?
<CarolRuthSilver> Security -- same as for people.
<jimStockford> carol is writing
<CarolRuthSilver> Anything you can give us!  Sameer has been very helpful.  Mike and Musa in Af have been teriffic.
<CanoeBerry> This is tremendous.
<jimStockford> wrt fourth question: general familiarity, developing near-expert skills (to solve common problems, recognize common bugs), software development
<CarolRuthSilver> Anything else?
<sverma> mafe: Yes, they are part of OLPC-SF
<mafe> this project is a pilot deployment?
<mafe> sverma: cool...
<CanoeBerry> As a project that is so well developed, is there any participant that might want to join to ensure full support?
<jimStockford> carol is writing
<sverma> I would recommend that Jim join the support gang
<CarolRuthSilver> No, although we are on the cusp of a Pilot.
<mafe> sverma: they have a good base support group..;)
<sverma> I am willing to mentor
<jimStockford> i will join the support gang
<mafe> there you go...
<CanoeBerry> You would be most welcome Jim!
<mafe> jimStockford: great! welcome ...:)
<CanoeBerry> Let us conclude now.
<mafe> +1
<sverma> +1
<CanoeBerry> +1, even though I haven't yet asked about the blogging strategy we usually request
<mafe> CanoeBerry : are they using the MTSA site
<CanoeBerry> (Updates are requested on a monthly basis, publicly or privately)
<CanoeBerry> Objections anybody??
<mafe> and the wiki site
<mafe> well sverma can assist them on that
<CanoeBerry> Calling once..
<CarolRuthSilver> I did do Twitter while in Afghanistan: www.twitter/carolruthsilver -- found it very time consuming to do it well.
<sverma> I'll get them to add a page to the OLPC wiki
<CanoeBerry> Calling twice..
<CanoeBerry> APPROVED.
<sverma> then link it from OLPC-SF page
<mafe> ok adding you to my twitter...
<jimStockford> what do you want for blogging strategy? is what's on the MTSA site okay? (i manage the web site content)
<sverma> so that way, its visible on the OLPC ecosystem
<CanoeBerry> Thank you to the SF team for joining us in person today!
<CarolRuthSilver> Thank you very much.  If I come to Boston next month, can I pick them up?
<CanoeBerry> jimStockford: any monthly outreach would be great.  Promotion needen't be flamboyant, but please keep the OLPC/Sugar community abreast, so that we can all help you in your work.
<sverma> CarolRuthSilver: I think these are shipped directly from Texas...
<mafe> and shared experiences others can learn
<CanoeBerry> CarolRuthSilver: absolutely -- though our Cambridge stock may be refurbished so call me in advance.
<CanoeBerry> We'll ship from Dallas if you prefer.
<sverma> JimStockford: Welcome to the 'gang
<CanoeBerry> JimStockford: you are Support Gangster #200!
<CanoeBerry> Let's move on now to Project #3.
<CarolRuthSilver> Will do.  I have family in Boston and am planning a visit to my last and very elderly auntie.
<CanoeBerry> dristi (project leader seems to have drifted off over the last 20min) but let's begin reviewing her project please now...
<jimStockford> please point us to appropriate spots on the wiki for our updates and requests for help as well as your outreach
<CanoeBerry> Will do.
<CanoeBerry> Please stick around for 10min now if you can help examine this Vietnam proposal...
<jimStockford> [his email address]

[ PROJECT #3 : Vung Vieng Fishing Village Laptop Project - Bai Tu Long Bay, Ha Long Bay, Vietnam ]

<CanoeBerry> Let's move on now to Project #3.
<CanoeBerry> dristi (project leader seems to have drifted off over the last 20min) but let's begin reviewing her project please now...
<CanoeBerry> Vung Vieng Fishing Village Laptop Project - Bai Tu Long Bay, Ha Long 
<CanoeBerry> Bay, Vietna
<CanoeBerry>    Requests 10 XO's + 2 parts machines over (undetermined) months
<CanoeBerry>    Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>    This village is very poor.  During certain times of the year, it is
<CanoeBerry>    not unusual for families have only two meals a day. Only 25% of the
<CanoeBerry>    young adults and adults in the village can read.  The Vung Vieng
<CanoeBerry>    Village School has very few school supplies.  Responsibility for
<CanoeBerry>    family is a very high priority.  Young adult and adult children support
<CanoeBerry>    take care of their parents and grandparents.  Primary /measurable/
<CanoeBerry>    goals of the Vung Vieng Fishing Village Laptop Project are:
<CanoeBerry>    1. To increase literacy and computer literacy among children and
<CanoeBerry>       adults in the community;
<CanoeBerry>    2. To prepare a higher percentage of village children for
<CanoeBerry>       secondary school and work opportunities in and outside of the
<CanoeBerry>       village;   
<CanoeBerry>    3. To achieve an increase in subsistence income for the families,
<CanoeBerry>       and improved child nutrition and health through the visibility
<CanoeBerry>       and partners of the Vung Vieng Fishing Village Laptop Project
<CanoeBerry>       and by education gains.
<CanoeBerry>    4. To create a pool of home grown "young adults" and "adults" who
<CanoeBerry>       can contribute to the future financial support, education,
<CanoeBerry>       governance, and community life of the Vung Vieng Fishing Village.
<CanoeBerry> I'm back
<CanoeBerry> I thinkg freenode dislikes my long cuts+pastes :)
<CanoeBerry> Help critique: "Vung Vieng Fishing Village Laptop Project - Bai Tu Long Bay, Ha Long Bay, Vietnam"
<CarolRuthSilver> OK, will  stay & judge.
<CanoeBerry> Applicant joined Support Gang back in July.
<sverma> This looks like a it?
<CanoeBerry> She may not be a techie, but has embraced the support challenge whole hog.
<CanoeBerry> A tiny deployment yes.
<sverma> ok
<CanoeBerry> We need Nancie here to advocate for her work.
<mafe> i really admired nancie for pulling this off....without really a team who understand XO...'
<sverma> What's our policy on deployments?
<CanoeBerry> She helped a lot pull together our Class Acts work in DC last week:
<CanoeBerry> sverma: policy at the top of our FAQ in bold...
<CanoeBerry> In short, the deployment must be exceptional in giving back to the OLPC/Sugar community.
<sverma> People attempting "small/pilot deployments" or "demoing cool laptops in my area" will most likely be denied, unless they very strictly meet our criteria demonstrating valuable ongoing deliverables. Conversely, very strong proposals around (small deployments, outreach) will be assigned a Community Mentor connecting you with the best people doing similar work, enabling you to Publish not Perish :-)
<CarolRuthSilver> Suggestion if this is approved:  try using USB sticks, one for each kid, to increase number of individuals who can individualize but still share each computer.
<sverma> that's from the policy
<CarolRuthSilver> What is long term fate of these XO's?  Will there be an infrastructure in the village or nearby?
<CanoeBerry> Good questions.
<CanoeBerry> We need applicant (dristi) back in channel here.
<CanoeBerry> Let us ask her to post publicly and clarify her Mentor.
<CanoeBerry> She's made progress in leaps & bounds solidifying this over the last 2 months, but needs to publish that now and defend her work,
<mafe> can they start a few xo say 2 or 3 to form the team ? as she mentioned they're going to form the team between nov and dec
<CanoeBerry> This Vietnam team is leaving the US for Asia in a month or so.
<CanoeBerry> But in any case we need to conclude.
<sverma> ok
<CanoeBerry> Or delay til next week.
<sverma> Two suggestions
<CanoeBerry> Apologies the applicant is not present.
<sverma> They should get in touch with TK Kang or Victoria of
<sverma> they'll need to be extra careful with water...floating village
<CanoeBerry> great suggestions.
<CanoeBerry> Shall we hold this until next week?
<sverma> someone should do rubber sleeves for XO for such environs.
<sverma> hold until next week is ok with me
<CanoeBerry> Or can a mentor step up today to help sway us otherwise?
<mafe> sverma: great point
<CanoeBerry> Are others in agreement with me that the mentor needs to publish a public blog or wiki?
<sverma> mafe:maybe large ziplock bags?
<mafe> CanoeBerry: I can help nancie...
<CanoeBerry> mafe: thanks!
<CarolRuthSilver> I don't feel I can contriute because I did not read the proposal nor hear from the applicant.  Sorry.
<jimStockford> wrt blog or similar, +1
<mafe> sverma: nope recycled cut tires?
<mafe> svrema: ziplocks are expensive
<CanoeBerry> Carol: my apologies this applicant has not published yet. Thanks for all 
your help!
<sverma> mafe: so are XOs :-)
<CanoeBerry> Let's defer until next week and conclude our meeting now, OK?
<mafe> sverma: i cant even afford that back in the ph...but if they have xo already they can use cut tires....
<jimStockford> ok
<sverma> ok


<CanoeBerry> Thanks all!!
<mafe> CanoeBerry: ok ...plug me in with nancie
<CarolRuthSilver> Thank you.  Happy.
<mafe> ok thanks all and see you again next friday
<sverma> bye
<mafe> sverma: We need you this friday!
<mafe> ciao!
<sverma> mafe: for anything you all need
<mafe> mafe: thanks!
<CarolRuthSilver> Perhaps I spoke too fast about picking up the computers -- if they can be shipped, what is the timeline?
<CanoeBerry> When do you need them?
<CanoeBerry> They can ship out of Dallas within weeks.
<CarolRuthSilver> Now.
<jimStockford> MTSA team is in place now
* mafe  Quit ("Leaving.")
<CanoeBerry> OK..
<jimStockford> carol is writing
<CarolRuthSilver> Suggestion:  please process a request for shipment.  If my plans firm up it will not be until the last week in Sept.  If it turns out that I DO go to Boston, and can pick them up, let's arrange that then, unless they have already been shipped.  If shipped, yes, there will be someone to receive them, even if I am traveling.  Thanks.
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<dristi> Did I miss the whole meeting? We had a power outage from storms
<dristi> I am NOT making this up:)
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