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Factored out from: Talk:Learning_Vision

Extending narrow "educational goals"

What about re-framing the traditional narrow "educational goals" into the wider goal of "Creating and Sharing Wealth" together? Of course you could subsume this more embracing goal under the Learning Vision.

Wealth includes:

  • wealth of knowledge
  • wealth of skills
  • wealth of self-expression
  • wealth of wisdom
  • wealth of a healthy environment
  • wealth of social connections
  • wealth of political influences
  • wealth of financial resources

The XO can work as a catalyst for all these value-components.

If the XO makers and pushers abuse the marvel to only "educate" new lowest-cost labour-people, than neither the (more or less;-) developed world nor the developing world will be happy.

We must overcome the "We .. They" polarity. We all are mutually involved to help us each other to become "happy, healthy, wealthy and wise".

The OLPC-"Kids" (<=18) will soon discover and use the true potential of the XO. When grown out of the Kid-status, the owners of XO can happily keep this tool.

It needs a deeper discussion on the OlpcEthics to become aware of the real dimension of the OLPC-initiative.

Fridemar 16:04, 15 March 2008 (EDT)


Fridemar 10:56, 14 March 2008 (EDT) PS.: I put a copy (for translation into German) in <->

wiki.olpc-deutschland:CreatingAndSharingWealth. But unfortunately they refused it .. they want only German contributions there. Perhaps some other peer tries it again :-)


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