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This page has a more up-to-date location: Clean-install procedure

The steps here seem identical to Clean-install procedure except for the comment in step 6 about failing to boot because not activated

This page describes how to re-flash a laptop that is write protected and not activated.

  1. Create a USB key with the os{number}.img and file at the root.
  2. With the usb key inserted, power up while holding all four game buttons.
  3. When it says 'release the game keys', release all buttons.
    • This will re-write the nand image.
  4. Once done with the nand re-flash, the laptop will reboot itself.
  5. Next, the laptop may update the firmware, if necessary, and reboot itself.
  6. After done with the upgrade(s), the laptop will fail to boot due to not being activated.
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