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This section contains links to other sites that may contain useful information. More structure will be added into this page over time as well as descriptions of the different websites, what their purpose is, and when to use one rather than another.


  1. Official OLPC Websites or microblogs
    1. OLPC News (separate website)
    6. OLPC on twitter
    8. Official OLPC Community Support Forum
    9. OLPC public email distribution lists with archives of previous postings
    10. - One Laptop Per Childs photostream on flickr
  2. Official Sugar Labs websites or microblogs
    1. The Sugar Labs website
    2. The Sugar Labs wiki
    3. - Activities for Sugar to download onto your XO
    4. Sugar Labs public email distribution lists with archives of previous postings
    5. Site for reporting bugs and finding fixes to Sugar problems
    6. A collection of personal blogs by Sugar Labs contributors
  3. Geographically oriented sites
    1. Google map of individual registered users
    4. OLPC Oceania
  4. Third party websites
    1. Bringing people together to talk about what works
    2. OLPC Friends
    3. OLPC Learning Club DC
    4. OLPC TV (Video Blog of OLPC experiences)
    5. Fedora Linux for OLPC Project Wiki "To provide the OLPC project with a strong, sustainable, scalable, community-driven base platform for innovation. OLPC runs the XO on Fedora. There are millions of XOs in the world running Fedora. It's up to the Fedora community to make sure that we hold up our end of that bargain."


If you have a question, or an answer about any of the above sites, please add it here:

  1. Whats the difference between,,, and
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