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Prep Work

  • Gather your group, making sure at least one person in the group has OLPC volunteering experience, at least one person in the group has XO development experience, and that at least one person in the group has technical development/deployment experience.
  • go to
  • have a web browser handy for looking up people, groups, and unfamiliar terms in the application


  • Click on only the proposals in yellow bars
  • Read through the proposals- do not decide until you are done
    • Make sure the proposals make sense, look up any terms you do not know
    • Be picky for details on why the project is important and make sure they are very specific and clear about the process they will use to complete their project
  • Once all of the proposals have been read, change their status by clicking on the drop-down bar with the word "pending"
    • If you are unsure of what a proposals status should be you can always send it back for revision
  • Once all proposals have been reviewed,send e-mails to the writers of the proposals explaining the status and giving feedback
    • To get their e-mail address, click on the users name which links to a view of their profile
    • These e-mails should take no longer than 10 minutes maximum
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