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How to use dial-up access with an XO.

Note: while it is possible, it is not part of the deployment plans, so do not treat this as a fault.


Components to Add

As of build ship.2-650 the following software components need to be added to gain dial-up access:

  • kernel drivers for USB modems,
  • PPP.

In addition, the following software components would be helpful:

  • A user interface for configuring,
  • A user interface for starting and stopping.

Option 1 - Augment

  • Disable and remove Network Manager,
  • Install the ppp package using yum,
  • Manually configure PPP for on-demand dial-up per PPP documentation.

-It seems that this doesn't work on 656, at least not with wvdial. Connection ist established but ping doesnt work. Option 2 works.

Option 2 - Debian GNU/Linux

Option 3 - USB to RS232 cable and external modem

  • May require drivers not currently included
  • Would also provide a generic interface for devices requiring a 'dumb terminal' interface, such as some computer systems, test equipment, hobbyist robotic controllers, etc.
  • Has anyone tested this?
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