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  • Mentors - If you are interested in this project, add your name to the Interested mentors section below along with a brief description of why you're interested and why you'd be a good mentor for this project, along with any specific ideas for execution you might have beyond the project description.
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Digital Signal Processing Software for OLPC


Develop a simple and scalable Digital Signal Processing [DSP] application for OLPC using python/C++.


The DSP application will provide the users with the following capabilities:

  • Ability to load/record audio files which must be processed using DSP filters.
  • Provide pre-configured filters which will process the loaded audio files.
  • Ability to visualize the effects of different filters on signal.
  • Provide an interactive interface to design new filters.
  • Provide a method to save and playback the processed audio files.

Target Audience

  • Young Students – The application will provide the young students various ways to experiment(primarily for fun) with some standard DSP filters which transform the recorded sound signal. They can manipulate their recorded voices and then make their friends and parents listen to it. Eg: Change of pitch/speed or special effects like that of a robot, Donald Duck etc.
  • Engineering Students – The application can also be used by students enrolled in DSP courses to analyze the effect of various filters on the recorded voice as part of their lab experiments.


  1. Gaining basic knowledge about DSP, which would be sufficient for the application development phase. Revision of mathematical operations specifically required for development of DSP algorithms.
  2. Fixing the DSP effects and algorithms that will be provided as pre-configured filters within the application.
  3. Classifying all the basic filters, this will sum up to make main filters.
  4. Understanding how DSP can be done through Python/C++.
  5. Building a framework/algorithm class of all DSP algorithms we intend to incorporate in the application.
  6. Building interface for all the filters.
  7. Use the classes developed in the previous step within an application for the OLPC.

Existing Tools Present

  • Signal Processing using C++ - SF.NET Project Page - The project provides reusable DSP algorithms that we can use for making an application for OLPC.
  • The Snack Sound Toolkit - Home Page - This toolkit provides Various demos of sound processing filters that can be use to develop the application.

Interested interns

Assim Deodia

Email Id: I am an under-graduate from NSIT, New Delhi with majors in Information Technology. I am already involved in an active project (Deucto) at OLPC and very much interested in developing open source application1. This application involves the challenging task of working with Digital signals and making them fun for children. This will help children to understand the basics of DSP in a very interactive and interesting manner.

Hemant Goyal

Email: hemant.goyal (at) nsitonline (dot) in

Background: I am an undergraduate engineering student at NSIT, India [1] and majoring in IT. I am the founding member of and have worked on various technical/research based projects in the area of data privacy and security. I am also a member of the Databases group in Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. My personal website lists some of the work that I have done [2].

Technical Experience:I have a good experience with C/C++/Java/PHP programming languages, and have hosted my first Open Source application which serves as a teaching tool for those wishing to learn XACML [3]. The project can be accessed at [4]. I have also worked on an embedded application which would aid in teaching the hearing and speech disabled students. Comfortable with Object Oriented Programming and have a strong interest in System Design.

Interested in: I am interested in developing a "Digital Signal Processing" software which would allow students to record and manipulate various audio files using pre-configured filters. It can be used for fun by young students as well as for analytical purposes by students enrolled in engineering courses. Project Proposal page


Mentor name

Name: Arjun Sarwal

Contact information: arjun at laptop dot org

Other interested parties


09805554216 - PHONE NUMBER , E-MAIL ID -, currently

i m doing from jaypee university of information technology(solan) and i m in 5th semester . i have a subject digital signal processing in this semester and i want to learn more about it then an teacher teaches me .
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