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safety instructions

Important safety instructions

Read these instructions
Keep these instructions
Heed all warnings
Follow all instructions

# warning signs with symbols
Not for use by infants
Don't drop laptop
Don't use fire to dispose of batteries
Don't leave laptop in rain
Don't step on laptop
Inspect laptop for damage–get repaired
Use caution with the power adapter
Use caution with the cord
Replace damaged battery with same type
Use caution handling battery pack
Use power supply only inside a building
Battery must be placed into the laptop by an adult
Power adapter should be handled by adults only

# Underwriters note

Underwriters Laboratories(R); has tested and certiied this laptop computer for safety.  To make learning safe and fun, please follow all safety instructions and always use your laptop computer as intended.

# diagrams


Power On

External? ports

SD Memory Card Slot

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Battery Indicator
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