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In 2008 OLPC added the capability to firmware to boot Microsoft Windows as well as a Linux distributions such as the OLPC's software release of the Sugar UI running on Fedora Linux.

Details of dual boot

TODO, see http://lists.laptop.org/pipermail/devel/2009-July/025132.html e-mail.

Various statements and articles from 2008

Nicholas Negroponte has discussed a Linux/Windows dual-boot configuration of the XO with Microsoft. Microsoft is against it.

NN: "We have been engaged in discussions with Microsoft for several months, to explore a dual boot version of the XO."

Microsoft denies dual-boot Linux/Windows XO laptops are on its agenda: "While we have investigated the possibility in the past, Microsoft is not developing dual-boot Windows XP support for One Laptop Per Child’s XO laptop."

First Footage: Same OLPC XO Boots Both Sugar and Windows XP

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