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Just to give you some updates (July 08, 2010)

by: Tessa Yuvienco

1. Mitch's Manila stay

a. First week: Joel arranged a free accommodation for him by signing him up as one of the participants in the workshop. He enjoyed and learned and earned new friends from that event. b. Second week: He had a great time at Siargao. (Ask him about it.) c. Third week: I've asked a very good friend of ours, Joanne Parsons to accommodate Mitch. Told Mitch that he would be Teacher Mitch to the Kids Ahoy learners for the week. The KA dudes had a great time playing with Sugar activities. Joanne is very much willing to make KA as lab for all the learning programs we will design, develop and evaluate. d. Fourth and Fifth weeks: Lubang

2. July 3 mtg: Meg, Peps (also former NCC employee)

Jerome, Joel, and I had lunch at Bagoong Club. Rommel was indisposed. Meg turned over to me the original and photocopies of the deed of donation, (which we will give to Mayor J when we see each other) and 24 memory sticks. Lunch went well, as in really well! Remember to order the Pastillas de Leche cheesecake when you visit the resto.

3. July 5 mtg with Rommel's 2nd yr Comp Sci students:

I'd asked Mitch to give a short demo and presentation of XO and sugar activities to the students. He managed to do it. Well almost. The LCD Projector couldn't show the Sugar interface. Other than that, he also gave them an overview of html 5 that would help them plan for their learning outputs. We encouraged them to do localized ebook projects for English, Math, Science. Some of them would also need our help in endorsing their solicitation letter to agencies who would provide them funds for their trip to Lubang in September. I've been coordinating with Sheli re the details of this project planning stage.

4. July 10: departure for Lubang via Airlink International

We will be meeting our champion team the whole day to discuss the ff: a. progress on the use of the XO units we left b. schedule of refresher training with Mitch c. program planning for the gradual integration of the 1.5s beginning 2nd sem, e.g. plotting themes, like ecology-connected activities to the curriculum/proficiency map and perhaps make them reusable in an Alternative Learning environment (?) d. drafting of terminal goals for the 1:1 computing ed program e. formulation of achievable and realistic learning objectives and outcomes for the remaining half of the school year f. anticipation of issues and concerns and development of feedback mechanism g. schedule of XO 1.5 orientation with eKindlers in September g. other concerns

7pm: Dinner with Mayor J and debriefing of the morning session with the champion team; meeting re the UP Comp Sci students project, future deployments and other potential funders for Lubang

5. July 11: Tour of Lubang

6. July 12: Meg and Tessa's trip back to Mla. Mitch will move to the host house near the school and Lloyd's place.


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