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The following table lists of software containing encryption software that are included in the installation image for the OLPC XO-1 in the form of RPMs. It exists primarily for the purpose of export regulation requirements in the United States.

The first column lists libraries (by RPM package name) implementing encryption on the OLPC XO-1. The second column lists packages that do not contain encryption code but that link to the encryption libraries listed in the same row and that, indirectly, use this encryption functionality. Source code is available, in the manner described below the table, for both encryption libraries and and the packages linking to them.

Library Dependecies
glibc (libcrypt component) cups-libs cyrus-sasl shadow-utils pam util-linuxsysvinit openssh-* gtk2 python libuser passwd usermode
glibc (libcrypt libnsl) libgcrypt loudmouth cpio lrzsz pam openssh python dbus-glib squeak-vm
beecrypt rpm
tcp_wrappers-libs openssh
openssh none
openssl libdhcp6client openldap curl wget ntp tcp-dump rdesktop python gnome-vfs2 wpa_supplicant telepathy-salut
nss xulrunner
libgcrypt gnutls cryptsetup-luks
gnutls loudmouth cups-libs
cryptsetup-luks hal
libtomcrypt olpcrd, bootfw

Obtaining source code

The specific web location of each package listed above changes with each new release by OLPC and with each new version of each package. To download source code for any of the package above (or any other piece of software included in OLPC builds) first:

  1. Click on appropriate link for RPMs for the OLPC release of your choice on the list of locations for release source code;
  2. Click on the link for SRPMS (i.e., Source RPMs);
  3. The source code for each package will be listed on that page. The source code for a particular package is located in a file of the form PACKAGENAME-VERSION.src.rpm . Replace the package name with the package from the list above you are looking for. The version number will represent the version included in that release. You will not need to know this information as there will only be one copy of each file per release.

After downloading you can install the source code using a command of the form rpm -i FILE.src.rpm on any Red Hat or Fedora system or any system with the RPM program installed.

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