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Introduce yourself

Say something about your interests in the XO and in meeting with locals who have one.

James Kennedy, Eugene. Recently received this wonderful machine-learning fast! I look forward to meeting all the fellow XOers of the world! 04.13.2008

Dave & Amina, Salem. My daughter and I received our G1G1 little green machine yesterday, and we're still on a steep learning curve. We haven't tried any local wireless networks yet. If there are any Salem people seeing this send us an email and we'll try to get together to try out the mesh. 4/2/2008

Louis Nosce, Eugene. Stay-at-home Dad, former Instructional Technologist. I just got my XO (3 mo wait!) and am now attempting to do basic things, too. I still can't connect to my home wireless network! Suggestions, John? Looks like Shikha was leaving in January. Are *any* meetings scheduled in Eugene? 3/24/2008

John Lahr, Corvallis. Retired seismologist. I received my XO recently and am now attempting to do basic things, such as browse the web, view Flash videos, etc. It took a while just to connect to my home wireless network! Anyone else in the Corvallis/Albany area? Looks like Shikha was leaving in January. Are any more meetings scheduled in Eugene? 2/11/2008

Mary Ginnane, Eugene and Salem. My dream of the XO as my most excellent personal productivity tool isn't exactly panning out. But I'm having fun finding that out! Would like to meet to try out mesh network welcome Mary! -jk (Jane I tried to send this to you weeks ago but got a bounceback.)

Jane Krauss, Eugene denizen of 20 years. Educator in local schools and curriculum writer/program developer for education concerns ranging from Intel, ISTE, Girl Scouts USA, National Center for Women & Information Technology. I'm interested in the potential of the XO for leveling the playing field between the advantaged and not-so-lucky. I want to meet with others to understand the technology and think about the educational implications for kids and for the families into whose homes these computers go.

Shikha Ghosh Gottfried, Corvallis. Software Engineer, have been at HP for 11 years, leaving in Jan. for something different... maybe XO development will be a calling? Bought one for my daughters and b/c it's a great concept. I've been thinking about how to use my software skills for good rather than evil ;) and where I can make more of a difference. I think good software should help solve problems and not get in the way. I'm curious to hear how others are using their XOs and what sorts of things they're discovering.

Wilbur Gregg, Eugene, Head Start School Bus Driver. The XO is still in the box under the tree. I wanted to learn as much as I could before mauling it and doing something that I could not fix. Have been thinking about it in the Head Start system after George is gone. Have tried hard to find good instructions for which buttons to push. No luck. Maybe there is a book in the box. I would very much like to meet with you as I figure this thing out.

Mark Horney, Eugene. I'm at the University where I work on a variety of projects using technology for teaching and learning. I'm interested in finding how those of us with some computing experience can assist the thousands of new XO users around the world. As Negroponte says, "It's an education project, not a laptop project." OLPC is now facing a massive professional development task, and perhaps we can help. I'm also interested in how we might use outdoors friendly XOs in local environmental education projects, perhaps drawing upon Shikha's programing experience. Mark 15:05, 29 December 2007 (EST)

DEAR ALL: I know there are other users out there (Tom Layton, Marilyn Williams). If you know them, invite them to join us!

Herman Krieger, Eugene. Retired programmer, Now into photography, I got the olpc before Xmas for my second childhood. I had to returned it last week for a replacement. It developed a sticky keyboard.

Thomas Gilliard, {(User:XOsatellit)} Coquille, retired, like to play with VMwks 6 and linux. Have tried several emulations and live CD of XO prior to getting my XO. Would like to meet others on this group when I am in Eugene or on the web I have had an G1G1 XO up and running for several weeks now. Have used it to connect to an Apple Airport Extreme, a Portland Motel Wireless, and a Bend Motel wireless . I have Loaded Opera app and use it. Have connected to 2 different Jabber servers and shared documents on them . Also have done upgrade to latest software. I have a second G1G1 XO coming soon so I can play with sharing locally on the mesh. I am interested in this original and well thought out device. Hope to show it to local computer clubs and maybe to local teachers in Coos County.

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