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Marilyn Williams and I met for an XO playdate on January 18. She has one school board member Jim Torrey purchased through the G1G1 campaign. We're already plotting an inservice session... stay tuned. Tom and Mark, would love your ideas for this.

This morning we wrote a collaborative story, solved some navigation questions, and discussed this emerging small computers phenomenon.

Who are the other players in the small computers market?

  • ASUS eeePC: An internet-ready small computer. TimLauerPic, eeePC
  • Intel Classmate: Intel Classmate, "Closing the digital divide a billion people at a time." OY
  • Pixel Qi: Exiting CTO of OLPC, Mary Lou Jespen (late of Intel), started a commercial venture, a $75.00 laptop called the Pixel Qi. Pixel Qi News
  • Alphasmart: Any news here?
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